Rough Draft: “Sakura”


Steven Gamella

Message from the Author: A New Era of Slavery

We live in a very horrid time. Beneath the polished exterior of our glorious Western civilization is a truth so horrid that few people would believe it even if they were told, and if anyone knew, they would think nothing of it, because they don’t believe it affects them anyway…I don’t know what horrifies me more, the truth of our civilization and how it is run, or the fact that such apathy exists to the reality in which we live…but then again, I would expect nothing less from a droning population spoon-fed sensationalized news media every day, 24/7, for their entire lives…those powers that be make very sure that no one is suspicious of the truth about all Western societies…and that the very forces that created them continue to build them today, just in an insidious, invisible form that few people realize, because they are trapped within the system. What if I told you that more people were legitimately enslaved today, in 2014, than there were in 1800, when slavery was a legal form of commerce? What if I were to tell you that the cost of curing world hunger would be less than $25 billion, less than one-tenth of the U.S. Military’s annual budget? What would you say if I told you that America is not a democracy by any means, but an oligarchical Empire run by the military-industrial-economic complex, controlled by only a handful of wealthy, connected power-elite families that profit immensely off of raw human suffering? Would you think I was crazy? Of course you would. Why wouldn’t you? Turn off the T.V. and WAKE UP. Our society is ALLOWING itself to be enslaved by these plutocrats. We are ALLOWING these men to enslave our daughters in black-market prostitution by voting misogynistic leaders into public office, who care nothing for human rights, only lining their pockets with billions of dollars. We are ALLOWING the United States to maintain the biggest Imperial machine in human history by voting warmongers into Congress and the Presidency, all because they offer false promises of “stability and security.” We are ALLOWING millions of children to live in squalor and starve in their crying mothers’ arms for profit. How wicked a world. If that does not make you the least bit angry, then there really is NO HOPE for humanity. This world is nothing short of a catastrophic scene, and if there is such a thing as God, He looks down upon our world and sobs hysterically. In such a world, it would be very easy to dismiss our society as a lost cause…but I don’t. I see this as a golden opportunity for change. Extreme change. Enter the Pantheon Doctrine. This Doctrine for the New Society encompasses all human beliefs, ideologies and ideas as equal, and advances scientific, technological progress, holds all human beings equal in standing and values everyone’s individual talents, through the Four Pillars of the New Order: The Paradox of Self-Sufficiency and Destruction, the Ignorance Complex, the Seven Doctrines of Societal Absurdity, and the Ideology Fields. These ideologies are represented by a drawing of a man, called the Societal Gestalt, with a massive, iron Crown of Thorns upon his head, called the Egoist Crown, standing in front of a Black Sun Rune, an ancient Norwegian symbol of a New Order and New Dawn. The explanation of the Pillars are as follows: The Paradox of Self-Sufficiency and Destruction is defined by a serpent consuming its own tail, encircling a white, five-pointed star with a lightning bolt in the center of it, states that everything is created by the very same forces that destroy it, and vice-versa, a cyclical paradox that pertains to every universe withing the multiverse; the CERN Large Hadron Collider has proven that there are infinitely-many universes, and with the confirmation of the Standard Model of Physics and the Higgs Boson’s discovery proving the Standard Model of Physics correct, we now know that the universal continuum is made up of an infinite number of dimensions where all possible constants are represented, and that every dimension, that is, “alternate universe,” is likely infinitely-present, meaning that the Big Bang is not the beginning of time, but just a phase change, so time, in actuality, had no beginning and really does not exist. Time only exists to us because of our brains’ biological perceptions of the multiverse and the vast distances that accompany it. Thanks to the laws of thermodynamics, namely the first and second laws, involving energy conservation and entropy, tied in with Schrodinger’s Paradox and its connection with Boltzmann’s Constant, the amount of overall energy for conversion into work in the universe never changes, indicating that every universe is an infinitely-existing, but finite-expanse entity that has no beginning and no end, there was no creator and there will be no destroyer, because the First Law of Thermodynamics states that matter is never created, nor destroyed. These principles also explain the diversity of life, there is no mystery, life began as an inevitable result of thermodynamics and the natural interaction between matter and energy, and evolution in the process in which life changes as the universal continuum changes, so that it can continue to survive. Cells began to divide simply because gravity began pulling them apart, allowing for multicellular life to begin, so just by the laws of physics existing, life was inevitable. And, not to mention, the laws of physics created life, so too can they destroy, with massive disasters and cataclysms, such as gamma-ray bursts, asteroid impacts, volcanic eruptions, and even, for example, evolution itself, as the Cambrian Explosion 500 million years ago, and human evolution has shown. Hence, the Serpent Paradox. However, this paradox begs a question, if the universes are always changing, and nothing is ever constant, how can we ever “know” anything? Here lies the next pillar of Pantheon Doctrine, The Ignorance Complex. Represented by an hourglass with two people in profile on each side of it, “ignorance” in this definition is synonymous with Chaos Theory, or the fact that no real order exists in the universe and that everything that happens is a result of some random fluctuation on both the quantum and real level. In that case, The Ignorance Complex actually states that there is no purpose for anything that happens. It just does, and everything in the universe is all just one big stroke of luck and chance, because in the multiverse, all constants must be represented, and more than once, so that means there is another universe just like ours somewhere out there, just in a slightly augmented reality. Think of it like this: I have a deck of 52 cards, and I deal them to three people. There are only a certain number of ways that I can deal these 52 cards, but if I were to deal them an infinite number of times, you would inevitably see the same patterns over and over again, so the Ignorance Complex along with the Serpent Paradox mandates that there MUST be life elsewhere, and if not in this universe, in some other universe!

