Rough Draft: “Musings”

Musings from the Mind Of an Author with Autism, Volume II

More Products from The Mind of A Man Living with High Functioning Autism

                  1. Winds of Sweet Summer Bliss

“When will you stop breaking my heart…I don’t want to be another victim on your list…making me do things I’ve never done, in perpetual sweet summer bliss…don’t let go, don’t let go, don’t let go…my radiant, blazing angel. Can you enter my soul, can you enter my mind, can you hold me in your arms forever…All the things that I need, all the things that you share, you can make this love feel so real. You cannot deny this any longer, for you’ve captivated my heart and stolen my soul, and I don’t care if you ever give it back, my sweet Miss, when you touch my skin, we feel like losing ourselves in an ocean of sweet summer bliss. When I see your figure, I just don’t want to let go…Calm now, do not cry, for this life is nothing but a beautiful lie…I hate to see you die, for my love is all I have in my life,


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