Rough Draft: “Character Sheet”

Random Characters

Character Sheet #1-Samantha Van Pelt

There is but only one force in this world…true, unbiased rage. All hearts are born in pain, for when an infant slithers from its mother’s womb; it suffers as the air inflates its crumpled lungs. From that first breath, the poor thing is subjected to the torture of everyday life, be it from love and loss or death and destruction, life is little more than one, huge trial, where every crime committed is laid bare eventually. The jury is a person’s peers, and the judge is the unforgiving law of society. This is all there is to life, humanity is nothing but a simple cog in the machine, the overriding law, however is death. The richest king and the poorest pauper will all eventually cross paths upon death. It makes no difference what you do in life, because we all die anyway. The only purpose human beings have is to suffer and die. There is no life, only death. There is no love, only hate. There is no peace, there is passion…the jury are a person’s peers, the judge is society, and I am the executioner…”

These are the words of an inhuman evil, one that is the epitome of nightmare. Samantha Van Pelt is an extraordinarily attractive young woman, dressed in an elaborate outfit and headdress, but this, in fact, is symbolic of her origins. Samantha is not even human at all, but just energy, the emotional remnants of young life cut tragically short. The entity emerged after a young woman committed suicide in her dorm room after a bully posted her diary online as a cruel joke. The woman was a bit on the heavy side and rather unattractive; her angered enraged thoughts eventually coalesced into a new consciousness, one of a 6-foot tall, brunette beauty with a truly demented personality and some incredibly dark, unfathomable powers. She wanders the world, endlessly hunting for vengeance and truth, mourning the life that she once led and reveling in the dark arts. She can hide anywhere, such places jack-in-the-boxes, paintings, T.V. screens and video game cartridges, and is often attracted to lights on warm summer nights, like a moth.

Character Sheet #2 Rudolph Eisenheim III

What can be said of life other than that it is unfairly biased? Holocausts, Hiroshima, murders, rapes and all evil are rooted in this bias, and the only way to stop it is to wipe them out. All of them. Those that propagate this bias are the Jews, blacks and other minority races, they believe that they are being unfairly targeted by the White Race, hurling accusations such as “racist” and “bigoted.” That is not the case at all. We are only protecting ourselves, just as they claim to be. If you look at history, however, a pattern even emerges. The Jews, wherever they have been, have always caused problems for those that they share their lands with. Hitler and the Nazis were only doing what they needed to do to preserve their nation, just as any other nation would do. The Baronia-Felix Empire will do the same thing to protect its holdings, and show the world exactly what that means.”

Racism is not a belief; it is a way of life, at least according to Rudolph Eisenheim III and his followers, which comprise the Sleipnir Klan for Aryan Terrorism. At age 23, he is a handsome prodigy, but a devilishly evil one at that. Hailing from Stuttgart, Germany, he is rich and is often seen with very pretty young women, but they have a tendency to mysteriously disappear after a few days with him. The Klan specializes in attacking young people, namely university students; particularly frat boys, athletes and sorority girls, claiming that they “are the epitome of cultural contagion,” as well as synagogues, mosques and pro-diversity events. One of his more brutal attacks was at the Albany College of Pharmaceuticals and Health Sciences in New York, where one young woman, a Jew, was recognized for “outstanding contributions” to the campus community. The Klan attacked her in her apartment in the middle of the night, breaking into the building as she slept, dressed in black robes, red capes, wide-brimmed black hats and freakish, homemade demon masks, carrying AK-74u SMGs and a huge flamethrower. She awoke to find the 6 Klan terrorists in her bedroom, standing over her bed. The next morning, her charred, purposely-tortured corpse was found in a garbage can outside her house, with the words “HEIL HAPPY HOLOKAUST” spray painted on the side of the can. This was the MO of the Klan, attacking in the middle of the night while actually breaking into someone’s house, as well as attacking someone on the streets. They used social networking to find their victims, and if they marked you, you would die in agonizing pain. It was that simple. They were hackers as well, so privacy blocks on social profiles did you no good. You could be marked and not know it until they were in your house at 3:00 A.M. with weapons, looking for you, just another piece of fresh meat for the slaughterhouse…they were the ones that posted the fat girl’s diary on the Internet, and then killed her family, the one which created the evil entity Samantha Van Pelt…Anger Lives Eternal…”

Character Sheet #3: Erzevet Waldheim-crazed pharmacist/investment baroness

I was always taught as a young woman that those who control the money make the rules, and I have no regrets about making the following statements. I am 23 years old. I have been described as the most beautiful and intellectually engaging woman you will ever meet, as I have an IQ of 400…and some would say a rather interesting set of beliefs that can only be described as the hallmarks of a Machiavellian corporate leader, and that is not a bad thing, despite what the lying populists and socialists might say, although I think that the adverb “lying” is a bit redundant in that usage; because without my knowledge, they would all be dead of some hideous illness. I am the CEO of an $80 billion investment firm, with more than 100 CEOs under my charge. There are three rules: The first is whoever has the gold makes the rules, that is my golden rule, the second is that law is only as strong as those who enforce it, and the third is a simple law of nature: natural selection and Darwinism. These three philosophies drive my actions, even though I’ve had police and international authorities come into my estate on Martha’s Vineyard, asking me about some of my CEO’s enslaving local populations in Indonesia, as well as complaints about screaming noises in the basement. I was kind enough to show them the door after a brief tour of my house. Police are like putty in my hands. My operations are safe. They cannot harm me. And do you know why? ‘Freedom’ doesn’t exist. Liberty is only an illusion created by the upper classes; why else do you think that democratic principles were put down by wealthy landowners? The only real reason why Locke, Voltaire, Rousseau and other Enlightenment thinkers, as well as the American Founders cared anything about the illiterate peasantry and working class was simply because it would increase their productivity, therefore putting more money in the philosophes’ pockets. What I plan to accomplish is a culmination of nearly 5,000 years of human farming and systems of servitude, one where I control everything. Freedom and justice only exist as long as the rich want them to, and for those that defy us, those sheep that get lost, that’s what militaries and police forces are for. So when you vote, no matter who you vote for, you assist me. If you don’t vote, you give me a free pass into power. Either way I win. It’s a like a playground game of tag, but everyone is ‘it’ except the one that isn’t. Everyone else does the dirty work but the one that’s not ‘it’ in this example is the one that didn’t participate. But in this analogy, there is one ‘super-it,’ and that ‘super-it’ is what keeps all the lesser bosses in line. It’s truly ironic, isn’t it? Not even the CIA can fathom what I’m doing, but any schoolchild on any schoolyard would understand my thinking immediately. Truly wonderful are children’s minds, so young and so easily molded into good, little sheep. This is why knowledge, knowledge of anything other than the accepted fashions and customs, is the most dangerous thing in any society. Everyone knows this, from the clumsiest security guard to the strongest leader. That is why, in my New Order, there will be NO free distribution of knowledge, as books and words are far, far more powerful than any atomic weapon. Knowledge will be reserved for those who have proven themselves worthy of it, and that is only achievable through competition and struggle. The strong shall rise and the weak shall remain at the bottom, and eventually die. Knowledge is the crucible on which the Old Order will be hung, and I will be known as the Dear Leader for all time. It is only a natural, Darwinian conclusion. I am the richest person on Earth. I deserve it because I earned it.