These two aspects of Pantheon Doctrine have so far dealt with the universal state of being, but very little about humans actually appear here until the second two Pillars, starting with the Seven Doctrines of Societal Absurdity. This Pillar, represented by the Blind Lady Rune, a blindfolded young woman wearing a Jungsturm-Nordsterne ballroom gown with blonde pigtails crucified on a pentagram, declares that there are seven aspects of humanity in society that differentiate humans from other, non-human forms of life. These principles are Law, Emotion, Religion, Sympathy, Greed, Hate and Language. Each one of these principles is either uniquely human or far more developed in humans that it is in any other animal, and they all define human society as what it is…each Doctrine has its own flaw, one that is represented on the Egoist Crown. Law’s biggest flaw is those people who are tasked with enforcing it, the police, are, more often than not, flawed themselves. Police, even though they are in positions of authority, they are only human, and are usually blinded to proper judgment by their own petty judgment, and are often influenced by the droning, dogmatic views of popular culture, which is a lethal pitfall of society. For example, I have given speeches about Pantheon Doctrine and Cataclysmic Succession at my other universities, and immediately, the police get involved, thinking, “Is this kid dangerous?” That is the flaw of Law, the first Doctrine of Absurdity, that law provides a sense of security, when in fact, there is no such thing as “safety” or “security.” I am not safe, just as much as you are not safe…or a police officer is not safe. Just because a law exists does not mean people aren’t going to break it, murder is illegal, but there are still murders every day. Robbery is illegal, but there are still break-ins every day. The point is, no one is truly safe, and we just have to live our lives like we have a million more ahead of us, but also like today is our last day. No one can guarantee anyone’s safety, not you, not I, and certainly not the police. The Egoist Crown is best represented in the paradox of law and security, or, more accurately, lack thereof. Society is self-destructive, yet ironically it is required to exist for modern humans to have a good quality of life. This fact, the fact that human beings cannot be self-sufficient, dooms all societies. The Egoist Crown sits atop the Societal Gestalt’s head, and the weight of the Crown grows over time, until society is crushed under the weight of its own flaws. The nation and people then collapse into anarchy, until a new society can be built…and then the process begins again. Law, and those who enforce it, Police and Soldiers, are, far from being agents of security, they are agents of self-destruction in society. Society is masochistic in that regard, it likes the pain that the Egoist Crown provides, because it gives a sense of security, with the omnipresent police forces and soldiers everywhere. The only way to stop the Egoist Crown is to mobilize and universally disobey those who keep it in place, the police and the soldiers. If millions and millions of people simply stopped listening to the police and people like the National Guard, their power would become meaningless, and unless they resorted to terror to get the masses back in line, which is not likely in a liberal “democracy” like the United States, despite the fact that because of popular culture, American democracy has become a sort of “inverted totalitarian” state where the agent of tyranny is not the state, but the armed civilians with guns and their own violent opinions, power would rest completely in the people’s hands. The next Doctrine, Emotion, ties directly into this last point. All human beings have two aspects, Reason and Emotion, Freud described them as the Id, the Super-Ego and the Ego, and they exist in a constant state of tension within any human being. The constant detraction from Reason to Emotion is the cause of all crime, the fact that people simply “don’t think.” How many times have you heard a criminal on T.V explain that “I wasn’t thinking straight when I committed the crime?” This is the direct result of the “everyman” concept, the “psychomachia” of every man, the eternal clash between virtue and vice, reason and emotion, and also, though I loathe the two grossly general terms, “good” and “evil.” The major flaw in society here is that emotions, far too often, defeat reason and create some of the worst atrocities in human history, people just don’t think, or they think that they can somehow justify their actions by inventing stories and stretching the truth. This also ties directly into a very common logical fallacy that has doomed many an alibi. People have a curious tendency to think as if someone or something is controlling them, that is, that even though they may be committing terrible acts and crimes, for example, their “pure” essence is somehow untouched by their bodily actions. This is the infamous “Ghost in the Machine” paradox, the fallacy that describes the belief that a human being is two separate entities, a mutable, sinful body, and a pure, diamond-hard, incorruptible soul. Though this belief is rooted in medieval concepts of self and place in a divine hierarchy, people in the 21st-century still fall into this trap. A promiscuous woman might dress in short skirt and tank top, and then tell people something like “I might dress like this, but don’t look at me like an attention whore,” or a compulsive liar might say “I may have stretched the truth every now and then, but I’m no liar.” This paradox is another lethal pitfall in society, and this human tendency to believe silly things leads directly into the biggest Absurdity of all. The next doctrine, Religion, is a uniquely human trait that is perhaps the most absurd of any human doctrine. From