Character Profile: Supreme Pontifex Alexander Arditi, from the “Precursor” Universe

He stands nearly 15 feet tall, like most Hyperboreans, thanks to his nanoscale augmentations, but is, by far, one of the most powerful Hyperboreans in the known Universe. The Emperor of the Egoist Crown, leader of the Lordly Troika and the immortal founder of the Empire, he is more than 800,000 years old and has ruled the Empire with an iron hand for the entirety of that time. His outfit is extraordinarily elaborate, as is his enormous set of armor, standing 15 feet tall, he weighs more than 1,500 pounds in full regalia, with a helmet crowned with two massive imperial oryx horns on his helmet. His Hallucination Nano-Sword, Falchion, is his main weapon, allowing him to not just destroy his enemies, but create life, manipulate any substance on the molecular level and empower allies through techniques that would be seen as sorcery in an earlier era…but that was the Troika’s mantra. For 800,000 years, the trio of Hyperboreans, Pontifex Arditi and Prophets Sylvain Anteon and Antonio Marduk have ruled nearly half the known Universe, commanding absolutely enormous fleets of warships, and building alliances with hundreds of sentient races to form the grandest Imperium ever known…and the Hyperboreans ruled over all with an iron, pure, and relentless hand. Augmented through the wonders of nanoscale technology, they did not age, they did not get sick, they did not reproduce, and they did not die. They had no beginning, they had no end…they were infinite, and would endure over their dominion for eternity, at the helm of their empire, founded in the memory of Radiant Mother Sakura Morgendorfer, the Mother of the Hyperboreans and Supreme Pontifex Arditi’s one true idol…the Empire was founded in her memory, and it would rule eternally, on watch, to ensure that the fate that befell her would never strike another human being ever again…and it has performed its job spotlessly. Now, the Egoist Crown Empire faces its most lethal opponent yet in the Light Race, and will require all of the Troika’s wisdom and power to defeat them.

From “Precursor.”

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