Character Profile: Ai Takada



Takada, under the alias “Draconis Marunae Tropica” is the de facto ruler of the Hyperborean world of Arcana II in the “Precursor” universe, and one of the most ferocious idealists within the Empire of the Egoist Crown. She is a celebrity for her modeling and acting work, but don’t let that fool you, her true passion is far, far darker. She is the head of an Empire-wide pagan, Nazi sex-cult called the Cult of Love, that practices its dark devotions from the Midnight Sun Hot Spring Spa in the volcanic Geldern Mountains on Arcana II. She stands nearly 13 feet tall, like all Hyperboreans from their augmentations, and wears extraordinarily elaborate formal outfits for her Cult rituals, which occur under the front of EDM rave parties. Known for her depravity, savagery and vicious Nazi ideology, she bears the blood of thousands of victims, many slaughtered like squealing hogs after being raped, sexually humiliated and tortured by the Cult as a form of prayer and worship. She forms an alliance with the Egoist Crown Empire during the Great War of Light and is instrumental to the Empire’s success in its many battles against the Wexylzhuria and Hvareno beings, the Light Race.

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