Few people are as sadistic as Rebecca Waldheim, the billionaire genius stock tycoon who is more than $30 billion richer than Warren Buffet was, and at age 23, has a LOT more to gain. Waldheim Investment Corporation is involved in almost every activity imaginable that makes money, legal or illegal, including financing the Sleipnir Klan for Aryan Terrorism. She has so much power that most of the U.S. Congress is dependent on her funding for their campaigns, and therefore essentially is under her control, as are more than 80% of U.S. companies have stock in her company, as well as most of the emerging market economies’ biggest corporations, such as China, Russia, Brazil, and India as well as the European Union. Most people don’t realize this, but her plan is to create a puppet system, where organizations such as the World Bank, IMF, and other global financial institutions are in her pocket, effectively allowing Waldheim to rule the world through the pulling of financial puppet strings, while keeping the poor living in abject poverty and essentially enslaving the planet through financial means, as well as marketing things like water as a commodity, selling it at a market price like oil or gas. All politicians on earth, from the Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party and the President of the U.S.A., right down to the rogue jungle warlord in the Congo, will fear, live and die by the words a 6’ 4” tall young woman with pale alabaster skin, green eyes, long black hair and a serious fashion sense and attitude problem…and no one will have any idea…she has designed a custom strain of hemorrhagic virus in one of the many bio-lab facilities her company finances that has a 100% mortality rate, and spreads as easily as the common cold, and only she has the vaccine for it. She could legitimately create a new Black Death if someone so much as insulted her dress or her hair. As her policies unfold, she reveals that she plans to make universities consider a prospective student’s high school social stereotype just as much of a factor in the admissions process as grades and extracurricular involvement. Someone labeled a “nerd” by the “jocks” would be banned from entering university on the basis of that stereotype, regardless of said “nerd’s” grades or intelligence, simply because Waldheim doesn’t want the “unpopular riffraff” to have any voice at all in her New Order. “Fashion-challenged creeps like them need to be creepy somewhere else, like the state-run psych wards…in my book, anyone who refuses to follow fashion and popular trends is mentally ill.”

Character Sheet #4: Lucian Moonraiser

A yachtsman living in Miami, Florida, and attending University of Miami…that’s all that they think of me as, not to mention the most handsome, richest guy on campus. I also love to fish, and I invite women onto my 80-foot sport yacht all the time…I need the chum to fish with.”

Lucian is one of the most dangerous criminals in the world; police aren’t sure how he managed to get away with this, but he lured more than 100 young women onto his boat, only to slaughter them alive and use their bodies as chum to attract fish for tournaments. The son of a prominent technology baron, he uses a knife, rather than a gun. He is so nonchalant and normal; however, that nobody really knows that he’s a psycho killer, however. Some of his non-murderous exploits are truly legendary in the city itself, he and his 4 closest allies, Rudolph Eisenheim, Alexander Fedoseev, Andrew Byrne, and James Harris, are all notorious socialites and regularly booze out, party and also are very, very intelligent. One of their most ridiculous antics on South Beach at one point was the time they escorted a young woman to the beach with the intent of getting her drunk and killing her, but she ended up being so obnoxious and bratty that they lost interest. “EEEK! It’s disgusting!!” “IT’S JUST A STUPID SNAIL!!!” (Girl throws snail at Eisenheim’s head).

Character Sheet #5: Empress Cassandra Ermell III

This mysterious holographic disk was found at a yard sale and has some intriguing data written on it, it is completely indecipherable, but what’s the harm in activating it in my laptop?”

If only we knew…It turns out that the disk contained the digitized memories and consciousness of an ancient sorceress, an extremely attractive yet malicious individual known as “Cassandra III.” She possessed truly terrifying powers, and was once the supreme leader of the entire Milky Way Galaxy’s Lordly Empire of Imperial Heritage, and Earth was actually the ancient homeworld of this society. At first, the dorky goofball that finds her believes the character to be a malfunctioning program, but when he attempts to delete the file, she materializes into her stunningly attractive, yet incredibly lethal human form, and attempts to revive her ancient Empire. She demands that she be allowed to live in the young man’s house, and treats everyone she meets like utter and complete scum, but her physical attractiveness adds a layer of comedy to the whole scene. No one is laughing, however, after her takeover.

Character Sheet #6: Raito Asoka Kanagashima III

No one could have imagined what the New Order would encompass, until it actually occurred.”

There was no greater Emperor in human history than this young man, who essentially rose to power out of nowhere, built a colossal empire from the ashes of a ruined nation and conquered more territory than anyone since the Mongol Empire. Only 5 times previously had one man posed so much of a threat to society; there was Alexander the Great. There was Genghis Kahn. There was Tamerlane. There was Napoleon Bonaparte, and there was Adolph Hitler. Raito combined the most effective and terrifying aspects of all six of these regimes, and topped it off with a diabolically brilliant mind and the biggest ego of anyone in history. Born in Japan, he was in high school by age 7 and at age 16, he had already written more than 500 papers and books on political theory, claiming that the world was “broken,” and that an impending “race war,” which he referred to as “The Bane of All Fools” in his most famous anti-society manifesto, called “Utopian Avarice,” was imminent. The war would start in “the most innocuous way possible,” and then grow to such a pitch that “even the moon will crumble and the stars will fall from the sky.” Sure enough, with the power of the Internet and technology at his disposal, this manifesto reached global audiences, and, with that, had more followers than Hitler ever did. Raito became a worldwide figurehead for racism, hate and white supremacy, and united more than 1.5 billion people on Earth under one Revolutionary Banner, using the Internet as his main tool. The world had fallen on very hard times after a war in Iran and Israel, and people were now completely abandoning democracy for a strongman once again.

2. Emperors of the Atheist Bloc

Successors to the Atheist Bloc Nations: Expanded Universe:


Founder-Oleg Molotov (2010-2056)

1. Ivan Rebroff (2057-2080)

2. Sigismund Wolzki (2080-2110)

3. Ludic Kasparov (2110-2130)

4. Pyotr Nazkreki (2130-2142)

5. Pyotr Velikii II (first post-Singularity monarch, A.I.-human hybrid, 2142-2178)

6. Asaga Izamasu I (After Act of Union with Atheist Japan and recapture of Earth, 2178-2200)

7. Ivan Kazan (2200-2212)

8. Cumulonimbus (First purely A.I. Atheist Empire leader, 2212-2290, longest-reigning Atheist leader)

9. Empress Rika Xaati, (First Empress to rule independently, oversaw the completion of the Type-III society project started way back in the twenty-first century, r. 2294-2350

10. Start of the Araun Dynasty, descended from scientist Silver Araun-

a. Jagged Araun (2352-2390)

b. Sutir Araun (2391-2416)

c. Roan Araun (2417-2452)

d. Olivine Araun (female, 2452-2500)

e. Nicholas Araun (2500-2525)

f. Braktus Araun (2525-2553)

g. Klein Araun (2553-2607)

h. Roman Araun (2607-2652)

