Rough Draft: “”

“Project 1107, Experiment 089, 2323 A.D.

As a result of the growing independence movement among students, I have taken the liberty of creating a city in orbit, this city is a massive, 1 billion-acre metropolis designed especially for young people, where the students are free to express themselves in any way they wish, with no interference from police security. This project has been funded by my own personal funds and all law enforcement officials have been notified of the experiment. I have my 5th entering class in a week.”

“Wow, college is going to be so much fun for you, big brother!!” “Yeah, I guess.” Victor Alighieri said, rather unenthusiastically. Victor was from a fully Italian family; he had earned straight A’s since 3rd grade and was the first in his family to attend school in the new space station. He had everything a woman could want, looks, brains, and money, as his family was very well-to-do. He dressed very “elegantly,” but this came from his upbringing in an Italian family, that valued looks very highly. He wore a very similar outfit to something you might see in a swashbuckling action film, with a black suit, black and red overcoat and a wide-brimmed hat. Amongst the “average” college students, he easily stood out like a sore thumb as a foreigner. He had medium-length brown hair, blue eyes and a pearly-white smile. Not to mention, he spoke 8 languages. However, most of the time, he was a rather “stick in the mud” person, not laughing at anything. His younger sister, Maria, however, was very silly, all the time. “Thanks for the ride, Mom.” Victor said, rather flatly. “You have a good time; don’t start a riot or anything!” Victor’s dad, Tony, joked. Victor ignored it as he walked towards the orientation building through the main square from the transport dock, not even looking back at it as it flew away, back through the busy space lanes of the city. As he walked through the main entry to the massive university complex, other students stopped and stared at him as he walked past, clearly amazed at how well-groomed and serious he was. Some girls looked at him and waved; Victor ignored them, clearly they weren’t worth anything to him. “Where do you think he’s from?” another student asked. The students actually stood aside as he walked into the building, letting him pass, as if he were the President of the United States. “I hope the “queen” doesn’t hear about this, she’ll take it out on all of us.” one of the young men said as he walked into the door. Victor stopped short at these words. “Who could be arrogant enough to call themselves a “queen?” Victor thought. If it was one thing he hated, it was people who were so full of themselves that they could literally float away on their heads of hot air. Victor walked up to the check-in desk and received his student I.D.; he also received his room assignment in the Luxury House. “You’re going to love it here.” the secretary said. Victor glared as he walked away. He wouldn’t be happy until he achieved success, even though this city was an engineering marvel. Victor wasn’t a happy young man, he probably didn’t even know what happy even meant. He never laughed and rarely smiled. Since he didn’t affiliate with anyone and did nothing but study all day, many people made up horrible rumors about him. One suggested that the book he carried around all the time was a “hit list” of murder victims, despite the fact that it was merely a copy of the Holy Bible, written in Italian. Victor’s parents had home-schooled him; as the only son in the family, he was entitled to a top-notch education in all fields of study. His sister, Maria, being a girl, was given less of an opportunity and sent to a public school. Victor was taught religion by his mother and father, and therefore believed strongly in the Catholic faith, he had become as virulent at the French judges of the medieval era. As such he enrolled in the Divinity School, majoring in philosophy. He was an internationally-ranked debater; he had debated in Italy, France, Britain, Russia and the United States, at major symposiums on philosophy and theology. He debated on mostly philosophical subjects, such as “Should religion be allowed in public schools in the United States?” and “What constitutes cruel and unusual punishment?” He was also an extremely fiery orator; he reminded many of his peers of Benito Mussolini. He was a very intimidating person, to say the least. He walked across the campus building to his dormitory, where he walked into the common room, and saw 15 other students. They were all sitting and talking about the school, how it looked, the classes they were taking, and how much fun it was going to be. Just then, the students looked up at Victor. “Hey, look, it’s that foreign gay guy!” one of the students yelled. Victor said nothing, went into his room, and locked the door. “Geez, what makes you think he was gay?” one of the other students asked. “I don’t know, that outfit looked a little Liberace-esque.”

