Rough Draft: “Aliens”

Alien Encounter in Pine Bush (Sci-Fi): Galactic Civilizations of the Universe

– Herrugah Empire (current)

– Crimson Brotherhood (current)

– Old Sinh (current, military superpower)

– Kyurit Empire (Extinct, destroyed by the Old Sinh)

– Concord Sunset Crusaders (current, military superpower)

– Lordly Empire (Current, though dormant.)

– Cosmic Alliance (Extinct, wiped out by the Concord Sunset Crusaders)

– Kraid Imperium (Current)

– Chess Ascendancy (Current)

– Yun-Morlan (Current)

– Ilex Empire (Current)

– Nova Ainh (Current)

– Ulen Kel-Dann’s Crusaders (Current)

– Soree Empire (Current)

– Kokki Empire (Current)

– The Great Precursors (Extinct, one of the oldest known societies in the universe)

– Moonbeam Consortium (Current)

– Werwolfthron (Extinct, absorbed into the Old Sinh as the Sangresaara nearly 500 million years before present)

– Seven Sisters Imperium (Current, found in the Pleiades Cluster, the closest society to Earth at only 600 light-years away, they are all stunning, startlingly human-like females and stand nearly 9 feet tall, reproduce by parthenogenesis and wear impossibly complicated, non-Euclidean elegant aristocracy dresses that resemble brightly-colored EGA/EGL ballroom dresses and hairstyles that are impossible to create using human mathematical laws and knowledge. They have been observing Earth for quite some time, and eventually plan to colonize the planet, bringing it into their Empire, and bringing about what Arthur C. Clarke referred to as “Childhood’s End.” Their ships and weapons are millions of years more advanced than ours.)

– Eta Carinae High Council (Council of 7 mystics about 8000 light-years from Earth, they claim to know all in every universe)

– Orlan Trey Kingdom (Current)

  1. Terror of the Stars: The Old Sinh Pact and their Empire

In 1989, a sighting near Shawangunk Ridge near Sam’s Point, right behind the high school in Pine Bush, New York, is the only 4th-degree ET encounter that has no rational explanation. A group of 9 hikers made their way up to Ice Cave Mountain, but later, only one delirious hiker was found, confused, walking around near the high school by police. He said that the others were killed by party of 12-foot-tall “hunter-warriors,” wearing silver, gold and crimson-red, shimmering, apparently shielded, and heavily decorated, Japanese-style samurai armor that made the attackers appear to be invisible or look like trees moving on their own. They had huge, saurian faces with split-jaws that opened horizontally, much like Predator from the movie of the same name, with sinister, humanoid crocodile-like eyes that shined an eerie, pumpkin-orange. They all had huge, crown-like helmets that covered most of their heads, it was unclear if the orange eyes were really their eyes or fake eye spots on the helmet, much like a Polyphemus Moth’s wings, they ran superhumanly fast, had runic, glowing letters on their armor that looked, well, alien, jumped more than 30 feet in the air and seemed to be able to punch clean through granite with their bare hands, which were covered in some kind of bio-mechanical gauntlet, like a combat glove worn by a medieval knight. One carried what looked like a grenade of some sort and a bizarre gun, and the others had gigantic claws that extended out of their gauntlets, like huge, scythe-like cat’s claws, but they glowed with an eerie, static purple. One of them had a large “backpack” with a strange insignia on it, like a flag. They had huge, booted hooves that made “Shaqille O’Neill’s feet look baby-sized,” as well. The surviving hiker saw them suddenly jump out in front of his group, draw their gigantic gauntlet claws, and without a word, viciously slaughtered his group…in a matter of seconds. The police didn’t buy his story and he was charged with 8 counts of murder, but he was later released just a year into his life sentence, when human remains were found, showing that “no human being could have done anything like that to anyone.” Little did anyone know that these ferocious creatures were exactly that: knights. They were the Sangresaara, the elite warriors of the Old Sinh Pact, the most horrific and militaristic society ever to evolve. The Old Sinh were originally from the O’Mora Galaxy, nearly 10 billion light-years away from Earth, but had moved to conquer more than 50,000 galaxies with their vast, intergalactic fleet, with the Empire spreading over a billion light-years of territory, it took light itself a billion years to get from one end of their Empire to the other, but the Old Sinh had long mastered a method of travel that allowed them to cross this distance in days, rather than eons. It was not Alcubierre warp drive or wormhole slip-drive, two methods known to humans, for even these would take too long, the Old Sinh travelled by means of “mental warping,” that is, linking their neural interfaces to the engines of their vast, nation-sized warships, and having them travel at the speed of thought. The technology was far beyond anything any other species had ever invented, because their brains had not evolved enough to make it work. This also warped space and time, allowing the Old Sinh Pact to travel through time and space all at once, they could literally go anywhere in space at any given point in time, but were confined to the real realm, via the laws of thermodynamics and quantum field; the multiverse was unknown even to them, but they knew our universe inside and out. Their ships had massive Kranchvool Ertastz, translated to “Universe Cartographer,” huge maps on the bridge, near the center of the ship, showing a map of everything known in the universe, all 30 billion light years of it. The ships were home to as many as 600 million soldiers of all 4 warrior species, the honorable, venomous, samurai-like saurian Sangresaara, their ferocious, but far less honorable and cultured comrades, the huge, bipedal four-eyed wolf-like Alpha warriors of the Armonia race, who wore even more imposing armor than the Sangresaara, with a huge arm-shield in addition to their recharging energy shields, were 12 feet tall and had muscles in their arms and legs as strong as titanium-amorphous metal. Their armor had a large, elegantly-decorated battle-kilt over their leg plates, the eerie, horrid skeletal ravens of the Krolvoor race, these were animated, 15-foot tall, toothy skeletons that looked like a cross between a bipedal crow and a crocodile, their organs were inside their bones, and were completely blind, with no visible eyes or even eye sockets, they used their own immensely powerful brains to “see” with their minds. They were the snipers, the assassins, and the spies, the covert operations specialists that could become invisible just by activating a button on their robed uniforms, and had huge cloven hooves on their feet like a pony or donkey. This race, the most sinister of the 30 races that comprised the Old Sinh Pact, were sent millions of light-year out ahead of the main fleet, often millions of years in advance of an invasion, to scout things out, and make sure things are all clear…for the rest of them. Such is the job of the Veek, the huge, living tanks used as the heavy infantry by the Pact. These things were the size of elephants, 17,000 pounds and were amorphous-formed gigantic colonial organisms, wearing black armor with an arm-shield and a colossal projection beam as their main weapon. They spoke through vibrations in the ground and had a very poetic, pretentious way of speaking; they were bipedal and had a very strong sense of honor, as did their close allies, the Sangresaara. The Veek, however, hunted in pairs and were so powerful that they needed no energy shielding. These four races were the only ones permitted to join the armada, though there were many others within the Pact.


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