a reasonable, rational standpoint, the idea that some all-knowing being is in control of every single person’s destiny with no proof that he, she, it, whatever IT is exists is nothing short of a mental illness. I think Bertrand Russell, quoted by men such as Richard Dawkins, Vic Stenger, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, Stephen Fry, Stephen Hawking, David Attenborough, George Carlin and many other atheist and secular thinkers described the phenomenon of “religious delusions” very well. Russell stated that “there is a teapot, too small to be detected, orbiting between Earth and Mars, and I have seen irrevocable proof that it exists.” This famous “Russell’s Teapot” analogy is a good example of the effect of religion on a population. Anyone can say anything exists, as long as they give a convincing story for existence, validity of the story and the burden of proof notwithstanding, this is the whole concept behind lying, and more specifically the “Big Lie,” or a story that, despite the fact that it is so distorted and ridiculous, it is believed by millions because people hear it ad nauseum and eventually take it as the gospel truth. This is the premise behind the Bible. To say that the Bible is the absolute truth simply because the book says that God commanded humans to follow it as law is the same thing as saying that the teapot exists because I say it does. The Bible is the ultimate Big Lie, and one that has been seen as truth for far too long. It is in the same class as Hitler’s Big Lie or Mussolini’s Fascist doctrines. So then, why is anyone who believes in the literal existence of Russell’s Teapot or Hitler’s lies labeled as a psychopath, hatemonger and a childish fool, but it is perfectly acceptable and condoned to believe in an almighty God in Heaven and an ultimate evil in Hell controlling the fates of mankind, despite the fact that the Big Lie of Christianity has killed more people over the centuries that all other wars and dictatorships combined? Pantheon Doctrine does not seek to answer this question, it seeks to simply ignore mainstream faith altogether. Arthur C. Clarke, in his landmark book “Childhood’s End,” stated, through his alien character Karellen, that the best way to destroy a belief is to simply stop believing in it. Pantheon Doctrine will be the ideological framework for this new society, and millions of other contrarians will likely agree that some alternative to the established society must be founded to challenge it on nearly everything. Pantheon Doctrine is that answer. Pantheon Doctrine chooses not to blend with people it sees as incapable of understanding or identifying with its practitioners. Pantheon Doctrine is also NOT a religion! It is a secular doctrine that blends some pre-Christian religious themes and pagan symbols with cold, hard, unbiased, true scientific and historical facts and theories, and interpretations of those facts, as well as simple deductions about people based off of observations of people in society. A Pantheon follower sees humans as tools from which to learn, they see all of humanity and the world in general as a living laboratory, with every human being existing as a test subject with which to test the Pantheon follower’s psychological machinations on, without the subject even knowing that they are being studied…Pantheon followers must be self-sufficient and very good a deductions, and not care about typical society’s expectations at all. I fit that description, and I plan on rallying other people with a similar mindset to do the same, and begin a counter-normalcy culture movement, to defy and change the societal perceptions between “normal” and “strange.” Therefore, Pantheon falls outside of any religion or creed, but shares some parallels with Universalism, except Pantheon states total inequality, rather than equality for all people, but states that all ideals are equal. The next Doctrine, Sympathy, ties into Religion in the fact that most faiths teach us to be sympathetic, but far more often, a human flaw emerges that blinds us to the sympathy we are all capable of showing, Greed and Hate. These three Doctrines, Sympathy, Greed and Hate are tied together by a common theme, the theme of manners and societal expectations. The human flaws of Greed and Hate often make true sympathy impossible, and therefore not expected. Greed and Hate are by-products of human consciousness, and this is best exemplified with the Technology/Environment Cycle. As per natural selection, the environment influences evolution, and the organisms in any given ecosystem evolve to keep up with the change. However, when we put humans into the equation, our consciousness allows us to invent technology to alter the environment. Humans become an agent of change on Earth and in the Universe, and as the technology changes the environment, so too does the environment change technology. An example of this is the “green” movement, which is a response to our fossil fuel burning changing the climate, and the environmental change driving the need for new technology. This cycle defines human interaction with the environment on Earth, but because of our need to consume and desire to obtain more and more than we actually need (greed, and necessity,) and our natural tendency to compete, see others as inferior and covet things that others have, (envy and hate), true, long-term sympathy and understanding is impossible, therefore, human equality is not just impossible, it is biologically and scientifically unrealistic and wrong. Humans, because of their basic biological instincts, will not and cannot understand others or be aware of others’ difficulties without being nurtured in that direction. Pantheon does not give people the benefit of the doubt, based on biological evidence and scientific, sociological principles, it is completely nurture over nature, it does not believe in “good people.” People aren’t “good” unless they are taught to be good by some other entity. It does not have to be religion, as a matter of fact, Pantheon discourages the use of religion to teach morality, based on religion’s historical propensity to commit mass genocide and preach hate, intolerance for all ideals and war. Rather, true morality can only come from self-sufficiency and good parental guidance as a child. Greed and Hate are the two Doctrines that make Sympathy Doctrine impossible. The final doctrine, Language, is critical to understanding human perceptions of what is “normal” and what is “strange.” Take, for example, the following quote from one of my rough drafts:

Surely, the world is mad! No, you say, there must be a mistake, for there are flaws everywhere. Yet at once, there is finally peace and serenity in this world gone mad and humanity is in the midst of the true Renaissance, not that brief lull in the medieval drama that teased us with the false hope of enlightenment in the 16th century. The question, however, is how this world came into being. ‘This world,’ in my own words, is not referring to the Earth itself, but this particular reality that has swept the Northern Union realm during the first decade of the 22nd century. The answer to all madness lays in something so simple yet so profound, that only the most brilliant or the simplest of individuals can see the truth. The root of our New Enlightenment lies in words and words alone. ‘Words’ are an arbitrary concept, just a sequence of letters, symbols or characters implied to mean something because someone says it does. Where, however, does this meaning’s origin lie? My contemporaries, such as my colleague Antonio Marduk and my fiancée, Helena Morgendorfer, both extraordinarily talented writers and animators, like to argue about which takes precedent in written and visual forms of media: style or content. In this argument, I side with Antonio; even though Helena gets annoyed when I correct her, she cannot be right all the time. To see why Antonio’s emphasis on style is of far greater importance than the content of any work, one must simply look in the dictionary at the definitions of “style” and “content.” To “style” a piece is to arrange the words or images into a form understandable and enjoyable by an audience, but “content” is, by definition, something contained by something else, like a person getting into their robotic maglev car, the person becomes the car’s content. This, in actuality, means that content is just a by-product of style, content is contained within the vessel of style in any form of literature, which is in turn a by-product of words, derived from arbitrary meanings associated with symbols and characters used to form sounds. Words by themselves, of course, have no meaning. Suppose I write this word: “cat.” Three letters, c-a-t. By itself, the word means nothing because there is no additional content to give the word meaning, no adjectives to describe the noun. If I wrote “furry cat,” or “sleepy cat” or “meowing cat,” the cat is now being placed within the context of another word, another sequence of symbols. The first two cats are being described by adjectives, telling us something about the cat in question, and the third cat is being described by an adverb, a verb that describes the cat’s actions. Also, the arrangement of words and phrases matters too, these three cats are THREE cats; as far as we know, we do not know if this is one cat being described twice and then meowing, or three separate cats doing three separate things. To express the idea through a crystal-clear lens, we would write: “The furry, sleepy cat meowed loudly when the dog stepped on its tail.” This is a perfectly good sentence. It places the cat and an additional subject, a dog, into context, there is one cat being described twice and doing something once, with an adjective describing the adverb, “meowed loudly.” The tense of the adverb has changed, but the meaning is still understood as to be the sound that a cat makes when its tail is stepped on by a clumsy dog. The meow is the same, just in a different temporal alignment with the rest of the sentence. This basis, the idea that all language and all aspects of it are pure perception of human minds and consciousness is the basis for all order and communication, and the very central part of what makes us human. Human…indeed, but, of course, one knows that humanity is capable of much darker, stronger, more irrational things than simply writing about some clumsy mutt tripping over a fat, lazy housecat’s tail. This is the root of all madness. This is where the human zeitgeist, every ideology that has ever been postulated by mankind, originates, and from there, we get every aspect of society we see in the 22nd century. I, an Inheritor degree holder and one of the youngest men ever to hold such an honor, have embraced not one, but all ideologies, as has the government of the Northern Union. This is Pantheon. Pantheon’s most basic teachings can be seen if I revisit the meowing cat and the clumsy dog again. The sentence about the cat and dog is perceived by readers with a sense of “normalcy.” The image of a housecat and a dog in clumsy, awkward interaction is something anyone who has spent time around cats and dogs has seen and can remember. However, this is the way of the Old Society, before the Real Renaissance that began with the ascension of Cassandra I to the position of Gothic Empress. Pantheon would state that a sentence like “The seafaring sled-dog tripped over the cat’s tail, thinking it was a banana peel” is just as acceptable as “The furry, sleepy cat meowed loudly when the dog stepped on its tail,” because it just operates on a different logic, it doesn’t make the typical sentence ‘better’ or ‘righter’ than the atypical one, even though