Rough Draft: “Cataclysm”


Ave, Ave, Suspendisse Pontifex, grando autem in lineam Davidicum, duxit nos ad illustrationem totius temporis pacem. In nomine humanitatis et scientia nostra semper urna ante, in conclusion versus hoc enim novum est illustrato Nullam novus dominus spatii, temporus et terram.

Ave, Ave, Suspendisse Pontifex, grando autem in lineam Davidicum, duxit nos ad illustrationem totius temporis pacem. In nomine humanitatis et scientia nostra semper urna ante, in conclusion versus hoc enim novum est illustrato Nullam novus dominus spatii, temporus et terram.

Ave, Ave, Suspendisse Pontifex, grando autem in lineam Davidicum, duxit nos ad illustrationem totius temporis pacem. In nomine humanitatis et scientia nostra semper urna ante, in conclusione versus hoc enim novum est illustrato Nullam novus dominus spatii, temporus et terram.

Ave, Ave, Suspendisse Pontifex, Prima Nostra et Imperatrix, Ave, Ave, Suspendisse Pontifex, AVE, DOMINE PONTIFEX SAMANTHA, aliquam a malis corda nostra et mentes nostras sanguine. Pelle Satan hostis et vires Versus-Christi ad inferos, et ducere nos ad illuminationem scientiae et pietatis in Dei nomine. Amen.

Chant of the Orden der Sion, at the coronation of Anti-Pope Samantha Selene, age 18, of the New World Order.

China, Russia, Brazil, India, South Africa, the E.U., U.S. and Australia control more than half the world’s wealth, but here’s a challenge question for you…how much does the average global citizen survive on each year?” the professor asked. One girl, an especially well-travelled, well-read, well-brought up individual named Lyn Kraus, casually raised her hand. “According to the book I read the other day and my trips to China and Russia, I believe that the average global citizen, if my research is correct, lives on less than $2.50 per day, which, if multiplied by 365 day in a year, comes to $912.50. By 2050, the world’s GDP of $385 trillion will be 80% controlled by China, the E.U, the United States and India, just 4 economies, with other prosperous nations being strongly linked to the Big 4. Meanwhile, the rest of the world will live on less than $1.50 a day.” “That’s correct, Lyn, once again, you prove that if you work at anything, you will succeed. You all could learn a lot from her example.” The other students said nothing. They all knew that Lyn was perhaps the most brilliant and near-perfect member of the student body, she was beautiful, funny, extremely intelligent, rich and spoiled, she was an only child to a rich family. She had plenty of friends; however, there were others that loathed her. She had been called “Little Miss Perfect,” among other names; however, she didn’t care. She knew she was better than them. Just then, her cell phone beeped; she had received an e-mail from the school registrar, stating that a package had come for her.” “Hm?” Lyn said as she walked out of the classroom. The registrar was right around the corner, but then, a young man approached her; he was dressed in a brown suit with a red tie, as well as brown hair, brown eyes and a very dashing smile. He was carrying a briefcase as usual. “Oh…Nicholas, hello.” Lyn responded, rather surprised. “Lyn, since it’s almost Christmas, I’d like to ask you a favor. “Oh…what?” “Will you come to the Winter Gala with me?” Lyn didn’t know what to say. “Well, I guess so, but…I might be busy that night, I have chorale practice, as well as a meeting with the Latin Language club.” “Oh. Ok. I’ll see you around, then.” “Ok, bye.” Lyn said as she walked away. She didn’t know what to say, Nicholas was handsome, sweet and caring, but…she just didn’t see him as anything more than a friend, even though he wanted to be more than that. Still, she felt bad, because, for some reason, despite how handsome he was, had never had a girlfriend in his life. Sam couldn’t see how this was possible. He was brilliant, and had plenty to give to a woman, but not one girl was interested in him, and he had been to `12 different countries, as his parents were ambassadors to the United Nations. He lived in Poland for 3 years, and had only come back to the U.S. to finish his undergraduate degree, and even after travelling the world, he had never had a relationship beyond a friend, and even that was a stretch. For some reason, nobody liked him. Sam had always wondered why that was, but it was no business of hers to ask…however, just then, she felt very…very…tired…

Thus begins the story…

  1. Illusion

February 13, 2459

Lyn suddenly woke up after a brief nap, however, where she woke up was as totally different place. She was dressed in a very pretty, elegant black gown with her hair up in a fancy bun and a pearl necklace, along with ruby earrings. She saw a familiar face standing in front of her, Nicholas Eisner, the young man that she had just spoken to at school. She waited…until suddenly, she remembered. Everything she was seeing was familiar and now, she remembered who she was. “Welcome back, milady.” “It’s good to be back. I hate that cryo-sleep hangover where you remember nothing for 5 seconds. What’s the situation in Europe?” “Well, the plague has been contained and the Congress of Berlin is about to begin in the next room. You were placed in cryo to protect you from a possible assassin threat that was reported from the Secret Service. You were out for just 5 minutes. Nothing changed. The Congress of Berlin is expected to re-draw the map of the shattered Europe to its 1815 borders, just like after Napoleon’s defeat, and re-start the process of building a new Europe. By next year, 2460, Europe should be back on its feet. Still, the world lost more than 3 billion people to that space virus, and as a result, Britain is a Fascist state, as is Ireland. As for Asia and the U.S., China and India are also running into massive overcrowding problems, and Britain is only a hair’s breadth away from annexing India again, and the U.S., while stable, is facing civil war in Canada between the French Canadians and the rest of Canada, and Mexico is now a major player on the world stage, and civil unrest, at least since 2409, has prevailed in the Southwest amongst the Mexicans and American loyalists. “Well, if Mexico wants the Treaty of Guadeloupe-Hidalgo repealed and the former Northern Mexican territory annexed back into Mexico, they’ll have to get through the U.S. space-based weapons systems and space fleets, as well as colonies, but Mexico does have the advantage on the ground, and is becoming a furiously powerful military force with its own spacecraft. The problem with Mexico is that defeating the Mexican Army in war will only make the problem worse, as the root of the issue is in the U.S. itself. The white supremacists, survivalists and anti-immigrant groups are probably going to scream for war against Mexico regardless, and, given the President of the U.S.’ conservatism, he’s likely going to give into that pressure. So, yeah, the world’s in GREAT shape…” Lyn responded, sarcastically. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to give my speech to the people of Europe, via international telecast. Every T.V. in Europe will see my face.” “What a pretty face, too.” Nicholas added, smiling. “Haha…you’re too much.” Lyn laughed. As she walked into the Prussian Reichstag building’s main hall, formerly the unified German capital, the Prussian Honor Guard saluted. More than 200 leaders from 100 countries roared in applause; the reason she was hailed as an international hero was because she engineered a vaccine for the “Red Plague,” a horrid hemorrhagic, bleed-out disease that decimated the world’s population. It spread very easily, and the mortality rate was 100%. It was the worst pandemic since the 1300s’ Black Death, and more than 3 billion died. It came from a planet that had been colonized by the British; their huge mining fleets, containing 4-kilometer long mining vessels, like the Aberdeen, the one that violated Contamination Protocol IV, that stated that any ship with an unknown pathogen must self-destruct, that shattered the ground to mine ore released the virus, and brought it back to Earth. This had accelerated the colonization of other planets, and now humans occupied vast colonial holdings in space, with more than 500 planets with humans on them. Within just 5 months of the vaccine’s release, the epidemic was over. Lyn sat down behind a desk, as every major news station in Europe focused their cameras on Lyn’s face. This was a continent-wide broadcast.

“I address you tonight, not as a scholar or pharmacist, but as a citizen of humanity. For the past year and a half, we endured the worst plague since the Black Death of the 14th century. However, for the first time, in the history of the planet, a species had the technology and ingenuity to prevent its own extinction. All of you that prayed for humanity, your prayers are answered. Through all of the horror that is our history, through the pain, wars, destruction and bloodshed, as well as the triumphs, the will to survive, excellence, knowledge, every reach into space, the deep sea and push against the boundaries of human existence has allowed us to rise above our origins, and our courage has led the way into infinity. The dreams of an entire planet rested upon my research, and, my fellow human beings. I have delivered your salvation. God speed, and may peace prevail.”

That speech was watched by more than 90 million people, from the huge broadcast screens in Trafalgar Square in Britain and Paris, France, to the televisions of the beer halls in Bavaria and Vienna, the capital of the restored Austro-Hungarian Empire, to the Kremlin in the new Russian Federation, having been restored to its 1900 borders already, with its territories in Manchuria, Mongolia and Iran as well. Lyn stood up and took her seat, as the Great Elector of Prussia, the dominant German state, Elector Rudolph Von Der Tan, as well as the Austro-Hungarian foreign minister, Sigmund Eisenheim, took the floor, while the Prime Minister of Britain and the Premier of Russia sat and watched from the front row. The 27 other German states’ leaders sat in one wing of the Grand Hall, the Russian Premier and his statesmen sat in the balconies above the vast sanctum, and the British dictator, William Knowles, sat on the other side of the balcony from the Russian government staff. Britain’s Army was now 600,000 men strong, and still growing, as was the Air Force and Navy, and Britain was rapidly building a new Empire for itself, it had great expectations for land awards; since African governments were now almost nonexistent, European powers could be awarded most of their former territories in Africa and Asia. Just then, Elector Von Der Tan began speaking.

