Character Profile: Shen Ryujin, Head Minister of Science and Grand General of the Hyperboreans

He stands 12 feet tall due to his nano-augmentations, like all Hyperboreans, but Ryujin is, in many ways, the most unique of the Hyperborean leaders of the Empire of the Egoist Crown. For one, he is the only Hyperborean, other than Ai Takada, of Japanese descent, with shoulder-length, crimson-red hair and a Jungsturm-Nordsterne outfit that reflects the medieval samurai lords, such as Taira-no-Tomomori and Tokugawa Iyasu, with a huge black cape and cloak over his uniform, emblazoned proudly with the shinigami death’s head, a deer skull with huge, curving antlers and a Japanese pagan rune, the symbol of the Imperial Legions, of which he is one of the Supreme Commanders. A scientist by trade, he is also one of the Head Ministers of the Ministry of Science, along with Pleiadean Queen Sei Ikkiku and his colleague, Silver Arronax, also a Hyperborean. His Hallucination Nano-Sword, Inari, hangs proudly at his left side, with which he commands his Legions and fleets with honor and distinction. He plays a vital role in the Empire’s war against the Light Race, researching their weaknesses and planning missions to exploit these weaknesses, allowing the Empire to emerge victorious in many of its battles with the Wexylzhuria and Hvareno warriors.

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