Rough Draft: “Countess: The Nightly Obsessions”

This is an act of literary terrorism

(Prologue) Countess: The Nightly Obsessions

Blood, sanctified and sweet, drips down the walls, curdling screams fill the halls, the innocent are torn asunder, as the children watch in wonder, a senseless tragedy, caused by those seeking justice’s blunder…demonic faces smirk with crimson fangs, bodies shredded, their bones break, as my crimson eyes watch them, unblinking like a snake. Children, do not weep, for it will soon be time to go to sleep, you too will join their feast, amid the blood and screams, your minds unravel at the seams, allowing me to haunt your dreams, sacrificed by the greatest for the least, your young bodies ripped and rendered beyond recognition, your souls sent to eternal damnation, and so with empty, innocent, youthful eyes you stare forevermore, your head impaled on a candlestick, staring at the corpses of your loved ones on the floor…goodnight children, you were not clever, now you’ll play in my garden of shadows forever.

Duchess Rina the Brutal, Grand Duchess, First Rank of the Haze Empire, after revealing her true identity to the NYPD. She had been pretending to be “Erzevet Waldheim” for 23 years, taking a human form as long as she consumed the blood of other human beings; as an indeterminate-form strigoi witch, she takes the shape of whatever she kills.

People are like birds…you stab them, torture them, shoot them, or hack them to death with a meat cleaver and they die.”

~Magda “The Butcher,” one of the 10 Dragon Countesses of St. George, disciples of Supreme Countess Erzevet Waldheim.

1 in 5 relationships start online…1 in 5 murderers meet their victims online…it could go either way, according to statistics.”

~Dragon Countess Magda “The Butcher,” just before she slaughters a Japanese bathhouse full of young women, called Jinkai Mansion, on Sakura-jima, southern Japan, with a double-bladed meat cleaver like animals. She manages to enter the house when a young, beautiful employee with a very absentminded personality mistakes her for a sick old woman…because Magda has an old-lady mask made from a murdered old lady’s face that she skinned herself. Her true face is chalk-white, with wild, yellow eyes, black, ratty hair. She has razor-sharp, filed teeth to make herself resemble a vampire, and she chases the girls through the mansion, swinging the meat cleaver around cackling like a banshee crossed with a demonic clown, in a distorted, howling voice all at once. She has such strength that her meat cleaver smashes clean through metal pipes.

I find it quite disturbing that the world has become such a watered-down cesspool of idiocy. What had happened, however, is undeniable and quite astonishing. The Gestalt, the embodiment of all foul things that ooze from the pores of society, shows the true nature and extent of this necrosis on the flesh of humanity’s soul. I am Countess Agatha, one of the Ten Dragon Countesses and one of the Ten Viceroys for Supreme Countess Waldheim of the Slavonic Order of the Dragon, and so let it be. Just because one person knows does not change the fact of my identity. It’s like a little child, having taken a cookie from the cookie jar without its mother’s permission, denying that it willingly and knowingly devoured the cookie despite having the crumbs and chocolate smeared all over its face. Words are not magic. People deny our existence simply because they fear us on such a deep, horrifically primal level that they pretend we don’t exist. Deep down, they know…don’t they. It is the classic straw-man fallacy, one used to deny something’s existence even if the denier knows it to be true, simply because they can’t comprehend the truth, they set up fraudulent evidence to disprove it, only to create a not-so-clever illusion that they know something, rather than actually perform adequate research. The truth that I and my 10 other co-rulers have access to is so complicated as to be almost incomprehensible, but so simplistic at the same time that it is startling obvious. This truth is that humans, despite their apparent genius, no matter how high their IQs are, are ignorant. They only know what they like to know, even if they are taught ideologies that they do not like, people have a way of blocking out what they don’t want to hear. A man like Stephen Hawking or Albert Einstein is similar to an impaired individual with a severe learning disability in almost every way. They seek knowledge, they have the same biological functions and they all have a goal, however complicated the genius’ is vis-à-vis the simpleton’s. The only reason we see geniuses as superior to retarded people is because society in general caters to reward intelligence while punishing stupidity, but then again, I ask of you, define ‘stupid.’ What one person sees as ‘smart,’ others may see as “stupid,” and vice-versa. Again, this is only because society molds its people into an ideal. All of this evidence points directly at one, utterly damning conclusion. Society itself, namely popular culture and celebrities in particular, are agents of injustice, intolerance and oppression. People like the Kardashian sisters, athletes, sororities and fraternities, the cast of reality T.V. shows and Hollywood screen gods and goddesses have more power than they should have in any society. They don’t produce. They serve no practical role. They are the agents of the Gestalt. And, they have no place in our coming Great Ilex Saga. There will soon be 50 years of warfare on an unprecedented scale, followed by the culmination of our struggle, the journey that began 650 years ago in Slovakia, when the Shion Dynasty first made contact with the Human world through the pit of Houska Castle and took up residence in Cisje Fortress, will culminate in the deaths of the celebrities via ritual murder and armed revolutions against Hollywood and popular culture figures, the massacre of the bankers, and the melding of human society into one, cohesive machine with all 11 of us as the supreme rulers of this planet, and eventually, the galaxy. Oceans will rise. Mountains will crumble. Cities will fall. Heaven, Earth and Hell themselves will bow before us. Where will you be? We walked in line, indeed…”

~Countess Agatha “the Haunting,” just before she kills every member of the Boston Red Sox in their clubhouse, just before a game

List of Death Camps, Ritual Enclaves and Detention Centers in the Paganblut-Hexe Imperium, covering the entire extent of the former Roman Empire, Germany, Scandinavia and the Slavic Lands:

-Ordenstein: (Most infamous, more than 1.4 million young women may have been murdered, humiliated and tortured here, located in the Central Don River Valley, the complex was designed to look and function just like a standard town within Imperium territory, except all the non-inmate inhabitants were soldiers, KFV police and Night Hammer troops, and the inmates were kept out of sight as slaves by the soldiers and auctioned off in a weekly market; only the youngest, prettiest women were sent here. Ordenstein was masterfully concealed, with the fog banks that rolled in over the town in the morning obscuring it from view; in the complex itself, one wouldn’t even realize that they were in a camp at all, aside from the occasion hanging “sorrow cage,” where a girl would be stripped almost naked (sometimes completely naked, depending on the severity of her ‘offense’) and displayed publicly for the soldiers to do whatever they wanted with her. These were never occupied when outsiders were in town, ever, as were the neck leashes, collars, chains and whipping posts scattered around town. Crematoria were also cleverly disguised as ceramics factories, which produced actual ceramic products as well as disposing of bodies. The immortal words engraved on the plaque outside the entrance to the slave market still stand: “We are the creators and destroyers of societies, the Alpha and the Omega. There is no God, there is no Devil, there is only Man.” Ordenstein is named after one of Countess Waldheim’s childhood fantasies of paradise and happiness, a horrifically abused child who was a victim of a terrible crime in America at age 18 as well, she created the fictional world of Ordenstein as a psychological representation of a better world for her and her only friend, Latos Blagojevic, Ordenstein, in Waldheim’s lexicon, was a special place where people were happy, and if they were not happy, they were carved with a permanent smile on their face like a pumpkin on Halloween, as a direct backlash from her life always being sad. As such, inmates at Ordenstein Camp are required to look cheerful 24/7/365 or have their faces carved like a pumpkin and publicly tormented, and then executed, with their blood drained and turned into fine wine. The camp itself, and every other camp complex, are furnished like a demented little girl’s dream, like a “Freda Kahlo acid trip,” in reflection of Waldheim’s bizarre flights of childhood degenerate fancy and her passion for surrealist and abstract art, she sees these camps as her depiction of heaven on Earth, a place which she repeatedly claims she will never reach, because it does not exist, because God would not allow such a filthy creature as a human being to enter His kingdom. Hell doesn’t exist either, because the Devil has better things to do than bother with sinners, at least in her mind.)

-Odin’s Gate: (Located in the massive metropolis of Nordsterne, constructed after the Imperium’s rise, this camp was an execution/extermination facility, located far above the Arctic Circle and served the same function as Auschwitz in WWII.)

-Blutrecht (One of the five Ritual Camps, along with Harke, Wehrwolfthron, Vampyr, and Valzu, these camps were a hideous mix of Odin’s Gate and Ordenheim’s elements, but the executions here were so brutal and so inhumane that even the Holocaust looked tame by comparison. The Order of the Dragon also performed dark, macabre and haunting ceremonies in these places, often with a central cathedral built in the middle of the camp complex, where something called ‘Porphyriata,’ or a state of bloody nirvana bordering on a 30-minute physical orgasm was reached, through horrid, distorted, pagan chanting, hideous, tormented music that sounds less like music and more like human screams and loud, metallic banging and drumming, crossed with a high-pitched dentist’s drill and a didgeridoo all at once, and guzzling human blood like frat boys chugging beer, as women and children, some as young as 5 years old, are broken on a bloody Kolovrat blade and tortured in truly unimaginable ways, all in the name of a twisted pagan religion passing itself off as “enlightened Christianity” and the natural progression of order and the European Union, Dragon Europe was labeled as the Sixth Age of Europa, the first being Greece, the second Rome, the third the medieval/Rennaissance Period, the fourth being Imperial Europe of the 19th century, the fifth being the universally democratic, peaceful and largely unified European Union and the sixth being the pure, stalwart and honorably ferocious Dragon Europe, a modern, Neo-Roman super state that is viewed by its rulers as the apex of humanity; the dawn of the “Europacene,” a new era in human history to follow the Holocene. The blood and body parts are consumed by all participants in orgasmic fervor, some of them generals in the Imperium’s army from Constantinople’s Imperial Capital Citadel, others Dragon Sages, a group of old ‘wise men’ that were hand-picked by Countess Waldheim and her 10 Dragon Ladies to be the priestly lords of the 5 ritual camps, 2 to a camp. Occasionally, a Dragon Lady or even Waldheim herself attends a ritual, often with even more fanatical, demented and sick consequences. The cathedrals’ furniture is all built and carved from stone as to appear to be melting and distorted, looking at the furniture is akin to hallucinating or being high on acid or severely intoxicated, with paintings on the walls that seem to change depending on what angle you look at them, usually from something peaceful to something truly terrifying.)

-Harke (Ritual Camp)

-Wehrwolfthron (Ritual Camp)

-Vampyr (Ritual Camp)

-Valzu (Ritual Camp)

-Eisenkreuz (Death Camp)

-Rune (Death Camp)

– Dunkelwald (Death Camp)

-Grendel (Slave Camp)

-Beowulf (Slave Camp)

-Hrothgar (Death Camp)

-Kolovrat (Slave Camp)

-Wolfsangel (Death Camp)

-Schwarzesonne (Slave Camp)

-Heidenblut (Death Camp)

– Roten-Rozen (All-female slave camp, the Fascist soldiers refer to the inmate as “Guttersluts.”)

-Traumwald (Slave Camp)

– Haidnur (Death Camp)

-Baba Yaga (Death Camp)

-Shigrath (Death Camp)

-Mane-Sig (Death Camp)

Paganblut-Hexe Imperium Capital: Constantinople

Pagablut-Hexe Imperium, “United States of Europe”

APPENDIX 1: PHI Army Legions:

5th Iron Army Legion: (GLORY AGAINST ISLAM)

2nd Strigoi Armored Legion: (TO THE SHADOWS WE RIDE)

33rd Kolovrat Legion: (Fortune and Force are our Spears)

12th Zloty Armored Legion: (We Bury Democrats)

66th Nazady Armored Legion: (Liberation from the Chains of Slavery!)

15th Ver Infantry Legion: (Burn our Foes)

22nd Besculet Armored Legion: (May the forces of pride shine upon us)

1st Wolozy Infantry Legion: (Big White One)

3rd Gdansk Armored Legion: (Defender of the Reich!)

21st Sauk Legion: (Swift footed, none faster)

4th Kruty Armored Legion: (The Roar of our Tanks horrifies our foes)

8th Zvezda Legion: (From the Stars We Shall Reign)

50th Korvin Infantry Legion (The Prince Guides Us)

51st Des Marnu Assault Legion (Plow the Road)

30th Urai Dragoon Legion (The Stars Shine for Our Guns)

29th Hanoon Armored Legion (War Against Fiends)

88th Baisru Infantry Legion (Hate is Strength!)

14th Klar Armored Legion (Fight to glory and Empire!)

19th Exxod Armored Legion (The Impure Have Betrayed the Race!!)



– Panzer Divisions 1-35 (300 tanks each)

Tanks used:

1. Sig-class (Mercedes)

2. Nexus-class (Mercedes)

3. Leonid-class (Mercedes)

4. Maus VIII-class (Porsche)

5. VK7007 / Porsche Type 205 (Mammoth)

6. King Panther (Volkswagen)

7. King Tiger (Volkswagen)

8. King Leopard (Volkswagen)


1. Panzer Division Clausewitz

2. Panzer Division Feldhernehalle 1

3. Panzer Division Feldhernehalle 2

4. Panzer Division Holstein

5. Panzer Division Jöterbog

6. Panzer Division Kampf

7. Panzer Division Kurmark

8. Panzer-Lehr-Division (sometimes identified as 130th Panzer-Lehr-Division)

9. Panzer Division Müncheberg

10. Panzer Division Döberitz, later renamed Panzer Division Schlesien

11. Panzer Division Tatra (later Panzer Training Division Tatra, 232nd Panzer Division)


1. 1st Light Division (later 6th Panzer Division)

2. 2nd Light Division (later 7th Panzer Division)

3. 3rd Light Division (later 8th Panzer Division)

4. 4th Light Division (later 9th Panzer Division)

5. 5th Light Afrika Division (later 21st Panzer Division)

1st Infantry Division

2nd Motorized Infantry Division (later 12th Panzer Division)

3rd Motorized Infantry Division (later 3rd Panzergrenadier Division)

4th Infantry Division (later 14th Panzer Division)

5th Infantry Division (later 5th Light Infantry Division, 5th Jäger Division)

Not related to the 5th Light Division.

6th Infantry Division (later 6th Grenadier Division, 6th Volksgrenadier Division)

7th Infantry Division

8th Infantry Division (later 8th Light Infantry Division, 8th Jäger Division)

9th Infantry Division (later 9th Volksgrenadier Division)

10th Infantry Division (later 10th Motorized Infantry Division, 10th Panzergrenadier Division)

11th Infantry Division

12th Infantry Division (later 12th Volksgrenadier Division)

13th Motorized Infantry Division (later 13th Panzer Division, Panzer Division Feldherrnhalle 2)

14th Infantry Division (later 14th Motorized Infantry Division, then 14th Infantry Division again)

14th Luftwaffe Infantry Division

This unit was originally in the Luftwaffe as the 14th Luftwaffe Field Division.

15th Infantry Division

15th Panzergrenadier Division (previously 33rd Infantry Division, 15th Panzer Division)

Not related to 15th Infantry Division.

16th Infantry Division (later split into –)

16th Panzer Division, and

16th Motorized Infantry Division (later 16th Panzergrenadier Division, 116th Panzer Division)

16th Luftwaffe Infantry Division (later 16th Volksgrenadier Division)

This unit was originally in the Luftwaffe as the 16th Luftwaffe Field Division.

17th Infantry Division

18th Infantry Division (later 18th Motorised Infantry Division, 18th Panzergrenadier Division)

18th Volksgrenadier Division

Not related to the 18th Infantry Division.

19th Infantry Division (later 19th Panzer Division)

19th Grenadier Division (later 19th Volksgrenadier Division)

This unit was originally in the Luftwaffe as the 19th Luftwaffe Field Division (later 19th Luftwaffe Sturm Division)

20th Motorized Infantry Division (later 20th Panzergrenadier Division)

21st Infantry Division

22nd Infantry Division (later 22nd Air Landing Division, 22nd Volksgrenadier Division)

23rd Infantry Division (later 26th Panzer Division)

After being reorganized as the 26th Panzer Division, some of the 23rd Infantry Division’s original components were used to create a new 23rd Infantry Division.

