Character Profile: Gwenlynn Stormweaver, from the “Precursor” universe


The Empress of the Black Order of No-natsu, Gwenlynn Stormweaver is the epitome of Aryan purity. A true Hyperborean, vicious warrior, iron-handed leader and savage racist, she is feared across the Empire for her message of hate, violence and racism wherever she goes. She is the lead vocalist for a black-metal cult band, and leads a colossal armada of starships and millions of Black Legion soldiers, armed with some of the most ferocious weaponry in the Universe, including colossal gamma-ray burst weapons, which, if fired incorrectly or carelessly, could wipe the Universe clean of life. A former classmate of Ai Takada growing up, Gwenlynn embarked on a personal war of conquest against the Kalki Avatar, pretending to submit to him only to turn on him with the full force of the Black Order when the time was right. Her weapon, a jagged, chainsaw-blade sword called “The Bane of All Fools,” triggers a horrid hallucination effect when it strikes a target, her victims die in the most agonizing physical and psychological pain imaginable. Like all Hyperboreans, she stands more than 10 feet tall because of her augmentations, and flies a custom-built starship, called the Volant Fantasie into combat, performing maneuvers that would pulp an ordinary pilot. She is instrumental to the Empire of the Egoist Crown’s war against the Imperium Solaris, the Race of Light.


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