the sled-dog mistaking a cat’s tail for a banana peel is something that goes far beyond the acceptable boundaries set by society on that sentence, because it is not “normal.” Pantheon DOES NOT CARE FOR THE OLD SOCIETY’S CONCEPTS OF NORMALCY IN THE PUBLIC SPHERE. The Northern Union has built a New Order, one on which the crucible of normalcy has been snapped and torn asunder. Those pretentious, narrow-minded fools tell us to ‘blend’ with society. Pathetic. We have chosen to ignore societal concepts of normalcy, and not just ignore them, tear them down and build a new Zeitgeist in its place, a society where there is no delineation between “normal” and “abnormal,” no societal judgment on “insane” or “sane.” The word “Pantheon” comes from the Greek phrase “all knowledge,” and that is what I preach. All knowledge is equal; there is no “good” and “bad” knowledge, only inferior and superior people. Empress Cassandra gave this speech once, and she is right in every sense of the word. There is no good and evil. There is no God, there is no Devil; there is only Mankind and the ideologies he portrays through 4 philosophies, central to Pantheon thought: The Serpent Paradox of Self, the Know-Nothing Complex, the Seven Doctrines of Absurdity, and the Gestalt Fields. Each one of these encompasses the entire human knowledge base. We are Pantheon, the Immortal Legion, Divided by Zero, God’s creators and His destroyers, and together, we stand on guard for a New Order, an era of order and peace…”

This quote, from one of the original rough drafts for “Precursor,” exemplifies Language doctrine. Words have no meaning unless we give them meaning, they are completely arbitrary. So, there is no such thing as “insanity;” insanity is only what we say it is, as is anything. In that case, doesn’t that make us all “insane,” by Webster’s definition of the word? (Not understanding reality, because reality does not exist unless we say it does?) This is the very basis behind society. It is only a construct and a concept, not an actual entity, just like currency and stock markets, there is no standard on which to base our concepts of society. I have been questioned by police at least 16 times because of this ideology, because I KNOW that society really doesn’t exist, just like money really doesn’t exist, but as long as the few elites in power say it does, however, it will continue to be a factor in guiding our lives, however unjustly. As powerful as they are, police and their employers are NOT the Thought Police, and they have no business in Hell telling me that I cannot write a book or express myself. I respond to my questioning officers with this: Police forces of the world, in all countries, need I remind YOU that society is only a construct, it only exists because of purely abstract, artificial concepts and the desires of the uneducated masses. Your power is only an illusion created by the farce of law and the financially, military and socially-connected power elite, whose hold on people, as we know from history, is very tenuous indeed…

Finally, we have “Cataclysmic Succession.” In my research of the natural world along with humanity’s behavior, I have observed many fossils in museums and in books and take a very keen interest in the late Pleistocene-Early Holocene wildlife extinctions, and have been formulating a theory that would potentially allow the world to discover the identity of all life on Earth, living or extinct. I have noticed that after the five major mass extinctions in Earth’s history, the rate of evolution accelerated to fill in the open niches, without any known catalyst, aside from the very driving force behind all evolution, the changing environment. What is missing was the exact reason why the gene mutated; science had long tried to justify that with chaos and the laws of probability, but Pantheon Doctrine, the philosophy of all existence and knowledge having a purpose to the environment and a genesis point from some scientific, natural, rather than supernatural force, human or otherwise, stated that all occurrences in the universe, or any other universes in the infinite multiverse, happen because of energy variations. My theory states that after a cataclysm, be it a natural one such as a plague, bolide impact, atmospheric composition change, Ice Age, super-eruption, radical climate shift, cosmic gamma ray burst, or a man-made one, such as a nuclear war or habitat destruction, vast amounts of species go extinct. The definition of “cataclysm” is open to interpretation, as well; the Cambrian Explosion probably destroyed entire phyla of primitive life, paving the way for complex life about 500 million years ago. For about a million years after the cataclysm, the rate of genetic mutations increases dramatically, and an explosion of new life arises to take the place of the previous age. Eventually, the rate of evolution slowed down to normal levels, but eventually, the biosphere became too crowded and too specialized, and another cataclysm wiped the slate clean, beginning the cycle again, because the biosphere’s evolutionary flaws became too uniform and too broad, the level of diversity petered out to where the biosphere was ripe for extinction. The mechanism behind this rapid change was the cataclysm itself; disasters were mutagens, in the same way that radiation and gene errors were, and the disasters, through physiological and psychological effects on the survivors, caused mutations and gene errors that allowed for evolution to happen, therefore, species never actually go extinct, they just are modified by the environment, which would allow me to trace the DNA of any organism that has ever existed…and even clone it, destroy it or enhance it, even create an entirely new organism, all from simple organic chemicals and genes. So what does this all mean? In all this chaos, all this uncertainty, all