Inside his room, he opened his Bible and schoolbooks and began studying both texts. However, when he turned on the Internet, he noticed something that made his blood boil. More than 45% of the world had become atheist.

“People like these are the reasons why there is no morality in the world…this really needs to stop and all of these ‘enlightened’ people need to return to Hell where they belong. They call this enlightenment? I call it transgression; keep in mind that this was once considered a criminal offense, punishable by death, especially in my country. In my opinion, this should have never stopped.” Victor wrote in his blog. He called the blog “Hell on Earth: The Relentless March to Godlessness.” In it, he had proposed some very extreme solutions, such as reinstating an Inquisition and calling the League of Freethinkers, a huge stronghold of atheist thinkers, “demons from the fiery depths of Hell.” He believed that anyone who thought for themselves or believed in democracy and freedom was from Hell and needed to be shot. The only “utopia” for him was a theocratic, church-ruled society, similar to the ones in the Dark Ages. He kept the blog secret, as even his parents would get concerned about their son’s religious fanaticism. He claimed to be a “soldier of God,” and that his enemies were all who opposed the Catholic faith. However, as much as he hated atheists, freethinkers, Jews, gays, Gypsies, cripples, deformed individuals, any other religion other than Catholicism, scientists, historians or any other field of study other than theology, he believed in freedom of speech and political practices, as long as they weren’t democratic. Often criticized as being proto-Fascist, he merely claimed that they were hellish false prophets. As Victor put the finishing touches on his daily blog entry, he realized that school didn’t start for another 2 days, so he decided to take a walk around campus, and find a little more detail in this “queen” business. Anyone who exhibited that kind of arrogance deserved hell-fire. Victor didn’t have to search for long to find her.