“It is with my great pleasure that I re-draw the map of the world, from the ashes of a biological disaster. From this moment on, all African territories are to be returned to their respective colonial holders from the 19th and 20th centuries. Prussia is the sole colonizer of its former territories in the Caribbean, Africa, Asia and Indonesia. Turkey is awarded the Arabian Peninsula, Kuwait and Iraq in their entirety, and the map of Europe is hereby defined as a chimera with the map of Europe, after the Congress of Vienna. Russia is awarded its boundaries in 1900. Austria-Hungary possesses its borders in 1900 as well, and the Balkans is redrawn into the nations of Greater Serbia, Bosnia, Albania, Croatia and Kosovo. Latin America, save Argentina, Chile, and Peru, which go to the British, remains independent, and The space colonies remain as is. This is a new era for the world, one of peace, justice and good health. May us all hail Europa!!” Every European statesman stood up and roared in applause. European power was back, within just one year, Britain would rule more than 99 overseas territories again, but under a frightening new guise. At that moment, the British dictator named the new Viceroy of India as Samuel Piddingworth, a giant of a man that wore a huge wig, like a British judge. Prussia and the German satellite states planned a Wirtschaftunion, an economic trade zone that included all Prussian overseas colonies, held together by the mighty Prussian Navy, which would allow free trade amongst all 28 German states with no tariffs, much like the European Union once did. The first act of Prussian technological primacy was the unveiling of the Lieferungbahnhof, or “Super-Train,” which was a maglev train that could zoom along at 600 miles per hour, at the same speed as a commercial jetliner. Such a train was possible because of thruster brakes, which could gradually slow the train down, and the train’s saber-like appearance. The train would travel between the German States and keep Prussia’s 17 provinces tightly linked. The Iron Kingdom was back, and back with a vengeance. Already, Britain and France, not to mention Russia and Austria-Hungary, were very concerned about Prussia’s colossal army and navy. They already had continued to expand from its 32 overseas dominions in Asia, Africa, North America, the Caribbean and the Pacific, as well as its 7 space colonies, and were currently in talks with local Japanese authorities about establishing a Prussian colony on Hamamatsu Island in Shikoku, but the Japanese government was fiercely opposed to it. It was getting rather tense, as huge Prussian guided-missile cruisers were seen patrolling the seas around Japan, but not in Japanese waters. The Prussians wanted to build a giant resort town on the island, specifically Hermann Katzenbach, a real estate mogul from Berlin who wanted to develop a huge paradise resort called “Promised Land Resort and Spa.” However, several old bathhouses and hot spring spas already existed, and Japanese businesses would suffer tremendously. However, the island was a serene and idyllic paradise, the most famous landmark was the Imperial Arms Inn, which was nearly 240 years old, but had been converted to an all-girls dorm for young women who wished to live in paradise on their summers off. A Prussian invasion would certainly derail that, not to mention provoke war with Japan, who had a very effective military, but Prussia had nuclear weapons. However, an unexpected guest took the stage in the Reichstag: the Mexican president, Jose Filipe. “In regards to the current tensions between the United States and Mexico, in order to appease the situation, I hereby grant Mexicans, regardless of citizenship, permission to vote in both American and Mexican elections. May this ease the animosities between us.” “OUTRAGEOUS!” the U.S. president, John Ross, a staunch Republican, shouted. “This will only confound the U.S. and Mexican relationship to an even more intense low. You might as well declare war!” “The Congress does not recognize the President of the U.S.A. at this time.” the moderator said. Lyn, sitting in her seat and putting lipstick on, watched the political circus from the front row, right next to Nicholas. “Well, this is certainly entertaining. I’m no politician, but I do understand the fact that this is most likely going to throw the North American continent into total chaos. Canada’s a mess, and now Mexico and the U.S.A. might be going at it. Just great…” she groaned. “Lyn, do you really need to whine about everything? Just saying.” Nicholas said. “Hey, listen, I can’t stand certain things, such as listening to politicians bicker about issues that really don’t matter to me, and if you don’t like that, I really don’t care. As long as my company’s medical products aren’t devalued, political situations mean nothing to me.” “Well, they should, as political climate can affect business more than anything.” “You’re just preaching to the choir now. I know that very well. And what gives you the right to question my beliefs?” “The U.S. Constitution. I learn by questioning everything and everyone’s beliefs. Cursed is the man, who lives in darkness, the New Enlightenment will light the way.” “What are you talking about?!” “I’m saying that I’m predicting a pan-European revolution in Europe, most likely Prussia. Prussia is already more than 80% Christian, and various leaders of the Chivalric Christian movement, as well as white supremacists, survivalists and neo-Fascists, as well as other extreme-right groups are vying for the position of Great Elector in Berlin. Von Der Tan is already rather religious, and the Prussians are rejecting other religions, such as Judaism and Islam altogether. I believe a war is coming, the ultimate religious war, not who God loves more, but over the very validity of humanity in the face of divine force.” “Ok…now you sound crazy. End the conversation now, please.” Lyn had always known that Nicholas was a virulent anti-Semite and partial supporter of Prussia’s resurgence as the most dynamic power in Europe, and that he had a bit of a crazy streak in him. Therefore, she viewed him as someone to keep a close eye on. As the controversy over Mexican and American relations continued, the U.S. delegates continued to argue with the Mexican ones. Most Africans had no idea that they were now officially under colonial rule again. Within one year, European power would be firmly established in Africa again. Piddingworth had already departed for London, now a colossal megalopolis with warships docked at the mouth of the Thames River. He was now Viceroy of India, and the British Lord Governor of India had just arrived in the British Imperial Palace, re-activated. The Indians, so battered from civil war and overcrowding, were actually happy to see Britain arrive in power again. All British Commonwealth of Nations members were formally placed directly under British control again, giving Britain 54 of its 99 colonial dominions back, as well as Sudan, South Sudan, Algeria, Argentina, Peru and Chile, North Madagascar, Somaliland and Yemen, and Malta, Cyprus and Sri Lanka, forming a grand total of 66 colonies, with a population of 2.4 billion now living under a global Fascist empire. Madagascar was split between British control in the north and Prussian control in the South. Soon, Egypt would become a British territory again too, as well as the Seychelles and Mauritius. The British were not just brutal to their own citizens, but to all colonial subjects. The Canadian Civil War was already winding down with a French Canadian defeat when Britain re-captured it. Britain’s death squads, or “MI6,” often rounded up “dissidents” for no reason at all, had huge, Fascist rallies in Trafalgar Square, and broadcast huge speeches on massive television screens all over London from the British Television Corporation, a propagandistic news network and the only legal one in Britain or her colonies. “All Hail Britannia!” was the national motto. Arbitrary justice was an everyday occurrence, as were “secret prisons” and government curfews. This now applied to 2.4 billion Fascist subjects, from Ireland to Australia and New Zealand. It was as if Nazi Germany had won WWII. Dissidents were usually shipped off to government detention camps by bus, being herded like cattle into the camps with snarling German shepherd dogs attacking them, where they faced horrible tortures and indoctrination. Another country not happy at all was Poland, which had been chopped apart by Austria-Hungary, Prussia and Russia, especially Jews; even Polish Jews in America were utterly outraged. Some even cried, realizing that their days as a respected people were doomed, now that an increasingly radical right-wing, hostile Prussia, led by the rather passive Great Elector Von Der Tan, but enforced by the brutal Chancellor of Prussia Johann Guggenberger, was in control, as well as the new Russian colossus, which dominated from Poland to Manchuria and the Pacific, were in control of more than 98% of Poland, with Austria-Hungary controlling the city of Krakow. In a tribute to Praetor William Knowles’ favorite book, 1984, the new British Empire used the anthem of Oceania, the fictitious state from George Orwell’s book, just with different lyrics, but the same tune. The world was, in a word, dangerous. Chancellor Guggenberger had called the Polish Jews “dirty little heathens,” and that “their whole disgusting race was like a curse.” His hate for non-Germanic people knew no bounds, and viewed the German Economic Union as a major step towards German reunification. Prussia was awarded most of Poland, creating the three new Prussian provinces of New East Prussia, New West Prussia and New Silesia, therefore absorbing Warsaw and most of the Polish Jews. This was bad news for the rest of Europe and even Russia; much like the 1860s and ‘70s, France, Russia and the Balkans were terrified of Prussia’s Iron Empire. The Prussian Army had grown to nearly 1 million men, and the Navy was 594 ships strong. Their Air Force consisted of thousands of small hypersonic combat aircraft, unmanned and capable of flying at Mach 30, as well as massive Zeppelin airships for colossal bombing raids, and VTOL gunships in place of helicopters. However, Prussia itself had much to fear from Russia and France. Without allies, it couldn’t survive an assault from both sides at once. This sense of insecurity gave Prussia the initiative to use its vast industry to produce ridiculous amounts of firepower, and with its surprising ally, Fascist Britain, the two powers were capable, together, of holding off a Franco-Russian double attack. As Britain had conquered India once again, Prussia was going for its own Asian hegemony: complete domination of Japan. Japan was in economic shambles. More than 55 million people in Japan were over 65 and under the age of 14. That meant that 55 million people out of 100 million Japanese citizens were out of the workforce. Japan was in no position to argue with the Prussians, but they still resisted the Prussian desire to build a resort complex on Hamamatsu Island. “I don’t see what the problem is; the revenue that the resort would bring would bolster their economic output in that region by 200%.” Hermann Katzenbach said in one interview.

Despite the debates and deliberation in the Congress, the meeting was adjourned afterward, and Nicholas was thinking about only one thing: his vacation on Lake Toba, a contested British-Dutch territory in the East Indies. “Lyn, it was nice seeing you again.” “You too.” Lyn responded, rather briefly. Apparently, she was still upset about the “New Enlightenment” comment, but he really didn’t care. She didn’t seem angry, but if she wasn’t going to accept his opinion, he sure as hell wasn’t going to accept hers. He was just as religiously anti-Semitic as any of the other Prussian politicians…and he knew that the right wing and the white race would eventually triumph. He wasn’t getting involved in politics, but was definitely a virulent, and some would say even authoritarian demagogue, he had been arrested several times for plotting violence against Jewish activists, but didn’t spend a day in jail, because he was able to get the best lawyers in Berlin, a city known for its large population of lawyers…and radicals. He, as well as his lawyers, accused the police of scapegoating him, and that defense worked every time. As such, the Berlin City Police Department hated him. He wasn’t afraid to fight back against Judaism with violence, and that message of “violent Christian resistance” to Jews was starting to get across. Several synagogues in Prussia, as well as many other German states had been bombed, with horrific vandalism, such as placing fake penises or breasts on statues of Jewish political and religious figures and writing “Christian Brotherhood” on synagogue walls, becoming common. Just three days before the Congress of Berlin met, a Jewish family from Orange County, New York was beaten half to death by a mob of anti-Semites wielding crowbars and baseball bats, the family, of Polish descent, was of the typical Jewish stereotype; the parents were lawyers and doctors, respectively, they lived in a huge house along a serene country road, and they were downright loaded with cash…that would NEVER do in the “New Enlightenment” Berlin. The father died of blunt-force trauma to the head, and the daughter was left permanently crippled by brain damage, despite being a Harvard Medical School honors student and leading a positively charmed life, she was beautiful, funny and smart, crediting her faith with her success. This murder sparked an outrage in America, claiming that Prussia was becoming “a stronghold of the Devil,” despite the religious drive for the murders. Despite the rising anti-Semitic violence, Nicholas saw nothing wrong with that. As a proud Christian Prussian, Nicholas Eisner knew what he believed was right, as religion, to a Christian, was not a belief, but a way of life, and that any other religion was just flat-out wrong and heretical. Jews were nothing but vermin, as were Muslims, whom he despised as well; the Jews were using the Muslims as muscle against the Christian White Race. In the name of all things holy, this had to stop. Interestingly enough, the “New Enlightenment Adventists,” as the frightening new sect of Christianity was becoming known as, openly embraced science as a product of Mankind’s God-given wits. They believed that religion gave scientists the right to use their knowledge for any purpose whatsoever. This type of pseudo-religion was becoming very attractive to many young Prussians. He, as well as a growing number of Prussians and Germans in general, was beginning to share the same views on the killing of the Christian family as the perpetrators. Even the judge, who normally ruled that a murder was an automatic life sentence, gave the perpetrators only 3 years in jail, the kind of sentence given to a common thief. The judge was also New Enlightenment Adventist. Americans, again, were outraged; however, as Nicholas and the other delegates walked out of the Reichstag under heavy guard, the world was now redrawn…no one knew what was next, however, Nicholas walked back towards his apartment near Alexanderplatz, now surrounded by vast skyscrapers, some 3,000 feet high, as well as huge, flashing lights of electronic billboards and advertisements. His apartment was in a very wealthy part of the city, overlooking the Brandenburg Gate and such landmarks as the building that stated “DEM DEUTSCHEN VOLKE” on its façade. His apartment was more than 3,000 sq. feet, and decorated with Prussian Iron Cross flags and swords in glass cases, he collected swords, including several famous ones, such as a blade that was rumored to have belonged to Otto von Bismarck, the Iron Chancellor. Chancellor Johann Guggenberger was perhaps the most dynamic and brutal ruler Germany had in any form since Otto von Bismarck, however, and, with his awe-inspiring speeches about atheism and anti-religious sentiments reverberating throughout the German Economic Union from Prussia, it was only a matter of time before Germany unified again. It was February 13, and Valentine’s Day was tomorrow, so Nicholas sat down in his chair, turned on his gas fireplace and picked up a book to read as he walked into his apartment, however, there was quite a surprise in his apartment’s bedroom. “Hello…” a voice said in a very seductive tone. “Who’s…oh my God…” Nicholas said, upon looking at the woman in front of him. She was 6 feet tall and wearing an emerald-green dress that exposed her long legs, had a very pretty necklace, long, pretty brown hair, pale, soft skin and perfect, hazel eyes, as well as diamond earrings. “Happy Valentine’s Day…I never thought I’d see you again after they took me in high school, don’t you remember me? I was the girl with the goofy glasses, remember?” “Oh my God…Noelle…I thought you were dead. “No, sweetie, not dead, I never got the chance to tell you that I had a crush on you. I’ve changed quite a bit, haven’t I? You didn’t recognize me. Hee hee.” Noelle and Nicholas hugged; however, Nicholas noticed a disturbing aspect about her. She had what looked like a slave collar around her neck, with part of a chain leash still attached to it. “How’d you get in here?” “I just escaped a horrifying secret prison…the threat is real, it’s the Fascist British, they’re working with the Prussian New Enlightenment Adventist Party. My family and I were arrested by the MI6 on a trip to London, and shipped to a hidden, underground dungeon in Scotland for ‘dissent,’ more than 5 years ago. You were told that I died in a vehicle accident, as that’s what the “official” government story was, coming from the NEAP and the British Television Corporation. You have to believe me, my family is dead, and with the Prussian and British Colonial Empires returning, there are no safe places!” “Except for America, maybe, we need to seek amnesty somewhere, eventually. I’m from the United States, but with dual citizenship in Prussia…” Nicholas said. Noelle was clearly terrified, and he, being a member of the NEAP to begin with, knew very well about the Anglo-Prussian collaboration, but was forbidden to say anything about it. However, he wouldn’t abandon his beliefs, even for an old friend. “I am a member of the NEAP…I’m not like the others, I think that Christianity should be used only in scholarly debates, not as a government policy. Persecution is wrong, and there are a lot of people in the Party that disagree with Chancellor Guggenberger.” Nicholas lied. Noelle looked at Nicholas, and smiled. “Well, I guess, if you’re serious about that.” “Well, I’m headed to Lake Toba for a vacation tomorrow, if you want to come with me. Even though the Dutch government now controls the East Indies again, as long as the British don’t bomb it and the Dutch warships keep the British Navy at bay, we’ll be safe.” “Oh really?” a very annoyed but familiar voice said from behind. “Oh…Lyn, what are you doing here?” “Don’t play dumb, you gave me the spare key to your apartment so that you could watch the new episode of my favorite T.V. show tonight, and now you’re in here making out with some little twit that, judging by her neck collar, just escaped from jail! According to my notes, the only country that allows such torture is Fascist Britain and her Colonial Empire, so, I could simply report her location and have her sent straight back to her little concentration camp to die.” “You wouldn’t!!” “Oh, you think I’m kidding? Girls like her disgust me, always mooching off of someone else for sympathy just to drag a man into a relationship and screw him over. Sorry, not happening! Even though we aren’t dating in any sense, I will NOT see Nicholas with an underdressed whore from prison!” “Everyone CALM DOWN!!!” Nicholas yelled; “We weren’t kissing, I swear!” just as the sound of beating drums echoed through the urban Berlin jungle. “Oh look, the Chancellor’s here to give his speech, should I wave to him and rat you out, you filthy Jew?” Lyn said to Noelle, very sadistically. “How the heck did you know I was Jewish?!” Noelle shrieked. “I can see it in your face, eyes and speech, you demons do nothing except hog the world’s wealth, the only thing you care about is greed. Beneath your skin, you have lice and worms crawling, I bet if I slashed your pretty face open, you wouldn’t even bleed, devil!” “Lyn! That is ENOUGH!!!” Nicholas barked. “Ok…whatever.” Lyn sneered. As the robotic, GPS-steered hovering Mercedes-Benz limo stopped, Chancellor Johann Guggenberger stepped out of the car, his huge sideburns, mustache and beard, not to mention his portly size, cape, blue uniform and medals on his shirt, as well as his hat, decorated with ostrich feathers in typical Prussian Junker aristocratic fashion, walked past a platoon of Prussian Honor Guards and a column of Berlin City Police officers. He stood in front of the Brandenburg Gate, and began his speech.