11. 300 years of uninterrupted Araun rule are suddenly thrown into chaos by the death of Emperor Roman Araun by an ambitious young man from southern Japan on Earth, he becomes the Galactic Atheist Emperor; named Kei Commodus, he gives the legendary “Bathhouse Putsch” in the Paradise Cove Hot Spring Spa, which was converted to an all-girls dormitory, but they had a huge party to celebrate the eldest girl’s wedding, when Kei jumped on the table and gave a 5 minute speech about the decrepit Araun regime and how Roman was bastardizing atheism into a namby-pamby game of politics, when it should be, according to Kei, a “dominant philosophy that tolerates no dissent or political nonsense.” Thus began the darkest period in human history, which saw entire planets enslaved, xenophobia, racism, hatred, and brutality on an unrivaled scale, Kei was doing things that even the Founders of the Atheist Bloc couldn’t hold a candle to in terms of sheer terror and brutality. The Atheist Empire took on a combination of the Roman eagle, Nazi swastika and the Eye of Ra, symbolizing Imperial omnipotence. His rise to power was rather unlikely, as he was originally a rather unpopular, even “nerdy” individual; he was invited to the wedding by his only friend, the girl getting married, saw his opportunity, and did not miss it. After his speech, the entire wedding erupted into applause. From that point on, Kei could do no wrong. At every bathhouse, tavern, bar, store, anywhere he was in southern Japan, he received a hearty cheer and salute. In places like Paradise Cove, every time he showed up, there was a huge party to celebrate his arrival. Known to his followers as Senseiseiji, or “The Autarch,” he was invited to the Miss Paradise Pageant to give the invocation and opening remarks. As he walked up to the podium, he saluted like Hitler, and the crowd in Paradise Cove roared in approval. He was just mesmerizing in his ability to speak; more people came to hear him speak than to watch the models, many of which were not Japanese, but from all over the galaxy. After the pageant, the winner, a woman from Italy wearing a long, tight-fitting black dress, a perfect, 6’4” figure, high heels, a belt around her midsection, an incredible blue diamond jewel necklace called the “Heart of the Stars,” long, silky, waist-length black hair, with a very seductive, mischievous smile, and pale, alabaster skin. “Miss, you looked lovely in all the outfits you wore, and you have the body of Aphrodite herself. Congratulations.” Kei kissed the woman’s hand sweetly as he placed the coronet on her head. The crowd cheered so loud that people on the other end of the city could hear it, just as Kei announced his intentions to run for the position of Imperial Senator for Japan in the Head Parliament of Man, which oversaw all other planetary Parliaments, ruled by the Emperor. When Election Day came, Kei faced two other candidates, but Kei had only one thing to ask of his people: “Would you choose me, or anyone else?” Kei won 880,000 votes from the 440,000 registered voters, a mathematically improbable 200%. He was legally the new Imperial Senator for Japan, pending an inquiry into the suspicious voter total. This indicated that the votes were cast illegally or miscounted, and the Emperor could override any democracy that occurred within the Atheist Empire without question. The Atheist Empire had become a parliamentary Empire, but in reality the power resided in Emperor Roman Araun. The recount went as planned, and sure enough, there was a considerable margin of miscounts, but the revised totals were still enough to propel Kei into office in a landslide. Why the miscounts had occurred was later attributed to a voting machine error, but no one was buying it. This was obviously a rigged election, and people in government were helping this “celebrity radical” attain power. Few believed he would last more than a week in office. They were dead wrong. Within a few months, Kei was appointed Imperial Mandator of Justice, or the Emperor’s head of the secret police, for his efforts in reducing crime in Japan by 80%. No one dared be disloyal to Kei. It wasn’t long before he turned on his allies. He fabricated an excuse to frame the Director of Imperial Intelligence of treason, and that man was soundly executed. In response, Emperor Araun merged the secret police and the Imperial Intelligence Department into one group, the Imperial Night Hammers, of which Kei was appointed Chief Praetor. He was now answerable only to the Emperor. Emperor Araun permitted Kei to arrest and imprison anyone he thought was a threat to the Empire, and that he did. Returning to where it all began, the Paradise Cove Bathhouse Resort, he came back dressed in the sinister caped uniform of the newly created Chief Praetor of the Night Hammers, flanked by a platoon of black-uniformed Night Hammer troopers, armed with MP-779 assault rifles. Marching up to the hot spring grotto near the hibiscus gardens, he spotted a group of young women sitting in the spring, chatting, laughing and relaxing in the naturally-heated water from magma in the earth’s crust. Suddenly, the girls turned around and saw their former hero standing there, guarded by a platoon of heavily armed troopers. “Oh…Kei! You’re back. Want something to drink?” the girl asked him, sweetly. Kei smacked the drink from her hand, and dragged her out of the spring by her hair; she was wearing just her bathing suit. The guards pressed their guns to her skin, and promptly arrested her for “conspiring to subvert Kei’s authority,” which was complete bullshit. The other 4 were promptly shot in the head, blood ran the spring red. “Now, be a good girl and tell me where the woman who won that pageant about 6 months ago is and I won’t torture you.” Kei hissed, with a deranged look in his eyes. “She’s in her room in the luxury suites atop the tower…just let me go, I did nothing wrong!” the young woman pleaded. That was it. Kei snapped his fingers and two guards blindfolded her, held her down and shot her execution-style to the head. “Go into the top up there! Move faster!” Kei screamed as the troops stormed up the stairs to the luxury suites; the troopers kicked the door down, surprising the young woman inside the building. She was shot on sight, and her necklace pilfered from her jewelry box. This was little more than a war trophy, but it was symbolic of Kei’s impending victory. All that was left was the old Araun line. After conspiring with his men in secret, the Night Hammers launched a surprise attack on the Atheist Imperial Senate Building in Manhattan on the night of June 12, 2652 A.D. In just 3 hours, Kei was the Supreme Leader of the galaxy…

Character Sheet #8: Alexandra Agrippa

The Mistress of the Tragopan Bathhouse Resort Complex, she has been described as the “one who will haunt you dreams and nightmares at the same time.” Considered by many to be one of the most beautiful women in the world, she is tall, has long, silky black hair, green eyes, pale, alabaster skin, has an elegant, seductive voice, and is not at all shy about dressing in provocative, revealing outfits when she’s in her home on the Resort grounds. Don’t let this fool you, however, she is a martial-arts master who usually wears elegant Oriental dresses and can kill someone without even using a weapon, and also has a weapon known as “Slave Spear,” it turns whoever it stabs into a loyal toady that does whatever she tells it to. Sadistic, sarcastic, and diabolically clever, but a real sweetheart when the situation requires it, she manages to earn more than $667,000 per year owning the hotel chain; but unfortunately, she does have a major case of nymphomania, and when she doesn’t take her medicine and sees a male guest that she finds attractive, she lures him into her house on the property, drugs him and then tortures him in sick, sadistic, sexual and self-absorbed ways, and eventually kills him, burning his corpse in a homemade crematorium. Sometimes she uses the body or parts of the body as scientific test subjects, and then designs new types of drugs for her medical career, which she has as well as running her hotel business. Murdering is fun!! YEAH! DIE!

Character Sheet #9: Sebastian Helias Kuun

Picture this scenario, you are a young woman on Spring Break, and a handsome young man asks you to get onto his boat. He brings you all manner of food and alcoholic beverages and treats you like a princess…only to kill you after getting you drunk and cutting your body up for fish bait. It requires skill, yes, but the pride I get from it is immense. Why? Because of these ridiculous feminist “manifestos” on the Internet. There is nothing more irksome to me than a stupid, arrogant, narcissistic feminist protesting about such nonsense as “normalizing rape” and “glass ceilings.” Women already have more rights than they should, and I, a rich, successful, handsome and deserving young man should be able to force his will on any woman, simply because I am superior for those reasons. In my eyes, that woman I bring onto my boat has no rights. If she says ‘no’ to me, I kill her and punish her severely. Girls like her are the reason why men are at a discriminatory curve in high school and university science classes, and I am a crusader against these injustices. All of the women I kill and butcher are honor students with a very, very high level of physical beauty. So goes the laws of my own code. They make great bait for fish like king mackerel and barracuda.”

At age 24, Kuun has more murders to his name than any other murderer in modern history, and possibly the most diabolical. He uses his vast fortune to lure them in with some of the most amazing amenities; he’ll instruct them to come onto his yacht wearing their prettiest dress or outfit, and pours them a sweet, tasty glass of wine, as well as serves them a very high-quality meal of their favorite dish. He talks to them, makes them feel at home and promises them the “sweetest night of their lives…” and then kills them in cold blood. Ha-ha.