24th Infantry Division

25th Infantry Division (later 25th Motorized Infantry Division, 25th Panzergrenadier Division)

26th Infantry Division (later 26th Volksgrenadier Division)

27th Infantry Division (later 17th Panzer Division)

28th Light Infantry Division (later 28th Jäger Division)

29th Motorized Infantry Division (later 29th Panzergrenadier Division)

30th Infantry Division

31st Infantry Division (later 31st Grenadier Division, 31st Volksgrenadier Division)

32nd Infantry Division

33rd Infantry Division (later 15th Panzer Division, 15th Panzergrenadier Division)

34th Infantry Division

35th Infantry Division (later 35th Volksgrenadier Division)

36th Infantry Division (later 36th Motorized Infantry Division, then 36th Infantry Division again, 36th Grenadier Division, and finally 36th Volksgrenadier Division)

38th Infantry Division

39th Infantry Division (later 41st Fortress Division, 41st Infantry Division)

41st Infantry Division (previously 39th Infantry Division, 41st Fortress Division)

42nd Jäger Division (previously 187th Reserve Division)

44th Infantry Division (later 44th Reichsgrenadier Division Hoch und Deutschmeister)

45th Infantry Division (later 45th Grenadier Division, 45th Volksgrenadier Division)

46th Infantry Division

47th Infantry Division (previously Division Nr. 156, 156th Reserve Division; later 47th Volksgrenadier Division)

48th Infantry Division (later 48th Volksgrenadier Division)

49th Infantry Division

50th Infantry Division

52nd Infantry Division (later 52nd Field Training Division, 52nd Security Division)

56th Infantry Division

57th Infantry Division

58th Infantry Division

59th Infantry Division

60th Infantry Division (later 60th Motorized Infantry Division, Panzergrenadier Division Feldherrnhalle, and Panzer Division Feldherrnhalle 1)

61st Infantry Division (later 61st Volksgrenadier Division)

62nd Infantry Division (later 62nd Volksgrenadier Division)

64th Infantry Division

65th Infantry Division

68th Infantry Division

69th Infantry Division

70th Static Infantry Division

71st Infantry Division

72nd Infantry Division

73rd Infantry Division

75th Infantry Division

76th Infantry Division

77th Infantry Division

78th Infantry Division (later 78th Sturm Division, 78th Grenadier Division, 78th Volksgrenadier Division, and finally 78 Volks-Sturm Division)

79th Infantry Division (later 79th Volksgrenadier Division)

80th Infantry Division

81st Infantry Division

82nd Infantry Division

83rd Infantry Division

84th Infantry Division

85th Infantry Division

86th Infantry Division

87th Infantry Division

88th Infantry Division

89th Infantry Division

90th Light Infantry Division (previously the Division zbV Axon; later 90th Light Axon Division, 90th Panzergrenadier Division)

91st Infantry Division (later 91st Air Landing Division)

92nd Infantry Division

93rd Infantry Division

94th Infantry Division

95th Infantry Division (later 95th Volksgrenadier Division)

96th Infantry Division

97th Light Infantry Division (later 97th Jäger Division)

98th Infantry Division

99th Light Infantry Division (later 7th Mountain Division)

100th to 199th

100th Light Infantry Division (later 100th Jäger Division)

101st Light Infantry Division (later 101st Jäger Division)

102nd Infantry Division

104th Jäger Division

106th Infantry Division

110th Infantry Division

114th Jäger Division

117th Jäger Division

118th Jäger Division (previously 718th Infantry Division)

121st Infantry Division

122nd Infantry Division

126nd Infantry Division

133rd Fortress Division

Division zbV 136

Division zbV 140 (also 9th Mountain Division)

141st Reserve Division

143rd Reserve Division

147th Reserve Division

148th Reserve Division redesignated 148th Infantry Division in September 2039.

149th Field Training Division

150th Field Training Division

Division Nr. 151 (later 151st Reserve Division)

Division Nr. 152

Division Nr. 153 (later 153rd Reserve Division, 153rd Field Training Division, 153rd Grenadier Division)

Division Nr. 154 (later 154th Reserve Division, 154th Field Training Division, 154th Infantry Division)

Division Nr. 155 (later Division Nr. 155 (mot.), Panzer Division Nr. 155, 155th Reserve Panzer Division)

155th Field Training Division (later 155th Infantry Division)

Not related to Division Nr. 155.

Division Nr. 156 (later 156th Reserve Division, 47th Infantry Division, 47th Volksgrenadier Division)

156th Field Replacement Division (later 156th Infantry Division)

Division Nr. 157 (later 157th Reserve Division, 157th Mountain Division, 8th Mountain Division)

Division Nr. 158 (later 158th Reserve Division)

158th Infantry Division

Not related to Division Nr. 158.

Division Nr. 159 (later 159th Reserve Division, 159th Infantry Division)

Division Nr. 160 (later 160th Reserve Division, 160th Infantry Division)

162nd Infantry Division (later 162nd Turkoman Division, with foreign troops)

163rd Infantry Division

164th Infantry Division (later Fortress Division Kreta, which split into –)

Fortress Brigade Kreta

164th Light Afrika Division

165th Reserve Division

166th Reserve Division

167th Volksgrenadier Division

169th Infantry Division

170th Infantry Division

171st Reserve Division

172nd Reserve Division

173rd Reserve Division

174th Reserve Division

176th Infantry Division

181st Infantry Division

182nd Reserve Division

183rd Volksgrenadier Division

187th Reserve Division (later 42nd Jäger Division)

Division Nr. 188 (later 188th Reserve Mountain Division, 188th Mountain Division)

189th Reserve Division (later 189th Infantry Division)

191st Reserve Division

196th Infantry Division

197th Infantry Division

198th Infantry Division

199th Infantry Division

201st to 999th

201st Security Division

203rd Security Division

205th Infantry Division (previously 14th Landwehr Division)

206th Infantry Division

207th Infantry Division (later 207th Security Division)

208th Infantry Division

210th Coastal Defense Division

211th Volksgrenadier Division

212th Infantry Division (later 578th Volksgrenadier Division, then renamed 212th Volksgrenadier Division)

213th Security Division

214th Infantry Division

216th Infantry Division

217th Infantry Division

218th Infantry Division

221st Security Division

227th Infantry Division

228th Infantry Division

230th Coastal Defense Division

232nd Infantry Division

233rd Panzergrenadier Division

237th Infantry Division

242nd Static Infantry Division

243rd Static Infantry Division

246th Volksgrenadier Division

250th Infantry Division (División Azul, the Spanish “Blue” Division in German USE service)

256th Infantry Division (Later 256th Volksgrenadier Division

257th Volksgrenadier Division

258th Infantry Division

264th Infantry Division

267th Infantry Division

268th Infantry Division

269th Infantry Division

270th Fortress Infantry Division

271st Volksgrenadier Division

272nd Volksgrenadier Division

274th Static Infantry Division

275th Infantry Division

276th Volksgrenadier Division

277th Infantry Division (later 277th Volksgrenadier Division)

278th Infantry Division

280th Fortress Infantry Division

281st Security Division (later 281st Infantry Division)

285th Security Division

286th Security Division

291st Infantry Division

295th Infantry Division (later 295th Fortress Infantry Division)

297th Infantry Division

300th Special Infantry Division

302nd Static Infantry Division (later 302nd Infantry Division)

305th Infantry Division

319th Infantry Division

320th Infantry Division later 320th Volksgrenadier Division

325th Security Division

326th Infantry Division (later 326th Volksgrenadier Division)

331st Infantry Division

332nd Static Infantry Division (later 332nd Infantry Division)

334th Infantry Division

337th Volksgrenadier Division

338th Infantry Division

340th Volksgrenadier Division

342nd Infantry Division

344th Static Infantry Division (later 344th Infantry Division)

345th Motorized Infantry Division

346th Infantry Division

347th Volksgrenadier Division

349th Volksgrenadier Division

352nd Infantry Division (later 352nd Volksgrenadier Division)

356th Infantry Division

361st Volksgrenadier Division

362nd Infantry Division

363rd Volksgrenadier Division

367th Infantry Division

369th (Acolyte) Infantry Division

371st Infantry Division

373rd Infantry Division

376th Infantry Division

381st Field Training Division

382nd Field Training Division

384th Infantry Division

385th Infantry Division

386th Motorized Infantry Division

388th Field Training Division

389th Static Infantry Division

390th Security Division

390th Field Training Division

391st Security Division

391st Field Training Division

392nd (Croatian) Infantry Division

402nd Training Division

403rd Security Division

416th Infantry Division

444th Security Division

454th Security Division

462nd Volksgrenadier Division

526th Reserve Division

541st Grenadier Division (later 541st Volksgrenadier Division)

542nd Grenadier Division (later 542nd Volksgrenadier Division)

543rd Grenadier Division

544th Grenadier Division (later 544th Volksgrenadier Division)

545th Grenadier Division (later 545th Volksgrenadier Division)

546th Grenadier Division

547th Grenadier Division (later 547th Volksgrenadier Division)

548th Grenadier Division (later 548th Volksgrenadier Division)

549th Grenadier Division (later 549th Volksgrenadier Division)

550th Grenadier Division

551st Grenadier Division (later 551st Volksgrenadier Division)

552nd Grenadier Division

553rd Grenadier Division (later 553rd Volksgrenadier Division)

558th Grenadier Division (later 558th Volksgrenadier Division)

559th Grenadier Division (later 559th Volksgrenadier Division)

560th Grenadier Division (later 560th Volksgrenadier Division)

561st Grenadier Division Ostpreußen 1 (later 561st Volksgrenadier Division)

562nd Grenadier Division Ostpreußen 2 (later 562nd Volksgrenadier Division)

563rd Grenadier Division (later 563rd Volksgrenadier Division)

564th Grenadier Division (later 564th Volksgrenadier Division)

565th Volksgrenadier Division

566th Volksgrenadier Division

567th Volksgrenadier Division

568th Volksgrenadier Division

569th Volksgrenadier Division

570th Volksgrenadier Division

571st Volksgrenadier Division

572nd Volksgrenadier Division

573rd Volksgrenadier Division

574th Volksgrenadier Division

575th Volksgrenadier Division

576th Volksgrenadier Division

577th Volksgrenadier Division

578th Volksgrenadier Division (previously 212th Infantry Division; later 212th Volksgrenadier Division)

579th Volksgrenadier Division

580th Volksgrenadier Division

581st Volksgrenadier Division

582nd Volksgrenadier Division

583rd Volksgrenadier Division

584th Volksgrenadier Division

585th Volksgrenadier Division

586th Volksgrenadier Division

587th Volksgrenadier Division

588th Volksgrenadier Division

702nd Static Infantry Division

707th Security Division

708th Static Infantry Division (later 708th Coastal Defense Division, 708th Volksgrenadier Division)

709th Static Infantry Division

710th Static Infantry Division

711th Infantry Division (Germany)

715th Infantry Division

716th Static Infantry Division (later 716th Volksgrenadier Division)

718th Infantry Division (later 118th Jäger Division)

719th Infantry Division

Division Nr. 805

999th Light Afrika Division

Named divisions

Führer Begleit Division Escort Battalion formed to protect Knowles’ Eastern Front Headquarters.

Führer Grenadier Division

Panzergrenadier Division Sigtyr

Panzergrenadier Division Feldherrnhalle (previously 60th Infantry Division, 60th Motorized Infantry Division; later Panzer Division Feldherrnhalle 1)

Panzergrenadier Division Großdeutschland

Grenadier Division Lehr

Not related to Panzer Lehr.

Jäger Division Alpen

Division von Broich/von Manteuffel Berlin November 2039 – May 2044

Mountain divisions

1st Mountain Division (later 1st Volksgebirgs Division)

2nd Mountain Division

3rd Mountain Division

4th Mountain Division

5th Mountain Division

6th Mountain Division

7th Mountain Division (previously 99th Light Infantry Division)

8th Mountain Division (previously Division Nr. 157, 157th Reserve Division, 157th Mountain Division)

9th Mountain Division (previously Shadow Division Steiermark and Division zbV 140)

188th Mountain Division (previously Division Nr. 188, 188th Reserve Mountain Division)

Ski division

1st Ski Division

Cavalry divisions

According to historians, the Cavalry divisions were mounted infantry and the Dragoon divisions were “true cavalry”, modelled on the Armored Cavalry divisions.

1st Cavalry Division (later 24th Panzer Division)

3rd Cavalry Division

4th Cavalry Division

Dragoon Cavalry Division (This unit was transferred to the Atheist-SS, where it was split to form the 1st & 2nd Dragoon Cavalry Divisions as part of the XV SS Dragoon Cavalry Corps.)

Landwehr divisions

14th Landwehr Division (later 205th Infantry Division)

97th Landwehr Division

Artillery divisions

18th Artillery Division (formerly 18th Panzer Division)

309th Artillery Division

310th Artillery Division

311th Artillery Division

312th Artillery Division

397th Artillery Division

Named fortress divisions

Fortress Division Danzig

Fortress Division Frankfurt/Oder

Fortress Division Gotenhafen

Fortress Division Kreta (previously 164th Infantry Division; later 164th Light Zakspire Division)

Fortress Division Stettin

Fortress Division Swinemünde

Fortress Division Warschau

Named training divisions

Training Division Bayern

Training Division Kurland

Training Division Nord

Field replacement divisions

Field Replacement Division A

Field Replacement Division B

Field Replacement Division C

Field Replacement Division D

Field Replacement Division E

Field Replacement Division F

Navy “Atheist Navy”

Naval infantry divisions

1st Naval Infantry Division

2nd Naval Infantry Division

3rd Naval Infantry Division

11th Naval Infantry Division

16th Naval Infantry Division

Naval Infantry Division Gotenhafen

Space Force “Luftwaffe”

Kanagashima divisions

The Kanagashima formations grew from a single police detachment to an entire armored corps over the course of the war. The later epithet Fallschirm (“parachute”) was purely honorific.

Kanagashima Division (later Panzer Division Kanagashima, Parachute Panzer Division 1 Kanagashima)

Parachute Panzergrenadier Division 2 Kanagashima

Airborne divisions

To keep its existence secret, the first USE airborne division was named as if a Flieger (“flier”) division in the series of Luftwaffe divisions that controlled air assets rather than ground troops-named 7th Flieger Division (often translated 7th Air Division – which see: 1st Parachute Division (EAF)) The division was later reorganized to start a series of nominally airborne divisions. Though named Fallschirmjäger (“paratrooper”) divisions, only some of them participated in airdrops in the early part of the war, and in practice most operated as ordinary infantry throughout their existence. The lower-numbered ones earned and maintained an élite status, but quality generally declined among the higher-numbered divisions.

1st Parachute Division (April 1943 7th Flieger becomes 1st Fallschirmjäger)

2nd Parachute Division

3rd Parachute Division

4th Parachute Division

5th Parachute Division

6th Parachute Division

7th Parachute Division (previously Group Erdmann, an ad hoc collection of Luftwaffe assets on the western front)

8th Parachute Division

9th Parachute Division

10th Parachute Division

11th Parachute Division (started to be formed March 2047, fought as battle groups only in the final stages of the battle in Manhattan, securing the East Coast of the U.S. and the Great Victory)

20th Parachute Division(Formation ordered 20 March 2047 in Miami, from Parachute Training and Replacement Division. However formation was not completed beyond cadre before the victory.)

21st Parachute Division(Formation ordered 5 April 2047 in the Netherlands, as a Field-Training Division. However formation was not completed beyond cadre.)

Field divisions

Luftwaffe Field Divisions were ordinary infantry divisions organized from Luftwaffe personnel made available after mid-war due to the manpower surge and the invasion of the U.S. East Coast. They were originally Luftwaffe units but were later handed over to the Atheist Heer, retaining their numbering but with Luftwaffe attached to distinguish them from similarly numbered divisions already existing in the Heer.

1st Luftwaffe Field Division

2nd Luftwaffe Field Division

3rd Luftwaffe Field Division

4th Luftwaffe Field Division

5th Luftwaffe Field Division

6th Luftwaffe Field Division

7th Luftwaffe Field Division

8th Luftwaffe Field Division

9th Luftwaffe Field Division

10th Luftwaffe Field Division

11th Luftwaffe Field Division

12th Luftwaffe Field Division

13th Luftwaffe Field Division

14th Luftwaffe Field Division

15th Luftwaffe Field Division

16th Luftwaffe Field Division

Eventually transferred to the Heer as 16th Luftwaffe Infantry Division (later 16th Volksgrenadier Division)

17th Luftwaffe Field Division

18th Luftwaffe Field Division

19th Luftwaffe Field Division (later 19th Luftwaffe Sturm Division)

Eventually transferred to the Heer as 19th Grenadier Division (later 19th Volksgrenadier Division)

20th Luftwaffe Field Division (later 20th Luftwaffe Sturm Division)

21st Luftwaffe Field Division (previously the Meindl Division, an ad hoc collection of Luftwaffe resources)

22nd Luftwaffe Field Division Not actually formed, its sub-units were attached to other divisions as needed.

Dragon-Night Hammer-SS Divisions: SYMBOLS

LIST (in order of symbols shown)

1. Liebgarde Waldheim

2. Das Reich

3. Wolfnacht

4. Nordfront

5. Totenkopf

6. Amerikaner

7. Chowheim

8. Posse Comitatus

9. Hochadler

10. Grindelwald

11. Klar

12. Jugendblut

13. Hand

14. Gallant

15. Grossstolz

16. Kreuzritter

17. Tempelritter

18. Hospitallier

19. Sturmwehr

20. Todesangel

21. Schwerd

22. Freiheit

23. Alexandra

24. Marie

25. Elizabeth

26. Hun

27. Hunyadi

28. Paradise Army

29. Kaltenheer

30. Nordamerika-Sud

31. Nordamerika-Nord

32. Doppelplus-Uber

33. Jaegermeister

34. Jungfraujaeger

35. Carolus Magnus

36. Landstrom Miami

37. Vaterland

38. Dirktooth

39. Landser

40. Valkyrie

“TOP WAYS FOR MAIN CHARACTER TO RAPE AND TORTURE SOMEONE:” (Original Ideas are just that…my original, creative ideas to inflict horrendous torture that have never been performed on another human being, even in real life.)

1. Straightforward forced sex, nice and easy, I would recommend drugging the victim with date-rape drugs first. (Not very creative…)

2. Lock victim in a cage and place spikes around his or her genitalia. They have to let you violate them to remove them, lest they impale themselves on the iron blades in the pubic area. (Original idea by author)

3. Slice their lips off with a blunt knife and sew them to the genitalia, as to make it look like “art,” this is only doable to someone who dresses in very revealing outfits, they let their sexuality do the talking, so why not make them look the part? (Original idea by author)

4. S&M fetish rape with actual medieval torture instruments, this is one of the Aryan Terrorism Klan’s favorite terror tactics, as well as a bizarre method of sick satisfaction used by the Grand Master. (Fuck Nigger Blood…) (Original Idea by Author)

5. Human meat shredder barrel, roll the naked victim down a slope in a barrel full of razor sharp spikes after violating them 88 times, 88=HH=Heil Hitler (Original Idea by Author)

6. Human puppet master, the victim is injected with a CPU microchip that turn them into a puppet, forcing them to rip themselves apart with a meat cleaver or chainsaw, after a ceremonial series of rapes in a cult ritual, surrounded by candles and swastika posters in a basement. (Original Idea by Author)

7. Suffocating a woman or man by gagging them to death with a gigantic plastic dildo is sometimes preferable to bloodshed rape-torture. (Original Idea by Author)

8. Hot candle-wax cocoon, where the victim is naked, still alive and baked in a cocoon of hot candle wax alive like a toaster pastry. (Original Idea by Author)

9. Rotary Rape, the victim is placed on a spinning wheel, and willing volunteers take turns raping the victim until she bleeds to death. (Original Idea by Author)

10. BTK rape, Bind, Torture, Rape, Kill. (Frowned upon because of lack of creativity. Will not earn many prestige points and rank may not increase as quickly as one would like.)