“All right, losers, everyone line up while I give my daily speech to you!” a piggish, somewhat portly red-haired woman yelled. All of the other students did exactly what she said. The young woman began to speak to the crowd, calling them all “fucking idiots” and that “their lives were useless, even though they attended the Starlight University. Victor entered the crowd, his outfit immediately making him stand out. The students clapped for her speech. “What is going on here?!” Victor exclaimed, amazed at how completely brainwashed these students were by this woman’s hate speech. “We do not disagree with Queen Alexa. She’ll blackmail us; she’s got spies all over the campus.” “What is this disgrace, Nazi Germany?!” Suddenly, Alexa caught the student and Victor talking. “NO TALKING!! IT’S RUDE!!!” Alexa yelled. The student immediately stood to attention, as if in the Army. Victor didn’t. Alexa, upon seeing Victor’s defiance, walked down from the podium she had set up, and got right up in his face. “You obviously haven’t been here too long. I run this campus. Know your place, freak.” “I disagree. I think that your actions are a disgrace to God and mankind. Now please, stand aside.” The rest of the students gasped. No one had ever stood Alexa up before. This was going to get ugly. “News flash, weirdo, YOU AREN’T IN ITALY ANYMORE!!! THAT KIND OF TALK…I’LL FUCKING KILL YOUR FUCKING ASS!!!” Alexa screeched. In a blatant act of defiance, Victor kicked dirt on Alexa’s blue and red outfit, her hair, almost as long as she was tall, was dirty as well. Alexa’s face looked like a demon from Hell itself after that. “YOU RUINED MY OUTFIT!!!!!!!!!” Alexa screamed, so loud that students in the dorms across campus could hear her. She grabbed a piece of wood off the ground and swung it at Victor like a baseball bat. Victor dodged, grabbed the tree branch and wrenched it from her hands. Victor pointed the branch at Alexa, lying on the ground. “Let’s not try that again, shall we?” Victor said, insanely. “Now, look at you. Down and out, like the stupid bitch you are. Stay down, and I might not bash your head in!” Alexa, knowing she was beaten, at least for now, had no choice but to get up and run away, back to her dorm room. The other students were dumbfounded, their eyes wide open, their mouths agape. Victor threw the branch on the ground and walked calmly away, without a word. “A bunch of worthless fools…” Victor thought. They had transgressed and committed travesty beyond Victor’s comprehension. He walked back to his dormitory. Nevertheless, there were definitely going to be repercussions among the student body because of the day’s incident. Just as Victor returned to his dormitory, he spotted another young man wearing a similar outfit to his, just white and blue with a white beret. He approached Victor. “Who the hell do you think you are?” the young man said. Victor saw a League of Freethinkers and Atheists badge on his coat. “You…are going to Hell, you godless monster! Victor said, loudly, upon seeing his opponent’s badge. “Oh…I get it; you’re one of those “churchies,” those backward, primitive people that have yet to see the new period of Scientism, a new Enlightenment, if you will.” Victor’s eyes went livid. “Well, if by ‘enlightenment’ you mean destroying moral values and ruining the world’s order, I can’t let that happen. Your travesty and transgressions will not go unpunished. Laugh now, but your little ‘atheist revolution’ will be punished in Hell for eternity. As a matter of fact, the Renaissance and the Scientific Revolution, democracy and freedom, and the Enlightenment were all cardinal sins against God, and I swear on my life that Jesus will return to smite people JUST LIKE YOU!!!” “Oh, really, you primitive creature, where’s your Messiah? Where is he? Oh, he didn’t appear…Too bad… It looks like reason prevails this time, as it always will. Besides, Christianity, Catholicism and church are all completely irrelevant; science and technology have consigned religion to the wastebasket of history. Besides, what would your family think?” the atheist said, in a very mocking, demeaning tone.” Victor couldn’t take it anymore. “Try ‘reasoning’ with THIS!!!” he yelled, throwing a punch directly at his opponent. The other guy dodged and launched a low kick, knocking Victor’s feet out from under him. “Let’s not try that again, shall we?” the atheist mocked, clearly having heard the words uttered by Victor against Alexa. “My name is Sebastian. Remember my name, remember my face.” Sebastian walked away, back into his dorm, as did Victor. So much for not starting riots. Victor was still burning over that kick. It was people like Sebastian that needed to be drawn and quartered with a dull axe. As Victor walked into his dorm, he quickly searched for “Atheist Sebastian.” Over 500,000 results came up. There were pictures of him; he had a very handsome look to him, but he was a very haughty type of person, the kind that was typical of atheists. He was a protégé of one of the leading atheists in the world, and ran his own wing of the international League of Freethinkers and Atheists. He was only 19, and was also an internationally ranked debater, but he supported all the wrong things, according to Victor. He was “a demon in a white hat.” This only made Victor more faithful to God and Christ. “I may be weak alone, but I have the heart of a lion, a lion of Heaven. To God, Glory in the highest.” Victor wrote in his blog. Just then, it hit him. This campus, judging how there seemed to be no security force around, seemed to be similar to an experiment. Perhaps, the people wanted this type of lawlessness to occur. In that case, Victor