Character Sheet #10: Shiran Abe

No story epitomizes tragedy more than that of Shiran Abe, the incredibly gifted, handsome, brilliant and tormented Gaia-Kami handler that gave into his own desires and emotions, descending into absolute madness. Abe never knew his parents, but grew up with nothing more than a small talking Gaia-Kami bird called a “Witch Crow” for a companion. At age 20, he decided to join the Kreuzritters, an ancient order of Gaia-Kami handlers that kept peace in the land of Roan Va. Abe was very, very quick to learn about the proper handling of all types of Gaia-Kami, but eventually fell in love with a young heiress named Stina Ermell, who stood nearly 6 feet, 3 inches, tall and had long, silky brown hair and shining blue eyes, after her was assigned to protect her on a trip. He quickly became enamored by her amazingly detailed outfits and dresses, and made sure that she was never hurt or even insulted. All went well for Shiran and Stina, until Shiran started having nightmares about Stina being killed in a tragic incident. Intent on protecting her from whatever he felt was threatening her, he embarked on a journey around Roan Va, stopping in 18 cities and towns before encountering an old man who claimed to have a solution to the problem. Eventually, the old man began to instill a deep subconscious, telepathic bond with Shiran, which only grew stronger, as Stina and Shiran also grew closer. They spent their long, summer days in the Radiant Sol Field Country of Roan Va’s northern plains, where they became inseparable. Eventually, the old man became a de facto teacher for Shiran, as well as the Kreuzritter instructor, Cynwyd Nix, a master handler of Gaia-Kami. Shiran began to grow very powerful, so powerful, in fact that he was now stronger than any other Gaia-Kami handler in history; the teachers seemed to only be holding the handsome young warrior back. Shiran began dressing in a long black robe and white cape, as well as a tall coat collar, giving him a very imposing, confident appearance. He had been able to tame many varieties of Gaia-Kami that were deemed impossible to tame, such as his companion “Psyacheron,” a huge, sickle-clawed, red-and-black furred, twin-tailed, bipedal alien cat-clone creature with 4 glowing blue eyes on, two arranged vertically on each side of the head, as well as “Titanus,” a huge, furry snake like creature that was almost as powerful as the Psyacheron. He fought for his land, his life and his Kreuzritter Order, but kept his romance with Stina a complete secret, as well as his affiliations with the old man. Eventually, the old man approached Shiran, and asked him if he truly felt that he was being exposed to the full power of what his abilities offered him. He said no, and then the old man revealed his true identity. He was Lusamgya Serpentis, an old wizard who the Kreuzritters had been hunting for a very long time, guilty of many murders and other crimes. At first, Shiran was about to arrest him without a second though, but then Serpentis dropped his bomb, so to speak. “I can save the one you love the most…” Faced with an overwhelming moral dilemma, Shiran was just about to arrest Serpentis anyway when Master Nix and his squad of other Kreuzritters stormed into the office, and commended Shiran for apprehending the dangerous criminal. Serpentis mounted a pitched resistance, but was quickly disarmed after a brief and pointless battle. As Nix was about to kill Serpentis, Shiran, so desperate to save Stina, killed his teacher and the rest of his men…just like that, he had gone completely off the deep end. Serpentis appointed Shiran the position of Chief Acolyte in his “Dark Sect,” who used Gaia-Kami to control the world, and as tools of war. He took a huge army of soldiers to the Kreuzritter Grand Abbey and killed everyone inside, and was then, as a reward, instructed on how to prevent Stina from dying, all the more important if her unborn son was to survive, she was 8 months pregnant by that point. Eventually, Serpentis tracked Stina, who, at that point, had heard the horrible truth about what had happened to her loved one, fled back to her Radiant Sol Field Country estate, and descended into solitary madness. When Shiran appeared at the estate, Stina, crying and begging with Shiran not to hurt anyone else, he was ambushed by members of the Kreuzritter remnant leaders, which, after a brutal battle, he managed to kill. Stina fled, but Shiran let her escape. Realizing that he, in his quest for ultimate power, lost everything he held dear, became completely twisted and evil. The Kreuzritters were disbanded and executed one by one, and Stina, her wealth gone, her purpose nonexistent, gave birth to a healthy baby boy and came to another young mother in a place called Featherwhisp Town, and begged her to take care of him. Stina vanished, never to return…

Character Sheet #11: The Japanese Phantom Regents (Based on True Events)

Many cultures have stories of parthenogenesis, or “virgin births,” in which a mother gives birth without sexual intercourse. It happens occasionally in nature, but in humans, it has never been officially proven, even though stories like Jesus’ birth have existed for centuries. One case where it may have some relevance in actual medicine, because there were secular, educated people around at the time without any religious bias to witness it, came in Japan around the year 1329 A.D. One of the Shogun’s daughters of the Minamoto Clan, who was a virgin at age 22, suddenly became pregnant with twins, and eventually gave birth to a healthy boy and girl. There was no report of her ever having sex, and there was no evidence to suggest that she was lying about the virgin birth, according to the Japanese court doctors. What makes this so unusual was not only the virgin nature of their birth, but the fact that they were of different genders; most twins are the same gender. Nevertheless, the young Shogun princess was delighted to have two children to raise, and they quickly reached all the milestones of development, as healthy, normal babies. It was only when they began to talk that something was seen as amiss. They were not speaking Japanese. They spoke in an eerie, hissing, snake-like mumble that sounded like an “angry cobra,” according to the Japanese doctors, and used words that no one had ever seen before and couldn’t understand. They spoke Japanese as well, but always spoke amongst themselves in their strange tongues. Eventually, as the children grew older, the boy grew into an exceedingly handsome young man and his sister a stunningly beautiful young woman, they were much taller than usual, at 6’3” each; and their abilities continued to manifest themselves. The girl could reportedly levitate in midair and cast lightning from her fingers, and the young man could accelerate the passage of time and even manipulate sickness and health; they made their living, besides being heirs to the Shogunate, as magicians and fortune tellers in medieval Kyoto…at this time, the rumor was that the young man said that for his “magic trick,” he would make “the primitives ill…” This was the same time the Black Death started in Europe. This, of course, is probably pure coincidence, but it’s fun to imagine that the cause of a disease that wiped out half of Europe was triggered by a Japanese prince/magician who thought it would be “funny” to perform a “magic trick” on European “primitives,” as, in many ways, especially medically, the Japanese were light-years ahead of France and Germany in the mid-14th century. However, the Japanese “Phantom Regents,” by their mid-20s, were beginning to exhibit more diabolical behavior. Where once they had been seen as “wondrous examples of nature,” they were now widely feared by the Kyoto citizens. They used ancient, eerie, gory spells, such as turning dogs inside-out while they were still alive, according to eyewitnesses, and then drinking blood. They then launched a merciless reign of terror on the countryside, reportedly doing the same thing to random people in completely random villages. Then, things got very bad indeed. The old Shogun died, and the two children killed their mother to prevent her from seizing the throne of Shogun herself, even though she was ineligible because of her gender. Realizing that if these “wizards” seized control of the Japanese Empire, the world would be plunged into darkness at the SAME TIME the Black Plague was raging in Europe, the two Regents were murdered in their sleep. Coincidentally, the Plague in Europe petered out that year. Now, it is very difficult to find any data on these Regents at all anywhere in Japan, because most of the original records of them were intentionally burned by an angry mob in 1351. It is a very odd case indeed, and proves that there is a great deal more about this universe than we will probably ever completely understand. Was this all a coincidence? Or did the two Phantom Regents genuinely have powers of dark, demonic sorcery? The building that they were murdered in is now demolished, but a fast-food restaurant is now in its place, but, because of its odd location, it doesn’t open after 9:00 P.M., perhaps as respect…or fear, of who died here, many years ago.