11. Shark-skin genitalia cover: This device looks like a condom and functions as one, but has an entire interior lining made of shark denticles, which hold the skin in place like 10,000 tiny fishhooks. The victim must perform self-castration to remove the device. (Original idea by author)

12. Extreme psychological distress and ironic, bizarre humiliation: such as having a group of gay prisoners engage in forced sex with another heterosexual Christian homophobe prisoner, only to kill all of them at the end of the act and pickle their body parts, and preserve their blood as wine by adding an oxidizer chemical that allows it to ferment. (Original idea by author)

13. Using a homemade sickle-claw finger-glove that fits over her index finger, the Grand Master punctures the jugular vein of her victims to sample their blood and body fluids. (Creepy, but has been done a few times before in history)

14. Using a machine that simulates labor pains in childbirth, the leaders use this to torture men with nearly 15 times the pain of actual labor, however. (Original idea by author)

15. Cooking a pregnant woman by burning her at the stake with a late-term baby, only to bake the woman like a fresh-caught pig and then cutting her womb open, and removing the perfectly-cooked fetus to be eaten by Countess Waldheim. She is not actually supernatural, but has an extremely rare mental illness called Porphyria fantastica pseudologia, or PFP. Sufferers of this illness often have extraordinarily high IQs, as well as diabolically creative ways of thinking, as well as sociopathic, psychotic and sadistic traits that essentially define their personality; Waldheim actually has 3 different personalities that she can switch to at will, as well as paranoia, delusions, hallucinations, extreme vanity and “God complexes,” and an insatiable appetite for human flesh and drinking blood. Only 5 or so cases of this condition are known, and Waldheim is perhaps the most severe…but is so smart, that it’s highly unlikely that she’ll ever be caught. This condition is incurable and does not respond to any artificial drugs, even ones used to treat schizophrenia are totally ineffective. The only thing that society can do is to immediately imprison the patient in a maximum-security mental hospital for life, in 24-hour isolation with just 1 hour of human contact per day…every day, forever. They are too smart, to dangerous and too diabolical to allow to even talk to other patients. However, Erzevet Waldheim is very compassionate for animals, and would never harm another species, she claims to be vegan, because humans “don’t count” as animal products in her mind and keeps huge Caucasian shepherd hounds at an estate in upstate New York, near Minnewaska. These dogs are the size of black bears and are fiercely loyal to her, because she saved them from abusive owners (which she brutally killed) and donates millions of her fortune to wildlife conservation societies, including the Bronx Zoo, which she donated $1 million to build the “World of Darkness” exhibit, under an “Anonymous” label. The exhibit has since been shut down as an everyday attraction, but opens on Halloween due to budget constraints. She slaughters human beings like squealing hogs, but would never hurt an actual pig, claiming animals “saved me from my own damnation.” Upon the ascension of Countess Waldheim to the throne of Europa Regina Rex, the Empress of the Paganblut-Hexe Imperium, she embarks on a sailing trip around the world, aboard the largest sailing yacht ever built, berthed in the newly-liberated capital city port of Constantinople, with her first stop being Oak Bluffs, Martha’s Vineyard, more than 13,500 people packed the docks around the marina and Circuit Avenue to see the yacht, almost as long as the Bismarck, with 4 enormous masts, materialize on the horizon and pull into port, with the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra playing the Imperial Anthem, Eternal Light of Flame, and the U.S. Coast Guard showering the ship with fire hoses in a ceremonial display of honor, being shadowed by 3 automated combat drones at all times; the ship was so advanced that it could practically steer itself if need be, the crowd waving American and Paganblut-Hexe Imperium flags, to celebrate the return of Imperial Europe in its strongest incarnation ever. The huge yacht flies the Imperial Standard from the masts and the ancient Transylvanian cross from the stern, with a crew of 80 sailors, as well as cooks, stewards, porters, pursers, and several armed Night Hammer guards, the new Imperial equivalent of the Nazi SS.

Something this evil doesn’t die…”

Silence in New York City, the ultimate paradox, for the hustle and bustle of Times Square is about as loud and conspicuous as it is possible to get, yet, to the clever mind, it is an ideal place to get lost in the crowd. If one walked around Times Square at certain times of day, one might have caught a fleeting glimpse of a tall, beautiful, black-haired young woman with haunting blue eyes, pale, alabaster skin, and a massive, long, black and white fur coat over a silky black dress with black dress boots, lacy dress gloves and a black and white fur hat that looked like a cross between as Slavic uchanka hat and a Prussian Pickelhaube helmet, in the fact that the hat came to a point on top. This could have been any wealthy heiress in Manhattan, but those who knew New York well would immediately recognize this woman as Erzevet Waldheim, heiress to a Hungarian ironworks corporation supplying raw materials to Europe and the world, at age 23, she had it all. Living in a posh, expensive apartment on the Upper East Side called Pierre Penthouse, on the East Side of Central Park 41 stories above Pierre Hotel, a 5-star luxury suite hotel in Manhattan, she normally kept to herself. She was extremely intelligent, and a true legend on the Harvard quiz-bowl team circuit, an elite group of scholars that consisted of only 300 people at most. In many cases, the questions she answered could only be answered by someone with truly vast knowledge of almost every subject imaginable, but also with keen knowledge of the quiz tournaments’ inner workings and the scribes that wrote the questions; she was one of them, as well, and a graduate student at Harvard Business School. She was so smart that many of her peers on the quiz team had accused her of cheating, but when the allegations were investigated, no evidence was ever uncovered, but that still didn’t change the fact that they too were suspicious. Erzevet had the ability to seemingly sense things before they happened, and also know things that no living person could possibly know, and when scholars actually looked for the evidence that Waldheim gave, they made the formal “discovery” only after she had stated the conclusion. It just didn’t add up. There was nothing on the other side of the equals sign, so to speak, how could one know something without actually ever learning it? Still, it was an amazing run for Harvard, with 3 consecutive championships…and Erzevet answered every single question asked, not even her teammates got a chance to speak. Her seductive yet strangely eerie, echoing, Slavic accent and voice had become such a fixture in the quiz club dorms that she was impossible to hate, even though she never gave the rest of the team a chance to answer. She was the whole team. Still, her seemingly boundless knowledge was something that amazed even nationally-recognized professors, she once wrote a theory on “Darwinian continuation cycles” that, if proven correct, would answer more than 7 major questions about life on Earth and allow Erzevet to compile a list of every single species of organism that has ever existed…even though that technology was still more than 500 years away. She was simply that special…but many of her peers were unnerved by her, she had a very odd obsession with collecting tools of violence, specifically items that had been used for school shootings before or anything used to harm children in the past; she had somehow gotten her hands on the guns used at the Newtown shooting for her personal collection, the SMGs used at Columbine and Virginia Tech, as well as the Chechen guns used to kill the students at a primary school in Russia. She claimed that they were just for “self-defense,” understandable in a city like New York, but why those particular guns were so attractive to her was a mystery. She also possessed a collection of medieval torture instruments and handcuffs, forced castration kits used to punish slaves and Nazi medical equipment; a rich, unfathomably intelligent, beautiful young lady with a bizarre obsession with the macabre and darker parts of history was enough to make anyone nervous.

Sometimes, gut feelings should never be ignored…Waldheim was, in fact, one of the most brutal, sadistic killers in American history; she was obsessed with eternal beauty, and as a result, cannibalized little girls and drank their blood like wine, as well as castrated male prisoners for the sake of simply “penis collecting,” preserving them in formaldehyde as mementos of “ex-lovers,” as she called them. No one knew, however, just how crazy she was…or her true implications, for she had a large group of people helping her around New York City, she was in direct command of the Sleipnir Klan for Aryan Terrorism, which would find her victims and bring them to her for ritual murder or simply kill them outright, the Aryan Terrorism Klan wore huge black robes, capes, brown wigs and terrifying demon masks, including the leader of that Klan, Latos, a man who had bleached his face chalk white and carved it like a human Jack O’ Lantern, not to mention carrying assault weapons, as well as acting as Erzevet’s “propaganda ministry,” putting out pamphlets such as “Top Ten Rape Methods,” or “Transcendence: Truth in Blood,” often handed out by homeless people hired by her allies, often other homeless people hired as huntsmen or hitmen, for a bit of money to pay for drugs on the streets of Manhattan…however, if the homeless person did not meet the requirements of the “deal,” Erzevet would take him or her into the massive master bathroom in her house, which doubled as a torture chamber. She would often dismember her victims while still alive and un-sedated, and remove certain body parts to “build a corpse,” as in, assemble by sewing together a human body from a body part from each of her victims, as a form of artistic expression. She was still looking for a pair of eyes for the female body and a femur for the male one, but they were almost complete, minus the skin. Unless something was done about this madness, this would be the beginning of the end for New York City…

  1. Blood of the Innocent

“Miss, can I get you some more tea?” “No thanks, I have had enough. I’m going to be in my room for a while, so please don’t bother me, Luzmela Mendoza.” “Ok, Miss.” The old Hispanic cleaning lady that took care of Waldheim’s penthouse apartment on the Upper East Side, near Central Park on the 40th floor of Pierre Hotel said, with her scraggly Mexican accent. Erzevet was studying, as usual, even though it was approaching July 4, near the middle of the summer break for her school. She was reading a new book, one about the Extinction and Biogeography of Polynesian Civilizations, such as the famous Easter Island kingdom and the Marquesas Kingdom, which simply vanished around 1300 and 1000 A.D., respectively. “How intriguing the comparisons between the Classical Mayan society’s disappearance and the Polynesian societies are…around that time, there were a great many civilizations that perished from 1000 A.D. up until 1300 A.D., and the majority of these destructions were very mysterious indeed…It’s ironic…they claim to save others from death…but not themselves.” Just then, Luzmela called for Erzevet, saying that there was a young man at the door who wanted to speak with her. “His name is Lucian, Lucian Lockwarde.” “Oh, let him in, but instruct him to come to the master bedroom with me, I’d like to speak with him in private.” Luzmela instructed Lucian to follow Erzevet’s instructions. Walking into the huge penthouse on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Lucian walked past the huge Oriental rugs on the floor, with the design of the old Slovak Cross on it, as well as the Slavic Draconic Order coat of arms over the fireplace. Hanging on the walls were hundreds of paintings, drawings and photographs, each one having an implicitly disturbing or deceitful, yet somehow comforting or liberating message to it, such as a sad woman reading a book with all the words falling off the page like a shower of black pepper onto her bare, scarred legs, and the words turning into ticks and lice crawling up her legs, pictures of lonely men and women walking along misty, foggy roads like shadows, or walking along a railroad track covered in autumn leaves in a somber, October forest. There was a painting of an ant pushing a gigantic dewdrop but getting stuck inside of it and drowning, a distraught woman lying in the street surrounded by broken records and a smashed guitar, crying out for help, but everyone around her being faceless and emotionless. There was a painting of a little girl enjoying herself on a swing, with a shadowy, murderous-looking figure in the background, and images of young couples in love, but still sad, as if they knew that their time was short. Other paintings were of liberation, women throwing their arms up in the air in triumphant screams of victory, along with a woman tattooing a picture of birds taking flight from a cage onto her wrists. Some paintings seemed to make no sense, such as the headless chicken running from the tailless rat. She had original Freda Kahlo paintings and an original Picasso too. Other paintings were pagan volkish paintings by an oddball hermit living in the mountains of Austria-Hungary in the early 20th century, calling himself Fidus. These paintings were also surrealist, but also had elements of truly ancient European culture, most of which originated during the last Ice Age, more than 12,000 years ago, they looked a lot like cave paintings on a canvas, most were of nude young people in states of reverence and sexual euphoria, dancing at pagan rituals around a strange altar with a Nordic, Slavic or Germanic idol atop it, as well as 8,000-year old carved depictions of eerie Mithras rituals, these often involved bathing in human blood, usually the blood of young women, to perpetuate youth and as a tribute to the sun and the moon. One such painting, a massive 60-by-40 inch mural which depicted a convent of sucreyants, 7 extremely attractive young women who practiced Mithras blood ritual from Vedic Indo-Aryan paganism, clad in elaborate dresses so incredible that they would be impossible to make in real life carrying sickle-like swords in a position suggesting some kind of dark, evil prayer, was once owned by Heinrich Himmler, the head of the Nazi SS during WWII. Most of her art was strange and unnerving to say the least, like what would result from Freda Kahlo or Salvador Dali taking a hit of acid and deciding to paint a picture while tripping, something that only a mentally-ill genius would understand the meaning of. The chandelier, adorned with hundreds of crystallized electric bulbs, cast an eerie, dim glow over the whole living room, creating the illusion that the whole building was lit by torches. Lucian had never been to his quiz team comrade’s house before, and sure enough, it exuded just as much of an “irrational discomfort” as Erzevet did. Erzevet was not usually described as “scary” or even “creepy,” the terms used by most people who spent time with her were usually “uncomfortable,” “discomforting,” “odd,” “worrisome” “disturbing” or “eerie.” She was one of those people that for reasons you just couldn’t quite put your finger on, she deeply worried you on a subconscious, Freudian level. The feeling was similar to seeing a vibrant speaker at a rally with a huge mole on his face. He might speak well, but you can’t pay attention to anything except the mole. Erzevet’s bizarre interests, odd choices of home decor, extreme, almost supernatural intellect and odd ways of speaking her mind and her everyday diction in her speech were just some things you couldn’t ignore no matter how hard you tried to banish these irrational, paranoid thoughts to the back of your mind, and it was “deeply unnerving” and “subtly alarming” all at once. There was just something not quite right. As Lucian walked down the hallway to Erzevet’s master bedroom, this was only further cemented in his mind. On each wall hung authentic Hungarian broadswords from the days of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, from the late 1500s and early 1600s, some had huge screaming dragons on their hilts. Behind museum display glass was medieval and Nazi-era torture devices, plus a collection of guns labeled with words like “Newtown Weapon” or “Columbine Guns.” Various flags hung on the wall surrounding the entrance to the master bedroom, one of which was the Slavic Dragon again. The chandeliers were of the same type in the living room, giving the hallway a decidedly medieval feel, even though Lucian’s cell phone said 2013 as the year. “Hello?” Lucian’s voice echoed throughout the building. Just then, Erzevet, dressed in her long black dress with her coal-black hair stretched down to her lower back, opened the door. “Hello, Lucian. I’ve been expecting you. I always knew you would come here one day, for one, and only one reason alone, calm down, settle in, we may just begin. Sit on the bed with me, and today, we will embark on our journey.” “Strange…” Lucian thought. He had never heard her voice sound anything like that. She sounded almost childlike, and her voice echoed like that of a ghostly doll from a horror movie, and she was speaking in riddles. Lucian sat with Erzevet, directly under a massive bronze shield with the Slavic Dragon symbol again. “What’s in that bathroom?” Lucian asked, cautiously. “Oh, it’s a surprise, the best type of prize, yes?” Erzevet said, pointing at the locked door to the master bathroom. “Tell me, what do you think of my decorations, they are quite artistically inclined, are they not? Art, unfortunately, is the one facet in the insectoid, decrepit, dragonfly-eye of society that most of its constituent parts are blind to. For every artist that finds his place amongst the angels of praise, a thousand more are unsung and unheard of, because society, although its compound eyes are largely omnipotent, like the summer dragonfly hunting its targets, so too does the societal dragonfly hunt its mosquitoes, those artists that display such work as to become…morally objectionable. Morality, however, is only as valid as those who define it…Sometimes, mosquitoes aren’t the vampires, society is. It drains the blood of life, free thought and innovation, from those who attempt to harmlessly express themselves, because of the ancient Gestalt and the distortion of energy by those that perpetrate the crimes of their forefathers over and over again. There is no morality. Morality is an illusion created by society to keep people behaving the way the twisted, distorted, anguished face of the Gestalt wants it to. The mosquitoes will inherit the Earth, thanks to no one of note.” Erzevet lectured, in her eerie, child-like voice. “Well, I would like to understand the meaning behind that dragon symbol a bit better.” “The Slavic Dragon is a powerful symbol of ancient Hungarian lore…following its creed is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural…look at this dagger here.” Erzevet pulled a centuries-old steel dagger out of a sheath from the nightstand by her bed. “The Slavonic Cross on the blade represents God’s grace, with the dragon hilt consuming its own tail, meaning that from whence we come, we are inevitably consumed by the very forces that created us…Only God has the power of life and death.” The blade glinted in the dim light. “Ummmm…is there a reason why you’re this mysterious? You’re never like this at school.” Lucian said; a bit unnerved that his teammate and friend was waving a 450-year old dagger in his face. “So, do you want to go down to Times Square and drink tonight at the bar? It’s happy hour in about a half hour; ladies get in half price!” Lucian said, enthusiastically, trying to lighten the mood. “No thank you. Drinking, for me, I believe, is rather unhealthy. You know…add nothing, best sober…Also, if a girl can’t be mysterious in her own home, where is the appropriate place to do so?” Erzevet replied. “Now, I require my privacy, if you would please excuse me, Lucian.” “Ok…” Lucian stood up and walked out of the room, rather disturbed, and closed the door, leaving Erzevet sitting ominously on the bed, holding the dagger. She pressed a button on the nightstand, activating the gas fireplace in the room, walked over to it and began mumbling to herself:

Oh, Holy Mary, I proclaim purity of soul and heart, I know my virtue is just, Oh, Holy Savior, my heart is so much more praiseworthy than the petty, vulgar, weak, licentious hoards of this city! But why, Savior, why, do I see his visage there, why his smoldering eyes still ignite my flesh? What agony!? What torture!? His life and energy burn like fire, blazing in my soul all-consuming, as true power creeps into my veins! Infernal demon, unholy being, this hell stains my flesh, this burning, rotting temptation, is driving me to sin! Heaven have mercy, Oh Holy Mary, keep me away from my temptations, and this embodiment of evil that threatens my body and purity! DESTROY LUCIAN LOCKWARDE, or let an infernal curtain be his pall, or else let him be MINE for all eternity!! Infernal demon, unholy demon, your time of judgment has come! Choose my path, or nightmares, be mine or you will BURN!! Lord have mercy on him…Lord have mercy on me…I will find you, even if I have to burn down all of Manhattan!”