“My fellow citizens of the Prussian Fatherland, it is with great sorrow that I present the sorry state of affairs in this world. The United States and Mexico are on the brink of war in places like Texas and Arizona, and social unrest is everywhere. However, there is one underlying cause for this mess: greed and ignorance. Such greed as that exhibited by Jews, and such ignorance as exhibited by Zionist conspirators is the cause for all our troubles. If greed and ignorance is the root of all wars, then Jews and Zionists are responsible for every war since the origin of their religious beliefs, more than 3 millennia ago! But then, what can you expect from filthy little primitives, their whole disgusting race and religion is a curse, a scourge on this planet that must be cleansed with justifiable insecticide for the greater good! They call us Right-Wing devils? They need to look in a mirror! Judaism is responsible for more deaths than any other belief system, the Jews themselves are at fault for Anti-Semitism, as their own greedy, piggish tentacles brought upon the revenge of the White Race in the Holocaust, the Inquisition, the slavery in Egypt, and the medieval persecution. They’re wormlike creatures, vermin, as I said, and worse!! It’s time for us, as Prussians and as Christians, to rise against the Jewish establishment, reunify Germany and embark on a Great Cleansing, one where Christian conservatives rule over the lesser ideas and races! The human race’s space colonies are also not exempt from our judgment. If a space war comes, let it!! The Polish Jews, who sit in their ivory towers eating rugelach pastries and latkes on their Passover holiday, KILL THEM!! The Jewish state of Israel, DESTROY IT!! We are the perfect ideology, and we will build an indestructible Reich! TO LOVE GERMANY IS TO LOVE EXCELLENCE! ALL HAIL GERMANY!!!”

The faithful assembled in front of the Brandenburg Gate roared into applause, with the song “Prussian Glory” blasting over the loudspeakers in Brandenburg Square. “See? You can’t stay here, you monster.” Lyn told Noelle. “You heard what the man said, you’ll be killed, or returned to Britain, now leave here, or else I’ll kill you.” Lyn threatened. Noelle, surprisingly, refused. “What, you want to die? You want to start something? Good thing I keep this knife for security purposes, because I’m about to slit your gullet!!” “LYN?! WHAT’S GOTTEN INTO YOU?” “I can’t stand Jews…especially this one…” Lyn placed her dagger back in her sleeve, as she kept it hidden in her dress. Lyn walked furiously out of the apartment.” “What the hell is her problem?” Noelle said, rather astonished at the hate and anti-Semitism Lyn had just exhibited. “She’s, well, quite the live wire. She has very strong beliefs and doesn’t like any Jewish person at all.” “And she’s the one that saved the planet with her drugs…what a shame.” The knife that Lyn had was inscribed with the German words Blut und Eisen, or “Blood and Iron,” the motto of the Prussian League of German Maidens, received upon graduation. She was widely regarded as the most popular of the League, and still wore the standard uniform of the Maidens, a long, pretty black dress. Only the prettiest of Germanic women, any woman from Prussia or the 27 German States could apply for membership, by how “pretty” was defined was a strict government code, and they all had to be members of the New Enlightenment Adventists too. Lyn was the class valedictorian and possibly the most popular at the academy. Her major was Natural Science, with a focus on pharmaceutical research; however, Nicholas was an ace with computer programming, and had created a virus called “PANDEMIC,” allowing him to take control of EVERY COMPUTERIZED SYSTEM ON EARTH, but not any of the space colonies, the 2.0 version would upgrade that. He just needed the excuse to use it. However, he was taking Noelle on vacation to Indonesia with him. Nothing would change that. The Dutch had 4 colony planets, and on Earth controlled Indonesia’s vast wealth and power, as well as the Dutch West Indies, Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire, and Suriname as well. Belgium controlled the Congo, Rwanda, Burundi and parts of Gabon again, bringing some much-needed civility and stability to that region again with the crushing force of the Belgian colonial forces currently battling local governments and rebels for re-mastery of the territory. Belgium and the Netherlands were now some of the wealthiest countries in the world, with Belgium and the Dutch standard of living by GDP per capita the highest in the world, at $220,000, with the highest wealth per adult in the world, at $780,000, the Belgians and the Dutch were some of the wealthiest people on Earth or anywhere in the known galaxy. However, by nominal GDP, the larger Empires and America were far, far wealthier. Several quadrillionaires, made vastly richer by the resources gathered by mining and exploiting colony planets, lived in Belgium and the Netherlands, but the wealthiest nations humans had ever built, counting off-world colonies, were the U.S.A. and Russia; some of the people living in Russia and America were so rich that they could buy their own planet. The richest man in the galaxy, Lance O’Rourke, was worth an estimated five septillion U.S. dollars, he lived in the New York City Megalopolis, in the famous “Palace of the Stars,” the most expensive apartment complex in the known galaxy. As CEO of the Centurion Research Laboratories, he was responsible for distributing pharmaceutical drugs and medical supplies, including Lyn Kraus’ “miracle drug,” which ended the Red Plague. Lyn herself was wealthy as well, but she didn’t have sole rights to the drug. New York City was now the perfect blend of environmentally conscious energy production and urban development for people. Solar-powered, robotic vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, streams, trolley cars and wind farms dotted the landscape, and Queens was now nothing but a huge farm field, irrigated by the rising sea levels from global warming. Most of the urban areas were clustered near the now-thriving estuary. The Megalopolis stretched as far north as Newburg on the Hudson River and as far south as Belmar on the Jersey Shore. The Palace of the Stars dominated the now 12-lane FDR Drive. Buildings in Russia were now just as spectacular, with 58 men and women worth more than $1 trillion, only 3 less than the U.S. Russia and America were by far the wealthiest Empires in the world, with Russia controlling all of Eurasia, as well as Manchuria, the northern half of Iran and Mongolia. Nicholas relished the idea of a 5-day stay on Lake Toba, a beautiful volcanic lake that held a very dark past. 74,000 years prior, a colossal VEI 8 eruption, the second-most powerful explosive eruption known in Earth’s history, blasted out of the ground and formed the vast caldera lake, some 880 cubic miles of debris were blasted sky-high, causing ash to fall as far away as what was now Kiev in the Ukraine, and the volcano was in Sumatra, Indonesia. What made up for this, however, was the true beauty of the place, it was a tranquil, volcanic lake clothed in misty green forests, forests that matched the color of Noelle’s dress…he remembered Noelle as this geeky, almost pretty girl in his high school, but when she was kidnapped by the British Fascists, she essentially spent her teen years locked in a squalid prison being fed gruel all day…yet she was still utterly gorgeous now, it was as if she had gone into a cocoon as a larva and emerged as a butterfly. “You’ll be fine, Noelle. I won’t let anyone harm you ever again…” “Well, let’s just say I can handle myself now, at least in a fight.” “I bet you can.” Nicholas said. “Let’s get ready, our flight leaves tomorrow, it’s about an hour with the hypersonic airliner from Berlin to Kuala Lumpur; the boat ride is longer than the plane ride. The sun was setting, but Berlin was about to come alive with activity, in the downtown areas, near the Brandenburg Gate, there were various bars and nightclubs that never really interested Nicholas by himself, but now that he had a partner with him, that might change. Noelle finally broke the collar off of her neck and asked Nicholas the very same thing that he was thinking. “Would you like to go into town with me tonight?” “Sure, I was just about to ask you the same thing! There’s this new place that opened near the Brandenburg Gate, called The Guilder, it seems like a nice place, it’s not a party-club, just a place where local musicians perform and we can lounge around and drink cocktails.” “Lounge around? Is that your idea of fun? Come on…” “Ok…fine, we’ll go the Bauhaus down the street. Just be warned, there are drunk Germans everywhere.” “Hey, after being locked in a concentration camp underground for five years, I think I can handle it.” Noelle said. Nicholas was already dressed in his red uniform and black cape, a very common fashion in 2459, somewhat of a mix between a modern suit and a 19th-century formal outfit. “Well, I’m ready too. Let’s go.” The two of them locked the apartment, and walked into the elevator to the bottom floor; with Nicholas trying not to look into her eyes, as to not make her uncomfortable. Nicholas was a notorious stiff, and had little or no sense of humor at all; he was a trained karate master too, who liked to study the ancient Asian martial arts. Noelle was just the opposite. She liked joking around, laughing and partying, and the two of them had nothing in common at all, at least on the outside. She was a goof; he was a stick in the mud. However, as the elevator stopped on the bottom floor, the doors opened to reveal a disturbing sight. A group of British men armed with Type-175 assault rifles, were standing in front of the terrified lobby receptionist. They were wearing black uniforms and black berets, with the Winged Dagger emblem on them. It was the MI6 symbol, and the platoon leader had the same uniform, just with a grey cape. Noelle gasped. “That’s General Andrew Rhodes, the administrator of the British prison system!! He’s the one that arrested me and my family!” The two of them quickly went back up into the elevator, back to Nicholas’ apartment. “How did he know where I was…? LYN!! Lyn must have told them!” “I can’t believe this!! Even this it too far for her!” Nicholas yelled. Just then, they heard the elevator beep…”They’re coming…” “Well, if we die, at least, well, we’re not alone…” The door suddenly kicked open as a concussion grenade flew into the apartment, blinding both of them and causing intense ringing in both Noelle and Nicholas’ ears. Then, the troopers stormed in. “GET ON YOUR BLOODY FEET, NOW!!!” General Rhodes barked, as his guards dragged Noelle away. “Bring that Jewish vermin to the Old Bailey in London. She’ll need to be re-sentenced, and I’m sure the High Court will give her a far more severe punishment than the original. And may I ask, who are you, and why were you harboring a fugitive?” General Rhodes hissed, in his very deep English accent. “My name’s Nicholas Eisner and I am a member of the NEAP. I didn’t know she was a fugitive.” “Well, I suppose you didn’t notice the restraint collar on her neck, right? For his lies, I pass a charge of treason, and, in this case, the military protocols state that I am obliged to be the judge, jury and executioner.” As General Rhodes passed the sentence down, one of the MI6 moved in and shot Eisner in the back of the head. The deed was done, and the British Empire’s will was passed.” “Leave the corpse here, and search the apartment for anything useful in prosecuting Inmate Number 018407, the Jew we just recaptured.” The soldiers opened drawers, looked in boxes and finally found the safe in the corner. “Can you throw me a damn lock breaker?” General Rhodes asked his soldiers. One of them handed him a small device, which quickly cracked the lock open. “Bingo…” Rhodes said, upon seeing the computer programs inside the safe…he read the PANDEMIC manifest, and what the virus did. He dropped the papers, realizing that he had just found something that could change the world and make the Triple Entente of atheist supporters, Prussia, the Fascist British Empire and Austria-Hungary, who had elected a pro-atheist Prime Minister just a week before the Congress of Berlin, invincible. “This computer virus, if updated and modified to travel on satellite waves, could not just dominate Earth, but all other human-occupied worlds as well…perfect.”

