I write extremely dark, controversial stories that will probably never get published the traditional way because literary agents are too afraid of my books offending millions of people across this country. I have received many threats in regards to my work, and have even been physically for it. That being said, I still refuse to change anything I write about, because I really don’t give a fuck if you are offended by it. You have no right to tell me what to think, what to write and what to say, only I have that right, and I seriously couldn’t care less if you are made uncomfortable or are offended by it in any way at all. Your ‘political correctness’ is just censorship rebranded, and I reject that with every cell in my body. This is a goddamned work of fiction. I am not flying the Confederate flag, I am not promoting Nazism, I do NOT hate women, and I do NOT have any murderous intentions. My plan with these writings is to horrify the living shit out of the feminists, Tumblr addicts, weebs, weeaboos, and other online miscreants in an effort to shock them out of their completely delusional world. Thank you, have a nice day.


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