Rough Draft: “Rape-Holocaust”

Letters from a Lost Innocence

My last day of childhood ended on January 1, 2035, or “Janus Magnus” in the Paganblut Reich’s calendar, but why would anyone remember…there were so many of us. It has been 30 years since the war ended…and I can still smell the blood mixed with the semen on the walls of the chambers, the human smoke, the fresh corpses, the cannibal meat, and the sound of the NSBM ritual music in the “rape-chambers,” in the bowels of Miklagard, Odin’s Gate, Haidnur and Nordheim-Sterne, some of the hundreds of camps scattered across the European continent during the as of now 45-year reign of the Reich. It came so quickly, like a storm of nauseating propaganda about “Europe’s immortal soul being in jeopardy,” and how the European Union was a slave to Turks, communists, Jews and Christians. This type of propaganda was nothing new, we saw it in 1933 with Hitler and the Nazis, but I still wonder how anyone could fall for it again…I guess with the implosion of Europe into economic depression, desperate people will believe anything. The stagnation of the United States with its aging baby-boomer dilemma, which was starting to remedy itself by that point, did not fix itself fast enough for the U.S. To intervene…everyone knew with the results of the German elections of 2033 that the Paganblut Party, a cult formed by five National Socialist Black Metal bands as a response to the implosion of the European Union, was going to remilitarize Germany and re-build a Pan-Germanist state, but no one knew exactly how horrid it was going to become. East Prussia and the Danzig Corridor were reabsorbed first, along with my hometown of Gdansk, renamed Danzig as the Paganblut Rune flag flew high over the city hall, and the sinister, futuristic Night Hammer police marched around the city square like dark sentinels. Next came Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Alsace-Lorraine and finally, all of Poland. The Paganblut Reich was proclaimed as the Fourth German Empire on January 1, 2035, by the Paganblut Party, who promptly placed the new German Reich under a Fascist government run solely by occult principles, celebrating pagan beliefs instead of Christian ones. Germany became a military superpower by 2037, but, at this point did not preach anything about Lebensraum, so there appeared to be no danger of WWIII, despite the fact that Germany acquired nuclear weapons in 2038 and launched orbital bombardment satellites in the fall of 2038, called “WOTAN.” In an arrangement of unthinkable events, the skinheads had indeed made good on their promise that the Reich would rise again. What I, nor did any of the other “Guttersluts,” “Pagan Wenches” or “Whore-Vermin,” in the camp prison guards’ names for us, know, was that there was already an even greater horror than Auschwitz or Buchenwald, Sobibor or Treblinka in store for the young, beautiful women of Greater Germany and the lands that the Reich would conquer. The government divided desirable people into three classes by their appearance and genetic makeup, Class 3 being the Intelligentsia, people of fair-skinned European descent that had IQ scores of 130 or above, Class 2 being the military, and Class 1 being the Aryan Race. People could belong to more than one class, one guard that I remember was a member of all three classes. However, the government’s pagan, occult government religious policies demanded…human sacrifice on a massive scale, and young, beautiful women, those between the ages of 18-25, with an ectomorphic body type, long hair and pale skin, preferably with blue or green eyes, were the most desirable targets. The government began kidnapping us from out homes, but they never called it kidnapping, they called it “relocation.” I was “relocated” in January of 2039, it was one evening, just like any other on Janus Magnus, the pagan New Years, when I heard a harsh knock at the door. I was sitting in the warm, cozy house with my boyfriend on the couch and watching television, the portrait of Fuhrer Rudolph Eisenstein over the television set, reminding us that he was an omnipresent force in Germany. My boyfriend, thinking it was just my parents returning home from the store, went to open the door, and then froze when he saw a Night Hammer officer at the door. He had a black eye patch and blond hair, with blue eyes, as well as the stylish, sinister black uniform and trench coat. “Is Miss Stina Ermell here?” I heard the Night Hammer officer ask, as my heart sank into my stomach. My boyfriend, knowing very well that this could only be bad, pointed at me, in one way, I felt betrayed, but in another way, I only knew that he was following the law, for we both knew that lying to an officer was treason. The Night Hammer walked into my house and, without any introduction, told me that I was being relocated to a “communal living facility and factory” in the East for a few months, effective immediately. I had 20 minutes to grab my things and come with him. I was not told why, nor was I given the chance to phone my parents that I would be going with the Night Hammers to work in a factory. This actually didn’t seem too bad, if I was just going to be put to work for a few months, I would be given food, water, a bed and social opportunities, I merely though that I was being conscripted into the Frauenarbeitersgruppen, or “women’s work groups,” to help rebuild German military power, as the new peace-shield of the world, an equal with the U.S. and China…the Night Hammers walked me out of the house, with my coat, one suitcase and a picture of my family, as my boyfriend watched helplessly.


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