needed to rally his own army, one which would be loyal to him, and defeat all who stood before him. Perhaps, he wondered, that this was an experiment to see if students could form governments, like one of those Lord of the Flies scenarios. If this was all a game, he was determined to play, and win. This meant outright slaughter of the people who opposed him. “I will rule this city, and no one can change that destiny. Sebastian can’t, and certainly not Alexa.” Victor thought. He now knew what he had to do. However, it all had to be done in secret, which meant eliminating Alexa and her “spies.” First, he had to get some intel on Alexa, but he needed to be careful; his enemies would also be doing the same thing. This was real. If there were no laws or rules, killing an enemy was completely legal. He needed weapons, but he couldn’t go out to buy them in broad daylight, that would be asking to get shot in the head. Most of all, he wanted to avoid any confrontations with Sebastian Helias Kuun, his atheist rival and mortal enemy. He already appeared to be in a better position than Victor was, as he seemed to have some connections. Plus, there was always a possibility that not everyone on campus or in the city was aware of the nature of the situation, and with naïveté comes easy allies. Victor realized that he was now officially at war with everyone in this city; as far as the “rules” were concerned, it was every man and woman for themselves. However, since there were no rules, there was nothing saying that groups couldn’t form alliances. Victor took a pin out of his desk drawer; it was a badge with three golden crucifixes on it, one representing the Father, one the Son, and the other the Holy Ghost. He placed the badge on his robe. “This is where it begins…” Victor said. He decided to go for a walk around campus, nonchalantly looking for signs of suspicious activity; he knew that Alexa would be looking for him; the moment he saw an agent or spy, he would carefully follow him to Alexa’s base of operations. However, for now, he was content walking around, never staying in one place too long; he would be an easy target for a sniper or grenadier. As Victor walked along the winding path through the scrubby, “witchy” woods on the far side of campus; these plants were placed inside the complex to give the campus an “outside” feel, which worked. Victor was amazed that so few people knew what they had gotten themselves into. This wasn’t a “normal” city, it was a death trap. The only rule was that there were no rules. The path was taking him to a beach. Just then, he spotted someone walking towards him, but then turned and ran towards the ocean. Realizing that this was immediately suspicious, Victor gave chase, only to see the target vanish into the water. Victor stopped for a second, and noticed something on the ground. It was a pair of Type 1887 shotguns; whoever that was had obviously dropped his weapons. The Type 1887s were among the most powerful shotguns ever built, so this was quite a find. He also had to be wary of snipers, as that could obviously be a trap. Fortunately, no snipers appeared, otherwise Victor’s head would have splattered onto the tree. “I guess no one here knows how to use long-distance weaponry.” Victor said to himself. Just then, he stepped on a stick, it snapped, alerting an assassin to his presence. An assassin, cloaked in black, leaped out of the bushes and landed right in front of him. He was carrying an AK-74u over his back, camouflaged by forest camouflage patterns. In an instant, Victor raised his two shotguns and pointed them at the assassin’s face. The assassin, unable to draw his SMG fast enough, stood down. “Who are you?!” Victor yelled. “I’m K, assassin, sibling of a tyrant sister and son of a bastard father.” “Who sent you?!” Victor yelled, even louder this time. “I work alone…I take down random targets here and there, just for the fun of it. I see, however, that you are a worthy adversary. Therefore I’m sparing your life…for now.” K said as he suddenly vanished into a big black “poof” of smoke. “Witchcraft…” Victor said, getting even angrier. If it was one thing that irked Victor more than atheists, it was people who claimed to be sorcerers and Wiccans. Most of the time, it was simply smart-mouthed idiots that said that they were “wizards” just to annoy Victor, but this guy…appeared to be the real deal. He still supported the execution of witches, even though the notions of “evil witches” had, for the most part, been cast aside. Not so for Victor. He had read the Malleaus Malificarum many times, and agreed with it on every count; despite the fact that it was, along with Mein Kampf, one of the most hateful publications in history. The book, a medieval Catholic tome, describes the various, mandatory execution types required for different types of witches, all extremely and unimaginably painful. This campus, no, this entire city, was full of heretics, atheists and now sorcerers. “Can this world get any more heretical?!!” Victor screamed inside of his head. As he continued to walk down to the water, he noticed a small scrap of paper blowing across the path, from where K was standing. It was a map of the campus and city; he saw that he was on “Beach Trail 2,” and ahead was “Drama District.” This was quite puzzling, as the only thing that Victor could see was the ocean, looking out over the bay. Just then, he noticed the unmistakable appearance of a tall, lanky young man in a white beret. This time, however, Sebastian had a group of people wearing white uniforms behind him; each one was carrying a weapon of some sort. Victor stood in the bushes, listening in on the conversation.