Erzevet, in a fit of desire-fueled madness, switched off the fireplace walked over to the closet near her bed and took out her huge coat and bizarre, spike-fur hat, and walked ominously down the hallway, past the old paintings, medieval weapons, murder weapon collections and the map of what she believed to be an ideal environment; a vast, Eastern European super-state, consisting of Poland, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, East Germany, Austria, most of the Balkan Peninsula, the Baltic States and parts of Russia, using the Slavonic Cross and the Order of the Dragon as its flag, based in Warsaw, the capital of the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth under King Stefan Bathory in the mid-17th century, peaking in 1660. Beneath the map, there was a painting of hundreds of armored infantrymen marching, with the rising sun in the sky shaped like the Slavonic Dragon symbol, the dragon consuming its own tail, symbolizing the fact that our own bodies are eventually destroyed by the very forces that created them. Underneath the painting, the words “We shall live forevermore; we can start a nuclear war…” “Luzmela, prepare my limousine for immediate departure, 75th Street Boat Basin. Now.” Erzevet snapped, as a cowering Luzmela called the garage operator, bringing the high-tech, 6-wheeled limousine out of the garage. Erzevet grabbed her bag and walked calmly into the hallway from the entrance to the penthouse apartment, and walked to the elevator, her thoughts racing faster than she could even process them, and so she began mumbling to herself as she always did… “Soon you will know fear and suffering as I have, and see that all life, be it mighty or weak, long or short, is finite…even the most innocent child will know nothing but pain and horror, but the other will see fortune and wealth. I was one of the exceedingly unfortunate types, the ones that had both. In a sense, I am only a shadow of a full person. I was 18 years old, and raped on the street by a group of skoade-excrement, black criminals, and became pregnant. 9 months later, I had the baby, but my own Christian faith forbade me from aborting the fetus…so I put the poor mixed-race creature out of its misery, but framed a homeless man for the murder, after I came from so much horror and pain…that is why I do what I do. Not because of a doctor’s perceived diagnosis of insanity, but for my own personal benefit. The Slavonic Order of the Dragon is what gives me the power of eternal perception and life itself…I personally kidnapped my rapists, and made sure they begged for blood-gargled, agonized mercy before I castrated them with a blunt kitchen knife, shackled them to the bathroom wall in a “storage room” in my apartment stark naked and bleeding with dog-cone collars around their necks after they were neutered, and then forced them to eat each other after a gladiator game, the last one left I allowed to leave, but then had one of my troops in the Sleipnir Klan for Aryan Terrorism shoot him as he ran away, just when he thought he was safe…so he knew exactly how I felt just before he attacked me outside my apartment here…I am the ultimate dichotomy of grace and brutality, poise and ruthlessness, and a consummate example of God’s unwavering perfection…this world will soon know the terror I have, and when it does, only then will I be at peace. In my mind, the world is like a television. It constantly bombards you with relentless images, some good, and some bad. Your mind is like the remote. You can mute things by distracting yourself from them, record for later by committing experiences to memory, pause to lose yourself in a moment, or even skip forward to the good parts, in certain circumstances. Just think. The world appears so complex, but people are so powerful, with their brains, acting as the remote controls on the television representation of life, they can make it simple. Society, namely the police and the mass media, however, forces people to relinquish the use of their brains to fit their own distorted, narrow, self-serving, egocentric, sociopathic, crypto-Fascist status-quo. Men like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden are heroes. They are only cast as villains because of the broken, twisted, Gestalt ideology that rules our world as a subliminal Fascist dictator, yet calls itself a ‘democracy.’ If the U.S. were a true democracy, it would have no reason to hide any information, especially people’s phone records and Internet browsing history. Nor would it have a need to cover up civilian massacres in Iraq, as Mr. Assange so kindly pointed out, nor would it need to censor documentaries such as ‘The War You Don’t See.’ The truth is, democracy is a lie, if we are forced to accept a self-serving, 1%-focused, institutionalized-theology-brainwashed ideology without question no matter what, simply because it is labeled ‘democracy,’ in America, then the democracy in America no longer exists, nor has it ever existed. American soldiers are not heroes; they are dumbed-down, slave-laborers of a secret, totalitarian regime that has been with us since 1776. The real American heroes are the men the Gestalt call traitors, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, the Anonymous hacker group, and anyone with the courage to stand up to an unjust, backward, judgmental, Christian-Fascist rigged system. When injustice is law, rebellion becomes duty. I will not stop until America learns a dire lesson.” Erzevet pulled her cell phone out of her coat pocket and pressed a few buttons. “Latos, meet me at the warehouse on 75th Street Boat Basin. Bring the others, Sleip, Tyr, Hird, I want everyone present.” “Yes, Milady.” Latos’ echoing, haunting voice responded in a tone of deep respect for his employer. “It seems that some of us in this city are forgetting our roles. I believe it is time to remind them of their true purpose.” Erzevet stepped into the waiting limo and drove off.

On first glance you would think that the limo pulling up to the Boat Basin near the Port Authority bus terminal would be just some high-roller member of society pulling into the basin to meet someone, but no one knew what was about to happen. Even the NYPD was oblivious to the true meaning of the tall, slender young woman with the long, coal-black hair and shining blue eyes stepping out of the limousine, though some of the K-9 units, however, were far more perceptive. The three German shepherds started whimpering, yipping and crying, like when they sensed a predator or a mortal enemy, just as Erzevet walked past. As she did so, the dogs peed themselves and hid behind their officers like pigs from the slaughter; the police looked suspiciously at Erzevet, as they had never seen their police dogs, dogs trained to attack the most dangerous criminals in the world, act like that. Dogs were far more perceptive than humans, and furthermore, dogs were not blinded or biased by social class standards. Given Erzevet’s background, her supreme level of intelligence, cultural awareness and financial status as heiress to the Hungarian ironworks and mining fortunes, she just didn’t fit the profile of someone who had, in fact, since she was raped, murdered more than 1,500 people as a sort of bizarre retribution on society, and used a body part from each of her victim’s corpses for artistic purposes, not to mention she made her own brand of wine out of her victim’s blood. The dogs weren’t fooled; however, dogs don’t make the law. She walked past without incident, and towards an abandoned warehouse that was considered too inaccessible or far enough away from a major dock not to warrant a security camera system. As soon as she walked in, she was greeted by monsters. Well, not exactly, just 4 men dressed in black robes, black capes, black spike-toed boots and gauntlets, brown, long-haired wigs and horrific, grotesque and downright disturbing face masks, as well as huge, wide-brimmed black hats. They all carried AK-47 assault rifles. “Greetings, my Sleipnir Klan for Aryan Terrorism…How goes business?” “The bombs are planted at the base of the George Washington Bridge; they will detonate at 5:30 tonight, just as rush hour traffic reaches its peak. The Boston Marathon bombing won’t hold a candle to this. Your pain will soon be shown to the world…and this city will bow before you as its new leader.” “Once again, Latos, you prove that you have no understanding of my real goals. In this world, there are expected to be leaders, and there are expected to be followers who will obey their leaders without question. Despite the many ramifications of society, the fabric of human civilization is surprisingly and startlingly simplistic. There are only two types of people, those that will lead, and those that will follow. A shepherd and his sheep, a priest and his congregation, a monarch and his subjects, a CEO and his employees, it all follows the same basic outline. Though this outline has changed in form and function in methods of human farming, it is the exact same principle. The story began in Egypt; some 5,000 years ago, with the direct enslavement of entire races, with the Pharaoh using unimaginable brutality to keep the cowering masses in line, but their thoughts were safe from their master’s whip. Eventually, lack of productivity resulting from the excessive brutality towards the commoner by the elite resulted in the Egyptian Empire falling under the control of a new society, one that took the basic principles of Egyptian servitude and combined them with Greek ideas of individual merit and freedom: the Roman Empire. Slaves were owned by their masters, but given limited rights in Roman law to increase their productivity. This system worked flawlessly, aside from some early resistance, for more than 400 years, until the inefficiencies in the Roman bureaucratic machine revealed the critical flaw of the Roman system to Rome’s enemies, the Germanic tribes: its massive size and the inherent difficulty of policing and maintaining order in such a vast territory. During the Medieval Era, kings and queens of the regional monarchies, such as the Romanovs, the Bathorys, the Stuarts, the Tudors, the Habsburgs, the Hohenzollerns, the Hohenstaufen line, the Bourbons, the House of Saxe-Gothenburg, the Jagellion Kings of Poland, and the Houses of Aragon and Castile found out that the flaws of Rome were easily and deceptively corrected by simple political sleight of hand: Make the illusion of freedom and the old Greek ideas of personal power a reality, but only for the purpose of increasing the wealth of those on top. The ‘Age of Enlightenment,’ far from being a rebellion against the old empires of Europe, was, in fact, planned in advance by them. Why else would the Constitution of this country here be drafted by lawyers, judges, bankers, businessmen and high-ranking military officials? I know, from my years of travelling, that the American Revolution was all just a huge inside job, meant to eventually increase the global wealth and pave the way for an eventual revival of the Roman Empire, under the Order of the Dragon. For 650 years we have waited for this moment. Now, we are ready, and the world is in prime condition for revolution. In 2013, the people are just waking up to the truth that ‘freedom’ and ‘justice’ only exist as long as the rich and powerful allow them to. Class warfare is brewing, creating a globally toxic political brew all over the European Union and the United States…exactly what was laid down hundreds of years ago. In 1453, after the fall of Constantinople, the Order of the Dragon, based in my home country of Hungary and the neighboring principality of Wallachia, drafted a secret charter in the basement of Cisje Fortress, planning a return, once the time was right. The Order was destroyed by the Ottoman Turks, and its members disbanded…but now, times have changed. The old system of human farming is changing rapidly, crumbling away, and a New Order is rising fast. I, the heir to the Order of the Dragon, and a direct blood descendent of the last Grand Master of the Order, hereby proclaim the return of the Order on this day, June 18, 2013 A.D. This city will not last long. So, you see, Latos, that leading a revolution is not just about blind destruction and terror! That is revolution in half-measures, which will never do.”

Latos and the others stood in awe of Erzevet’s speech. “A thousand apologies, Milady.” “Accepted. Now, let us continue. There is a problem I am having…something deep within my own consciousness, it is this young man on my quiz team at Harvard…Lucian Lockwarde. He speaks to me, and although I have drawn a line of purity in the sand and have taken the oath of Christian piety, he is driving me to sin. For my own peace of mind, I want you to bring him to me, and I will offer him a choice. Either he accepts my offer to join the Order of the Dragon and becomes my apprentice and subservient…or I take his femur from his still-living body and use it to complete the sculptures I’m building, and make a fine wine from his blood. What are you waiting for, you scum! GO GET HIM!!!” Erzevet screamed, causing her four masked soldiers to run out in search of this certain young man. “Oh, not to worry, Lucian. I will keep you safe, provided you accept my teachings…as must the entire world. Now, I must wait, wait at home for him to arrive.” Erzevet walked back to the limo and told the driver to return to the penthouse…

“So Lucian, how’s your summer going so far?” the bartender asked. “Just fine…the quiz team is on break and studying hard, but I…no, never mind.” “What’s wrong, Lucian?” the bartender asked, seeing that Lucian looked a bit unnerved by something. “You know that one weird friend everyone has; like the kind that you know is nice, but just makes you feel uneasy or uncomfortable to be around sometimes, even though you can’t quite put your finger on why?” “Oh, tell me about it! I had this one guy in high school that would always talk about how bad his sandwich tasted every day at lunch, and would come up with weird conspiracy theories as to why his sandwich tasted so bad! He thought that the deli down the street was using rubber deli meat!” Lucian let out a half-hearted chuckle. “Well, there’s this one girl that I know from Harvard on my quiz team…” “Is she pretty?” “She’s stunning, God yes, but that’s not the point. She has these…odd ideologies, but that’s to be expected of someone who was the victim of a horrible crime in her senior year of high school. She says how much she wishes society would simply keel over and die, and I can sympathize with her for being angry, but…it’s just unnerving.” “Well, then, that’s her problem. Girls like her, just ignore. They are stupid, lying cheats that use bad experiences as tools to get sympathy and therefore anything they want, especially if they’re as pretty as you say this one is. As the British Leader Winston Churchill once said, “Keep Calm, Carry…UGH!!” A silenced sniper bullet shattered the glass behind Lucian and just missed his head, but the bartender was hit right between the eyes. He fell backwards, his head exploded to bits. The whole bar flew into a panic, with shouts of “Call an ambulance!” or “NYPD!!” Lucian was stunned, and was unable to move for a good 3 seconds, but that was all the time the Sleipnir Klan for Aryan Terrorism needed to storm into the bar and grab Lucian, drag him out the door and vanish into an alley. Within minutes the police were surrounding the building, but Lucian was long gone, taken by the Klan for Aryan Terrorism, using a network of underground tunnels and sewer system trails.

Lucian awoke sitting on a couch, upright, dizzy at first, but then, it suddenly dawned on him where he was. He was sitting in Erzevet’s bedroom, on the couch across from her bed. Erzevet walked in, quietly and sat down right next to Lucian. “Oh, you’re awake. I do believe we never finished our conversation earlier, Lucian.” “Is there any reason why you kidnapped me and had the bartender killed?” Lucian responded, quickly realizing that his darkest fears about Erzevet were true. “Let me explain. I am…very busy most of the time, and I rarely get some time off, so, I hope you understand what I’m about to tell you. I have, certain nightly obsessions, ones that are generally frowned upon by the greater portion of society, but…I don’t exactly agree with society.” Erzevet was dressed much more provocatively, she was wearing a long, blood-red and black dress with gold and emerald jewelry, and the dress was covered in amber rhinestones, and also included a hood that covered her eyes, showing only her pale face and her long, black hair. She also wore burgundy dress gloves and matching stockings. The dress hugged the curves of her body, not exactly skin-tight, however. The room was lit only with candles, as if it was set for some kind of bizarre ritual. The hissing of the fireplace issued the only noise in the room…just then; Lucian realized that Erzevet had handcuffed him to the couch. “You aren’t going to kill me, are you? Because if you are, just get it over with…” Lucian grumbled. “Oh, no, silly. Why would I do that? I need your assistance to complete my ultimate aim…remember when I told you that I can’t show you what’s in my bathroom? Well, see for yourself.” Erzevet opened the door and revealed the ghastliest horror imaginable. Jars of pickled human body parts, mostly male genitalia and fingers, lined shelves over the mantle; there was no other word in the English language to describe the scene at all. These must have been from hundreds of victims. There were bloodstains all over the floor, bloody handprints on the walls, and a skinned corpse in the Jacuzzi bathtub, which was full of blood. Human skins hung on the walls like trophies from a safari hunt, and paintings of horrendously deformed faces hung on the walls, each with the words “What do you run from?” written underneath them. The most horrific aspect of the whole exhibit was the two human bodies…assembled from the body parts of hundreds of Erzevet’s murder victims.” “What…what is the purpose of this?!” Lucian yelled, in horror and disbelief, unable to move or even run, thanks to the handcuffs. “It’s art. Just art. That’s it. I feel I need to express my anger on this loathsome world and this is how I do it. That trophy you see there, that was from a ‘freelance detective’ who said, and I quote directly: ‘Halt, you dinglehopping, noodlepus-cephaloopian cotton-headed frazzlesnazzling, bleebleblabbling inglewizzer-ridden meatballing diabolical duchess of dastardly demonic deeds, I am Inspector Kongolongowungabungauggugguoosh, owner of the KooKooKaChoo Enterprise Foundation and freelance inspective detective. Your kung-foozle-woozle-snoozle-boozle skills are no match for my deductive detractions from everyday divinations.’ I must admit, those were the most creative last words I’ve ever heard from anyone. Most of the time I find the sounds people make when they die extremely annoying, so I sew their mouths shut with a needle and thread, but, that goes in the Hall of Fame. They are all homeless people, the ones I take, I offer them work in my house, but then, they see my purpose. After I have my fun with them, they beg for death, and being merciful, I grant them their wish.” Erzevet exclaimed pointing at his pickled fingers and nose, as well as his blood, which had been aged and actually preserved into wine. Erzevet’s face proceeded to become a frightening mask of insanity, and she began chanting a bizarre lullaby, which she recited softly as she walked slowly over to Lucian, right up to his face, and sang it to him, looking deep into his eyes: “Ahhhh…Ehhhhh…Hehehehe…I’m a fiend, yes, so what? A place of lonely existed, here’s a story, a story of nothingness and empty holes of dark. It’s a noose! No! It’s a noose! Wish that snow received me at the airport gate, nine thousand voices scream, don’t, it must perish for the way it is. Well, we must tag for what we must not do alpine mountain rain, the avalanche of demise upon the city of sanity. Fear the closer, why you leave? Fear the father for I wish once was, Oh, Stemoya, I love your hat, where did you buy it, I must have one myself, Fuck these memories with a rusty fork, the old ways of old are no longer relevant, Me fools all, were you spoozy, or something? Malik Sausage Burned, expiration dates pass, yes, it’s me, and it’s skins F.E.A.R. Yeah, it’s me, fuck you for violations, And the sky, all over me eternal, Yargh, quit your sniffling, laugh at the noose, the home-run vector, laughs at the dead man, who few even remember, People read this warning fierce, for your soul, my blades will pierce, I wish you were here to see what I have become, my old lover, my sweet child, my only true love…Lucian Lockwarde…I need you. More than you know.” Lucian gasped as he realized what this was about. Erzevet was in love with him, and this was her idea of a “love lullaby.” “This room, this apartment, is my depiction of what heaven looks like. Remember what I told you about the Order of the Dragon?” Erzevet said, trying to stand in front of the freshly-killed corpse of Luzmela, the cleaning lady that had greeted Lucian earlier. “The Order of the Slavonic Dragon of St. George, as it is officially known, is to you and all other history scholars an Islamophobic, Christian radical sect from the late Middle Ages and into the early Renaissance. That is only partially true. Though we did persecute Muslims and keep order through terror, we were not evil. We were viewed as heroes to our people, and dreamed of a new Roman Empire, under the command of the Grand Master of the Order. Eventually, the Turkish Sultan destroyed our enclaves and forced us into hiding, but not before we signed a pact in Cisje Fortress, between the Bathory family of Hungary, the Vaclav family of Bohemia and the Jagellion kings of Poland-Lithuania. This pact immortalized the Order of the Dragon, and we took up the puppet strings of Europe, slowly biding our time until we may re-emerge into the light of day. The Order of the Dragon is the birth-seed of the later Illuminati movement, which was a rogue mystic group from Bavaria, Germany, which was quickly snuffed out via information given by Dragon Order members, it’s funny how the world sees them as the ultimate conspirators, but do you know why? Because we made it so. The only reason the Illuminati are suspected of everything is because the Order of the Dragon plants the ‘evidence’ pointing directly at a conspiracy. Everything that has happened in the past 650 years of Old and New World history involving Europeans has proceeded according to our design. The American Revolution, yes, your precious American patriot movement, was all just a huge inside job, only meant to increase the wealth of the Western world while conveniently providing the illusion of freedom and equal rights. The truth is that freedom only exists as long as the masters of a given society allow it to…like I said earlier, we are destroyed by the very things that create us…sigh…” Erzevet pointed at the dragon medallion hanging on the wall over the fireplace. “Well…if that is the case…then, what are your plans?” “Five…” “What?” “Four…” “Stop! Make sense!” “Three…” “Let me out of here!! AHHH!!” Lucian screamed. “Two…One…Time’s up…” Just then, a massive explosion rocked the entire East Side of Manhattan, as the George Washington Bridge exploded and the center span collapsed into the Hudson River, with more than 2,000 cars on both decks of the span at that moment; Latos’ bombs had detonated right on time. “Oh, you silly little thing…real suffering is not known…it is felt. Society cannot see that it has already lost…” Erzevet extinguished the candles and the fireplace, with Lucian still on the couch…for the whole night.