  1. Reunion

“All stand to for the arrival of the Great Elector and Chancellor!” On either side of Brandenburg Square the following morning, a long line of beautiful young women in black dresses with gold buttons on them stood facing each other on the opposite sides of the street. Some wore hats with ostrich feathers, and they all smiled for their leaders, who, both dressed in their regal attire as well, walked down the street, followed by a huge procession of ceremonial guards, carrying MP-779 assault rifles and wearing extremely tall, awkward-looking hats, trench coats and gray military uniforms; they were goose-stepping to patriotic music. The assembly was being watched by all 28 German states, and all over the world, as, just that morning, the leaders of the German States had just reunified Germany into a cohesive super-state, and brought the Prussian Colonial Empire, on Earth and in space, into the German fold. Thousands of ordinary citizens had assembled in Berlin, the capital of the resurgent German Empire, to see this momentous day. The women in the black dresses were the most recent graduate class of the League of German Maidens, and standing amongst that crowd was Lyn Kraus, with a very relieved look on her face…she had indeed ordered the death of Noelle, but Nicholas’ death was not expected, and certainly unfortunate, but not a death-blow. Behind the guards were huge tanks, some of them hovering, anti-gravity tanks that used room-temperature superconductors as power sources, the others more traditional tracked tanks. Some of the guards carried the flags of the constituent German States of the new German Empire, as well as the French territory of Alsace-Lorraine, which had been returned to Germany as well. With the addition of New East Prussia, New West Prussia and New Silesia, the new German Empire was even bigger than Otto von Bismarck’s Empire. Huge airships, used for bombing enemy cities, and other aircraft roared over Berlin in a mighty show of strength, strength that now made Germany a frightening force in Europe and the whole world. The Imperial German Army now consisted of 4 million troops, the largest in the world, even bigger than Russia’s, and its Navy was second only to the British and the U.S.’ With the Fascist British Empire and Austria-Hungary on its side, Germany and its allies were a colossal fighting force, and a force that every German citizen could now be proud of again. That Valentine’s Day was a bit of a bother for the young women, as they were forced to be away from their significant others that morning, but afterwards, there was a huge gala for the League of German Maidens Class of 2454, the class that Lyn graduated from. As the music blared, the huge hovering Panzer tanks whirred past, as did the clanking treads of the Hercules tanks. Even Lyn was stunned by the size of the tanks, behind the tanks, came the black-armored, caped and horse-mounted Ansbaug-Dragoons, the elite commandos, which, in a combat situation, would be armed with the most advanced and extremely complicated forms of weaponry and armor imaginable, most of Germany’s military now revolved around three things: speed, accuracy and precision. Most aircraft were hypersonic, unmanned aircraft, launched from catapults on a planet’s surface, or starfighters launched from a space warship, and infantry were clad in exoskeleton battle armor that provided the strength to lift, throw and run stronger, farther and faster than an un-armored soldier. The assault rifles used, the MP-779s, were so precise that they could hit a target several miles away, leading to a resurgence of phalanx tactics and infantry formations, like the kinds seen in the 18th and 19th centuries, just with allowances for technological progress since that era. Robotic vehicles were common too, as well as electrical batteries; electricity was to the 25th century as gasoline was to the 20th. Lyn stood alongside two of her friends from her class, Julia and Lena, who were always joking around and laughing in the Academy, they had many fun memories, such as forcing the younger girls coming in as first-year students to drink dog blood from a beer stein or be “shuttled,” as they called it, which entailed placing the victim in a wagon and dragging her through the senior-year dormitories, with all the senior girls throwing eggs and food scraps at her, calling her “WHORE” repeatedly, after binding and gagging her. Julia, Lyn and Lena, the three top-ranked students academically, would lure these freshmen in with the promise of “homework help” and then perform these brutal acts. Amazingly, the headmaster, Chancellor Guggenberger himself, condoned such behavior. “It weeds out the weak ones.” Guggenberger claimed, and Julia, Lyn and Lena were his favorite little tyrants. They were perhaps the prettiest ones there, and that was a statement that all three of them took very seriously. And, as the events of the previous day showed, Lyn wasn’t at all aversive to killing someone for her own desires, and neither were Lena or Julia. Lyn had repeatedly stated that she would test her new drug cocktails on “undesirable idiots” if someone allowed her to, something that was not too much of a step to make. However, even though the galactic news boards were abuzz with the German reunification, especially the German galactic colonies, another news story, though not as publicized, was just as noteworthy. The disgraced CEO of British Extraction Industries’ daughter, Linda Worley, aged 26, had just assumed his role after his apparent drug overdose, and Linda, even though she was 30 years younger, was far more pragmatic and shrewd than he was; she wouldn’t have made the mistake of letting the plague-infected mining vessel come back to Earth. She was also just as pretty as Lyn was, with black hair and blue eyes, however, and usually wore a very large, silk, pink and white dress with a large crescent moon crest behind her head when she appeared publically. Little was known about her, until now, and the rumor was that she had a major deal in the works with several other companies, rebuilding her company’s lawsuit-drained assets. Based in the London World Financial Center’s Imperial Tower, the company headquarters commanded a very large merchant fleet, containing some of the largest ships ever built by human hands. She had more starships at her disposal than most legitimate nations’ colonial forces, but not for war or conquest; however, there were no laws against “extreme measures” for a large company to protect itself. Already, BEI was scouting new planets for future mining operations, and already the telescopes had located one, called “Blue Moon,” by Linda herself, because it appeared to be the moon of a gas giant, not a planet. Also noteworthy was the company policy towards any possible intelligent races found: Kill them. Nothing would stand in the way of colonization, certainly not alien savages. However, nothing like that had ever been found, and colonization of those planets would not begin for some time. However, what was an immediate concern for the Dutch was that the British Colonial Starfleet was positioning its ships around the Dutch colony worlds of Zeeland II and Haarlem V, as well as placing Navy warships around the Dutch East Indies on Earth…where poor Noelle and Nicholas were headed…if they were still alive. General Rhodes of the MI6 did his job well, for sure. The Russian, British and United States colonial empires in space were the largest, as well as holding the largest power presence on Earth too, but with German power on the rise, that would soon change. Russian power was being brought to bear on northern Japan from Russian territory in Manchuria, with Port Arthur being the warm-water port of choice for the Russian Pacific Fleet, as well as the Kamchatka Peninsula submarine bases and Vladivostok Harbor too. Japan, having ousted Russia from Manchuria in 1905, was now in no position to do so again more than 400 years later. With Japan’s northern half under threat from Russian land, air, sea and space power, and the southern half under German threat from those same four mediums, Japan’s days as an independent nation seemed numbered. However, Britain was by far the biggest threat to American democracy, and America had been watching Britain, Germany and Austria-Hungary very carefully, in space, on land, at sea and in the air. However, regardless of who was watching, Germany would continue to build its power, with Britain’s and Austria-Hungary’s help. At that point the Chancellor stood on the huge podium erected at the end of the parade route that the thousands of people would see. The giant tanks, hovering and tracked, stopped in front of the podium, as Chancellor Guggenberger took his spot at the top, flanked by two guards.

“All men are NOT created equal! Some are faster, some are stronger, some are more intelligent, some are Christian and pious, others are Jewish and filthy. To say that humankind is and should be equal is the product of liberal propaganda and Communist conspiracy. Equality is wrong, false and an illusion of Freudian super-ego pseudoscience that does nothing but distract humanity from its true purpose: to pursue excellence, science, knowledge, adventure, evolution and progress in the name of Our Lord in Heaven, through the might of the New Enlightenment Adventists, we shall enforce this doctrine through our God-given minds and bodies! In a pure nation of progress, faith and science, there must be cleansing, impurities to be filtered out of the mesh of the New German Empire. The Jews are using the Blacks, Muslims and Illuminati as muscle against the White Race of New Enlightenment Adventists, and as such, they must be destroyed, purged, crushed and obliterated from the face of our galaxy! All who stand before us SHALL BE PUNISHED! Come, my brethren, the Devil’s lies may leave you bloodied and broken, but I assure you, my will, and God’s will, has never been stronger! Henceforth, the German Economic Union will be reorganized into the HOLY CHRISTIAN EMPIRE OF GERMANY, for a PERFECT, SAFE and PIOUS SOCIETY!!! ALL HEIL DEUTSCHLAND!!!”