UPDATE: Recent findings have uncovered even more astounding evidence that these two Phantom Regents knew certain things that no living people at the time could possibly know. Writings from the princess’ journals, just recently discovered at a Japanese yard sale in the southern, tropical paradise islands called the Bonin Archipelago, south of the main Japanese Home Islands, led researchers to a tome of unprecedented scope. A huge, 4-foot tall, 350-lb, 6,300-page, hand-written book, by the princess herself and her alone, of watercolors, paintings and astounding artwork was found under the floorboards of an old temple, overlooked for nearly eight centuries. Each painting has the princess’ signature on it, Emi no Hamunaru. The prince, her brother’s identity is still unknown, but this collection of watercolors is so astoundingly detailed that it is thought to be physically impossible to paint the way she painted. We know this because modern supercomputers can’t recreate these paintings. She did more than 5,000 of these works with a paintbrush and watercolor paints, in traditional Japanese style. Furthermore, the paint has a completely alien, unknown chemical composition not seen anywhere else, before or since. Even more astounding is that the princess gloats about how she painted all 5,000 of these in less than a week, and challenges any other readers to do the same, in a very snarky, snooty paragraph at the beginning of the book. The first 5,000 pages of the tome are each depicting a painting, and the last 1,300 pages are text, in Japanese and a bizarre, completely unreadable language, which lends credence to the story of the two Regents speaking in a snake-like tongue. The Japanese text describes objects like spaceships, airplanes, submarines, and even implies computers and medical practices that are completely new and effective even for this time period, some of the technology that is depicted here is not even possible with modern technology. The text appears to show Princess Hamunaru giving a leaf to a person suffering from cancer, and then the cancer simply vanishing. The leaf is actually from a species of aloe plant…sadly now extinct since the Meiji Era, when Japan industrialized and burned all the old forests down in the late 1800s. The final page of the tome suggests that “death is temporary, and that my brother and I will never truly vanish…” Perhaps wizards and sorcerers are not just fantasy after all, at least in Japan, which is actually not that shocking, because you see it in anime and manga, Japanese popular culture, all the time. Needless to say, the curator of the Metropolitan Museum of Art has stated that “we have learned nothing.”

Character Sheet 12: The Mayan Sorceress

The Classical Mayan Collapse is one of the world’s most enigmatic mysteries; there seems to be no natural force capable of wiping out an Empire the size of modern Mexico and leaving no descendants at all, Empires simply do not vanish without a trace or leaving any cultural legacy, but a recent find shows that, quite likely, the Mayans actually destroyed themselves. A tomb, just recently uncovered under Teotihuacan, the Classical Mayan capital city, may give clues to the nature of the demise of the Mayans. The tomb was astonishingly well-hidden, more than 500 feet underground and the only tunnel reaching it was covered with a 17-ton stone and intentionally filled with sand, rock, dirt, ashes and metal fragments by Mayan priests. Were it not for floods washing the stone and the dirt away, no one would have ever noticed it at all. The archaeologists dug through the dirt with a robot, and the robot, upon entering the cave underneath the tunnel for the first time in roughly 1500 years, shined its lights on a hauntingly beautiful scene. Shining orbs, glowing in the darkness with an eerie blue glow, were everywhere, their purpose is completely unknown. The tunnel clearly leads to a tomb of some sort, as the structure is identical to other Mayan tombs, but the inscriptions and paintings on the walls of the tomb depict a bizarre and frightening scene. They show, instead of a heavenly afterlife filled with riches and rewards, a burning, hellish landscape of starving, shriveled, blood-drained bodies and what looked like soldiers, dressed in unusual outfits for Mayan warriors, bringing bodies of young children to an elaborately-dressed young woman of incredible beauty, her skin is pale and alabaster, her hair long and silky-white-blonde,, as well as having haunting, seductive red eyes, in the paintings of her on the walls. The blood of these children drips from her lips. At the end of the tunnel is a huge, impenetrable stone wall, which would have been impossible to break with Mayan-era tools. They didn’t have dynamite back then, obviously. If this is a tomb, why would the Mayans take such extreme measures to hide it? Also, the paintings show that the Mayan leaders were all being killed and enslaved by these soldiers, and the tomb dates from the same period as the sudden Mayan collapse. As of now, the tomb is still impenetrable. Perhaps the Mayans didn’t want anyone to find this place, and we just clumsily blundered into it by accident with our modern, 21st-century technology. This tomb, if the Mayans were describing a real person in those frescoes, probably contains the remains of that stunning, yet very sinister-looking young queen or princess. The tomb’s exact location is being kept secret, because of Mexican drug cartels possibly coming and stealing all of her jewelry; those gold necklaces and headdresses she is wearing in the pictures would be worth millions on the black market. From my own analysis of the evidence, I think that I have a good idea of at least one of the factors involved in the Mayan collapse:

Given the painting of the young woman and the apparent utter devotion of the Mayan soldiers to her, she might have been an albino; which would have given her a reverent, godly status in Mayan society, who typically had dark skin, dark hair and dark eyes; in a society of largely uniform appearances, white hair, white skin and red eyes would have stuck out like a sore thumb. Native Americans in general viewed their race as a crucial part of their identity, and the Mayans would have seen this woman as a sort of Messiah in the flesh. She would have been revered as a goddess, and elevated to a position where even the Emperors and high priests would have seen her as a sanctified figure. At this point, she would have realized that she could get anyone in the society to do anything for her, and the next part of the fresco depicts hundreds of children being given to her to siphon their blood and drink it as a beverage, with the soldiers loyal to her killing and enslaving the other high priests and Emperors. No one in society would have objected at all, because the gods’ demands were considered absolute. If she wanted blood, she got blood. There are two possible reasons for this phenomenon, and given the context of the time, both likely apply. One is that she had achieved the rank of a high priestess, and the clergy in Mayan and the later Aztec societies, which were based off the Mayans, though not descended from them, often demanded blood sacrifice from children and young women, engaging in brutal rituals and even vampire-like behavior in the name of the gods, for both the Mayans and Aztecs believed that if blood was not ritually spilled on a regular basis, the sun would simply fall from the sky and life on Earth would end. The second is that she suffered from a form of schizophrenia-like mental illness called “Porphyria Psychosis,” or “PhP.” Caused by porphyria, a disease that is caused by sporadic oxygen spikes in the blood, usually in menstruating women, this extremely rare form of paranoid schizophrenia is sometimes called “Vampire Syndrome” because in addition to the typical schizophrenia symptoms (loss of touch with reality, hallucinations on visual and audio levels, God complexes, phobias, irrational behavior, denial of illness and extreme paranoia,) PPP sufferers often have a bizarre obsession with a certain part of the body, often times blood, and suffer from extreme pre-menstrual cramps, nausea, and horrible abdominal pain. It can affect men, but it appears most pronounced in women, triggered by the monthly menstrual cycle, for reasons not clearly understood. To them, blood has a supernatural property, it is like a medicine to them, and they often drink it, bathe in it and bottle it like beer or some kind of drink. There have been a few noteworthy cases of PhP in history, namely Vlad III Dracula, (Romanian emperor in the 15th century and inspiration for the novel Count Dracula,) Countess Elizabeth Bathory si Ecsed, (Slovak countess who bathed in blood of young children and teenage girls) and Edward ‘Dreadful Ned’ Low, (a pirate during the early 18th century who gained a reputation as a ‘vampire’ in British lore) to be exact. The fact that this mysterious high priestess of Mayan lore seemed to exhibit every symptom of PhP/schizophrenia leads me to believe that she used her authority and her sheer luck of genetics to effectively run the Empire to her own demented, schizophrenic whims. She had no shortage of children to satiate her desires, and the parents, believing that they were giving their children to a goddess for safekeeping, didn’t even give it a second thought. This probably continued for a considerable amount of time, until something half a world away changed the perception of this “goddess in the flesh.” A volcano, in Indonesia, probably near the modern island of Sumatra, erupted violently, throwing dust and ash into the atmosphere, wreaking havoc on the climate for several years. Ash from this period has been blamed on famine in China, Japan, Europe, the Byzantine Empire, the Arab world, and various pre-European African empires as well, so it’s no surprise that the Mayan Empire recorded its worst drought on record at that point…couple that with the fact that the Yucatan Peninsula and most of Mexico in general is prone to long, extended dry spells, the Mayans were hard pressed to keep crops growing at a healthy rate to feed the Empire, which stretched from south-central Texas all the way south to Panama. The volcano only exacerbated the problem, with cold, freezing-temperatures in summer and snow in what is now Cancun, it must have been very difficult to farm or even plant anything at all. Acid rain from the SO2 aerosol in the atmosphere polluted the groundwater in the cenotes, natural limestone wells that the Mayans drew fresh water from, and killed what little crops were able to grow. Soon, the Mayans had a truly remarkable crisis on their hands. People were dying of starvation and cold, polluted water made disease and physical ailments rampant, and the Mayan peasantry demanded answers from their government. The high priestess, who had long been enjoying anything she wanted immediately when she wanted it, suddenly was no longer getting whatever she wanted. Times had changed, and resources needed to be conserved. Still, she made demands, and when the Mayan people refused her demands, she, according to the fresco, attacked violently. She sent soldiers to kill Mayan mothers and forcefully take their children from their homes to satiate her endless need for human blood, and had the rulers of the Mayan Empire enslaved, sacrificed or imprisoned. For an indeterminate amount of time, the Empire had become a bloodbath, quite literally. This is where the evidence ends from what we know so far, what happened between the time that the mural is describing and this murderous woman’s death and burial in this tomb is still a mystery. Still, what appears to have happened is that the Mayans, after this crisis was over, were too damaged to survive much longer. Political upheaval, climate chaos and war all served to drive the Mayan Empire into utter ruin. This tomb, the collapse, and possibly even the “2012 Clock” are all connected somehow, in all likelihood. Perhaps the clock was not counting down to the end of the world, but was meant as a warning to future societies to not repeat the Mayan mistakes of trusting the wrong person or abusing your environment.