this nonsense that we call “existence,” what are the constants, the cogs that drive the upward march of human evolution? The answer? War, Struggle and Power. Humans are, by nature, an aggressive species, our desire to conquer knows only the bounds of its current time period. So, extrapolating our own evolution onto the universe, it wasn’t so much of a stretch, given the perfect storm of circumstances, to see a grand future world through my lens, a lens of One God, One Law, One World Order. The definition of “God” is simply an entity on a higher level than ordinary Man, or a force that resides in sublimity, something beyond human control or understanding. It does not have to be supernatural. My character, Supreme Pontifex Alexander Arditi, the Emperor of this grand new world and one of the Heads of State, has created a multiracial society stretching over a third of the known universe that acts as guardian of a millennial future, where he is the One God, under Pantheon Doctrine and Cataclysmic Succession, with Antonio Marduk and Sylvain Anteon as his Prophets. I leave you with that message, readers as you take a trip into my mind and my world, where we have a glimpse of just what humanity could become if we simply cast off our artificial societal constructs. The roots of this New Order, which will create the greatest society ever known, are already being seeded. The Internet and other forms of technology are drawing us closer together than ever before, breaking down the old Westphalia Model, in practice since the close of the Thirty Years’ War in 1648. People are becoming more and more independent of each other and older beliefs like religion and more dependent on science and technology with each passing day. The actors on this stage are already well-incorporated into society; curators of museums are the new artists, they use their knowledge to better the cause of mankind in an ever more efficient manner, collectors are the new curators, seeking to better their own understanding of the world or their topic of interest through their collections, socialites, the high-class, fashionable, well-educated elite young people are the new theorists, constantly breaking ground in social circles and setting an example that the rest of society fills with its own occupants, and scientists and historians, our links to the future and the past, are the new Gods. These groups of people will constitute the aristocracy of the New Order, whereas those that cling to the old ways, nationalism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism and conservatism, rather than education, justice and fairness, will be the ones that follow, rather than lead. Try as they might, the right-wing cannot change the basic trend of society, ever upward, even Fascist governments embrace technology and science. It’s time that humanity cast off its chains of morality and faith, and enter a new era of progress, order and peace. It is already happening, the 21st century is the beginning of a New Order for humans, whether we want it or not. Sooner or later, the forces building now will reach a point where they and the powers that be clash, and only one will stand. This will be the turning point in human history, the moment of truth where we cross over to the other side of time, and we look back on the follies of our infancy like an old man reminiscing on his boyhood troubles as necessary steps to our pinnacle. Once this “New Renaissance” is underway, we can expect wars, we can expect chaos, and we can expect the entire Old Order, in place since the first Renaissance in the 1400s, to be thrown into upheaval. But, we can also expect that a group of people, the scientists, historians, socialites, collectors and curators will rise to build a new framework, an Golden Era of time where the selfish desires of individuals appear as nothing, economics and politics are clearly separated, and an ordered coalition of governments, headquartered in various cities in the Western and Eastern Hemispheres, with the spiritual capital of the world centered on the ancient Mesopotamian civilizations to celebrate the cradle of civilization where our society began 10,000 years ago at the end of the last Ice Age will maintain order over the entire planet, as a true United Nations. This is not likely to happen without some kind of massive war, one that is so destructive that it becomes clear that the Westphalia Model of politics is no longer a viable option to maintain order. Like all societies, this model is only a construct. Also, in this scenario, there must be found a healthy alternative to American-style democracy. Revolutions are no good in half-measures, if the new system does arise, American-style democracy will not allow the society to prosper, only divide the entire world in half, because if two parties cannot adequately, even in the best of times, represent the interests of just one country, how do we expect the system to represent the interests of the whole human race? What you would end up with is two major global parties, each representing opposite sides of the political spectrum, and everyone in between would be marginalized. The standard of living worldwide under a global government would increase drastically and moving into outer space, via massive, endlessly-traveling space colonies or colonization of the planets would become a necessity to maintain that standard of living, but without a multi-party Parliament with equal representation of all parties, or a one-party system with a strong wise leader, we would never have true unity. It is time that we as human beings embrace our destiny. For as long as Mankind has walked this Earth, he has searched for something more than what lies in front of him. For every man and woman, it is different. Some may seek love, true, unfettered love, if such a thing exists, that will release their