“Do we really have to interfere with her? No one fucks with her!!” one of the armed men in Sebastian’s party said. “Nevertheless, if we kill Sam Selene, we’ll have a serious advantage, if we can send the rest of my troops up into the Drama Complex. We are merely an assassination team; I’ll take out Selene, if you can handle the soldiers.” “Yes sir.” Sebastian’s comrade said. “Then let’s get moving. We need to find the shuttle transport.” Sebastian said.

The 8 armed troops and Sebastian moved, but in the wrong direction. The shuttles were cleverly hidden; one was disguised as a rock. Victor saw it, and waited for Sebastian to get out of earshot before he climbed into the plane. He touched the panel that said “ENGINES” and they came on; only to shoot the shuttle forwards at breakneck speed; it felt like a roller coaster. Victor held on for dear life as the shuttle zoomed around at 360 knots, all up into the sky; which suddenly opened up; the “sky” was just a wall disguised as a blue sky. After about 30 minutes and 30 miles across the station in space, the shuttle slowed down, and then the lights of what appeared to be a huge theater appeared in Victor’s field of vision. It was at nearly 30 miles across; how it was built, Victor had no clue. The shuttle came in to dock, and it suddenly rose up from the hangar in an elevator. Just then, a strange little program appeared on the projector screen in the plane’s cabin.

“Welcome to Googolplex Town!! This state of the art space town plays host to plays, movies, and all manners of dramatic theater, not to mention sumptuous hotel accommodations in one of our 3 5-star hotels, poolside entertainment, and even casinos over our 150,000-acre city in the sky!! Enjoy your stay!!” the broadcast said as the projector went black. This was weird. Something told Victor that this was not what he was going to find here.

He couldn’t have been more right. When he stepped out, it looked like a post-apocalyptic nightmare. The buildings were smashed and abandoned, the pools dried up, the hotels unoccupied, and, most disturbing of all, dead, and decomposing corpses were everywhere. A bunch of flags with a very strange looking black, five pointed star with what appeared to be Polish writing underneath them fluttered about in the foul wind generated by massive fans, keeping the air in the city circulated. Victor wondered if he was in Hell; because this looked like a depiction from Dante’s Inferno. Then, he saw a directory map, so badly shattered that it was barely legible. There were bloodstains all over it. Sure enough, there were nine levels of the city, each one having a different attraction for patrons that were no longer there. As Victor went to look at the sign, he saw the map for the “Happy Town of Googolplex.” He was in the “Main Square, 1st level.” Upon reading this, Victor looked around; apart from the dusty blowing dirt, the place did look like a square, just with ruined, ghostly shells of buildings surrounding it. It looked like a war zone, a slum. According to the map, there was a path that would lead Victor to the boardwalk area, which would take him into the entertainment district of Level 1. Looking ahead, he saw a path that led down the city street. He still had his shotguns, so he had a sense of security, at least. As he started down the path, the haze began to lift, revealing a ghastly sight. In the middle of the path, there was a pyramid of human skulls, with the words: ALL DISSIDENTS: YOU ARE WARNED!!!” Victor was understandably a little shocked, but then, he regained his composure by crossing himself and reciting the Lord’s Prayer:

Our Father in heaven,

hallowed be your name,

your kingdom come,

your will be done,

on earth as in heaven.

Give us today our daily bread.

Forgive us our sins

as we forgive those who sin against us.

Save us from the time of trial

and deliver us from evil.

[For the kingdom, the power, and the glory are yours

now and forever.] Amen.

I am in a trying environment, but my faith will carry me through. It always has.” Victor said to himself. This was not a time to lose faith. One, he was in a very eerie place, and two, he had an army of atheists attempting to beat him to this woman “Samantha Selene.” Honestly, Victor couldn’t see anyone being alive in this city. It was completely wrecked. It was as if a war had occurred here, but the city was never rebuilt. It was completely abandoned. Just then, Victor heard a song being sung in one of the alleys behind a wrecked ice cream parlor. Victor listened to the song’s lyrics:

“Oh, how you like to raise Hell, Miss Selene, take your rifle, aim it well, strike through the heart of those that tell of all your flawed exploits, even though we have much to gain, you still cause us so much pain, and for that we eternally oppose, you, Miss Selene, the elegant ‘Black Rose.’”