Character Sheet #13: The Bathory Nobility Family of Slovakia-Hungary

This particular family is best known for their excess and their horrendous abuses of power in the 16th century. They, and the House of Transylvania in Romania, headed by Vlad the Impaler, were followers of the Order of the Dragon, a militant, Islamophobic Christian cult-sect that had a similar MO to the Ku Klux Klan or a modern-day skinhead organization. They wore dark, elaborate uniforms, often painted their faces with the blood of their victims and terrorized the countryside in the once-massive Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, which, at its height in the 1580s, stretched for more than 1.4 million square miles, nearly the size of the Lower 48 States. One does not typically think of Poland as a massive power, but in the 1500s it was a completely different story. The Commonwealth’s main member states were Poland, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Bohemia and Hungary-Slovakia, but much of the Balkan countries, Ukraine, Belarus and even large parts of Russia, including Moscow for a full 11 years, were also part of the empire, held by King of Poland Stefan Bathory de Ecsed, Grand Duke of Lithuania and Grand Prince of Transylvania. Stefan is considered to be a hero in Polish and Lithuanian history, despite his racism, sadism, anti-Semitism, rabid Roman Catholic hatred of the Reformation, Islamophobia and abuses of luxury and power, he did see his Empire become the awe of Europe, even the Pope yielded his authority to King Stefan for a full 5 months; he is indeed a “monster hero” in the fact that he built a superpower, but at immense cost to his people. His relatives, however, were much different. His two younger brothers, Lazlo and Georg, and his 23-year old sister Elizabeth, are known as some of the most horrific murderers in European history, along with such names as Edward Low, Adolph Hitler, and Vlad the Impaler. They too had Stefan’s racist, Catholic fervor, but they took it to such extremes that even today, their story terrifies people who visit the fortress where they lived. Lazlo and Georg were some of the best hunters in Europe, but they eventually stopped hunting animals in favor of kidnapping people and hunting them like animals in a “canned hunt,” they would offer their captive a deal, in the fact that if they managed to escape them after a full day, sunrise to sunset, they would be allowed to leave. The victims rarely escaped, and when they were caught, they were butchered like a hog an eaten, cannibalized in a ritual sacrifice to a bizarre sect of the Christian faith called Ordo Draconis, or “Order of the Dragon.” Elizabeth, however, was probably the worst of the three. She was the last person you’d expect to be a killer, because she was extremely attractive, quiet, soft-spoken and usually only said something if she knew it would contribute to a conversation. Behind the striking, dark green eyes, long black hair and pale, ghostly face that she was famous for, was probably one of the most mentally-ill people in history. Suffering from a bizarre form of porphyritic schizophrenia, she drank human blood by the gallon and bathed in it, thinking it would keep her young forever. The legends of Dracula and monsters still plague the area today, even 500 years after the family died off. Even now, the family’s obsession with the occult and bizarre blood rituals shock historians, in Catchice Fortress, Elizabeth’s personal estate where the majority of the murders she committed took place, a group of historians going deeper into the mansion than anyone had been since Elizabeth lived there encountered something that is truly one of a kind. It is a huge, huge text, a codex known only as “Codex Imperia,” or the “Imperial Book,” by its discoverers, but informally known as the “Vampire Grimoire.” The book weighs 350 pounds and is 4 feet tall, containing 6,000 pages…all written in a language that is found nowhere else in the world. “It’s loony, it’s wonky, it makes no sense, and it doesn’t resemble anything seen anywhere else on Earth.” Rick Aldrich, a historian at the British Royal Society said of the discovery. The book is illustrated with images that even the most demented modern artist would be hard pressed to create, as well. “To think that this book has been sitting in that bookcase we found it in, in Elizabeth’s bedroom bookcase, for half a millennium and having no one know that it was there is just mind-boggling, just the scale of the book itself is mind-boggling, it would have taken years, even with a printing press, to write and bind this thing. There is only one word in any known language in the book: ‘Demon’” Aldrich said. Rather oddly enough, it depicts a huge picture of Elizabeth dressed in her typical headdress and gown, and her black hair and sinister green eyes are masterfully painted in watercolors and acrylic mix, along with the painting of the book in front of her, open on a wooden podium. Adjacent to her, however, are three other, equally attractive yet sinister-looking young women, one wearing a luxurious green dress covered in emeralds and diamonds, but she is black. She looks like someone from the Congo, which, at that point, was completely uncharted. Another young woman appears to be from Japan, and the third appears to be an albino young woman from the Mayan culture…all 4 of them, Elizabeth and the other three, have a book like the Codex Imperia in front of them. Why is completely unknown. We may never know the significance of this text, but perhaps we don’t want to know. There are some things best left forgotten, especially once you consider that the Japanese woman in the picture could be the “Phantom Regent” Emi Hamunaru, whose seemingly physics-defying artwork, bizarre, demonic-virgin birth story and seemingly paranormal talents were just confirmed from legend, looks a lot like the book in Elizabeth’s tome, huge and elaborate; her watercolor art is so advanced that modern-day supercomputers couldn’t replicate what she did by hand…not to mention, Emi supposedly died in 1348…250 years before Elizabeth Bathory’s era, which, if this was a portrait of them all standing together at once, talking and reading, as it seems to be, that would make Emi 304 years old at the time of the painting, but not looking a day older than 21 or 22 years old!! Also, the Mayan woman presents an ever greater puzzle, because a tomb that reportedly contains someone that looks exactly like the woman in the book had just been uncovered…only it was buried more than 1,800 years ago, which would make the Mayan woman 1,300 years old at the time of the painting, but still looking like she’s 20. Nothing about this book makes sense, so the museums that depict the Bathory manuscript label it as a hoax, given that the book implies facts that are clearly, 100%, undoubtedly impossible: Human beings cannot live for more than a millennium, period, and even if they could, they would look older than 20 years of age at age 1,300. We know it’s impossible because Bathory believed that by drinking human blood, she could attain immortality. She died in the early 17th century. Therefore, the book is a hoax, according to the leading historians and scientists everywhere on Earth.