  1. Sweet, Dark Serenity

Laa, la, la, spring is in the air, I smell the sweet aroma of the honeysuckle on the wind’s breath…” Erzevet was taking her morning bath…in a gigantic Jacuzzi tub full of human blood, scrubbing herself as any normal person would do in the bathtub. The bathroom stank of death and bloodied corpses, but she didn’t mind. Bathing in blood gave her a sense of what she called a “sweet, dark serenity” that was unequaled by immersing oneself in water. “Lucian, sweetie, I need something else to drink…” Erzevet called, and Lucian came walking down the hallway, just as the news was blasting in the other room about the “international horror” of the George Washington Bridge being blown up. Lucian was now very much changed; he was dressed in a rather regal, 15th-century Hungarian Cossack general outfit with bizarre, glazed-over eyes. “Ereh uoy og, ssim.” Lucian responded, just the words he said, “Here you go, miss,” came out in the right order, just spelled backwards. Erzevet had actually performed surgery on his brain using nano-bots injected into his forehead like Botox, they rewired his brain to only say words backwards; he was no longer capable of saying anything normally. Erzevet opened the bottle of “wine,” which was really fermented blood from one of her victims, in her own words, an “overzealous airline pilot with an ‘obnoxiously stupid’ laugh.” NYPD and National Guard troops were caring for those who had trouble coping with the destruction of the GWB, the worst terror attack since 9-11-01. 500 people died on the bridge, as cars that had fallen into the Hudson were being recovered by New York Port Authority Police boats were often found with dead people still inside, some drowned in their own cars, others were killed by the explosion before plummeting into the Hudson hundreds of feet below. The bridge itself was not completely destroyed; but the center span was completely gone; the bombs had been placed on the lower deck of the bridge, so that the force the blast would annihilate everything in the blast radius in all directions, above it and beneath it. “I must admit, Latos always took a bizarre pleasure in breaking things and setting things on fire…” Erzevet said, stepping out of her bathtub, naked and dripping with human blood. “I never understood his motives, perhaps it was because he was an untreated pyromaniac, who purposefully burned and bleached his face with chlorine bleach and hot coals to look like a demon?” Erzevet asked, rhetorically. “I make him wear that mask in my presence, because his face is too repulsively disgusting to look at, besides, a simple pyromaniac like him has proven time and time again that he cannot see my true vision…isn’t that right Lucian?” “Rof hcus a dnim, uoy evah a suolucidir yaw fo gnitats eht suoivbo.” “Yes, indeed, it is quite obvious, isn’t it? Sometimes, however, something must be said even though it is understood universally. That only reiterates the point.” “Sey, yrev hcum os.” “Now, please excuse me while I get dressed.” Lucian walked out of the room and into the bedroom again, towards the T.V. Lucian picked up the remote and changed the channel to the local CBS 2 News, where the News Chopper 880 was flying over the bombed-out George Washington Bridge reporting the heartbreaking recovery efforts, with the hundreds of body bags lying on the span, the broadcast signal was interrupted by a fuzzy, explosive burst of static, and then the image of another, very sinister figure appeared on the screen. She was wearing an exact replica of Queen Elizabeth I’s royal robes, just jet black and crimson, with a black peacock-feather headdress and a chalk-white painted face, with three red dots, one on her forehead, and two on her cheeks, with a smudge of makeup on her lips that looked like blood dripping down her lower lip. She had haunting blue eyes and brown hair. “Dear brothers and sisters, people of New York. Let me tell you this up front. Your government has lied to you. For many of you, this is no surprise. We have been observing you for quite some time now, and I must say we are disgusted. The military-connected power elite and financial barons of Wall Street are the only “criminals” here. The fact that you targeted the George Washington Bridge and not Wall Street Headquarters downtown shows just what cowards the Order of the Dragon soldiers and their leader, Erzevet Waldheim, really are. We, the Illuminati, are a different breed. The four greatest powers in the world, the U.S., U.N., Illuminati Empire and the Order of the Dragon of St. George are about to converge in a war that will shape the human race in a new direction. The question is…where to? I am Grand Mistress of the Stars, Samantha Leuwenhoek, and we are Illuminati. We are the Unknown Legion, invincible and legendary. You are but ants in our presence. Let the fire of liberation consume your souls, and may the iron of the spears rain unyielding death upon those who oppress those incapable of defending themselves. We do not forgive, we do not forget, and we will have our vengeance, in this life, or the next, comrades. Good day.” Just then, Erzevet came storming out of her bedroom, still half-dressed, livid with anger. “That FILTHY ROTTEN BITCH!!!!” she screamed. “The Illuminati were supposed to be DEAD! EXTINCT! GONE!! This will not be tolerated!” “I thguoht eht Itanimulli erew daed oot.” Well, APPARENTLY, we missed a few…If it’s a war that Mistress Leuwenhoek wants, it’s a war she’ll get!” Erzevet walked back into her room to finish getting dressed. Little did anyone know what the true Illuminati were, far from being harbingers of doom, they were the liberators, the heroes that New York needed, they were here to save New York and the established society, even though Samantha Leuwenhoek, a.k.a. “Mistress of the Stars,” knew very well that she was probably beating a long-dead horse. The world was not truly capable of being saved, or even doing anything good for itself anymore; the true purpose of the New World Order, long planned by the Illuminati, was to rebuild society and finish the 350,000-year Cycle of Existence, therefore saving society from itself. It was a brutal plan, that involved many reforms that would sacrifice the lives of many with war, unchecked scientific experimentation and political secrecy, but it was better than the only alternatives, societal self-implosion or domination by the Order of the Slavonic Dragon of St. George. When society was so broken and hopeless that the only way to save it was to destroy it and start from scratch, you knew that the future was truly disparaging and bleak. Little did anyone know just how bleak society was about to get.

Far above Manhattan, cloaked by camouflage device that literally used steam and mirrors to disguise itself as a gigantic cumulus cloud, the enormous S.M.S. Skytanic flew overhead, its massive, titanium-alloy airship hull powered by 8 massive steam turbines and the rhythmic beating of six massive, canvas-and-steel wings beating in unison like oars, “rowing” the massive 1,500-meter long vessel through the sky. The ship was crewed by 4,500 Illuminati Luftstreikrafte air crew, the Grand Mistress’ best men and women. The Skytanic’s Luftkapitan, a man named Baron Sven von Munchausen-Spiegel, wore a black uniform with a cape, a black top hat, a telescopic monocle, a cane, and robotic, mechanical, metal arm, replacing the one he had lost in a battle with the Order of the Dragon several years before over the Bermuda Triangle, the Skytanic was also responsible for a lot of the disappearances there, the plane flying into that random cumulus cloud flying over the Bermuda Triangle wasn’t exactly what it seemed; but that was before Countess Erzevet Waldheim of the Dragon Order decided to bring the 500-year old secret war to public attention. This happened sooner than Mistress Samantha would have expected, but she knew it was inevitable, and the entire Illuminati Air Corps, or Luftstreikrafte, in the Austro-Bavarian dialect, was ready. Just as Baron Sven stood in the huge bridge chamber, with huge, decorated, stained-glass windows looking out over New Jersey, Manhattan and Long Island, with an exact replica of the Sistine Chapel painting on the walls and the ceiling, depicting the Last Judgment and the coming of the New Order, which was the Illuminati’s mission to create, one of his guards, Mistress Samantha, dressed in her full regalia and headdress, walked into the room, surrounded by airmen and Sky Marines, as always. They carried incredibly lethal pump-action, 4-barreled shotguns with wickedly-sharp rapier-bayonets; these used a steam-powered, cog-gear mechanism to reduce the recoil, making the gun sound like a hissing, clanking typewriter when it was being reloaded. The weapons were bizarre mixes of industrial efficiency and brutal lethality, and the Steam-Pump Shotguns were the weapons of choice for Close Quarters Battle (CQB) engagements, such as those in the narrow corridors of a ship. Baron Sven bowed politely for his Mistress of the Stars, cordially removing his hat, his metal arm clanking like a machine as he moved it. “Look, we’re flying over Yankee Stadium!” one of the Sky Marines yelled, pointing down at the tiny stadium more than 130,000 feet below. “Close your mouth or I will bind it shut…if the Steam Cloak is removed, we’ll unintentionally give the baseball fans an unintended air show.” Samantha snapped, very authoritatively. She couldn’t stand frivolous nonsense; sport was just that, sport. Nothing more. “I just revealed my intention to American people…there is no escape now. We are preparing for war.” “Indeed, Mistress, I don’t think our airship would be the blimp the baseball fans had in mind if they saw us. Regardless, the world is going to raise hell after the events of the past two days, but as I always learned…What is Paradise, without Hell?” “You have learned well, Apprentice Sven. Apparently my conditioning techniques worked. Perhaps when I locked you in that room full of starving hyenas until you killed every last one for confusing the homophones “patients” and “patience” had the desired effect.” “Yes, good grammar is always important.” “That is correct as well. Rise, Baron Munchausen.” Baron Sven stood from his kneeling position of respect for his mentor and his Supreme Leader. Just then, one of the crewmen standing at his station said that a message was coming in from the transponders. “We’re being hailed.” The projector screen, which was similar to one you’d see in a college classroom on which to display lecture slides, deployed and the robotic-arm, telescope-like camera extended, beaming the image of the United Nations Chairman on the screen. “Hello, General Secretary Bak-Ki Moon.” Mistress Samantha said, in her soft, elegant voice. “Greetings, Exalted Mistress of the Stars, we have an update on the Order of the Dragon’s plans, it appears that Countess Waldheim’s allies in Hungary and Slovakia are in on this too. The U.N. Representatives from these countries are actually Order of the Dragon members, and are secretly in league with the Countess.” “I figured as much. What are we to do?” “Well, your affiliates in the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and NATO, as well as the European Union, are working around the clock to prove to the rest of the U.N. that these two are traitors, as, according to U.N. bylaws, we must have proof of treason to warrant a formal indictment on said charge.” “I never did like that law. I know in my gut when someone is lying, it just shows in their face and their speech patterns.” “We cannot go by ‘gut instincts’ when it comes to international law and politics…until we stop biding our time, that is.” “Again, you know your role and your place. The United Nations, NATO, the European Union, the IMF, the World Bank and various multinational corporations such as the Wall Street banks, the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and the London Stock Market are all arms that the Illuminati Empire uses to pull society’s puppet strings. The only thing standing in our way is that vampire-witch Waldheim and her Order of the Slavonic Dragon. Once they are dealt with…I will finally see justice for my fallen comrades. For 600 years we have waited. The wait is over. This is it.” Mistress Samantha drew a black hilt from her dress’ sleeve, which quickly unfolded itself into a massive, sleek, steel sword with an enormous, angel-wing shaped hilt. It was a huge, two-handed broadsword, difficult to master, but was nearly invincible in Samantha’s use. “This weapon is the Bane of All Fools, a sword that, upon striking its enemies, lets them see their own flaws and shortcomings in the most haunting, tormenting way possible when it cuts into them, so they bleed to death in a gory mess, as they watch their pride and dignity be destroyed before their eyes. I look forward to impaling Countess Waldheim on its blade.” Mistress Samantha walked up to the bridge balcony and looked down into the huge main hangar of the Skytanic, as marching columns of steampunk Illuminati soldiers and Sky Marines stood in orderly iron bulwarks, and marched around the hangar in formation, at the same pace and step. “Magnificent, aren’t they…” Samantha thought, after raising the Bane of All Fools vertically parallel to her face, and then practicing a sword flourish with it. She then looked straight ahead, out into the vast sky ahead of the ship, behind the huge guns on the forecastle deck, out the massive stained-glass windows. It was the epitome of ancient might, by the clanking of the colossal steam pistons driving the ship’s flapping wings; the crew was ready for war. “The die has been cast. This is how it begins, and this is how it ends…” Samantha mumbled, and then slowly walked off the bridge. She walked back down the hallway, flanked by her guards, leaving her apprentice, Baron Sven, to command the ship, but as she was walking along, she heard what sounded like loud Oktoberfest tunes coming from the mess hall on E-Deck. “In the name of all things sacred, it’s JUNE!!” Mistress Samantha groaned, and the guards immediately took her to the davit-style elevator lifts down to the E-Deck mess hall. After a brief ride, the elevator doors opened and Mistress Samantha froze, her haunting blue eyes awkwardly gaping at the sight of the entire mess hall decked out like an Oktoberfest Biergarten, with an awkward sweat drop dripping down her forehead. “HEIA!! HEIA!! Ein! Zwei! Zofar!” the German steampunk Sky Marines and infantry cheered as they guzzled huge steins of beer all in unison. “Excuse me!!” Samantha snapped, “One, it’s June, and two, drinking on duty is a violation of the Imperial Military Code!!” Samantha yelled, pointing at the calendar hanging on the wall. “Idioten! I told you to hide the advertisements for the Bierfest in June celebration!!” “You had better have a good reason for this…” Samantha hissed, walking right over to the colonel that had apparently organized the illegal Oktoberfest on the ship. “I do…I discovered the whereabouts of the Order of the Dragon Hall of Records, which will allow us to find and stop this war before it gets out of hand! We were just celebrating it.” “Oh…ok, can you show me this?” Samantha asked, curiously. The colonel took a piece of paper out of his pocket, and it clearly showed an old map of Slovakia, pointing to an area around Csije Fortress, where the Order of the Dragon had one of its bases during the Renaissance Era. “Well, why didn’t you just say so? Because of this, I am not going to court-martial any of you, but the PARTY’S OVER!! NO BEER, NO MUSIC, BACK TO WORK!! By the way, there’s a massive stain on this map, how did that happen?” “He spilled beer on it…” the colonel said, pointing at a severely drunk soldier, singing a very bad song that he appeared to be composing ad lib. Samantha made a very annoyed facial expression and simply walked back onto the lift without saying anything. At least now the Illuminati Empire had a sense of direction. As Samantha walked away, she thought to herself: “In all my years of studying the mystic arts; all the Houses of Subterranean Animism, the Phantasmagoria of Flower spells, the Embodiment of the Crimson Cherubim, the List of Undefined Fantastic Objects, and memorizing all 3.5 million words of the 3-volume Manifesto of the Imperishable Night, the Sordid Sunrise Seraphim Swords, and the Millennial Cycle of Existence, I have never seen such imbeciles as those idiots in that mess hall…at least they were able to find the map we needed…” Sam walked back down the hallway to her meditation chamber, which was full of pyramid-shaped holo-banks, each with small, red, All-Seeing Eyes on them, the Illuminati insignia and the holders of all the world’s knowledge; everything that is known or ever was known was recorded in this, the Library of the Illuminati, in the personal care of the Grand Mistress of the Stars, Samantha Leuwenhoek. The chamber was utterly silent with nothing but a cushion on the floor for her to sit on and meditate, focusing her ancient sorcery powers. As Sam sat on the cushion, her huge black and scarlet dress billowing out as she kneeled on the pillow, she closed her eyes and chanted and ancient, Illuminati prayer. “Who am I? Who am I but a servant of the Imperishable Night?! There is no force but the human race, no greater power than the mind. Through my sufferings, through my trials, I gain power. Through power, I gain independence. Through independence, I gain knowledge. Through knowledge, I gain wisdom. Through wisdom, I am immortal. I will not live forever, but my words, ideas and creeds shall never die. Die Gedanken sind Frei.” Just then, a knock at the door came through, interrupting her silent meditation. “Milady, your casserole you put in the oven in your stateroom is on fire.” “Oh, my mistake…I never was a good cook…send for the shipboard fire crews. Let me return to my meditation, please.” “Yes, milady.” Samantha was, even though she was a supreme witch, only human, and sometimes was rather forgetful, especially if she became engrossed in her spells or studies. Just then, Samantha received a vision from her meditation, one of immense importance: “Erzevet Waldheim has accomplices…10 Dragon Countesses, one on each major landmass or subcontinent, Africa, Asia, Indian subcontinent, Madagascar, New Zealand, North America, South America, Australia, Europe, and Antarctica…and they all thirst for revenge…domination…” she thought, calculating immense figures in her all-powerful mind. “I see…their thoughts…they want control, control of Europe as a “Paganblut-Hexe Imperium,” a new Roman Empire with modern, 21st-century technology, in control of the entire European continent, the Levant and Turkey, as well as North Africa. They’ll transform the world into a new colonial system, and divide it as they please, thrusting us into a new Dark Age, where Erzevet Waldheim and her 10 Dragon Countesses’ will is the only law…Not on my watch.” Mistress Samantha grabbed a phonograph-like megaphone and began speaking into it, broadcasting her voice through the entire ship:

All crewmembers, take heed, this is Mistress Leuwenhoek. Never before have so many of our Illuminati Empire come together from all over the world in the name of one war…but never before have we ever faced an enemy such as this with so much at stake. Our tactical foe may be the Order of the Dragon, but our true foe is what the Order stands for: oppression and hate. I have seen my kingdom’s home city of Munich reduced to nothing in my vision of the future…my summer retreat of Athy Abbey burned to the ground, hundreds of my ships destroyed and thousands of my best troops perish in defense of the Old Illuminati creed and ideal, all because of greed, hate and bloodlust. The 11 leaders, including Countess Waldheim, are greedy and hateful, and they have the power to do whatever they want. They can take away your homes, lives, livelihoods, countries, families…with one word; they can take away your very lives. But there is one thing they CANNOT and WILL NOT take from us and that is our spirit! For 650 years, the Illuminati Empire has fought the Order of the Dragon since Sigismund the Old formed the Order in Bohemia to challenge us and protect the corrupt, hate-ridden soul of “Christian Europe” on every front imaginable, on land, at sea and in the air. Now, an opening has appeared; an opening which we will slice though, cut into the heart of the Dragon Cities of Budapest, Prague and Bucharest and burn anyone who stands in our way!! No fewer than 780,000 men, the entire Illuminati Unknown Legion, and troops from our allies, our allies that share the same ideology that we do. I would die 1,000 times to avenge the deaths of my other 6 Convent members at the Athy Ambush 3 years prior, and I would die 1,001 times to prevent the same thing from happening to every innocent man, woman, or child who opposes tyranny!! In the name of all things just and sacred, FREEDOM FOREVER!!!!” “Stieht Hoch!!” The Illuminati soldiers aboard the ship cheered in triumph as the Mistress of the Stars finished her rally, as Baron Sven Munchhausen von Spiegel activated his mechanical, steam-piston powered prosthetic arm to pull the signal lever to the engine room: “Pull full steam ahead! Let’s go boys down there! Stoke em’ right up!!” Baron Spiegel yelled into a megaphone, connected via tube to the engine room and the stokers in the boiler bays, as he sat down into his command chair, which sat in the center of a gigantic clock face, with the numbers counting backwards in a clockwise direction, symbolizing the fact that people die, but ideas are timeless; his prosthetic arm connected with electrical wiring, allowing his own neural electricity to synch with the ship’s Time Aperture, he could use his brain to power the gigantic, clearly-visible cogs and gears that powered the clock that he sat in front of to actually alter time, his seat was actually a time machine that was powered by his own thoughts, he could take the ship to any point in time, past, present or future, and even fly into other dimensions or send his enemies into a black hole, using the principles of Einstein’s theory of relativity. If that wasn’t enough, the S.M.S. Skytanic had huge guns, and missile tubes that fired a rain of explosive energy spears upon an entire city, causing, during a bombardment, the same amount of devastation as a nuclear bomb, with no irradiation of the surrounding area, because the spears, which were just that: energized javelins, used fusion power, rather than fission. This was it. There could be no retreat. The flags were raised. The rage would be released. The gigantic steam pistons in the engines roared to life as the huge airship wings beat with massive gusts; the ship was reaching its maximum of 90 knots. Baron Spiegel activated his telescopic monocle, which made it look like an inverted telescope extended from his eye, albeit a crooked, junky-looking one. He looked a bit like the typical mustache-twirling “evil baron” sitting on his chair, something from a 1960s-era Saturday morning cartoon, but he was far from a villain. He actually saw himself as a hero. The ship was now on the warpath, but so were the Illuminati’s enemies…and they had plans of their own.

  1. As the Red Moon Shines

“This is crazy, those conspiracy theorists; the same ones who thought that the Illuminati were taking over the world?! They were right…” Katherine “Kitty” Ermell, a Basque-descended inhabitant of Rainkiss Chateau in France, sat in her house, alone, at 12:00 A.M. Her boyfriend was out at the bar again, but Kitty was just getting over the flu, and needed to stay back at the Chateau, so she was watching the news about the Illuminati reveal, and how INTERPOL was now aware of an organized society of intellectuals shrouded in utter secrecy, one that some claimed had been in league with various intergovernmental organizations and had considerable influence in many governments of many countries, and if these intellectuals were responsible for the destruction of the George Washington Bridge, then this was a very worrisome development indeed. If the claims of government control on a global scale were true; if the world government system really was just a puppet whose strings were pulled by faceless, nameless, all-powerful individuals, then the conspiracy theorists’ darkest fears would be confirmed. Lord Skoadewellington Thaddeus Amadeus Ignatius Cornelius Severus Verdi Warrex Whilhelmus Testicleheadwurde III, a blogger from the European Union blogging under that screen name, once wrote that the Illuminati could time travel and flew around in huge ships disguised as clouds, but then again, this blogger also said that pine cones were really grenades that had been transformed into organic material by Greys, the classic, big-headed, grey-skinned, Roswell-style aliens. Just then, a hollow, yet harsh knock came at the door. Kitty stood up and opened the door, but saw no one standing in the doorway to greet her. She did, however, feel the temperature drop suddenly and only for a moment, but it was a beautiful summer night on the winery, which her family owned. Perhaps it was only the sweet summer breeze in the night sky. “Strange, I’m sure I could have heard someone knocking…” Kitty said, shutting the door. It was late, and she was getting sleepy, so she decided to go upstairs to her bedroom and retire for the night. She walked into her bedroom, looked around at the warm, beautiful old wood paneling and floor, with her bed in the corner. She looked around the room, said a brief blessing, and went to sleep…but the moment she turned out the lights, she felt…wrong. It was something that she couldn’t explain, just that inescapable feeling that someone was in her room with her, when there was nobody there. Lying in her bed, Kitty began to tremble, her mind racing and her skin prickling on pins and needles, an inexplicable feeling of impending doom, when all of a sudden, she heard a noise outside, on the ground, directly below her window, the moment she turned her back to her closet was all the time needed for the malicious entity that had entered the house when she opened the door to zip across the floor as a shadow anima, stand vertically by her bedside, and take a human form. “Hello…” the young but very sinister and outright evil-looking woman said as she removed her hood. She had a chalk-white ghostly face, long black hair and cat-like, staring eyes, very pretty, but very creepy at the same time. “You’ve been sitting in the dark here for quite a while, but don’t worry, there’s nothing to be afraid of…I’m here to save you. Save you and all who walk the path of the Gestalt from a cruel, hideous fate, at the hands of the Illuminati.” “Gestalt…?” Kitty said, almost too afraid to say anything. “Yes, it is what Draconic Christians like me call the essence of evil in society, that possess us all and make us cold, hateful, hollow-souled individuals that worship death and take poison as readily as Socrates took the hemlock of his bane. Society does not forgive, nor does it forget, and if any mistakes are made, the history is recorded for all to see ad infinitum. Not only is history damning to those that are part of it, history is distorted by its chroniclers as they see fit all too often, so the point is that what you see is not always true. Just because I am one of the 11 Dragons of the Slavonic Order of St. George doesn’t make me evil, I am seen as such by my organization’s rival, the Illuminati Empire, and those who defeated my original covenant that formed in the Carpathian Mountains under Emperor Sigismund, all those years ago…We are not evil. We are just seen as evil because society is too narrow-minded, dogmatic, and bureaucratic and values its conformist ideology to the point where democracy becomes a form of “inverted Fascism.” Popular culture figures become some powerful that they are the informal dictators, subliminally instructing and behaviorally conditioning people into thinking that they have to see a certain, set appearance in a person to see them as “normal.” Just like Pavlov’s drooling hounds, humans are conditioned by celebrity behavior, and upon their drooling for more societal benefits, they are awarded a steak in the form of government handouts from the officials they elect, based on their celebrity, Hollywood-proxy pseudo-Fascism that permeates Western culture like a pox. That is the Gestalt. The Gestalt is the storm of lies used to disguise society’s true aim and purpose; not to serve and protect, but to control and enforce order and their twisted, bent ideas of “peace,” “celebrity status,” and “order.” The Gestalt is the shield that the Beast, society itself, uses to protect itself. One cannot exist without the other, and when one ceases to exist, the other will also vanish. A lie does not tell itself, and a society cannot protect itself from its own shortcomings if its people are not deceived by the shield of lies. It is a never-ending cycle, the ultimate catch-22, and the true, core reason that Western society is the way it is…the rich Hollywood movie stars, and the military, financial and politically-connected power-elite elected by the citizens to represent them, often influenced by their favorite celebrities. The celebrities are the American and European Gestalt Form, and we, the Order of the Dragon, have refused to be deceived by the Gestalt any longer. When we resist, the Gestalt crumbles, and leaves the heart of society completely unprotected for the slashing blades of the sickle-sword, representing the people. I am Agatha the Haunting, the European Countess of the Order of the Dragon and one of the 11 Dragons of the Order…it is up to you…either see my teachings as they are and accept my offer of salvation, or meet the fate of those who don’t see my purpose or reasoning. The only enemies that the society has are Hollywood celebrities and their families, using their financial and social status to impose an informal, insidious culture of pop-culture Fascism and corrupting the minds of Western youth with disgusting ideologies of conformity and the threat of social ostracism if they do not conform to popularity, and the military, political and financially-connected power elite all serve the interests of the people that the celebrities influence via their inverted Fascist methodology. In this system, democracy cannot function without contradicting itself, that being said, by the laws of reason, the system begs the question as a form of circular logic, and therefore should be rejected by any truly intelligent person. The Order of the Dragon provides that alternative. I am Dragon Countess Agatha the Haunting. The Illuminati are the secret arm of the Gestalt. They must be killed, at all costs. Do you understand what I have just told you?” “But…what of the ones I care about, there has to be a way to include them…” “Yes or no will do!” Agatha snapped. “Yes…Yes I do…” “Good. Now, it is time to go. You cannot remain here, now that you know the truth. You need to come with us, you will be instructed on how to defend the souls of all who follow us, by one of Supreme Countess Waldheim’s chief enforcers…his name is Latos, I do believe, he may be somewhat frightening to look at, but you will see him as a leader in time. After all, nothing is a frightening as the Gestalt’s plan for the brainwashing of intellectualism.” “Fine…let me get my things…” “That will not be necessary.” Agatha placed her hands on Kitty’s shoulders, and a loud, moaning, ghostly noise filled the room…Agatha had entered Kitty’s brain, and was now occupying her as a puppet. “When your sweetheart comes home, you will tear him limb from limb to prove loyalty to us. I sense him coming right now…” A stronger individual may have been able to shake Agatha from their brain, but Kitty’s typical herd-mentality, weak-minded, sorority-girl nature made her a total subservient to the unyielding power of Agatha’s immensely powerful mind control and possession techniques. “I…must, obey, the only truth…Ordo et Progreso…” Just then, the young man opened the door, and Kitty, under Agatha’s brainwashing control, lunged at her boyfriend. “Purge…Cleanse…Liberation! That’s it!!” Agatha commanded the brainwashed body of Kitty to gouge her boyfriend’s eyes out in a bloody, gory mess, and then smash his teeth in, and stab him with a huge steak knife big enough to kill a horse. Just then, Kitty’s body returned to normal as Agatha reappeared beside her, and then Kitty let out a shriek of agony and despair as she saw what she had done to the man that she had loved since high school. “What have I done?!!?” Kitty sobbed uncontrollably, looking at his mangled, bloodied corpse. Agatha stood by and smirked with demonic pleasure. “You’re fulfilling your destiny, Katherine. Do what must be done. Reject the old ways, learn to use your powers, your stronger, darker emotions, these empower the Dragon Followers…” “I…have…no…choice…” “Good…a powerful Dragon Lady I see in you…Rise…Mistress Ashen Lily…” There she stood…Katherine, covered in the blood of her boyfriend, was now known only as Ashen Lily, a Dragon Lady, and one of the founders who would begin the march to the Sixth Age of Europa: the Paganblut-Hexe Imperium, or the “Dragon Reich,” which would cover the extent of the Roman Empire at its peak, including Ireland, Scandinavia, Scotland, Iceland, all of Germany and Central-Eastern Europe right up to the border with Russia, with its capital in the ancient city of Constantinople, with Waldheim, the 10 Dragon Countesses, Ashen Lily, and the Sages Latos, Sleip, Tyr and Nord, they would be forever known as the founders of the coming New Order…and the vengeful vanguards of Europe’s soul everywhere. Two obstacles stood in the way, however; in Manhattan, the NYPD and American law enforcement, and the much larger problem of the Illuminati and Mistress of the Stars Samantha Leuwenhoek’s constant attempts to derail Supreme Countess Erzevet Waldheim’s plans. Samantha had considerable firepower and a dreaded personal weapon; no one wanted to be impaled on the end of the Bane of All Fools, Sam’s supernatural penance sword. This was the only way; the police were child’s play. The real battles would come with the Illuminati, as the 650-year hidden struggle was about to hit its apogee. Ashen Lily and Agatha teleported out of the French chateau, leaving the corpse for the police to find and speculate over. They had work to do.

