Rough Draft: “125,000”

125,000 B.C.E, Sol System, planet Iden

Smarter than Most, your supper is ready, we must abide by our Family Founder’s traditions, otherwise we may fall down the path of decadence.” “Coming…” Smarter than Most, a young, brilliant and handsome Felreen grumbled, as he was forced to step away from his interface console…and an opportunity to chat with his friends once again. The Felreen were a species that looked almost identical to humans, they were just much taller and ectomorphic; there was no such thing as a “fat” Felreen, as their metabolism was much higher; this would normally reduce an individual’s life span considerably, but the Felreen’s medical technology and their knowledge of biology and ecology was so advanced that individuals would regularly live for centuries. However, this made living on one planet impossible, so the Felreen were long ago forced to migrate spaceward, and now they possessed a vast, interstellar empire that controlled the entire galaxy; from their home planet of Majesty, they had reached a Type III level of society; they had long mastered the weather; preventing Ice Ages was now nothing more than a municipal job, as was moving planets to escape a dying star, or even preventing the star from exploding via a Dyson sphere. Do so was simply a matter of having a capable architect or engineer to get the coordinates right; they were among the most highly paid individuals in the galaxy. Smarter than Most stood up and pressed a small button on his chronometer, teleporting him to the dinner table, lit by bluish, fluorescent lights, superconductors had made electricity almost completely free of cost. “Must you always use your warp option on that ridiculous timepiece of yours? You need the exercise of at least walking down the stairs. After all, how do you expect to impress any young women without natural muscular growth, rather than that plant that those athletes use to beef up their muscles?” “Dad, first of all, that plant, Sinew Cane, is banned by professional athletic organizations. Secondly, girls look at other things other than physical appearances.” Smarter than Most quickly pressed a few buttons on his chronometer, which brought up a holographic projection of a pie chart. “According to the Galactic Databank, girls prefer strong men 40% of the time, rich men 15% of the time, and smart men 45% of the time. Therefore, your previous statement is completely wrong.” “That’s where your shortcoming is. Data can only tell you so much. A machine has no experience with personal feelings; it can only understand facts and statistics, and numbers. Besides, if you ever find a girlfriend, I’ll assume that the Apocalypse is coming. HA!” Smarter than Most felt like he wanted to crawl into a hole and drag the hole down with him. He knew he was smart, after all, like all Felreen names, his name described something about him, but he had nothing to offer a girl at all, except pointless trivia facts and a collection of extremely bizarre animal and plant compendiums logged in his interface console that only served to frighten most people, even other guys his age, into never speaking with him again. To make matters worse, his dad, Stronger than Some, often seemed ashamed of having a son with such a poor social life. He could never succeed in that regard and Smarter than Most had long since accepted that fact; however, he still waited for the day when his father told him to leave the house, because he didn’t want to be in the presence of a weak son anymore. His mother had died of a sudden outbreak of disease a few months ago, Iden was still a newly colonized planet, and the Felreen were still trying to minimize the outbreak of disease.


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