emotions, like an ancient rain of calmness trapped within a lover’s dream, pouring out of every pore in their bodies with fantasies drops, as they embrace each other for dear life, realizing that for that moment, and for that time, they are the only things in the universe that matter to each other, and once that feeling of being in love resides, love is all that remains; some may seek power, their cathartic voices carried across vast plazas, cities and towns with the force of 21 symphonies, allowing them to meet a vision of God face to face, look him in the eye, and reject him completely. Some seek knowledge, their minds focused solely on knowing what cannot be known, learning what cannot be learned, and seeking the impossible. What it all boils down to is true happiness. Humans, above all else, seek happiness. They seek meaning in their lives, something that gives them a reason to live…but look at this world around us. We live in a world where millions have scarcely anything to eat or drink, more people are living in bondage than there were in the year 1800, where U.N. estimates have calculated that the cost to end world hunger would be no less than $30 billion, well within the yearly budget of the United States military, a world where people live their entire lives not knowing the meaning of the word “happiness.” Why? The very forces that drive society upwards, war, power and struggle, are also destroying it. So, it would seem that society is doomed to succumb to the inevitable demise that awaits all societies, the Egoist Crown…but he who thinks that humanity has only one destiny is narrow-minded indeed. The wars we fought, the power won and lost by all the great leaders of history, and the struggle, discourse and strife that has defined human existence, have now given us the tools to end the factional nature that has defined humanity from our very nexus. There will be war. There will be strife, there will be chaos, there will be bloodshed, but just as Europe emerged from the chaos of the first Renaissance as a true Imperial power, so too will the world, and united, the human race will finally break the bounds of Earth and become a truly transcendent, truly immortal society. New challenges will doubtlessly arise, but as a united front, humanity will meet them. Nationalism and race will count for nothing by themselves, as Pantheon dictates that once the natural inequality and differences of individual humans are accepted through the lens of Darwinism, racism will cease to exist, and nationalism will follow racism into the wastebasket of history, people will no longer see themselves as a member of this nation or that nation, but as each a unit in the whole human race. Individual juggernauts, supreme within our own spheres, united as one under an overarching global government. That is the future I see after this New Renaissance, and quite honestly, I cannot wait. Things fall apart…but they always rebuild, and we will soon see exactly what we are capable of building. This book’s purpose, if you can say that it has one, is simple: It means to prove that governments are only as strong as those who enforce them. I have proven, by writing this book, that anyone can access anyone’s information through simple observation and Internet usage, and if I, as of this writing, a 24-year old graduate student, can accomplish a 14-volume series based on the very small volume of information I have obtained, than certainly the NSA, with both wings of Congress, left and right working to silence what little voice we have left with things such as the NDAA, SOPA and PIPA, and the NSA spying, can do far more harm than a young man simply obtaining profiles for his characters, and I am only acting to prove a point that I can only hope is heeded in time. I originally did not intend for the book to have this message, I had observed people in society and online for character profiles, nothing more, but when a young revolutionary named Edward Snowden revealed the breadth of the NSA’s and British spying on not just our country, but Europe as well, I realized that this book was, in fact, a product of just how easy it is for the NSA or British authorities to invade privacy. If I can do it so easily (at least I could until privacy settings were tightened on various social networking sites,) then certainly government spy agencies can do the unimaginable. Be thankful that it was only me, an author looking at pictures of your personal lives and conversations for character development ideas, and not the NSA or British Ministry of Intelligence. I am encouraging all citizens of the world to be vigilant against injustice by doing this, no matter where it may be. So, what does this all mean? What can any of us, good, hardworking, voting, taxpaying American citizens, or citizens of any country anywhere on Earth, do to stop this global murder machine, run by banksters, government surveillance organizations, bickering politicians and controlled by the world’s financial elite? The answer is simple: If you live in a democracy, vote the corrupt politicians out, if you live in a dicatatorship, do whatever you can to resist. A tyrant is very much bound to the will of his people, if they all refuse to obey the State, the State becomes powerless. Men like the Ayatollah, the government of North Korea, the pro-Russian government of Ukraine, and Viktor Lukashenko of Belarus, as well as oligarchs like Vladimir Putin of Russia and the Chinese Communist Party know this, otherwise they would not be so brutal in suppressing dissent. They fear only one thing: a loss of power, as their very lives depend on their people obeying them without question. It does not have to be and should never be that way. True human strength comes from human free will and free thought, and dictatorships, wherever they may be, contradict the indomitable spirit of humanity. This