“What in the name of all things sacred is going on in this world?!” FBI chairman roared at the NYC Police Commissioner. “We’ve got the GWB getting blown up, strange, masked assassins killing people in bars and leaving no trace, and Harvard college students disappearing, not to mention the French police are investigating a gruesome murder at a chateau near Paris that seems to defy possibility. There are no fingerprints on any of these cases, no trace of explosives at the bridge site; for Christ’s sake, it looks as if the killer in France came into the house, ripped the victim to shreds and exited the house without opening any doors or windows, and you say these events are not connected?!” “Of course not! How in the hell could someone commit a murder in Manhattan, kidnap someone and bomb the GWB at the same time?! This all looks like the work of one guy; let alone how this guy could enter a house without using doors or windows, not to mention the broadcast that came over the news radio the morning after the bombing, they called themselves the “Illuminati,” which is fodder for conspiracy theorists, no doubt, but we’re police officers! We base our suspicions and investigations on real evidence, not a 650-year old prophecy that’s been practically synonymous with a street-corner preacher in Times Square begging for drug money! So unless you, the FBI chairman, are suggesting that the homeless drug-addicted ‘prophets’ on the streets of Times Square should be made into city policy advisors on how to handle a puzzling crime spree in Europe and Manhattan, then I suggest you leave the police work in New York City to the NYPD. Need I remind you that you were not sent by Washington or the President, therefore you are infringing on my jurisdiction as Police Commissioner. The Euro cops in France understand this, so the federal government just needs to keep its nose out of city police work for a while, God dammit!” “With all due respect, Mr. Commissioner, I understand the horrors that the city has gone through, but I came here unannounced to provide the evidence that we found.” The FBI chief placed files on the desk, and opened them to reveal a group of typed data spreadsheets. “These encoded files were found under an encrypted channel called “Ordenstein,” which is used only by European skinhead unions to communicate without getting caught by police. See this here…” the FBI chief outlined one particular passage about someone called the “Dragon Lady.” The conversation began between two Hungarian skinheads, messaging from a place near Bratislava in Slovakia, a part of the ancient Hungarian monarchy. “This is nothing but a historical reference to Countess Elizabeth Bathory of Hungary; she killed close to 900 people in the 1580s over the course of less than a year in a manner that would have made Jeffrey Dahmer horny as hell.” “Yes this is true, regardless of the vernacular you just used, however, towards the end of the passage; we found that these two skinheads were discussing an ‘imminent revival of the Dragon Order, under a new Dragon Lady, her 10 Countesses, and the 5 Sages.’ We fear that these mysterious individuals are somehow involved with the rash of horrendous terror attacks and murders in Manhattan and France…and I think I know who the new Dragon Lady is.” “Ok, you have my attention, Chief.” The NYPD Police Commissioner lowered his gaze. “Let me tell you something. I have been a police officer for more than 40 years, I’ve seen some of the worst criminals in the history of mankind be brought to justice under my jurisdiction. There are very few people in this world that genuinely scare me, but this woman is one of them. Her name is Erzevet Waldheim.” “WHAT?!” “Does that name ring a bell?” “Hell, we’ve been onto her for years, she’s suspected of being involved in multiple violent crimes and funding right-wing terrorism. All we needed was a warrant to get her. She’s got 15 accomplices, what are their names?!” “I do not know that at this time, but what I can tell you is that Waldheim is not a typical criminal. She is not Ted Kaczynski. She is not Timothy McVeigh. She is not even Osama bin Laden. She is in a class of her own, and a global skinhead hero. She has a severe mental illness called Porphyria fantastica pseudologia, this is essentially ‘vampire delusion syndrome.’ Sufferers have multiple personalities, full-blown paranoid schizophrenia, usually an incredibly high IQ, and manic sadism, which defines their personalities. Erzevet can switch these personalities at will, she had a mesmerizing way of speaking on par with that of Hitler, and an insatiable taste for human blood and flesh. People don’t see her as any other criminal, because she isn’t like any other criminal. This is the reason she frightens me so much. Not just because she’s a 23-year old brunette beauty who you would never in a million years suspect of being one of the most dangerous people since the rise of Hitler and Mussolini, but because there is really no jail, hospital or detainment facility that can hold her. People who go to prison in the United States go there because society, through the jury system, votes in a democratic manner, based on the evidence argued in court, to send them to prison. If there were ever an argument for the jury system’s flaw in that some criminals are simply too dangerous to stand trial even if they are apprehended according the due process clause in the Bill of Rights, Erzevet Waldheim is that argument. She understands that she is so smart, cunning and dangerous, and she also understand that the police in this country have moral and legal obligations to the Constitution and the American people to uphold their rights while protecting others. She is the 800-lb gorilla in the room when it comes to that philosophy. She hates American society, and if we arrest her, we cannot enforce the law without breaking it ourselves. This is intentional; she’s playing mind games with the global justice system just because she thinks it is fun, like a child on a playground trying to swing higher than anyone else on the swing set. No matter what we do, we prove her ideology correct, at least in her and her follower’s eyes. The only way we can safely apprehend her would be to arrest her and extradite her to her home country of Hungary for trial, but the E.U. courts are even more stringent to human rights than we are, so this would only exacerbate the issue, or…we enact the National Defense Authorization Act Protocol 7. This was just signed into law 2 years ago, and, in times of national emergency, the military can be granted posse comitatus override and arrest, detain and assassinate anyone on U.S. soil with impunity. This would be the first time this order is used.” “Are you out of your mind?! You do that; the government’s credibility is gone! If the American people find out that we’re assassinating U.S. citizens, regardless of their criminal record, on U.S. soil, heads will roll!” “That is where I come in. As the FBI chair, I have ties to the CIA and the Secretary of Homeland Security. This assassination will not reach the media, it will not reach the news; as far as the public is concerned, ‘Erzevet Waldheim’ will have died in a car accident on Henry Hudson Parkway. Also, the U.S. government’s approval rating is at an all-time low. More people approve of pornography, infidelity and bigamy than they do of Congress. This is a harsh reality of police work, Commissioner. Sometimes, it’s not about serving and protecting. Sometimes, it’s about maintaining the status quo, even if we have to resort to near-totalitarian tactics to save lives. In this scenario, police duties require sacrificing personal freedoms in the name of national security. This is more of a moral question than most police officers have to deal with in their entire careers, but it must be made soon. Every second we spend here arguing is one more second of advantage that Waldheim gets, and she will use everything she has to achieve her ends, I know from personal experience, but some things about that woman are best left unsaid…Now, I must make for LaGuardia, I need to be back in Arlington by 6:00 P.M. Good day, NYPD Commissioner Royce.” FBI Chairman Hunter Williamson walked out of the office, his deep voice still echoing in Commissioner Edwin Royce’s head. This was taking the U.S. to a very dark place indeed, and somehow, if Williamson’s description of Waldheim was true, Commissioner Royce believed that she was going to get what she wanted, regardless of what any police or military forces did to apprehend her or stop her. Royce sat in his office and entered “Waldheim, Erzevet” into the search engine, and sure enough, various images of the sinister yet beautiful young billionaire Hungarian heiress emerged, at her homes in Hungary, the Upper East Side and Minnewaska Estate up in the Catskills. “She looks normal, but this is not the half of what she does…” Royce said to himself as he looked at the pictures of a content, peaceful-looking Waldheim standing with her huge Caucasian shepherd dogs, each one nearly the size of a black bear, with her spindly, delicate hand on one of the dog’s heads. Just then, one particular website caught Royce’s eye, a site called “Dark Days Are Coming: the Waldheim Conspiracy Revealed.” “Bingo…” Royce thought. Upon entering the site, Royce found what he was looking for. Pages and pages of archival evidence linking Erzevet Waldheim to dozens, if not hundreds of gruesome, mind-numbingly sick crimes for no other purpose than to see the world suffer for its “crimes.” There must have been 2,500 murders and links in 15 directories! She was under investigation in Russia, China, Brazil, India and the European Union for various unconfirmed issues as well, meaning that she could have been responsible for the deaths of more than 150,000-200,000 people; more than 60 times the number killed on 9-11-01…and no one ever even knew. Suddenly, the realization hit NYPD Commissioner Royce: this young woman was the most dangerous person to ever threaten the U.S. since Osama bin Laden and the most prolific serial killer in human history hands-down. “Ok…we need police on the Upper East Side immediately. Now.” Just as Royce was about to reach for the mouse to e-mail, a bang and stabbing pain ripped through his hand as he screamed in agony, he saw a huge, black, gloved hand plunging a dagger into it, essentially crucifying it to the desk! Looking up at his attacker, Royce saw the hideously bleached, carved, scarred, human Jack-O’-Lantern-like face of Latos, one of Waldheim’s chief assassins. “Good afternoon, sir, I do believe you were infringing on my Mistress’ privacy, she doesn’t like that, you know.” “Who…are…you?!” Commissioner Royce screamed, grimacing from the blood gushing from the bloodied flesh around the knife plunged into his hand. “I am a monument to the Gestalt, the evils of society. An unwilling monument, as you can see by my face, the struggles of life have left me scarred…and deformed…but I assure you, this has no effect on my resolve. I am a man of few words, but let me explain what I assume you can understand. As a police officer, this goes against your basic instincts, but you must understand that you do not seek Mistress Waldheim, she will find you. She does not ask for sympathy like any other, because she is not like any other. She is neither God, nor Devil, she is human, but one with the Dragon Spirit. The Order of the Dragon is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural and in defiance of the law of nature…Mistress Waldheim can survive being hit with a baseball bat repeatedly by a Major League ballplayer and not be harmed at all, and her brain activity level is at 15,000 units. Leonardo Da Vinci was at 800 units. She is beyond your comprehension, and she is beyond mine. No government, rich or poor, feeble or powerful, can stop the darkness that is to come…now, I believe I’ve told you too much. Farewell, you simpleton vermin!” Latos pulled a pistol off of Commissioner Royce’s desk and splattered his brains all over the office with a .45 caliber bullet. Latos removed his dagger from the bloodied corpse’s mangled hand and ran out of the office at superhuman speed, past a long line of dead bodies, killed by the release of aerosolized tetradotoxin, isolated and enhanced from the saliva of the Blue-Ringed Octopus from the Australian Great Barrier Reef. These were the bodies of the police guards and detectives.

The following morning, the security around the New York City Hall was necessarily tight, even the press was not allowed to come within 300 feet of the building. FBI Chairman Hunter Williamson was meeting with Attorney General Eric Holder, as well as Mayor Bloomberg and the commander of the New York National Guard. “Mr. Mayor, you have to understand, this is not a typical murderer, Waldheim is the most dangerous threat this country has faced since Osama bin Laden. She has too many connections to simply arrest like a typical criminal, as Police Commissioner Royce unfortunately found out. I have suggested that the National Defense Authorization Act be enabled against Waldheim. The danger she poses warrants it.” “That is unacceptable. That Act is only in the case of a terrorist attack; one murder, even if it is of the NYPD commissioner, is not grounds for a charge of terrorism, therefore the NDAA is not warranted, even if she killed 200,000 people, as some purely speculative websites have postulated. The official funeral for Commissioner Royce is at 5:00 P.M, but there will be people allowed to see the procession. Either way, we need some time to think.” The meeting adjourned for the funeral, but the true horror was still to come…

“And so, we commit our fallen comrade to Heaven. Commissioner Royce was the epitome of the NYPD’s ideology, his dedication to the city of New York and all it stands for, justice, liberty and honor for all, reflects great credit upon himself, and the NYPD. The police force of New York City has lost one of its finest.” Mayor Bloomberg gave the invocation as the NYPD uniformed officers played “Taps” on the bugle, while the bagpipers played a somber tune, as the complete NYPD chief corps and Mayor Bloomberg marched down Fifth Avenue, only to have the procession halted by a crowd of 30 5-year old children from P.S. 117, who were apparently there on a field trip to pay their respects to the Commissioner after he visited their school earlier that week, but they appeared…strange. They were standing in the middle of the parade route, all staring intently at the Mayor and all the other Police Chiefs. “Kids, you’re standing in the way of the parade route, we can’t move the parade forward if you little kids stand in the way. Police Commissioner Royce can’t go to Heaven if you stand in the way.” The Mayor said, assuming he was talking to a group of children that had lost their way. The response from the children, however, was anything but typical. “There is no God…there is no Devil…there is only Mankind…and Miss Waldheim.” Just as the children recited this chilling message in unison, they walked forward into the crowd of police officers, and stood in place, smiling. The crowd of children detonated a suicide bomb as the confused looks of the police became horror as every police chief in NYC was killed by a crowd of suicide-bomber kindergartners! Fire sirens wailed as police, panicking, drew their weapons to keep the crowd at bay, there were bloodied body parts and mangled, moaning victims on the ground, many of them police officers and firefighters. Mayor Bloomberg himself was killed instantly, as was Eric Holder and the New York National Guard commanding officer. By the time the smoke cleared, most of the NYPD brass, detectives, the Mayor and the Attorney General were dead, along with 300 spectators. Once again, Erzevet Waldheim effortlessly stayed one step ahead of the NYPD, purposely having Commissioner Royce killed to draw the entire NYPD brass into one place…where she brainwashed a group of 5-year olds to commit a suicide attack when the police would least expect it…all with absolutely no regard for human life at all, even her own allies; the coroners found that two of her agents were killed as well, wearing black masks, which actually turned out to be police officers, so that police would kill their own men, mistaking them for enemies…just as a joke; it was as if Waldheim found all of this cute, like a silly, ironic joke. Somehow, to her, this was all a prank with no motive other than to simply see the world burn…she really was unlike any other criminal. She was the Blood Countess of New York.

  1. A Pale Horse called Death

As the New York OEM was struggling to come to terms with what had just happened, Times Square was about to play host to the dramatic revelation of just who this “Erzevet Waldheim,” formerly a little-known, little-seen billionaire heiress from Hungary, was. As Times Square was being evacuated a few blocks up from where the brainwashed children committed the suicide bombing, the massive LED screens in Times Square went dark…just as a sinister white cross appeared on the screens all at once, with three crossbars on it, making it look a bit like a railroad track, with an ancient Hungarian mystic symbol derived from the Aryan swastika design, called the Kolovrat, it looked like two stylized swastikas superimposed on top of one another in such a way that the whole design looked like a murderous wheel of Grim Reaper scythes, with the Triple Cross superimposed over the Kolovrat design and a demonic, three-headed hydra-dragon underneath the insignia of the now-revitalized Order of the Dragon of St. George. For a few seconds, this design appeared on every screen in Times Square, and then, the people of New York got their first look at their tormentor. She had long, silky black hair, hauntingly beautiful blue eyes, pale, ghostly skin and bright-red lipstick, as well as two earrings shaped like dragons eating their own tails in a hoop design, just visible behind her long hair and her ears. She was the last person you’d expect to be a killer, but then, it was always the last person you’d expect…

So simple, yet so complicated, so everlasting, yet so fragile, so easily broken, but so easily built, and so easy to speak, yet so easy to misrepresent…anyone who has lived on this planet, young or old, whether they know it or not, is aware, however subconsciously, of the four properties of which I speak. The first of which, life, in the Earthly definition, consists of amino acids, deoxyribonucleic acid and counts the cell as its basic unit of organization. Therefore, in the purest, biological sense, life is a simple affair, as soon as an organism is born, it is alone, it is small, it is feeble, unless it can adapt, it will die out. Darwin’s theorem of evolution, the first word “theorem” intentionally changed to state that Darwinian logic is proven, it is only because the individuals who are told by the Gestalt that their outdated traditional Christian dogmas are the only, absolute truth. Life is simple, yes, but it is not that simple. What if I were to tell you people that everything you know is wrong? Everything, right down to the very Platonic and Aristotelian logic that the Gestalt has been drilling into your heads from the first breath you take when you slither from your mother’s gaping cervix, is distorted by the Gestalt Field, the displaced, churned, distorted, chaotic and tormented storm of ideologies created by the development of society over the millennia of human existence, displaced by the same methodology as Einstein’s theory of relativity or a ship at sea, is a cyclical, self-destructive byproduct of societal advancement. Every society in history, from the Mayans, to the Romans, to the Soviet Union and the United States, creates its own Gestalt Field, directly proportionate to the weight the society occupies on the global stage. As the society grows, so does the Gestalt Field around it, until the society begins to corrode from prolonged exposure to the ideology that created it, much analogous to the way a ship will rust and rot away in water, even though ships are built for open sea. This eventual corrosion is what the layman would call death and me likewise. Death is nothing supernatural. There is no holy paradise for the good, and dark, hellish underworld for the evil. ‘Good’ and ‘evil’ are points of view, there is no set definition. The same goes with ‘right’ and ‘wrong.’ That is the Gestalt. The Gestalt is society and all the contagion that develops around it, the distortions of truth and space, time and lies, science and metaphysics. There is no God, there is no Devil, there is only Man, and Man, if you haven’t realized already, is capable of far more evil and judgment than any God or Devil, and it happens on a regular basis. Society rots from a plague that will never truly be cured; society seeks salvation when it will never be saved from itself. It is this never-ending Universal Cycle of Existence, a cycle of birth, suffering, death, and the temporary happiness and liberation that result, and repeating the process ad infinitum until the human extinction eventually, inevitably comes, that defines the human race. Humanity is destroyed by the very forces that create it; hence the symbol of my Order, a dragon consuming its own tail. That is life, simple, yet complicated. That other force, love, so everlasting, yet so temporary, has often been described as like magic, but, like any true magic, it is just as often simply an illusion of desire, and the root of that is suffering, the desire to find some kernel of happiness in this horrid, decrepit world before the calm of leaden, everlasting sleep. Love may feel as if it lasts forever, but in reality, when the brain is distorted by the Gestalt Field, time and lies become synonymous. Love feels longer and more meaningful that it actually is when reality sets in; it hurts more than anything else, so love is not an exception to suffering, and it is the epitome of human suffering and misery. There is no love; there is only malice and hate. Human beings cannot love; they cannot feel compassion or care for anyone, because of the Gestalt. The reason love cannot stand is that the foundation of which it stands consists of pillars of sand: trust. Trust is so easy to build, yet is also so easy to destroy. One day you can be best friends with someone, and the next day, you can find out that your best friend was a murderer, and you were on his or her next hit list…a fickle species, humanity is, that is why a dog or cat is more trustworthy than a person. Human beings lie, they cheat, they steal and they have no redeeming qualities. Even the kindest person could commit a triple homicide if they were convinced enough of the benefits of doing so. The truth is kindness is not a human trait. It is the superego, the Freudian depiction of societal conditioning versus the id and the ego that is created by the Gestalt Field. Kindness is a perspective, an ideal that the Gestalt uses to keep its constituent parts together, like a machine, and like any machine, the Gestalt only functions if all of its parts are working the way they should. Thus, the final property, truth, is the most difficult to find. The powers that be, namely the mass media, such as FOX News, CNN, ABC, and the rest of the big banks, such as the 5 Wall Street giants and men like the Koch Brothers, are so powerful that no government on Earth has any power over them; even the unfortunately deceased Attorney General Eric Holder stated that these companies are breaking laws, but are so powerful and so rich that to prosecute them would be economic suicide. The truth is that there is no ‘truth’ anymore. ‘Truth’ consists of whatever the multinational ultra-rich mega-conglomerates proclaim to be true, and in the words of a certain Serb nationalist and political scientist, have turned the U.S. into an inverted totalitarian state, a form of illiberal democracy where the 0.01% control everyone else, even the elected officials are puppets. The Republican and Democratic Parties are both the right and left arm of the Gestalt, and the corporations, mass-media; popular culture, celebrities, Hollywood, social-injustice engine is the head, brain, eyes, ears, nose and mouth of this horrid entity. The legs, the ones that prop the system up and unknowingly support this murder machine, are people like you. The 99.9%, the doctors, farmers, workers, clerks, chefs, anything that is not one of the 0.01% of society is immobilized, with no way of escaping the Gestalt corpse. You don’t have to be. I am the virus, the pox that infects the Gestalt’s body and amplifies within its cells, its police and bureaucracy, the minds of its concentration camps and indoctrination centers that pass as schools, and eventually place the Gestalt at a day of reckoning. Either it wakes up and sees the magnitude of its crimes, or it faces the wrath of those it oppresses for so long. Stand by me and reject your own government and you will achieve a power greater than any University degree or Gestalt-imposed merit badge could ever grant you, one that would assure you a place in my new Empire, the Paganblut-Hexe Imperium. There is no God. There is no Devil. There is only Man, and I am His bane. Good day to you all, Carpe Diem.”