Guggenberger roared, as the German Honor Guard blared a thundering chorus from their bugles, the German Maidens, including Lyn, Julia and Lena, raised their hands in salute, and the crowd roared; “ALL HAIL DEUTSCHLAND!!!” in a vast, praise chorus, filled with patriotic euphoria. Ticker tape and confetti erupted from containers everywhere as the new German Empire’s flag, a Double Eagle in the center of the German Confederation flag with the Byzantine symbol of Christos surrounded by whirling electrons, to symbolize the melding of faith and science, was raised over the Brandenburg Gate. It was a glorious occasion; however, Lyn was just getting started. She had Nicholas’ computer virus, and hatched a devilish plan to assist the Adventist Triple Entente, consisting of Germany, Britain and Austria-Hungary greatly…however; she needed someone to help her upgrade the files to infect the off-planet networks too, so that she’d have total control over the known galaxy, and she knew exactly who to recruit, though it frightened even her to contact this individual; his name was Fredrick Klemens, a young, very handsome and inhumanly intelligent German man of the same age as Lyn; he was notorious for his tendency to stalk people, but, he didn’t stop there. Once he found a victim, he’d stalk, and then perform what he called “CCTT” procedures: Capture, Confine, Torture, and Termination. Even more sinister was the fact that he never even committed a single murder or stalk attack; he used computer technology to take control of other people’s brains, turning them into puppets, which he would move my simply moving his hands; then, after the torture and execution were complete, Klemens’ eyes would dilate sharply, killing the brainwashed individual to make it look like a murder-suicide, after commanding his brainwashed victim to take a different item, such as a bottle of pills, every time, to prevent police from getting any clues as to who was causing such terror amongst the local population of young, pretty girls in various German cities. His goal was to create a new world, one he called “Wingdings,” for no reason whatsoever; where extremist Christianity dominated, and he was probably doing backflips at the German reunification…as were radical Christians all over the world. Already, Christians from Connecticut to Calcutta, the latter city now a British colony again, were cheering at Guggenberger’s speech, which was broadcast in 50 countries in 95 different languages, as well as most of the 500 or so colony worlds in space. Even in Catholic countries, like Spain, Portugal and Italy, the motto of “Adventist Pride, Worldwide!!!” was spreading. However, there were already horrible acts of violence being committed by Christian radicals. In the United States, a mob of anti-Semitic Adventists attacked the Millionaire’s Row neighborhood in Greenwich, killing 5 Jews, including the illustrious heiress and socialite Anna Lynn; she was stepping into her indoor pool for a swim when the mob of crazed anti-Semites broke into the 15,000 square-foot Sea Cliff Manor and killed her in cold blood. She was very well-liked in the neighborhood, especially because she was so pretty and rich, at 27, she was in the prime of her life; therefore, the mob that broke into her house, killed her and stole most of her art collection, which included an original Picasso, was nothing more than a brutal pack of barbarians, especially considering that the leader of the mob, a man named James Walsh, was supposedly one of her closest friends. Both James and Anna were both from Massachusetts, and they had a long history of interaction, most of it positive. She knew he was a pious Christian, but never thought James, a very quiet, withdrawn man who was very kind to her in public, would be the one to kill her. He had pursued her as a love interest in high school, on their last day of senior year; she refused to go on a date with him, claiming that he “just wasn’t her type.” However, they remained very good friends, and James took the snub rather well…or so it seemed. In reality, in order to make himself feel better about the situation, his depression mutated into a hatred for ALL Jews and an embrace of the New Enlightenment as his total lifestyle. He believed in order, progress, and evolution and that all men were NOT equal. He despised the concept of “equality,” claiming that equality went against the very nature of human life, and that beliefs like Communism were the product of “lazy dullards.” Eventually, on that Valentine’s Day, James led a mob of likeminded Christians to murder Anna, who reportedly cried and pleaded with James to spare her, asking why he would kill her after being so nice to her his entire life. “What about the times we would sit and watch television together as kids, what about the time you called me ‘the prettiest girl ever’ on my 16th birthday, what about the times when you told me that it was ok to cry about things that really mattered, and how you showed me what it meant to be a human being…doesn’t that mean anything to you?! Please, come to your senses! Put the gun down…please…You matter to me, and I care about you, please, put the gun down and I’ll find you a place where you can get better, where you can find help, just listen!” Anna sobbed, still wearing her bathrobe and swimsuit. “My friends, Heather and Fern, remember them? The girls you couldn’t take your eyes off of at New Year’s last year? They’d care too!” James said nothing as he shot her. His mob didn’t stop there, either. Using weapons stolen from the Connecticut State Armory the night before, they shot 4 others, until finally being stopped by a throng of armed riot police. James was shot by police during the fighting, however, that rebellion would only lead to more and more unrest. This was still happening when the crowd in Berlin was applauding Guggenberger’s speech. Just the unification of Adventist Germany was enough to throw the world into chaos, and even other planets were reporting atheist mobs. Adventist Germany was not just a new, iron-willed nation, but symbolic of Germany’s revenge and supremacy over Jewish treason. Already, two new Scharnhorst-class super-cruisers were being constructed in a German orbital dock around Earth; these would be the first of the new German Empire’s enlarged Starfleet, or Plan Zeit. The Earth-bound German Navy was large enough, but the space fleet needed to be bolstered tremendously if it were to compete with America or Russia. The plan called for the addition of 5 carriers and 7 super-cruisers, making the German Starfleet a major force. The first two super-cruisers, the Scharnhorst and Gneisnau, were laid down that day. This was a signal to the world: Adventists were now unafraid to fight back against mainstream Christianity and Judaism with open acts of brutal violence, and Germany, Britain and Austria-Hungary would be the iron spears of the Adventist New Enlightenment. It was entirely possible for a war to start over this matter, as that’s where it was headed. With the return of German power, France, having been forced to surrender Alsace-Lorraine again, as well as Russia, was scared out of its wits. France had a huge colonial empire on Earth and in space as well, but the sight of hundreds of mammoth armored vehicles rolling through Berlin was too much to handle for the French, not to mention the German Army’s utter and complete monstrosity. Indeed, Fredrick Klemens would have a lot to say about these developments. Despite her reservations, Lyn had little choice but to meet with him. However, she knew he was also obsessed with debunking Jewish beliefs concretely, and had a new proof, one that stated that all Judaism was a farce via an ancient code discovered in the very same story so dear to the Catholic Church: The Holy Grail. Drawing research from the Bible itself and the 1982 book Holy Blood and Holy Grail, he modified the pseudohistorical and pseudoscientific research into “proof” that Jews are nothing more than a conspiracy and that they don’t even exist in a true, physical sense. He stated that a secret society called the Orden der Sion, founded in 1099, which had illustrious Grand Masters such as Leonardo da Vinci and Isaac Newton, as well as such men as Jan Hus and the Luxemburg Dynasty, which started the Crusades to manipulate the masses by using the Pope as a puppet, as well as creating the Knights Templar as its military and financial branch, as well as the Teutonic Order of Jerusalem as an anti-Semitic shock-troop force. In addition, they, in the current year of 2459, are devoted to several things, One, finding the Lost Treasure of Jerusalem, proving that religion is nothing but a farce by showing Jesus’ family bloodline, proving that the Merovingian Dynasty of the Franks was of the Davidic line, tracing back to Jesus and even earlier with King David of Jerusalem, therefore voiding the Virgin Mary story and effectively disproving Judaism’s validity as a real religion, two, re-instituting chivalry and pan-European nationalism, three, the establishment of a European Christian Empire politically and ideologically unified by crowning of an Merovingian Grand Master Anti-Pope as European Emperor to rule through an imperial cult from the Holy See, and four, having the legal government of Europe and the implied global and galactic territories that the New World Order would encompass be comprised solely of the Orden der Sion, the original Christian Secret Society of the Master Race. This government would be anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim, chivalric, highly romanticized with baroque and classical architecture and worship technology and science, as well as God in equal measure, and the unification of a German Christian Adventist Empire was a major first step. Even the Anti-Pope was described from Klemens’ research, the Lord of All, as Klemens called the atheist ruler, would be the “exact opposite” of the current Pope, meaning a very young, pretty blond-haired girl with a picture-perfect smile and body, as the current Pope was an old, ugly, brown-haired crone called Urban XXI. Although this sounded silly, the Anti-Pope would rise, regardless of her appearance, and rule humanity. This was Klemens’ goal to see realized, calling it “Wingdings,” even though he didn’t explicitly state so. As the ceremony came to an end, however, the League of German Maidens got their chance to march forward, and lead the procession of more huge tanks. At the sound of the German Imperial Guard bugle, the huge line of black dresses drew their German Maiden knives, pointed them forward, and yelled, marching forward with their knives held outstretched from their hands. As they marched past the podium where Chancellor Guggenberger stood, the line of tanks followed them past his perch; he turned around and looked over at his Army, his Empire and his world. There were few words that could describe the display of power and military might that was the German Army. Now, along with Britain and Austria-Hungary, Adventism would dominate the galaxy. The parade was to be followed by a grand gala in the Palace of the Gardens, a Berlin landmark since 2309. Lyn, Lena and Julia would all be there, as would many other German bigwigs and politicians…soon, Europe would be German, as would the known galaxy. Germany’s population, especially in the East, consisted of a large number of Polish Jews, many of them in very prominent positions in society, and that had to fixed, fast. The Jews might rise against their German rulers, as a resurgence of Zionism, that is, Jewish nationalism; the belief in a Jewish identity before a national one could derail Germany’s aspirations for creating a perfect Christian society. Chancellor Guggenberger had repeatedly called Polish Jews “filthy little vermin” and “a disgusting, cursed race.” Now, he had just the excuse needed to bring the German Iron Hammer down upon the Eastern Jews. Little did anyone know what was to come.

  1. The Power and the Glory

Thus saith the Lord…” Samantha Selene, a choir singer on her church ensemble in the Grand Cathedral of Charleston, South Carolina, finished her choir’s song. The Grand Cathedral, built in 2109, was more than 300 years old, and was the second-largest church in the galaxy, behind only the Great Cathedral of Seville in Spain. Just the Sanctuary alone, where the choir sang and the sermons were given was big enough to hold 5 hypersonic airliners, each one the size of a 21st-century Airbus A380, or more than 5,000 parishioners. It was the largest Baptist church in the galaxy by far, and to be selected to sing on the choir here was the greatest honor any Baptist follower could be given. Sam was even more exceptional in the fact that she was the prima on her choir, or the leader, standing in front of everyone else, the men’s choir stood on the opposite end of the vast hall, and even grander altar, which had a gigantic crucifix hanging over gilded, wrought-iron decorations, hand-painted porcelain ornaments and various religious figures. The choir wore headsets to broadcast their voices over huge loudspeakers, echoing through the enormous halls of the Sanctuary. The stained-glass windows showed the timeline of the Christian experience: life, death, judgment and salvation, and huge chandeliers hung from the ceiling. However, this sermon was more devout than most, as the Church was preparing for the end of a very significant period of the universal history: the Age of Judgment. According to the pastor in charge of the Church’s Bible research, he reckoned that the end of a 11,500,000-day cycle, starting with the Age of Creation, was near. The Age of Judgment, which was in preparation for the Rapture, was coming to an end, and Jesus’ return would be imminent, wiping the universe clean of human life, delivering the saved and casting Satan and the unsaved to a lake of eternal fire. God, according to the pastor, had already stopped saving souls. The stage was set for a radical altercation of human society, one that revolved around religion, and the impetus for this sermon was the creation of the Adventist German Empire. Along with the anti-Semitic riots and pogroms happening in America and parts of Europe, the unification of Germany brought on religious cult organizations and doomsday predictions, as well as all manner of weird religious hoo-hah that most people found idiotic and overblown. Sure, the Adventists of the New Enlightenment were the most significant new religious denomination to emerge since Luther’s Reformation, but this emergence was nothing more than a religious shift in power within the Christian faith. The same thing had been predicted with Luther, that the Rapture would come to save the Catholic Church. This never happened, of course, and now, in 2459, nothing like that would happen. There was no Anti-Christ, no Beasts, no Lamb and no Harlot of Babylon…but trying to convince Odette’s peers of her high school senior class of this would be difficult. Sam was a complete and utter “School Nazi,” a spoiled little brat with a ton of money, a picture-perfect smile and body, blond hair and blue eyes. She was notorious for her brutality to other girls, lying, crying, fighting, spying and cheating her way to popularity, and scoring the most coveted prom and school dance dates in the school. She wielded her Christian faith like an iron sword, using the Bible as an excuse to hate others. One student said, in regards to Sam, that she would have made the perfect Teutonic Knight from the Middle Ages. There were rumors that she had an authentic German sallet helmet from the 15th century, which was actually true, but there was no evidence that this meant anything other than the fact that she was interested in Germanic lore. She was also trained with a sword, and studied the old medieval sword-fighting techniques, usually practicing in her lovely blue satin gown at home in her enormous “McMansion” style house, she lived in a neighborhood that did not contain one house with a price less than $500,000. However, amongst most of the school, the majority of the school adored her, calling her “Sweetie Strychnine,” for her beauty and brutality, only a few people disliked her. She was very talented too, playing the piano very well, was, despite her ditzy appearance, very smart, had a beautiful singing voice and loved to swim and go to the beach, and was often seen in town with various other young men. Despite how nasty and manipulative she could be, she was extremely popular, and was headed to Harvard upon graduation to study political science. Her swan song, the senior prom, was fast approaching, in three months; she’d be a Harvard freshman. However, she couldn’t think about that today. Her final song was coming at the end of the sermon, which was winding down with the haunting message of “God knows, He knows of your sins, He knows of your crimes, and He knows about your travesties. Hopefully, this new Adventist German Empire will light the cleansing flame of piety over Europe once again, and end this era of materialism, relaxed morals and nihilism. Only Germany can save the world from the tribulation that is to come.” The congregation crossed themselves, and the chorus began to sing the famous Requiem Mass, starting with “Lacrimosa,” then “Dies Irae.” Such amazing voices as Sam’s were a rare find; however, what was also a rare find these days was a person in the U.S. that did NOT cry for war against Mexico, which emerged as a continental and global power in the 2200s; with the close of the Congress of Berlin, Mexican congressional districts were established outside of Mexico, which included the Mexican Secession territories and all the way down to Argentina, which gave Mexico constituents as far north as the California state border with Oregon, and as far south as Patagonia. Mexicans, regardless of citizenship, could vote in Mexican and U.S. elections, as well as any other country where Mexicans lived. Mexico had a serious disadvantage in space, but had a tremendous advantage on the ground, as the majority of the problem was occurring in the United States itself. Expelling Mexicans would be very dangerous, as the Mexicans would view this as ethnic cleansing and would trigger war for certain. However, with the conservative, Christian government in power in Washington D.C., the United States, even though it seemed very un-American to do so, was negotiating with the vast, Fascist British Empire, the Adventist Empire of Germany and the Austro-Hungarian Empire for a coalition against Mexico; such an alliance with a Fascist power seemed like an extremely stupid move to many Americans, as that would anger Mexico even more, who was furiously arming itself for a protracted ground campaign on a front that the U.S. military would be least suited to fight on, and would definitely hurt President Ross’ chances of re-election, however, the only other option was to simply let Mexico gradually absorb the entire southwestern U.S. back into Mexico. The question here was not who had the most powerful military or most determined leader, but the fundamental question of who would control North America, Washington D.C. or Mexico City. Both Presidents John Ross of the U.S. and Jose Filipe of Mexico were leaders of some of the most influential nations in the galaxy, one, an established superpower, the other an upstart neighbor. The debate between Mexican and U.S. dominance of the Americas was highly polarized and the dominant issue in both Mexico and the United States. As for Sam, the Mexicans were nothing but a bunch of filthy “beaners” that had no business enforcing their will upon American life in the way that they had. At one debate against another very intelligent opponent, she made it clear that she would NOT tolerate any insults to her country and her nationality.