Character Sheet #14: The Hypochondriac Prince Anteon

Prince Anteon of the Empire of the Silver Moon, capital Agarest, is perhaps the most well-respected ruler of his time, at only 23 year of age, he has led his Empire to be nearly 17 million square miles, the size of Imperial Russia under Alexander III and occupying the same territory that Alexander III’s Empire once did, with a wondrous mix of Slavic and Japanese culture. Anteon is 6 feet tall with black hair, handsome, determined brown eyes, a white uniform with a white cape with a red lining, as well as a silver sword, called “Amphispiritus,” Latin for “Two Souls.” He has a truly honorable sense of justice and enforces a code similar to the Code of Hammurabi for his huge, militaristic Empire, but there is one huge issue…he is terrified of the black plague, and is so paranoid about rats in his Winter Palace that he kills them himself with a haz-mat suit on.

Character Sheet #15 Asaga Hamunaru (Real Person)

The Black Baron…” “Satan-with-wings…” “The Vengeful Spirit of Malice…” These were just some of the names associated with Asaga Hamunaru, the Japanese flying ace in WWII. No other pilot in history came anywhere close to his 795 kills, more than half of all U.S. aircraft losses in the Pacific. He was handsome, brutal, honorable, just and known by his admirers as “The Black Prince of the Skies,” for his black topcoat, black aviator cap, black aviator gloves and black infantry boots, as well as his Mitsubishi Zero, painted jet-black with a horrid, howling white and red shinigami-ghoul holding a scythe, wings spread, on the fuselage. His enemies, the U.S. B-24 and B-29 pilots, called him “THE DEVIL.” No one could hit him; he was so fast and so elite with his plane that he would regularly destroy entire U.S. fighter squadrons by himself and his wingmen would only look on in amazement. His cackle, a devilish, demonic laughter, would echo over the radio channels as Asaga completely decimated shipping convoy after shipping convoy, bomber squadron after bomber squadron, plane after plane. Asaga was only 21 years old when he led the assault on Pearl Harbor, destroying 7 of the 9 ships lost there, including the USS Arizona, by himself. This legend of the skies, greater than the Red Baron and Adolf Eichmann combined, had humble beginnings. He was born in 1920 in Kyushu, the southernmost island in the Japanese archipelago, to a rice farmer who had served in the Russo-Japanese War, and fought at the Battle of Tsushima and against the Chinese in the 1890s. Like most Japanese at the time, Asaga was very fascinated by the Western technology coming into his country, namely the huge American ships and planes docking and landing near Sakura-jima, after a large volcanic eruption in 1914, the hot-spring houses re-opened, and by the time Asaga was 10, he was regularly watching his 18-year old sister, Mayumi, go to work as a hostess at one of the hot spring restaurant houses. She was into American 1920s style, like the flapper dresses and was even in a Japanese production of a Vaudeville show at the spa and resort where she worked. In 1932, Mayumi turned 20, and later that year, Asaga flew in an airplane for the first time…it was an experience that would change his life. In August of 1932, Mayumi was raped and murdered in a drunken brawl with 4 American seaplane pilots, stopping at Sakura-jima to refuel and have a drink; they had one too many drinks, and Mayumi, who was on waitress duty that night, put too much tonic and not enough gin in one pilot’s drink…he beat her half to death as he and his four co-pilots gang-raped her on the floor as she screamed for help, her parents tried to save her, but the American pilots beat them up too. She died right there…as her 12-year old brother watched in horror. He was there to see his sister’s show later that night, as were her parents. Asaga’s mother later committed suicide, because she couldn’t save her daughter. His father was never the same man ever again and often spent long, extended periods of time in bed, eventually dying in his sleep for a reason that could only be described as a broken heart. Orphaned at age 13, Asaga found refuge in an orphanage near Tokyo, where he became obsessed with two things: Learning how to fly, and getting revenge on the Americans who murdered and tormented his family. When another war with China broke out 2 years later, in 1936, Asaga, now 15, had his chance to finally be what he had always dreamed of being. He enlisted in the Imperial Aviator’s Academy in Tokyo, the Japanese Air Force, where he quickly dazzled instructors with his supernaturally-good piloting skills, so much so that he graduated two years early as valedictorian, at age 17. With a new family in the Air Force, a new sense of purpose, and a cause to fight for, and now a dashingly-handsome young man with brown hair, brown eyes and a tall, lanky ectomorph figure, he painted his airplane, a sleek, lethal Mitsubishi Zero, jet black, and painted a demonic, flying shinigami-god on the side of the plane, the Japanese equivalent of the Grim Reaper. He flew his first combat missions over Manchuria, Nanjing and Shanghai, and in those three campaigns shot down more enemy planes than the Red Baron did in all of WWI. 1939, Asaga’s 19th birthday, was a major year for his piloting career: Germany declared war against the Soviet Union, the British Empire, and the United States. When the news came that the Emperor had pledged his allegiance to Hitler’s Germany, Asaga’s morale soared…it was only a matter of time before he faced his sister’s murderers in the air…and he would make them pay dearly for their crimes. For two more years, he pummeled Chinese positions, solidifying Japanese power in the region, but just after his 21st birthday, he finally got the chance he had relished for so long. His flying unit was transferred to Admiral Yamamoto’s aircraft carrier groups, and shipped into the middle of the Pacific for a devastating raid. The carriers were 250 miles from Pearl Harbor, the main forward fleet command for the U.S. Pacific Squadrons. On the ship that day, Asaga and his company were briefed on the mission…attack the U.S. base in Hawaii, crippling their ability to fight…and Asaga was to be the first plane in! Admiral Yamamoto had heard of the suffering that his young ace had been though, and he gave the 21-year old pilot the honor of leading the charge. Just before takeoff on December 7, 1941, he painted his sister’s name on the huge torpedo loaded under his plane’s fuselage. He would, at long last, have his revenge. The planes took off for the 2-hour flight to Pearl Harbor. Asaga’s eyes stared, unblinking and determined, at the horizon for the entire transit time. He didn’t say a word over his radio communications channel, even though all the other pilots chatted about the upcoming battle and the war that was about to result…he was silent, unmoving, and unfazed. He had what the pilots called Sisu…or the fighting spirit of war, hate and vengeance. There was nothing that could break it, nothing else like it on Earth, according to the Japanese pilots. As if from nowhere, the hills from the entrance to Pearl Harbor on Oahu emerged out of the monotonous blue of the Pacific…it was only now that Asaga spoke. “All fighters behind me; take formation, pull up on my signal to begin the first wave of attack.” He primed the torpedo for launch, and as his squadrons decimated the ships in the harbor Asaga began his own attack run, as he aimed straight for the heart of Pearl Harbor. At exactly the right time, he launched the torpedo with Mayumi’s name painted on it, after reciting a quick prayer in her name, and dropped all 20 of his bombs while accelerating to maximum attack speed all at once. As usual, it was a perfect shot and perfect timing. The torpedo went down the funnel that led to the mess hall on the U.S.S. Arizona, the last thing anyone in that ship’s kitchen would have seen, as lunch time was underway, was the name “Hamunaru Mayumi” before the torpedo cracked the pride of the Pacific Fleet in half, sending her plummeting to the bottom of the harbor. The other bombs found their marks too, in all, Asaga sunk 6 ships in just as many seconds…it was at this juncture that the Japanese pilots first heard Asaga’s truly demented laughter. It was the laugh of absolute catharsis; a great weight had been lifted off of his shoulders, and the Japanese pilots in his squadron all formed up behind him, like unholy birds of war. The second wave of planes entered the harbor and sunk one more ship, as Asaga’s first wave banked around and fired murderous machine-gun barrages at sailors bleeding and screaming in the water, shooting them all like ducks on a pond. Asaga then noticed two pilots, U.S. Navy aces, get airborne out of the corner of his eye. Enraged, his eyes burning with blind, vengeance-crazed malice, he performed a maneuver that forever garnered him the name “The Black Baron.” He accelerated, did a complete loop and barrel-roll, and dropped right in front of the oncoming American planes, and flew directly at them, but at the last possible second, turned his plane perpendicular to the ground, flying between the two American planes and using his propeller as a buzz-saw, cutting the tails off of the two American planes, sending them crashing to the ground in a fireball. He performed another loop and rejoined his squadron, just as the Japanese pilots were called back to the carriers, leaving the Hawaiian port in ruins as quickly as they had come, just 25 minutes earlier. More than 3,000 U.S. sailors were dead or dying, and 7 battleships sunk…and 2,894 of those kills, 6 of those ships belonged to Asaga. As his plane landed on the Japanese carrier, his crewmen let out a cheer that shook the stars. He stepped out of the plane onto the ship, and let out a deep sigh of relief. “Until one has given all, one has given nothing…” was all Asaga said after his superhuman attack. “I see flying as a way to leave this world behind…the horrors that consume us on the ground cannot touch me in the air…I cause my own horrors there.” And that he did. For the next 4 months, Asaga terrorized the skies in his Zero, his shinigami-decal terrifying American bomber crews and earning him the nickname “Satan-with-wings,” always said as one word by the American bomber pilots. There was no stopping this young Black Prince of the Skies, he was earning the admiration of his peers in Germany and Italy as well, Adolf Eichmann, the German ace from WWII, said of Asaga: “I know not of how this man flies, but everything he does seems to suggest that he is not a man, but something far more.” His kills continued to rise by the day.