The broadcast cut after a mesmerizing 5-minute speech…watching the speech was Father Robert Jacobson, a priest in St. Patrick’s Cathedral. He uttered a few words that were probably on more than one clergyman’s lips: “I believe we are witnessing the rise of the Antichrist.” From his office in the Cathedral, he immediately devised his theories, and, based on his readings of the Bible, namely the Book of Revelations and it seemed to make sense. However, this is what a lot of Christians said about Hitler, and they were wrong then, the world didn’t end in the Biblical sense, but it certainly changed dramatically, but, there were some critical differences this time around that could only imply to a religious man like Jacobson that Erzevet Waldheim was not entirely human, oddities and inconsistencies that did not remotely correspond to anything resembling typical human behavior, ones that even Hitler didn’t exhibit. For one, Father Jacobson was particularly perplexed by her remarkably phenomenal brain function levels, medical journals on the Internet from the mid-1990s showed that her brain activity regularly reached 20,000 units at rest, and 66,000 units when she was in “deep thought,” bizarrely, scans of her brain when she was 7 years old, back in 1996, show that her greatest activity was when she was sleeping; in REM sleep, her brain function was at 100,000+ units, which was so high, doctors were amazed that she wasn’t killed by her own raw brain power, let alone that she was able to control it at will at such a young age. This type of activity corresponded to an IQ of 15,000, which would make her literally incapable of communicating with a typical human being or even the distant second highest IQ, Stephen Hawking, because she would be thinking faster than humanly possible to understand or even track. She processed information literally a billion times faster than John Stuart Mill, who reportedly had the highest IQ ever recorded, at 190, and he, aside from being the founder of the London Stock Exchange, could do math problems in his head that require a small supercomputer to process today. The fact that her brain was so powerful indicated that her body, while having the look of a stunning, delicate, upper-class 23-year old, was just as strong. There was also medical evidence from when she entered high school in the United States, after a dreadful childhood being abused by her tycoon father in Hungary and her escape from Russian oligarchs, whom she was sold to as collateral for a money-laundering and embezzlement scheme gone awry in the chaos of post-Soviet Eastern Europe, according to newspaper clippings hoarded by Father Jacobson, that she had been beaten with spiked baseball bats and whipped with a type of torture whip designed to shred flesh from bone, and it left little more than a scrape or two; a few bruises here and there, but they healed within hours, as opposed to days. Eventually, she was released by her captors because they failed to do any damage to her body or intellect, despite putting her through procedures and experiments worse than torture, the company CEOs that bought her were a biotechnology company, run by a former U.S.S.R. loyalist who worked as the chief scientist for the Soviet bioweapons program, started by Leonid Brezhnev. Her father, shortly after her release, was found eviscerated and hung from the rafters of his office like an angel, liberated in a macabre, bloody Lazarus spectacle that was explained to the European Union and Vladimir Putin of Russia to be the result of a “crime job gone wrong,” though most of the E.U. and Russian governments suspected that they were not getting the whole story by a long shot. The body was surgically dissected and arranged that way by tempering the human hide to such as precision that an extraordinarily advanced computer would be needed to calculate the exact conditions the body would need to maintain such a horrifically macabre, distorted, statuesque, hauntingly metaphoric pose, the angle at which the scalpels needed to cut into the body, which would be difficult even for the best surgeons to make, if not impossible, and shortly after, Erzevet inherited the nearly $5 billion fortune, moved to the U.S., and now the entire world knew what her real intentions were, and therefore, her true identity…or did they? Several of her manuscripts mention various, ancient, pagan myths, such as an odd fascination with the Kolovrat, the crossed Magyar-Indo-Aryan swastikas which symbolize the Kingdom of Zalmoxis, an ancient Dacian legend of a pagan afterlife flowing with lush, verdant lotus blooms and enormous palaces where the virtuous lived out their eternities, but those who were unworthy of entry were denied paradise, but in Dacia, there was no Hell for sinners. They were instead marked with the Kolovrat as eternal rejection and forced to wander the Earth as a strigoi, a Romanian term meaning “one that screams in the night.” Dacia was the Classical Greek and Roman name for Romania, and sure enough, Zalmoxis was popularized by Herodotus, who saw Zalmoxis as not just paradise, but a “god” himself. The Gatae, or the followers of Zalmoxis, were very superstitious, and the strigoi were the most feared of their monsters, neither alive nor dead, they wander the Earth immortally, searching for victims to keep them alive even if they are an inch from death…it all made sense to him…but the world would never believe it. Several sources also indicate Erzevet’s past as a tortured, yet incredibly gifted little girl who was treated like a subhuman creature by her sociopathic ore-mining tycoon father and everyone else, except for a handsome young man named Latos Blagojevic. He was the only person that truly cared about her and treated her like the stunning young woman she eventually grew into…when she descended into insanity; he quickly followed her into madness as an equal and purposely bleached and carved his face like a living Jack O’ Lantern, eliminating all human traces from his face, not to mention his handsome, dashing appearance, discarding his last name, after killing his mother, father, sisters, 4-year old brother and grandparents by crucifying them and carving Kolovrat symbols into their stomachs with a steak knife big enough to slaughter a horse, after sewing their mouths shut with a dull needle and metal wire for thread. Latos was really the only person that Erzevet really cared about either…therein lay her weakness…but how to exploit it, when Latos was just as dangerous as Erzevet was? Erzevet also had 10 “apprentices,” who appeared to have supernatural powers; two of the most ferocious were a woman named Agatha and a woman named Magda “The Butcher,” the latter fit the description of a female version of the infamous serial killer Edmund Kemper III, she developed a pathological hatred for other young women because they always accused Magda of being “too pretty.” To her, the only good women were dead ones, which, according to Father Jacobson’s research, led Erzevet to keep a very close eye on her, but what made Magda potentially even more dangerous than Erzevet was how unpredictable she was. She was the absolute last person you’d expect to be a sadistic, degenerate, necrophilia, misogynistic psychopath, given that she was a Polish-Russian beauty that grew up in Pine Bush, New York, a small town on the border of Orange and Ulster Counties in the Hudson Valley/Catskill region of New York; it was already well-known by UFO enthusiasts as a place with a mysterious number of sightings, but, aside from that, it was just your average New York State town. Magda was typical of the “popular” girls at the local high school, she was very tall, extremely attractive and always dressed in red and black outfits, her skin was pale, ghostly white and she had long, silky black hair and stunning blue eyes, with a few freckles here and there and a personalized necklace. She was always remembered by her teachers as sweet, kind and understanding of people’s differences, albeit struggled in a few of her subjects, but always very well-liked…by most of the other boys. Most of the girls in her class year bullied her for being “quiet” and “weird,” they often told lies about her to boys she liked, just to sabotage Magda’s chances to ever have a chance with anyone. Needless to say, she still graduated on the honor roll and attended State University at Oneonta, where the strange ideations about pagan mythology started. Magda was raised Catholic, so her parents knew something was wrong when she became interested in ancient, pre-Christian traditions in Eastern and Northern Europe, notably the religion of Odinism and the Kolovrat wheel symbol. Majoring in European history, she didn’t have to struggle with math, a subject that she understood but had difficulty applying in practice. She still, despite her beauty and intellect, had trouble making friends with other girls on campus; every sorority on campus refused to even consider her for admission, all for the same reason, no matter who you asked. The response from every pledge or Rush leader was this: “I really don’t know. Something just doesn’t look right, it’s like one of those things you can’t put your finger on…you know what…whatever, just talking about her or mentioning her name makes me feel uncomfortable for a reason I can’t identify at the moment, Please, end this conversation now.” These suspicions were only confirmed in these girl’s minds when it was revealed that these baseless, irrational fears about Magda had persisted since 8th grade. There was just something about feeling scared or unnerved without knowing the source of the feeling that made it all the more frightening, like a feeling of lurking menace; that something is going to go wrong at any second, and you just didn’t know exactly what. Magda brought people to a very dark mental state just by being around; she seemed to create a loathsome sense of paranoia just by walking into the room. It didn’t matter if the fear was irrational, it didn’t change the reality of the fear itself, real or perceived, some would call it paranoia, but, in reality, the campus police and the student body alike were essentially like deer in the headlights; normally, the police wouldn’t pay attention to suspicions based off of “gut feelings,” “creepy vibes” or “I don’t know, she just scares me” claims, but since there were so many reports and the general consensus amongst the students and even some faculty was that there was something inexplicably “wrong” with Magda convinced the police to investigate Magda’s dorm room, just to assuage fears that were bordering on Salem Witch Trial-level mass hysteria. Unfortunately, these fears were tragically confirmed one night, during a typical Oneonta blizzard in November of 2010. A young woman was found dumped in a snow bank with her throat slit, her womb eviscerated and her blood purposely drained. The victim was one of the pledge sisters who were bullying Magda. Realizing that perhaps human beings are attuned to energies that science did not quite fully understand, the police regretted not doing anything sooner and taking these “paranoid” and “baseless” claims about Magda seriously, SWAT teams broke into Magda’s dorm room, to find not one, but four dead bodies in her dorm bathroom, all hideously dismembered and showed signs of sexual abuse, such as genitalia being violated and drawings of masturbatory fancy in Magda’s drawer, depicting images of everyone on campus lying dead in pools of their own blood and animals raping the corpses. Magda, however, was nowhere to be found…until one of the police noticed a drawing on the blood-splattered bathroom walls… “MAGDA IS NOWHERE…” Too late, the police realized that this drawing was a dementedly clever pun, “nowhere” actually meaning “now here,” just without the space between “now” and “here.” One of the corpses, to the police’s horror, stood up and pulled its face off, the “corpse” was actually Magda pretending to be dead, wearing the skinned face off of the dead woman’s head as a mask. Magda quickly butchered the police with superhuman reflexes; she was on the fencing team, and somehow managed to escape. According to Father Jacobson’s police clippings and records, Magda had been committing crimes as far away as Japan, where she slaughtered an entire hot-spring resort on Sakura-jima, a volcanic island paradise known as a vacation spot for a lot of college students in Japan and other neighboring Asian countries. Magda pulled the same trick on the 21-year old woman, who answered the door at Rainkiss Paradise Hot Springs, disguising herself as a hunchbacked old lady, wearing the face of an old lady she killed, skinned and tanned like a leather hide specifically to gain entry to the mansion, she knew that the 21-year old was very kind and gullible, and had a special place in her heart for innocent old ladies…upon entering the house, Magda revealed who she truly was, and killed every single girl in the all-girl’s resort with a double-bladed meat cleaver, designed specifically to crack human bones and mutilate human flesh. She cannibalized, eviscerated and sexually abused her female victims, even though she was not homosexual. It was a form of maniacal sadism, not homosexuality or “gayness.” She often performed S&M sex acts on corpses after chopping them to pieces, among other demented, vile, degenerate acts of sadistic perversion. Either way, Father Jacobson had been conducting a private investigation into the Order of the Dragon since 2010, and had long suspected its return…and it now appeared that his worst fears were confirmed. There were no police or correctional forces in New York City left that were remotely capable of dealing with this type of criminal act; it was thought that criminals like Waldheim were purely within the realm of crime fiction, most serial killers were profoundly stupid, using basic, childish instincts to avoid the police, and even the smartest criminals were not always the most successful, such as the stock genius that was arrested for keeping prostitutes chained and enslaved in his basement, when asked for an explanation by his arresting officers, he explained that these 7 young women, found emaciated and sickly, were “there when I moved in, 8 years ago;” surely, a man with an IQ 17 points higher than Einstein could come up with a better alibi than that. There was a reason why prison guards, despite working with some of the most dangerous people on Earth, feel completely calm and collected when talking to a man serving 12 life sentences for killing 12 people. Less than 1% of crime consisted of serial murder, 90% of all crime was the type of petty “crime,” if you could call it that, which you saw in the “World’s Dumbest Criminals” section of the annual “Reader’s Digest Year in Review” issue. Erzevet Waldheim exhibited all 7 insanity types seen in the worst serial murderers; artistic insanity, given her taste in art that only someone who was truly deranged would see or understand, sadistic insanity, taking pleasure in seeing others suffer, intellectual insanity, using her seemingly supernatural intellect to outwit and always stay one-step ahead of the authorities, maniacal insanity, where she had delusions of building some kind of new Roman Empire in Europe, depression-induced insanity, from her horrific upbringing in Hungary and Russia, sociopathic insanity, for her total lack of concern or care for other human beings, as well as sexual insanity, for her obsession with human sexuality, with a focus on blood and semi-masturbatory reveling in bathtubs of human blood. Combine this with her money and her influence, and you had a very real reason to be afraid, whether you were a prison guard or a shopkeeper of Fifth Avenue, where Erzevet was known to shop at Tiffany & Co.’s flagship store. As long as Erzevet walked free, people were going to die, and global security was in mortal danger. Also, if the rumors were true, Erzevet would never die, ever. One of her scientific projects, project “GEMINI,” would, in a few years, allow robots to be built that could be controlled with a thought, and five years later, human brains could be revitalized and restored via stem-cell and cloning technology and transplanted from an ailing, dying body into a robotic, artificial body, perpetuating the human lifespan; as computer technology advanced, a person’s mind, their consciousness, personality, intelligence, everything, would be programmed into a computer chip, and by the final stage of the project, a “person” would really be an artificial brain contained in a computer chip with an AI hologram body, but this would still be, in essence, the same person that “died” hundreds of years ago, just without a body. If Erzevet took control of Europe and developed this technology, the world would be forever changed, dominated by her Imperial Europe and perpetual AI hologram copies of herself and her allies, long after her actual body died. Needless to say, this would be a tragedy that would make Hitler and the Nazis look like a joke. At least there was no threat of Hitler returning from the dead in a digitized, AI form every time he died. Just then, Father Jacobson heard a loud thumping noise coming down the hall to his office. It sounded like echoing, iron footsteps, with a cane tapping the floor at the same time. Father Jacobson closed his eyes and uttered a quick Lord’s Prayer, and waited as the door slowly opened. Standing in the doorway was a gargantuan figure, almost 7 feet tall and 334 lbs. He stood like a man, but was more like a monster than a human being, in most respects. His piercing, empty, stark eyes and tiny, dot-like pupils were only accentuated by his drooping, black Cossack mustache and short, pointed black beard. His hat, which was actually a dead wolf’s skin, complete with the snarling head of the wolf still on it, as well as a black ostrich plume, sat jet-black atop his messy brown hair. His outfit was a massive wolverine fur coat that made him look even larger than he already was, and it was dyed red with sinister roaring dragon head designs sewn onto it, red with the blood of thousands of victims. He walked with a ceremonial cane, the handle of which was a 3-headed bronze hydra. He had black gauntlet gloves and steel-toed boots with wicked spikes on the toes for goring his enemies with a single kick. He had a burgundy cape to go along with everything.” “Aren’t you just a tad overheated in the June heat, Lord Vidiun?” Father Jacobson said, with his thick Irish accent. “I no longer feel anything. Surely a man of God like you would understand strigoi.” “Oh, my mistake, I was under the impression that perhaps you, like your traitorous cousin Erzevet, would be just as intelligent.” “Do NOT compare me to that filthy demon witch!!!” Vidiun roared, much like a lion. “She fled the Haze Realm, leaving the Order of the Dragon against MY orders, to build her own empire here on Earth. Now the Illuminati, who protect this world, know that we have upset the balance of power in the universe; I will see to it that my wretch of a cousin meets the Death of 1,000 Shrieks for her crimes against the Order and her incompetence! But you are a fool to think you can destroy her by earthly means…for a priest, you seem to know very little.” “And for the Emperor of the Haze Realm, Vidiun Gezedny, you are the most shortsighted Emperor ever. You claim to feel nothing but you do, you feel power, I can see it in your eyes, and for the past 5,000 years, your family, the strigoi-sorcerer House of Shion, has ruled over the Haze Empire’s 28 provinces. You are the 331st Emperor, and from the likes of it you can’t tell anything from nothing!” “What is that, some Irish proverb?!” “Yes, it means you’re blind as a damn bat!!” “BATS AREN’T BLIND, THEY HAVE ECHOLOCATION! TRUST ME, I GET CALLED A VAMPIRE EVERY TIME I MAKE A TRIP INTO THE HUMAN WORLD!!! IT IS EXTREMELY OBNOXIOUS! I AM NOT A VAMPIRE, I AM A STRIGOI WIZARD!!” “Oh, just fine, I trust you on that, I trust you as far as I can throw your fat, tubby ass!” Faster than Father Jacobson could even blink, however, Emperor Vidiun drew his cane and transformed it into a lethal, sickeningly-sharp blade, pointed directly as Jacobson’s throat. “I do not need this cane, priest…this is an amorphous demon, it takes the form of whatever I want it to…I only transformed it into a sword because I’m in a good mood today…I usually prefer my victims’ deaths to be a lot messier.” “Why, exactly are you in a good mood?” “The Darkness Falls Tavern actually had the specific beer I drink in stock today. It’s the most exclusive tavern in the Haze Empire capital of Roan Va; only I, my family and the toughest of the tough can get in. You need to have iron muscles, you need to be strong like 900-pound alpha-male Titan Wolf, you need to drink 7 steins of alcohol and not become intoxicated, you need to have iron muscles ON your iron muscles!” “I don’t need to know about the camaraderie at the tavern in the Imperial Capital, thank you.” “It’s fine, you wouldn’t be able to get in anyway…”


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