“This is America, land of the free, home of the brave, not ‘Home of the Mexicans.’ Those people who choose to follow the Mexican President’s laws should be deported, and those who resist arrested and executed for treason. Dissent against Mexicans is NOT racism. Show your pride, and raise your flags, fight for Liberty and Justice for all AMERICANS, not Mexican traitors. It’s time we beat these demons back to their stinking cesspool of a country and return to the glory days of American dominance of North America, where Mexico was nothing but a basket case country that was where we went to vacation, not a place to be feared. It is to those who serve our country’s Air Force, Navy, Marines, National Guard, Coast Guard, Army and Space Corps, like my sweet boyfriend, who is shipping off to Stronghold, the American military fortress world upon our graduation, and we are planning our lives together in an America free of Mexican influence, one where all true Americans can live in peace, one where our children can play outside safely without being kidnapped by a Mexican so lazy that they can’t even muster up the energy to conceive a child of their own. It’s time we introduce a little anarchy of our own in the heart of Mexico, just like they have done to us. I will not silence myself until every Mexican is back where they belong, in Mexico or in a prison far away from anyone they would hurt, kill, maim or steal from! Tonight, we celebrate our victory!!! ALL RISE FOR LIBERTY!!!”

Needless to say, that was a tough act to follow for her opponent. However, even though his points were just as valid, they simply didn’t impress the crowd at all, regardless of the fact that Sam had just given a borderline Fascist speech that would have made Praetor Knowles or Johann Guggenberger proud. That was more than a week before, and Sam was invited give another speech on the altar that day, which began just as “Dies Irae” ended. The crowd of nearly 5,000 people all kneeled as she took the pulpit from the pastor. “The Prima speaks…” the pastor said.

“To my loyal congregation, I present a question for you. What makes one an American? Is it faith in God? Is it belief in democracy? Or is it maintaining a sense of identity, one of being a citizen of a country like no other, being superior to all who stand below us and admire us? It is all three, but the focus, the very crux of our identity, is the third point, American exceptionalism. We are a proud people, just look at this church, at my neighborhood, at my house, at the vast grain fields of the Midwest, the Palace of the Stars in New York City, the vast fishing grounds of the North Atlantic and the Gulf of Acadia, where the mighty tuna and halibut swim in the cold depths, to the metropolises of New York City and Los Angeles, where our richest and most successful citizens live, and the beauty of Cape Cod and the Islands. What is not to be proud of? I’ll tell you. The creeping, insidious Mexicans and other deviants from the depths of Hell, such as the Jews, the blacks, the Muslims, the gays, the Romani, and the cripples that weigh American society and the pure American soul into filthy desecration! The Chancellor in the new German Empire of the New Enlightenment Adventist is right, the lesser, non-Christian races are trying to force the White Race from its position atop the pyramid of existence! We, as Christians, will rally around one another, drawing our strength from God and each other’s faith; we will light the torch of piety across America, just as the Germans are doing so in Europe! From this point, I hereby found the Imperial Aryan Covenant, the muscle of the White Race. WE ARE THE PERFECT, CHOSEN RACE, INDESTRUCTABLE, ETERNAL, AND GLORIOUS!!!”

Samantha Selene, the “Prima” at only 17 years old, was now one of the most revered figures in America among the ultra-evangelical right wing, as that message was broadcast over the “Glory Hour” broadcast from the Church every Sunday, televised all over America. In response to her speech, the congregation rose to their feet and roared; “ALL HAIL PRIMA!! ALL HAIL PRIMA!!!” With her motivational speeches, this new Covenant would have plenty more members within a week. She promised a Christian Revolution, one where all denominations are unified in their worship of God and Justice, one that would eventually usurp the President of the United States, and create the Most Serene Republic of Holy Radiance, which would possess and indestructible fleet of warships in space, as well as an indestructible ground, air and sea force. Sam knew that the U.S. government had developed plans for a new type of warship, one that was wondrous as it was lethal. For one, these ships used plasma-based weaponry, which could turn any other warship in existence into Swiss cheese, with colossal energy beams, the ships were shielded with energy fields, were made of solid amorphous titanium alloys and almost impenetrable to projectiles; they could travel at 12 light years per day in Quantum Space, as opposed to 6 for the fastest German or Russian corvette, were much larger and were so powerful that they could fly through a star or ram a comet, and still suffer only minor damage. These “DEUS ES MACHINA” projects, as they were termed, were in the development stage, and to build a fleet of just 12 of these ships would cost $300 billion, but the U.S. was perfectly capable of building the 7 super dreadnaughts and 5 assault carriers of this type needed for absolute space supremacy, and eventually, the other, older ships would be phased out over a period of 4-5 years. The Imperial Aryan Covenant would rise with Samantha Selene as its “Prima,” or Supreme Leader. Through God, Commerce and Science, the advent of the New Enlightenment would return humanity to honor and glory, and America, as well as the German Empire of the New Enlightenment Adventist, would be the torch that lit the way to salvation through the fog of doubt, lies and immorality, its holy flame glowing, never dying for the good of humanity and the glorious Christian experience. This was not doomsday; this was a New World Order, a new 11,500,000-day cycle of existence, it was both Sam’s and Guggenberger’s desire that these Adventist countries and their supporters shall last for exactly 31,506.8 years, and not a second more, until Jesus himself returned to deliver the Empires into his Kingdom of Heaven at approximately 7:00 P.M. on February 14 of that distant year. It sounded ludicrous…to a nonbeliever of the New Order, and one that must be corrected. “Wenn Alle Untreu Werden,” an old German patriotic song, became the National Anthem of the German Empire of the New Enlightenment Adventist, while the song “My Country Tis of Thee” was chosen as the Holy American Covenant movement’s anthem on that day, in that church. When Sam arrived at Harvard…the world would shake. Her first order of business was to organize a rally in Harvard Square, just three days before school started, and make a name for herself on campus. The Prima was coming to Cambridge…but first, she had a nail appointment after church, and then, she was going to meet her boyfriend, Thomas Larkin. Larkin was in the high school ROTC program, and was a commanding officer in his platoon. He was a stalwart patriot of the New Enlightenment ideals of Christianity and cheered the creation of the New Enlightenment Adventist movement, and condemned the Catholics, who opposed such a radical new view on Christianity. Already, the Pope was calling Chancellor Guggenberger, Praetor Knowles and Sigmund Eisenheim, the founders of the New Enlightenment governments, “satanic entities of Hell,” and that the Pope’s authority was still the only Christian authority to be followed. Larkin, a Christian but having long condemned Catholicism, had his prepared response in his journal:

I am an enlightened follower of Christ and Science, progress and faith. Some call me evil, others call me a fool wanting attention, some have called me a misled dullard, and some Christians have called me the Anti-Christ, a false prophet and a dark, sinister leader of a movement destined to destroy traditional Christianity. And while the lemmings of traditional Christian Eschatology may pick and choose names for me, I will not be preached to, except by an enlightened priest, pastor or clergyman, and until the day comes when all Mankind is an Enlightened Adventist, they will NEVER understand what I truly represent. Those leaders who hate me claim that Enlightened Adventists wish to bring about a New World Order of oppression and hate, but no, THEY are the misled buffoons. I do not wish to lead anyone. If I did, I would become no better than the lemmings that even non-religious individuals and the Jewish Race despise so much. No, I want a world without leaders, one where God is our only leader, and He allows us to develop commerce and science without any mortal morality guiding us, only God’s will and the Bible’s word will tell us what to do in its most literal form. The Chancellors, Presidents, Princes and Paupers of this world are subordinate to an as-yet unidentified Anti-Pope, the TRUE representative of God. This leader shall give hope to the hopeless, pride to the inferior, health to the sick, and wealth to the poor, but only God will be the actual authority, the Anti-Pope will exist only as a messenger of the Lord in Heaven, not a ruler. If you can survive in a world where your faith and your reasoning mind without any other human telling you what to do, you will have truly earned your place amongst the New Enlightenment. I understand that only lemmings, followers of leaders, will call upon mortal governments for strength; when asked if I believe in my country’s leaders, I say ‘To believe in one’s leaders is to believe in one’s own oppression,’ even though I serve my country’s Army, I believe only in the “democracy” of one’s own choice to follow a government-sponsored “democracy” or not. Power, far from being ‘easily abused’ IS abuse in itself. Though the move to the New Enlightenment was begun by German, Austro-Hungarian and British leaders, this is not their battle or their business to decide where the Enlightenment goes. This is no longer humanity’s battle. It is God’s versus the evil forces of the Jewish Nation, the black race, the gays, Gypsies, cripples, Muslims, Mexicans, Illuminati and Wiccans, and we are His soldiers. This is not our world, it is God’s. I do not wish to rule. I do not want to BE ruled, I hate power, I hate leaders, and I hate inferior races that try to rule the galaxy. I am a New Enlightenment Adventist, and I am free!