The same lyrics were repeated six times, this was the chorus to a very solemn song, sung to the tune of “Cossack Lullaby,” an Old Russian song. Victor, curious as to the origin of the song, walked towards it. As he did so, he drew his Type 1887s, just in case. When he walked behind the ice cream parlor, he saw a rather destitute man sitting in the alley with a double-barreled shotgun and a mandolin. He was about Victor’s age, as was everyone else in this game, but he was clearly not well brought up. The young man looked up at Victor and shuddered. “Y…You…You aren’t one of the ruler’s agents, are you?” “No. I’m here to kill this woman “Samantha Selene.” Do you have any idea where she is?” The young man stood up, speechless. “You will not find her! She must find you. And believe me; you do not want to cross the Black Rose!!” “So, I’m assuming that she rules this city…” Victor said, rather puzzled. “Yes…Now, take this video journal, it depicts the horrors that the Black Rose has committed!! Please, go now!! The White Monarch will soon return!!” Victor walked calmly away, dismissing that man as a hysteric. As he walked back along the path, Victor heard the song playing again. “Wow…” Victor thought. “If this woman is as powerful as that guy said she was, there might be a problem…” Victor pulled the video recording out of his pocket and pressed “Play.” The video depicted a first person account of a massive battle taking place in Main Square; armed students dressed in white were shooting at armed students dressed in orange and black. “This must be a soldier’s recording of the battle…” Victor thought. He watched the video for its entire length. It was a truly terrifying video. There were people butchering each other, shooting each other and destroying buildings with missiles and bombs. Several pressure doors were automatically closing to prevent the entire city from falling from the sky. Then, the screen went black. “The soldier who had this must have been KIA…” Victor thought. He also wondered who this “White Monarch” was. If he was here to kill Sam, than he’d need all the help he could get. Victor was willing to lend a hand, as long as he got some share of whatever she was hiding, as, according to the video, Sam had some kind of treasure called CAIN; as well as another treasure: ABEL, which was scattered around the city. Victor walked along the path, which had since become a boardwalk, albeit a broken, rotten one. He looked at the stinking puddles and wrecked buildings. “This must be the ‘ghetto’ of this city, it’s ruled by criminals and the only honorable people are oppressed. Pathetic.” As Victor was lamenting on the sorry state of Googolplex Town, he heard marching footsteps; it sounded eerily reminiscent of Nazi soldiers marching, a cleanly organized and concerted goose-step. Victor took cover and saw a neat marching infantry square of soldiers, in the same orange and black robes and armor as seen in the video diary. They were all carrying Type-191 assault rifles; highly sophisticated, extremely powerful guns. “Left, Ten-HUT!!” the platoon leader called out. The soldiers stopped marching, placed their rifles over their left shoulder, and stood at attention. “We are sovereign soldiers of Googolplex Town, one of the mightiest cities on this space station! Our Black Rose commands us to fight onward to victory, or death, FOR OUR NATION!!! Am I right Marines?!” “SIR, YES SIR!!!” the soldiers responded. “So, this is how they keep order here?! With a bunch of criminal Bolshevik-type thugs?” Victor said to himself, complaining about the slum-like conditions of Googolplex Town. “We’re in the Derelict Sector, why would anyone possibly be here?” one of the soldiers mumbled in Polish; Victor recognized the language from his studies in high school. “I don’t know, but the Grand General of the City Hall Territory said that the breach in security happened around here.” Victor began to sweat, tarnishing his red and black uniform. “Forward, March!” the commander of the platoon barked, as the Marines marched onward. Victor waited until they were completely out of sight and earshot, and then continued his trek down the ruined boardwalk through the Derelict Sector, home of the bums, vagrants and vagabonds, living in the ruins of what was once a bustling town for the residents of the space station. As Victor walked along the empty streets, he saw signs advertising businesses that were no longer in operation, such as hot dog stands advertising “Foot-Long Hot Dogs” and various novelty shops, full of trinkets and souvenirs. Nothing but shells and ruins existed here now; it was simply a ghost town of former paradise turned into Hell. Victor thought to himself as he snuck past another vagrant, this one armed with an AK-779. Victor