is why dictatorships never last forever. Let this be a lesson to the leaders of countries like China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and Belarus, that the NATO military superpower is the least of your worries. What will inevitably doom you is what dooms all dictatorships: the power of the human will and the pursuit of happiness. Japan and South Korea are the countries that will set the standard for Asia in the 21st century and beyond, and until China can adopt a free-market democracy, it will never be a superpower on the scale of the U.S or even the former Soviet Union, for the U.S.S.R possessed proven military capabilities and had emerged victorious in some of the bloodiest battles in human history. China, during any major war it has ever been involved in aside from border conflicts and small-scale territorial disputes, has always been the victim or an unwilling participant. China’s military, though vast and technologically sophisticated, is yet unproven in anything greater than small-scale peacekeeping operations and anti-piracy duties, unlike South Korea and Japan, who have proven military might, though smaller in size than China’s military. The size of a country’s army does not make it strong, the quality of the equipment and soldiers does. In America, however, this country is at a crossroads. As of 2014, the U.S has surpassed China once again as the #1 place to invest in the world, but to truly create a transcendent society as I envision, the U.S. Government must be utterly transformed. This would require a restructuring of the politcal system to give smaller parties more voice in government, and actually give a third party a chance at the White House. In short, the two-party, winner-take-all system must end. Secondly, the United States must create a firm “wall of separation,” between economy and state, “banksters” and Wall Street mega-firms must not be allowed to have any hand in making legislation. The State claims to be working towards “making a deal” with the Wall Street “banksters” who control 85% of the world’s money as of 2014, to work with the money makers and allow upward mobility for all Americans. This upward mobility is seen as a “profound truth” by our society, yet in reality, this truth has become nothing more than a truism, an oft-repeated slogan that has no meaning or representation in legislative action. Thirdly, the United States must also solidify the “wall of separation” between Church and State, and also establish a wall between faith and fact. Religious apologists, those that try to justify religion with science, (see “Intelligent Design” for more information) do a tremendous disservice to our country and our reputation on the world stage. They must be controlled and reigned in if progress is to continue. These three principles, if enacted, would place our society on a path away from decadence and towards 21st-century supremacy, America would be the grandest society since Ancient Rome. The question is, what would it take to create a political reality where these three “Profound Truths” could be made into law? Ancient Rome, when dealing with the deadly typhus germ in its cities, would delegate members of the Senate to visit the affliction zones and work with local leaders to prevent future outbreaks and clean up the city streets of disease. The same level of involvement must happen in America and Europe. Europe must become a larger Federation if it wants to regain true international power, and adopting democratically-elected equivalents of Ancient Roman policies would create a nation that, along with the United States, would be the peace-shield of the world for hundreds of years. The two countries that could make this happen for Europe are Britain and Germany, Britain is the Prussia of modern Europe, with the strongest military, it is currently constructing the two largest warships ever built outside of the U.S., and Germany is the economic hub of the Old World, with a GDP (PPP) of over $5 trillion. For America, we simply need a reason to restructure our government, we need the equivalent of a typhus germ, a huge, pressing problem that can only be solved by radically streamlining and reforming government, reforming it into a cohesive, highly-structured political system free of bureaucratic inefficiencies and giving citizens even more power in the democracy they value so much. This is only a matter of time. If all works the way I hope it does, Britain and Germany will unite the European Union into a Federation unseen since Ancient Rome, and the United States will become a truly transcendent, immortal superpower. Together, these two powers would oppose any threats to democracy as a united front, and the world would take a quantum step forward on the path to the Second Renaissance, and this book, though purely fictional, could outline a political reality in the far future, where all nations are absorbed into a global political and economic community, though we must be cautious to avoid the pitfalls that this story discribes, which could turn this vision of a one-world Pantheon Doctrine into a nightmarish dystopia. We are all human, and we each possess the ultimate weapon, stronger than any tyrant, more powerful than any weapon. It can’t be taken or destroyed. That weapon is free will. Now, more than any other time in recent history, is the time that we use it. Together, we will change the world, one nation at a time. Let the minds of freethinkers everywhere take wing, for the future of humanity is ours to win.

I hope you now realize the significance behind this work, “Sakura.” It is far more than just a science-fiction novel. It is a warning and a wake-up call. Enjoy the story, and keep these points in mind as you read. For together, we are strong, and we will change this world.


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