This, in a nutshell, was the belief of the New Enlightenment Adventists; the anti-Semitic bit was perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the whole philosophy. In Germany, Chancellor Guggenberger was already envisioning something similar to the Great Purge of the 1650s, when the Great Elector of Brandenburg-Prussia, Fredrick William, along with the vast Swedish Empire in their war against Poland-Lithuania, sacked Warsaw and killed off more than a quarter of the Polish Jews living in the city. Chancellor Guggenberger, however, was planning something far greater, something unseen since the Holocaust during WWII. He was planning the destruction of the Jews, especially the young Polish-Jewish women. He hated them, claiming correctly that the Jewish faith was passed along the maternal line, and those young, pretty and wealthy Polish Jewish women were the biggest targets for a purge. Guggenberger was also encouraging followers of the New Enlightenment Adventists worldwide to do the same. Germany envisioned a great Empire, dominating Europe under the Adventist hegemony such as the world had never seen, from the Straits of Gibraltar to the Volga, and in space, controlling ALL 500 colony worlds, and the seats of power being in Berlin and the Holy See. Germany sought to de-industrialize European Russia and transform it into a vast patchwork of farm fields and residential areas for German New Enlightenment Adventists, as well as purging the Eastern Territories of Jews and non-Adventists, such as Eastern Orthodox Christians, Catholics, anarchists, Communists and irreligious groups, which made up 95% of Eastern Europe. Since the Empires were to last, at least in Sam’s and Thomas’ eyes, more than 30,000 years, they believed that Germany should already be making 20-Year Plans to solidify total German Adventist control over the Slavic Lands, which, in fact, was already happening. War, based on Guggenberger’s plans, was now inevitable…at that moment, however, a momentous achievement in Europe was about to occur. However, as the ceremony ended, Sam and the rest of her choir were interrupted by the shouts from one of the pastors: “Guggenberger’s proclaiming some kind of union with Austria-Hungary and the Fascist British Empire!” The congregation observed the broadcast on the huge television screens in the Sanctuary, normally used for broadcasting sermons to the evangelical congregations.

To my fellow Adventists, we stand on the verge of a New World Order, but only our enemies must fear it. The events of the past few years, with the rise of the New Enlightenment and the Adventist Movement, to the unification of the German Fatherland, and now our supremacy over the lesser races, have demonstrated our superiority to all others! Just today, a group of German patriots sacked a Jewish community in the Memelland, the very easternmost dominion in Germany; the Memel River Bridge now weighs under the tonnage of the 51st German Panzergrenadier Division, known as “Charlemagne,” and passed judgment on those who choose to resist our might. The remaining Polish Jews will be hunted down and defeated!!! Their plot to establish a Jewish conspiracy in Memel has been foiled, thanks to a heroic German spy, rejecting his Polish-Jewess girlfriend’s treason and calling in the Charlemagne Division, one of the biggest armies of the new King Leopard Mk. VIII, the first and only anti-gravity tank model ever built, as well as the clanking might of the King Panther Mk. IX, the modern 25th-century equivalent of the legendary Panther tanks of WWII. With Memel fully subjugated, we turn our attention to the burden of my speech. This plot to undermine our authority will NOT happen again. As a result, the British Empire, Austria-Hungary and Germany shall form an unbreakable Union of Power, where we will rule as one body, with one heart, one soul and one life! Our fleets combine as one, to form an unstoppable force in space, sky, sea, and land, and the ideology of our might shall never go extinct! If anything, the Jewish Race will be driven into oblivion! Love, peace, happiness and power will be the bywords of this New Order, as such; every citizen of our Order will receive a membership card, to prove that they are superior! The Union of Adventists will heal this scarred and deformed world, and now, every single Jew on Earth, from the greedy, beak-nosed rabbis to the pretty, to the spoiled Jewish American Princesses, is now an enemy of the New World Order. For all times, we shall rule, in this life…and the next. ALL HAIL DEUTSCHLAND!!!”

Sam smiled, satisfied with the way things were headed. If the U.S.A. could be forced into the Union of Adventists, the New Order would be invincible. Fortunately, she was about to get just the help she needed. “This has to be the best Valentine’s Day ever…” Sam mumbled, as the German Navy had also begun striking Japanese positions on Hamamatsu Island, forcing Japan to fight a hopeless battle against the New World Order. However, Sam was going to be late for her nail appointment, so she stood up and walked out the door into the chilly February air. She couldn’t go meet her boyfriend without looking her best; however, she had another young man with his eye on her…for a very different reason.

  1. End Paradise

Lyn nervously walked into the building where Fredrick Klemens was supposed to be hiding the next day, and then saw him, sitting at his computer, with his bizarre hair style, resembling a Napoleonic bicorn hat, from behind. “Come in, child.” Fredrick said, with a very distinct German accent. “I’m not a child. We are the same age.” “Lyn? Why, if it isn’t Chancellor Guggenberger’s favorite little Nazi and her two friends too…” Fredrick said, in response to the presence of Julia and Lena. “Turn around, weirdo, so we can discuss something, I’m in no mood for games.” Fredrick looked straight at Lyn, Julia and Lena, and stood up. “Well, in that case, I’ll play no games; I gave up on those many years ago. Besides, why would I need to play games while you ladies are here? You all look perfectly beautiful, as always.” “Ok, you’re really pushing it. One more little remark like that and were slitting your gullet, you murderer. You’re the biggest psycho since Charles Manson, and you do the same exact thing he did. I’m here to discuss the Orden der Sion, the original Christian Secret Society of the Master Race. “Oh, yes, that…I have an idea of who our Anti-Pope might be, she’s a choir singer in a church in South Carolina, she has quite the manner of speaking and she’s only 17. She’s already got a huge following of right-wing Christian evangelicals, and she’s founded something called the Imperial Aryan Covenant, with the intention of creating the Most Serene Republic of Holy Radiance out of the U.S.A. through this Covenant. This is a picture of her.” Fredrick brought up a picture of Sam, wearing a pretty blue dress and blue, lacy dinner gloves, as well as a crucifix necklace. “Looks like a perfect example of the old Nazi ideology of Aryan Races, that’s for sure.” Lyn said, commenting on her blond-haired, blue-eyed form. “Well, she’s attending Harvard in the fall and she’s planned a rally in Harvard Square, so perhaps she can be persuaded into working with us…” “So, you mean to say that we’re going to have this…girl in charge of the entire galaxy, forming a great Adventist Empire from the Holy See? I’m a little skeptical, I mean, Guggenberger won’t want to give up any of his power to anyone; even if the seats of power are in both Berlin and the Vatican, that’s going to cause problems. After all, the impressive show of force by the German Army in Memel is a very intimidating symbol of German power; besides, this “New World Order Alliance” between Austria-Hungary, Germany and Britain, as well as their space fleets and colonial Empires, dreams of total domination with THEM leading the New World Order. Germany plans to build unrivaled Adventist hegemony from the Straits of Gibraltar to the Volga, and Britain wishes to expand its colonial holdings exponentially, as well as Austro-Hungarian ultra-development into a technological superpower, as well as assisting Germany in its goal. Memel is just the beginning.” “Well, I did enjoy watching all the Memelland Jews and Jewesses being marched across the bridge from the city of Memel into the woods, where they all dug their own graves, only to be shot in the back of the neck and fall into them like sacks of burning dog excrement. It’s such a shame that a beautiful old city such as Memel must perish like that…the ancient St. John’s Church was celebrating the Slavonic Union of the couple Svetlana Mellenko and Stepan Sirka, a wedding that represented everything about the city itself, all 220,000 of its inhabitants, as they were the picture-perfect romantic story, a gorgeous young woman meets a young man, they fall in love, a fight separates them, but they realize that they need each other…whatever. On the border with the Russian territory of Lithuania, the city is now under military occupation by the German Adventist Empire’s military forces, where a gigantic German shipyard, dockyard and fishing port exist, as well as a spaceport for the huge German orbital shipyards, where the new Super-Dreadnaughts for Plan Zeit are being constructed; as the port of Memel is foremost ice-free port on the Eastern Baltic. Looks like the Sea Festival is going to be cancelled this year…and forever, as the New German Age is about to begin. From the Straits of Gibraltar to the Volga River, we, the German Adventist Reich, shall be masters of Europe. The NEW WORLD ORDER will last for thousands of years!!!” “SIEG HEIL!! SIEG HEIL!!” Frederick yelled. “Enough of your Hitler rants, that was more than 500 years ago. This is a different time, and Germany needs our help. This New Enlightenment Empire can only exist if Germany and this Anti-Pope coexist; otherwise we won’t get anywhere. Britain and Austria-Hungary are both in agreement. We have connections with a New Enlightenment intellectual in Cuba, his name is Heinrich von Schnitzler, born in Munich; he was educated at Zeppelin University and helped found the New Enlightenment movement in Prussia, before the reunification. The Cubans are easily swayed by new ideas, just look at Communism in the 20th century. So far, things are going well. Schnitzler has installed a puppet government in Havana, only a stone’s throw away from Miami and the U.S. The Americans are very wary of this, especially after seeing German military freighters and U-boats cruising within sight of South Beach. The ideas of the New Enlightenment might trigger a new Cold War operating on the same principles as the 20th century Cold War and early 21st-century Cold War II did, with the U.S.’ traditional liberal democracy conflicting with a foreign, some would perceive as hostile ideation that the U.S. would accuse of trying to threaten the democratic establishment. Though the form of Christianity practiced by the German Fourth Reich is different than American Christianity, the religion still has most of the basic principles and will not be as objectionable as Communism was. The German Space Navy is also under construction. What we need is for Heinrich to go into Miami itself, as we believe that Sam’s family has a condo there…” “Very well; Lyn, it appears that you may be of some use to me after all.” Klemens grumbled. “I’ll contact Heinrich via encrypted phone call.” Klemens dialed the encrypted number, and waited for a response, hoping for the best…”

“So, zyou vant me to infiltrate Miami and meet witsh Sam? I must admit I’m a bit busy right now.” Heinrich responded in a thick German accent, sipping champagne from a glass on the top deck of a yacht, sitting across from a Danish model named Stina Ermell. “Let me guess, you’re busy working on that “24-hour champagne diet” and watching the sunset over Havana with some gorgeous European brunette. Yeah. Real busy.” “What the flügel! How do zyou know zis? Ach!” “Just listen. Put the glass down and motor that yacht over to Miami Beach. The condo is near Cheeca’s Resort and Spa. Carry on.” “Fine…Sorry schweetie, but mein kamaraden Fredrick vants me to schpeed this schipp over to das beach in Miami…I have schomeone I muscht meet.” “Oh…leaving so soon?” Stina said, flipping her hair in a seductive manner. “Yes. Zyuo muscht understand I have a schecond exischtence…now go.” Stina calmly stood up and walked off the boat without a word. “Capitan, fire das schipp up…we’re going to the beach.” The huge trimaran motor yacht hoisted anchor and motored off in the direction of the Florida coast, raising high the German flag. Little did the world know what was to come. In southern Japan, the people of Hamamatsu Island would feel the brunt of the coming storm much sooner than one would think…

