Rough Draft: “Broken Moon”

Broken Moon: A Precursor Novel

Life in our Family is different than in any other…why, you ask? Most families are very open, they let others in. We aren’t like that. We only let you in if we see you as useful, and once you’re in, you never leave, and if you tell anyone about this life you lead, you are worth less than skoade-waste. We are the Aokigahara Consortium, and life within the Ooku, or Inner Sanctum is difficult, if not impossible for a normal Imperial citizen to understand. Why would they, they’re brainwashed by Emperor Arditi’s power. We don’t see ourselves as criminals, no, we see ourselves as the only ones with a brain anymore. Here’s an encapsulated view of Ooku life. Our Grand Master, Raito-Sama, had only one real friend, a man named Anthony Valencia, the genetically-augmented swordmaster and one of the deadliest fighters in the Universe. He called him “Kuro-Yami,” or the “Dark Crow.” The Fox brought a new slave-girl to the Ooku one day, with several crack Mercenary Soldiers in attendance, the basic infantry unit of the Aokigahara Empire. A slave was property under Imperial treaty law and slave-labor was used from the prison population to do jobs in the Empire that no one else wanted, but slave-girl concubines were highly illegal…but then again, what is law, without the strength of enforcement? Our Family is not like other families. Here was a new slave-concubine, a tall, willowy, graceful brunette, age 23, according to the registration code that came with her. She had a dancer’s muscles and had been given Regenera Strain to keep her young and beautiful forever, and her training in the seductive dances had obviously included neurological T-cell enhancement to make her even more attractive. Her skin was pale, and her eyes were blue. Raito glanced at her for a while as she postured unclothed in the center of the room, with the Ooku looking lustfully at her 6′ 3” figure. She was wearing an Aurelian pearl necklace, nothing more. “Does she have a name?” Raito announced, rather suspiciously. “Her name was Joanna Lynn, My Lord. But slaves cannot have names.” “Where did you find her, Kuro-Yami?” “These mercenaries kidnapped her from her home planet of Klaipeda II off the street one night a few weeks ago, they were working for one of our smugglers on that planet and she was shipped directly to us after three days of ‘processing.’ I came to bring her here.” “What use does she have?” “She’s a dancer, sir. She was, before her capture, a dancer for the Imperial Ballet Troupe.” “I have no need for someone like this. She’s beautiful and very desirable, yes, but I have no use for a woman like that. She should be given to one of our Barons as a gift…one that is far more loyal than a smuggler scum.” Just like that, Dark Crow pulled his sword out of its scabbard and slashed the two mercenaries’ throats open before they could even react. The slave-concubine jumped and squealed a bit, nervous to say anything. “These two mercenaries, and Smuggler Leitino were plotting to assassinate you. They were planning on shooting you when you were distracted by the dancer, but you saw through their ruse as well as I did…” “Very keen, Dark Crow. You are my Major Domo for a reason. As such, that girl, Joanna Lynn, is yours.” “Thank you very much.” Dark Fox said as two black-armored guards grabbed Joanna and took her away after placing a shock leash around her neck. “Why can’t anything interesting happen in the universe for a change?” “My question exactly.” Dark Crow and Raito-Sama, Raito Asoka Kanagashima III being his full name, said. Once again, our Family isn’t like other families…

                    1. Alliance with a Company

“So, I see that you have a very similar mindset to me, and therefore the Emperor, it is the famed Six Degrees of Separation phenomenon, we are all just 6 people away from our neighbors, no matter where we are in the universe. Therefore, we are just 6 steps away from commanding the Emperor…and the Empire. I like your mind, Mr. Fedoseev.” Raito Asoka Kanagashima III said to his client, Armani Fedoseev, a corrupt baron from the legendary Kraid Fleet Yards, which designed most of the Imperial warships used by the Empire of the Egoist Crown. The planet Kraid was settled by Russian and Ukrainian settlers many millennia ago, and its population now consisted of mostly the major, highest-ranked Imperial Races, Humans, Pleiadeans, Sangresaara nobility, all dressed in their incredible Oosaa’ra Ubeilia court outfits when they weren’t in battle armor, and the gigantic, sinister Korvax “death-crows,” as well as their humanoid counterparts, the dark but honorable Shinigami Cossacks, famous for their basso profondo chanting, both from the planet Falx, a dark world of huge, creepy forests and fortresses, and even a few Sigtyr Nokturnal Mortum Kvlt guards. With all of the high-and-mighty names here, as well as a massive Imperial Legion garrison base on the planet, it was a dangerous place to set up a racket, but the profits for both the Aokigahara Consortium and Kraid would be spectacular. “By the way, Mr. Fedoseev, I’d like you to meet my personal enforcer, Miss Joanna Lynn.” A stunning, 6′ 3” brunette with long, silky brown hair and a Jungsturm-Nordsterne robe, one similar to those worn by the Indiction Guard, in a brilliant white dress, robe and cape with black crosses all over it, along with a white headdress emblazoned with a swastika, stepped forward, carrying a Hallucination Nano-Sword with the Mimic Stave, as well as every other Indiction Stave, on her dress. “She was originally presented to me as a dancer girl, but after seeing her speed, elegance and cunning, I was not content with her being a simple concubine. She has been trained in the Indiction Guard’s artful fighting styles and is their equal on the battlefield. She has all the powers of the Indiction Guard, and is the most dangerous weapon in my arsenal. She will take care of any issues that may arise, she always has, since I acquired her a year ago.” Joanna stood behind Raito and drew her Hallucination Nano-Sword, her signature weapon, looking ominously at Armani with her deep blue eyes. Out of the shadows stepped Joanna’s actual slave-owner and trainer, a swordmaster named “Black Crow,” he had been hiding in the background for the whole time, and had been using the changing light to disguise himself as a shadow. He wore a bird-faced, plague doctor costume, while carrying a simple sword, no nanotechnology at all. Armani was a bit nervous now, now that he was dealing with an Indiction Guard that was not serving the Emperor.


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