Character #16: Article: HOLY SHIT!! Why Movies, T.V. and Novels Have Historical Figures All Wrong (And why we should be glad they’re wrong!)

It’s funny how popular culture can distort figures from history into comic, distorted or goofy characters, far, far removed from real life. For example, the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer depicts vampires as moody, angst-ridden American teenagers, when in reality, the only “vampires” in question, as far as history is concerned were likely Polish Cossack Emperor Stephen Bathorý and his niece Elizabeth, or Vladimir Draculesti III, “Vlad III Dracula,” of Romania, famous for their brutality and consuming human blood for pagan rituals or to scare their enemies. Stephen was 7’3” tall and 345 lbs. carried a gigantic sword and 6-foot long hunting rifle, wore huge bear-fur and bear-skin robes and outfits, made from bears and bear cubs that he killed with his hands and his sword, decapitated his enemies with wretched, heartless abandon and painted his face with their dripping blood, and was seen as a true hero in Poland. His niece, Countess Elizabeth, was guilty of murdering more than 900 little girls for pagan, pre-Christian bloodbath rituals, where she sat naked in a tub full of human blood and chanted like a demented animal in pagan runic tongues to sacrificial idols. Vlad was infamous for impaling his victims on a spike through their rectum and out their mouth, and then set their writhing, still-living bodies on fire. Real vampires, as you can see, were nothing like Edward in Twilight, which is why that series makes me laugh so hard, because if those “fangirls” really knew what a “vampire” was, they would never read Twilight ever again, and Meyer would have to write something else if she ever wanted to sell another book. Vikings and pirates, often depicted as goofy, drunken bandits at sea, were also far more brutal and conquered, terrorized and plundered vast areas of the Northern seas and wherever shipping made port, men like pirate captain Edward Low, and Viking commanders Leif Ericsson and Eric the Red were some of the most brutal sailors ever, far from Hagar the Horrible or Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean. Edward Low was the pirate equivalent of Hannibal Lecter, and the Vikings were battle-hardened Norwegian seafarers, with a highly-developed culture and society that actually served as the basis for Anglo-Saxon and later medieval English law. The Japanese samurai Lord Taira-no-Tomomori was guilty of similar crimes in Japan as the Vikings and Vlad Dracula were in Norway and Romania, during the Middle Ages, except he was even sicker, murdering and torturing 500 bathhouse maids aged 21-25, and cooking them over a bonfire at the Summer Solstice Festival. This is far from samurai as depicted in anime, where they are usually seen as princes, princesses or some kind of comedic character with a sword, like the character Motoko Ayoama in Ken Akamatsu’s popular graphic novel, Love Hina, as a beautiful young samurai maiden with a sword who is terrified of turtles and ends up in all manner of hilarious situations involving her friends and the young man who is hopelessly in love with her. In reality, most samurai were not like Lord Tomomori and very honorable, never attacking a foe weaker than themselves, but they could be truly demented at times. My favorite historical distortion, as I will call this phenomenon for the purposes of this article, is with the Lolita style often seen in anime, manga and costumes, as well as dolls. This style, often portrayed as a cute, sexualized blond girl with pigtails and a frilly black dress, is actually so far from the truth about Lolita girls that I just crack up every time I see a dopey blond girl in an anime dressed like that, especially “Misa Amane,” a character from the Death Note anime series, a Gothic-Lolita actress and model with the strongest Valley girl accent ever, and falls in love with a young man who tries to become the next Adolf Hitler. The reference to Hitler is actually quite accurate in a conceitful sort of way, as the Lolita style was, in fact based off of the ancient Germanic warrior brides who fought against the Roman Empire in defense of their dark forest homes in Magna Germania, or Haidnur, as they called it. The Nazis took great interest in their cultural heritage, and the Germanic runes were used liberally in most of the Nazi heraldry, runes that the individual known as “The Lolita Empress of Germany,” dug up in Bavaria during the construction of a parking garage, she was mummified, allowing us to determine her age: 24 years old. Her hair was blonde, as evidenced by traces that had survived, and she was still wearing her dress, a long, black dress with what would have been white frills. Her grave goods, some of her belongings that were buried with her, were as follows: An adorned bronze shield, a golden eagle pin for her dress, a bow, two arrows, a falx, or lethal sickle-sword, a steel dagger, priceless gold and ruby jewelry, a flute, a war hammer, a unique helmet with horns that fit over her pigtails, some jars for makeup and lipstick, and a beer stein. This woman was far from the Lolita characters of anime and manga series, she was a ferocious warrior queen who killed hundreds of Roman soldiers, even Julius Caesar was terrified of the “Lolita,” where the first use of the term was ever seen, describing the women that would follow lost travelers in the forests of Germania and wait for them to collapse from exhaustion before moving in for the kill. “Such horrors are unspeakable, their screeching howls and their blabbering in pagan tongues to one another, they terrify our Legions with face paint and their weapons.”


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