The day dawned bright and early in the tropical paradise of Hamamatsu Island, with the Japanese and international visitors starting their days with mimosas and the sunrise…and the sight of a fleet of huge German amphibious warfare vessels appearing on the horizon, their lights made them look like a floating city. Then, the sirens wailed. Everyone’s worst fear was coming true. The Germans had grown sick of the Japanese defiance to their will, and were now seizing control of the islands themselves. Even as shells began exploding up and down the beach, the beachgoers still could barely understand what was happening. Then, the tanks came ashore; the massive Porsche Mk. VIII “Mammoth” tanks, looking a bit like a high-tech WWII Panzer tank with a tortoise shell, these things had a 180mm tungsten-round cannon and a huge rotary machine gun as a coaxial weapon; with the worlds “GERMANSKE NORGE” emblazoned proudly on the side of the tanks, indicating that these tanks were part of a division of Norwegian volunteers; the Germans allowed any member of the New Enlightenment to serve in their Armed Forces. These tanks began ripping the civilians to shreds. Even after 500 years, the Spirit of 14/88 was still alive and well, and back with a vengeance. At this point, the beachgoers were fleeing and screaming, but this only served to boil their assailants’ blood even more. People were beheaded, torn to shreds, ripped apart by bullets and run over by tanks. Infantry landing barges came ashore behind the tanks, and like D-Day in reverse, the Germans stormed the beaches of Hamamatsu in Operation: END PARADISE. The infantry charged into the town of Amane-O-Shima, the resort town on the island, and attacked the amazing 5-star restaurants, hotels and homes, kicking the doors down to such restaurants and hotels as Midnight Sunder, Sweet Beauty, Lemonade Soiree and Miss Starlight. The 505th Cumulonimbus Legion Germanske Norge Division’s first day of combat was hot, it was sandy, and chaotic…nothing at all like the simulations in Berlin. All that conditioning, all those years of training didn’t really prepare the troops for all the screaming and blood, especially when the Japanese military showed up. Some German troops were amazed that they made it through the first hour, let alone the first day. Still the battle was a stunning success for the German Army; after 2 days of fighting, Hamamatsu Island fell, with the deaths of nearly 3,000 Germans and 30,000 Japanese. The German New Enlightenment Army had survived the crucible of Hamamatsu, and was now ready for anything that the world…or the galaxy, could throw at it. The first German space warship had been completed, a huge cruiser called the VRK Derffilnger, with a huge Iron Cross painted on its hull. As the German troops goose-stepped through the ruins of Amane-O-Shima to the tune of an infamous Nazi war march called Grüne Teufel, those citizens that remained watched in horror. They knew that they were going to die at the hands of the German soldiers and their MP-990 assault rifles, Amane-O-Shima would become a killing field, much like Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge, just even worse. The war was only beginning, however, as the rest of the Japanese military was rallying for battle, but the German Army was already pressing onto the main islands Honshu. A German supercarrier was pounding targets on Honshu already, launching more than 300 planes per hour. Japan had very little in the way of military power to stop the Germans, and news of this horror was spreading to every broadcast outlet on Earth, and on some of the colonized solar system…

“We are reporting some disturbing news out of Japan, it appears that German military forces have invaded the small island of Hamamatsu, and all initial reports suggest that the death toll is catastrophic. The Japanese are currently mounting a massive counter-offensive, and little is actually known at this time. More details will follow.” “Oh, it appears zat mien fellow German countrymen have begun zee invaschun auf Japan. How predictable.” Heinrich said, with his yacht, flying the German flag and the flag of diplomatic neutrality pulling into the harbor in Miami Beach. A group of people had gathered on the shore, and were probably a little unnerved by a German diplomat suddenly showing up in their city, just hours after his country completely annihilated most of southern Japan. As the yacht pulled in, a group of pro-American demonstrators jeered slogans such as “FASCIST PIGS” and “GO HOME!” Some of the German Elite Honor Guards aboard the yacht looked down upon the Americans, both literally and figuratively. As the yacht docked, the throngs of people gathered to see this massive, supremely-advanced ship were waved aside by the Elite Honor Guards, and then the 33-year old Heinrich stepped onto the dock, dressed in his black uniform with a red and black cape. “Stand aside, let the diplomat through!” the honor guards yelled. As Heinrich and his guards stepped into the limousine, the two German Adventist Reich flags were hoisted over the hood of the car, and then the German motorcade began its ride through Miami. Heads turned as the limousine, a jet-black Mercedes, flanked by 15 motorcycles and two VTOL gunships, rolled past the body shops, restaurants, beaches, nightclubs and resort spas, everyone, from swimsuit-clad pedestrians, artists, repairmen, and anyone else stopped what they were doing to look at the German limo rolling through the city. It was just so out of place, so wrong and so sinister for such a hedonistic city, especially given the context of the German invasion of Japan. What the Germans wanted in Miami was anyone’s guess, but everyone knew that something wasn’t right. Fascists showing up in your city were never a good sign. Inside the limousine, Heinrich looked out the windows as the limo approached Cheeca’s Resort and Spa, a place right down the road from deluxe apartments overlooking the harbor. A group of beachgoers watched as the Honor Guards gave Roman salutes to Ambassador Heinrich as he stepped out into the tropical heat. Taking his ceremonial cane, Heinrich and his guards walked into the elegant anteroom and waved the astonished crowds aside. “Guten Tag, I vould like a room please.” “Yes…Yes sir…right this way.” The receptionist quickly led the ambassador and his guards to their room; one of the executive suites. The guards got their own rooms, and the whole hallway was cordoned off for the ambassador and his motorcade. He had a lot of preparations to make…

“Klemens, I don’t know vat zyou vant vith me but I’m in position für intescheption.” “That’s all I need to know, just find Sam and get her information…” “Oh, trust me, I vill…I’ll find her, and I’ll find her even if I have to burn zis city to zee ground!” “Great…the dawn of the New Enlightenment Revolution will soon be here. The just will shine forth like stars, and the Jew that has betrayed the race will perish. Those who follow the Old Order will cease to exist. Unfortunately for Heinrich, the walls were not soundproof. Just down the hall, one of the hotel guests heard Heinrich screaming in German…and he knew the German language. Certainly, he did not like what he was hearing. There was a young woman here in danger, and he knew that it was his civic duty to inform the police. He called the police on his cell phone. “The German ambassador just arrived at Cheeca’s, and I think he wants to harm a young woman here named Sam…” The police paused for a second, and then responded somberly. “If that is the case, then our worst fears are confirmed. We’ll be right over.” The German Honor Guards, however, were listening to the conversation on satellite wave interceptors, and they too were preparing. The stage was set for a serious confrontation in the resort complex between police and the German guards, and Ambassador Heinrich was making hasty plans to go back to his yacht and leave. The recon mission had failed, and there was going to be blood. As long as he didn’t pull any triggers, he would not violate immunity terms. His troops, however, were authorized under international law to use lethal force against anyone…even other police forces. The police, expecting a simple arrest, walked towards the door and opened it, only to see that the situation had gotten completely out of hand. The hotel guests were lying prone on the floor, terrified, and the German Elite Honor Guards stood in front of Heinrich, who carried no weapon, but the guards were armed with MP-990 assault rifles, and pointing them directly at the police officers. “All right, you damn Krauts, put your guns down, and we won’t shoot you! This is America; we don’t act like this here!” Without a word, the Germans opened fire and gunned down the 5 police officers, and dashed out the door to a waiting VTOL gunship, which lifted off and zoomed back towards the harbor, where the yacht was already preparing to depart back to Cuba, but the police were already zooming towards the docks. One of the German pilots saw an opening in the palm trees lining the street, pulled back and launched a huge volley of Skrewdriver anti-vehicle rockets at the police convoy, ripping it to pieces and blowing the street to shreds, gas explosions and fire-hydrant blasts erupted all down the main avenue. Only then did people realize what was happening: America was under attack. With police reinforcements cut off by the damaged streets, the “diplomatic” convoy arrived unscathed, and the yacht quickly sped away, with the Elite Honor Guards on the boat’s defense turrets. Sure enough, as soon as the yacht was in open water, three police gunships appeared, only to be met with the concealed AA guns, ripping the gunships to shards. Within a half hour, they were in international waters, safe from the U.S. Coast Guard. “I gave up on my date with Stina for zisch?” Heinrich groaned. The mission was a failure, and the Germans would never get this chance again…there was only one alternative and it was one that nobody wanted, but now looked inevitable…

  1. Time of Iron

In the wake of the Miami Raid, it was discovered that Heinrich was not a “diplomat” at all, just a spy who had made a mockery of the American justice system and killed 55 police officers trying to kidnap an American citizen. The U.S. broke off diplomatic ties with Germany immediately and even threatened to expel Germany from the U.N. if Germany did not agree to severe sanctions, when presented with these sanctions, which Germany equated with the Treaty of Versailles on some levels, Germany staunchly refused, and voluntarily withdrew from the U.N, World Bank, IMF and most other IGOs, and formed its own intergovernmental organizations, such as “Spinne,” named “spider” because it created a “spider web” of Austria, Britain and Germany over Europe, and “Night Wolf,” a military alliance between these three countries. Austria and Britain had also withdrawn from the IGOs along with Germany. With Japan already pleading for assistance from U.N. forces, things were not headed in the right direction. Germany, Britain and Austria were clearly not willing to work with anyone. Russia began exploring military counter-options should the unthinkable happen, a possibility that looked more and more likely every day. In Germany, especially in the German Eastern Provinces, huge tank foundries in places like Stuttgart and Dresden and shipyards on the Baltic and North Sea cities of Konigsberg and Memel began cranking out warships, tanks and material at wartime levels, and the New Enlightenment Knight Hammer Order, basically the 25th-century equivalent of the SS in Nazi Germany, had produced a frightening new technology for surveillance and intelligence-gathering. Called “PREIIU” or “Pre-Emptive Intelligence Investigation Unit,” this technology would allow the German government to scan brainwaves and map a person’s thoughts, dreams, fantasies and every aspect of their mind. They would be able to tell if a person was up to something disloyal before they even realized that they were thinking; the Fascist computers were faster than a human brain’s neurons. This computer could detect a person’s brainwaves from anywhere on Earth; deep in the heart of Berlin, the New Enlightenment Reich would know everything about you, even before you knew it. The spy, Heinrich von Schnitzler, had personally overseen the machine’s design, but Schnitzler was not currently Chancellor Guggenberger’s favorite person; he had effectively gone over the Chancellor’s head, and was nearly court-martialed for his bungling of the Miami Raid. Klemens, however, was spared discipline, because the failure was Schnitzler’s, not his. Schnitzler was returned to his post as Governor-General of Cuba; however, indicating that the Chancellor still viewed him as an irreplaceable asset. Still, Guggenberger thought that this rally at Harvard in the U.S. was worth paying attention to…

“The U.S. is full of lies; we are backsliding towards an age of decay and uselessness. Imagine a world where everyone abided by the same laws, used the same currency, and served in the same military. Humanity would spread through the galaxy and explore the final frontier. There is only one way achieve this goal, and that is through the embrace of the German Reich of the New Enlightenment Adventists! Their ideals, the ideals of peace, order and justice through equality for all enlightened individuals are the only true path to salvation and Heaven itself. Men such as Guggenberger, Von Der Tann, and the mastermind behind the Miami Raid, Heinrich von Schnitzler have a dream, a dream that includes a perfect world of balance between faith and fact, and a world free of lesser influences and races; the Jews are using the blacks as muscle against the White Race, and we New Enlightenment Christians are the only ones who can change that! Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream, and so do we!” Sam screamed in Harvard Square, drawing mixed reactions from the crowds, some students cheered Sam on, while others booed and jeered, calling Sam a Fascist pig, among other things. The Cambridge police, however, were not buying into the scene, calling it a hate rally. “That’s enough, Sam! Shut up, or we”ll arrest you for hate speech!” The police issued a stern warning that this type of public hate would not be tolerated under any circumstances without a permit allowing for assembly, but Sam took her hate a step further, and began to target the police. “It is people like these police officers that corrupt our world with multiculturalism, decay and democracy, now wouldn’t it be hilarious if the Cambridge Chief of Police’s wife miscarried? Imagine, that whore crying hysterically as a bloody, dead, rotting fetus slithered out of her cervix. The Chief of Police would hang himself by his genitalia, and this pathetic American city and its police forces would set up a “national day of mourning” for a worthless excuse for a human being. The false ideals that the police serve are lies that prove the hypocrisies of democracy time and again. The German Reich is not hypocritical; it does what it sets out to do. If our flawed system of bourgeois elitism and money mongering cannot learn from them, then society is doomed. Imprison the police, jail the professors and purge the bourgeois political elite, decimate the followers of the Old Order, which includes the rich, the lesser races and those who don’t believe in the New Enlightenment. No longer will the poor man fear the right wing rich man, everyone who believes in the New Enlightenment will be equal, and Germany will lead the way! We dream of a better world, and we will have one, so help me God!”


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