Rough Draft: “Psychomachia”


Appendix 1 Characters: Baroness Lorelei Eisner

Part 1: Her 6 stories

Cold, calculating, cool and merciless, are generally words one would use to describe the woman Baroness Lorelei Eisner, 32 years old with long brown hair and blue eyes. She, the owner of Geldern Abbey, a conservatory for the most talented art students in the world, had a dark, dark past, one shrouded in secrecy. She spent much of her spare time writing about various topics, several of her short stories were about very disturbing subjects. One of her stories, Necromance, was about an autopsy doctor who had sex with the corpses he was supposed to be dissecting, and for 15 pages, he did nothing but drink the blood of, rape, sodomize, kiss and cannibalize the corpse of the woman he had a secret crush on while making very poignant statements about the nature of love and life overall, even though he was already married and knew that the woman would never date him. “Death, my friend, was the greatest equalizer…” the story began, and the scenes were rife with mouth-filled monologues about how his desires were finally satiated, and that he would go home to his wife and be happy later than night, for the first time in years…Her second short story, The Rood, described a black-and-white world of no sound, and parallels the death of Jesus very broadly, but included many extremely disturbing images, such as Satan engaging in anal sex with a lovesick Roman soldier, Jesus’s body being consumed by dogs and then having Jesus emerge from a dead, bloated body of a pig on the day of his Resurrection. Christ was seen, in this story, as an evil, diabolical figure, and Satan being cast in a more harmless, human light, for Satan has never directly killed anyone, and God has. Her third short story, Antichrist Archimago, shows a literal depiction of the Antichrist as the “Ghost in the Machine,” a being that controls people like marionettes by forcing them to kill those that they truly love and care about in the most dramatic, bloody ways possible, such as making a woman smash her husband’s penis with a sledgehammer for no reason, simply out of the blue one day, and then masturbating it until it ejaculated blood, then killing her husband and herself for no reason at all. The Antichrist then moves onto the next victim, the story explored the deepest, darkest recesses of the human mind and why anyone would do such a thing to anyone, but for the existence of evil. The fourth short story, Diaries of a Lost Innocence, tells the story of a “rape-holocaust” committed by a fictional Neo-Nazi government, run by a National Socialist Black Metal cult against all women that they see as “desirable for sacrifice,” and told from the perspective of a young woman who survived the Rape-Holocaust in a concentration camp. She tells of the horrendous torture devices, the screaming, the blood and semen on the walls of the torture dungeons, the loud cult-rock music that played as the torture was going on, and the rape, oh, yes, the rape…the story dealt with the fact that any issue ignored in society long enough can erupt into a violent, downward spiral. The fifth short story, “100 Days of Sin,” depicts an isolated island where a freakish culture has emerged: the act of rape and sexual abuse has become a religious practice…and the story details the arrival of three castaways getting shipwrecked on the island, and their agonizing struggles to survive. The story explores the hideous nature of sex crimes, and the struggle to cope with such horrors after surviving such a crime. The sixth story, “A Dark Manifesto” describes a writer living in Serbia who has a serious hatred of immigrants and writes extremely dark, depraved, sick and twisted stories living in Belgrade…and acts out the crimes in his books against immigrants he kidnaps. This story describes the continuing struggle between races in Europe, and the extent of racism in the 21st century, for the crimes committed by this writer are on the same level of depravity as the Nazi war crimes of the 20th century.


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