Rough Draft: “Baroness”


Full name: Stina Ermell

Height: 6’ 2”

Weight: 128 lbs.

Age: 26

Occupation: Pharmaceutical Research Baroness

Appearance: Very pretty, with long, silky brown hair, blue eyes, very pale skin and a wide variety of extremely elegant and beautiful dresses and other outfits, as well as a unique necklace called the Star of the Orient, worth more than $30 million, she’s always wearing it.

Positions held: CEO Ilex Pharmacy Corporation and 18 subsidiary companies, Senior Council Member on the International Journal of Medicine, and 50% stockholder in 15 other pharmacy corporations

-Invented a series of drugs that cured all illnesses, pathogenic and genetic, and made everyone forever young by reversing aging.

-Religions are founded in her name

-The world is so radically altered by her presence that it becomes akin to her own puppet state

-Statues of her are everywhere, in every museum, hospital, school, university and doctor’s office in the world

-Armies rise to fight for her ideals

-Orders crumble, religions fall and ideologies are radically altered

– A new series of Crusades begins to destroy her opposition.

-Stained-glass images of her are everywhere on Earth.

-Children pledge utmost allegiance to her research every day in America, as well as the Pledge of Allegiance.

-Paintings of her are everywhere too

-The symbol of her emerging “New Order” is a huge eagle, similar to the Roman vellexoid, holding the Aschephalus motif in its talons.

-“HAIL! HAIL! THE CLEANSER OF SINS!!” they shout, upon her arrival in Manhattan to unveil the gigantic bronze statue of her, twice as tall as Lady Liberty.

-Primitive societies in Central Africa view her as a god when she appears in the village in her full regalia.


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