made too much noise, however, and the vagrant turned his AK-779 on Victor, yelling “Get out of my house!” repeatedly, pointing at a broken, hollowed out fuel tank. Victor had no choice, with the bum about to pull the trigger on his AK, Victor shot him clean through with his two Type 1887 shotguns. Looking at the broken body of the vagrant, a shocked look frozen on his bloody face, he recited a prayer, not for the dead bum, but for himself. Killing was a sin, no matter what it was in the name of. However, this was not likely to be the only time he would have to shoot someone. Not to mention, these vagrants, just as everyone else on this damned station, were all between the ages of 16-25. This was almost like a staged event, but this game was very real, and it was either kill or be killed. Hopefully, the rest of Googolplex Town was less of a ghetto. As Victor continued to march onward, he picked up the dead man’s AK-779; he figured he could carry 2 weapons at maximum, or three, with an akimbo-style weapon like the Type 1887. Armed with an assault rifle and 2 shotguns, he was ready to defeat individual enemies, but wouldn’t last long against a platoon of orange-and-black armored Marines; a propaganda poster advertised them as “Orange Revolutionaries.” Just then, Victor spotted what he thought was a wrecked parts shop on the corner of a street; the building’s windows were broken and graffiti of “DEATH TO CAPITALISM” and “HAIL BLACK ROSE” was scribbled all over the building’s brick walls, along with hammer-and-sickle Soviet flags hanging from the façade, but the building appeared to be in reasonable shape. Drawing his shotguns, Victor walked through the broken door, and saw the sign advertising the products formerly being sold here: “LIQUOR, WINE, HOT DOGS AND BEER-LOW PRICES AT SHELLY’S BEER AND FRANK CAFÉ!” Victor groaned as he picked up on the pun. “Very funny…Franks and Steins…” making reference to Mary Shelly’s novel Frankenstein. The sign lay crumpled on the junk-strewn floor, there were tons of empty bottles on the floor as well, and it looked as if the place was looted and trashed, which was probably true. “So, these ‘Orange Revolutionaries’ are communist…” Victor shook his head in disgust. Communism equaled death to kings and Christians alike, and allowed godless peasants to rule over everything that the rich had worked so hard to achieve. Italy was never a Communist state, but Victor had no intention living in a Marxist government; this government wasn’t a very good one, even as far as Marxist ones went; in communism, there shouldn’t be vagrants or homeless people, they should all be living in slums or tenement houses. So far, there had been few signs of life…maybe the government didn’t want anyone living here. This was a distinct possibility, as various governments on Earth, rather than this gigantic colony floating in a LaGrange point, such as the Fascist Britain and communist China, closed off certain areas of cities permanently for some symbolic reason, leaving them to decay to nothing. As Victor sifted his way through broken glass, cigarette butts and various other bits of rubbish, he saw what looked like a vending machine; only it had a goofy-looking court jester’s face on it with a coin slot on its head. Just then, as Victor walked toward it, it detected his movements. “Hyuk hyuk huyk! Welcome to the Clowning Around Vendor Station!” This startled Victor so much that he instinctively shot the machine, blowing it to pieces, cutting the machine off in mid-sentence. “Well, they certainly like their surprises here in the Theater and Drama district…” Victor mumbled, noticing a ton of small canisters scattered all over the remains of the broken vending machine. “Electric Bullets?” Victor said, curiously, upon reading the boxes: “Shock rounds: guaranteed to cause explosive damage! Have fun!” They were designed for an assault rifle, so Victor took all 11 boxes of them for his AK-779. “Ok, now that I have ammo, I-“ Just then, Victor turned around, and saw the mysterious assassin “K” again. “What do you want?!” Victor yelled as he turned around and faced the assassin, shotguns drawn. “I only wish to help you, if you help me.” “Why should I trust you?!” Victor barked. “I hate this Communist government just as much as you do, so we share a common goal. Plus, you’re very quick with your weapons, as am I, and we both know what needs to be done, however, we must be careful, Sam Selene has placed rather invasive security cameras throughout her regime here, so they probably know we’re here. “Well, yeah, I ran into a platoon of “Orange Revolutionaries” marching past the boardwalk over there.” Victor pointed in the opposite direction. “They must have been looking for the King, not you. Word on the street says that the White Monarch has returned from exile in the Square to re-claim his throne from Marxism. Do you know this young man?” K showed Victor a picture of a very familiar individual. “Hey, he tried to kill me in the Square after I openly defied that “Queen” Alexa! He’s an atheist bastard! He’s the White Monarch?!” “Be careful; do not let your ideology impede your goals. That’s what triggered the Orange Revolution on Halloween last year, what caused the White Monarch Sebastian to lose his throne.” “Yes…I realize now that zealotry only brings one to ruin…however, I still remain Christian.” Victor said, deep in thought. “You can still be a zealot, just direct your zealotry at Sam and her renegade Communist regime. God wills it.” “Yes…K, God wills it!” “Now, we need to get to a different sector of Googolplex Town, where we can blend in. Look.” K pointed to a group of marching Orange Revolutionaries, walking past a huge propane tank. K handed Victor his Longshot, a supremely advanced, single-shot sniper rifle; though the weapon required incredible skill to use, few weapons were as ferocious as a Longshot bullet the head. Victor aimed the tracking scope at the propane tank… “I smite thee in His name…” Victor said, firing a single .30 cal. bullet at the tank, detonating it in a massive fireball, roasting the soldiers alive. “How many kills was that?” “I think about 12. That was a perfect shot.” “I hope some of them were Jewish.” Victor joked. “Huh? Why the anti-Semitic comments?” “I was raised Catholic in Italy, and my faith means a lot to me. Those that challenge it are beneath my contempt. I consider myself a sovereign citizen. No laws except Heaven’s apply to me. I am an openly religious, Fascist, corporatist and survivalist, as well as militant. I don’t discriminate, because I hate everyone. Some say my beliefs overlap with Neo-Nazism, I say, so be it. The Jews, with their money-hoarding, driedel-spinning, filthy ways are using every other race as muscle against the White Race, God’s chosen race unto His image. We, the WASPs and the Aryans, are the perfect races, but don’t worry, we’re no danger…unless you’re a liberalized Communist, nigger, Jew or socialist that threatens us.” K didn’t know what to say. This guy was clearly a racist religious-zealot psycho, and one with a serious trigger-happy complex. “Move up. We’ve got to keep moving, otherwise the White Monarch might find us…he has 300 other Lords to do his work for him. “Lords?” “Yes. Extremely powerful; these men and women are so powerful that they can…” Suddenly, the misty vapor in the air from the puddles on the ground stopped drifting around and stood in one place. “Don’t move…Those droplets are charged with electricity: touch one and your dead…” “So what were you saying about the Lords? Well, they’re genetically modified people, combined with A.I. programs; they’re a billion times faster than a human brain and can do things like electrify water vapor.” K grabbed onto Victor and teleported out of the way, avoiding the electrified water droplets, and instantaneously, they were in another part of Googolplex Town, yet this one was not desolate. It was a bustling, futuristic city, full of people. “Why isn’t this place abandoned?” “That was the Deserted Sector, everyone else moved here once the war began. Now, good thing we have a clear run to the hotel…” Just then, a group of people scattered as a burst of static electricity zapped through the air, the jagged lightning bolts racing towards the sky. In the center of a Tesla coil made of pure energy appeared a woman clad in a short, tight-fitting, revealing black dress with a belt around her midsection, black high-heels, diamond earrings, a necklace with a blue diamond in the center of it, long, silky black hair that was half as long as she was tall, and she was nearly 6 feet in height, alabaster skin, emerald eyes and a mischievous, seductive smile, and a perfectly shaped frame and body. “Well, if it isn’t Mr. Mystery and Preacher Boy. Lovely. My name’s Bianca. Maybe you’ve heard of me? Especially you?” Bianca said, pointing at Victor. “Yes, sweetie, I’m well, you know, Archfiend? The ultimate evil? Duh, and I’m helping Sebastian reclaim his throne on Googolplex Town. You appear to be on your own, but if you don’t support us, you’re an enemy all the same. In that case, I’m going to take you both with me. You’ll make fine additions to my collection. “IN THE NAME OF THE LORD, I SUMMON LIGHT!!!” Victor screamed at the top of his lungs, blocking the ancient demon Bianca’s magic with a light spell of his own. The spell only protected him, however, K was seized by the ghostly energy and dragged into the Tesla coil, as both of them vanished.


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