Rough Draft: “Bleeding Hearts”

Bleeding Hearts Volume 1-Cataclysm

He was asleep, not really asleep; it was one of those nights where one could only “fake sleep.” He was nervous and excited to go on a date with the girl he had a crush on since high school, a wonderful young woman with long, curly brown hair, a very pretty face, with full eyebrows and eyelashes, pale blue eyes, very pale, almost albino skin with cute freckles, a pretty smile and a cute little laugh and voice that made him feel very warm inside when he heard it. He had known her for 6 years, and still got nervous when she talked to him, and gave him a hug, her gorgeous figure fitting into his arms perfectly. Therefore, he wasn’t dreaming about the meaning of the drumbeats approaching from the woods near the college campus where he went to school. They were huge, kettle-drum sounds, fifes and cymbals, as well as the occasional whinny of a horse…and it was getting closer. Surely he had heard it on the news. Eventually, the drumbeats became so loud that it woke him up just in time; the RAs issued a Code Yellow, or “unwanted intruder.” In his horror, he realized the awful truth: The Noblemen of Reason were here. Hundreds of people were going to die. Then, the shooting started. It was a roaring clattering of automatic machine guns and the galloping of horses. He hid under his bed as the window shattered into thousands of pieces from bullets, and the cold wind of the frosty winter sky, as well as the screams from murdered and dying students, and the battle-cry of the Noblemen: “Superiority through Mind!” being screamed by the mounted and un-mounted troops. Eventually, the screaming stopped…everyone was dead. However, the murderous Noblemen weren’t finished with the campus yet…no, not by a long shot. They stormed into the dormitory buildings, guns a-rattle, and began shooting everyone inside the dorms. He could hear the screams of his murdered schoolmates, and the Noblemen marching around outside, creating a perimeter around the building to shoot anyone trying to escape. They wanted everyone DEAD…until he heard the Noblemen outside, apparently taking POWs. However, the ones IN the building were the biggest threat, and they walked over to his door. Feeling as if he had only seconds to live as the doorknob began to turn, he said a prayer for his girl, hoping that she survived. She did not. Just then, a Nobleman entered the room and found him under the bed. “Peek-a-boo…” he said, before shooting the poor student’s head off. The massacre continued into the early morning hours, holding the college town in horror for more than 16 hours, until ,after National Guard intervention and more than 5 hours of literally urban warfare, the Noblemen moved on…leaving death, murder, and destruction in their wake. The Great British Empire, controller of North America, the British Isles Australia and New Zealand, had taken a blow that night, with 150 dead and 300 kidnapped. Everyone in the vast Iron Kingdom of Germany and elsewhere in the world breathed a silent prayer. Hopefully, this would never happen again…

  1. Hateful Words

Berlin, Scholarly Iron Kingdom, January 5, 2700 A.D.

“I had never seen her cry like that… I knew she’d never speak to me again, no matter what I did. Not like I ever spoke with her much in the first place, I only said hi once or twice, and had some feelings for her, but after the drinking incident in which I spilled beer all over her new, extremely expensive dress at this gala we went to; and she was so mad that she cried for 6 hours straight, but that quickly died away when I finally realized what she was: A total snobby bitch. She was worse than a bitch, she was a typical Jewish princess, one group of people that I can’t stand; she was pretty all right, with her long black hair, piercing green eyes, pretty skin, adorable smile and beautiful, full eyelashes and eyebrows, but she, in my mind, had no right to live. You see, I’m very short tempered, and if anyone annoys me, they usually pay a big price, as I usually do something ten times as bad to them as they do to me. She hasn’t noticed this yet, but she’s about to find out that her only tie to her dying boyfriend, who was sick and dying of a devastating, incurable disease, is ruined. A small necklace with a heart-shaped crystal in the center, made of diamond stone, has been smashed by one of my affiliates; this is very precious to her. How do I get those affiliates, you ask? I’m the son of the Imperial German Navy’s First Sea Lord, Commander of the Iron Kingdom of the German Reich’s naval forces. Our Navy contains more than 600 ships, including massive aircraft carriers, supremely powerful guided hypersonic missile cruisers, arsenal ships, littoral warfare ships as well as huge submarines, capable of launching nuclear weapons and hypersonic missiles alike. I am answerable only to my father and the Kaiser, and both of those individuals support what I did to that girl. This is Germany, not Jewtopia. I am currently sitting in my office, looking over holographic maps and data files on Britannia Empire naval positions and satellite scans of British shipyards. Germany and Britain have been mortal rivals since antiquity, fighting at least 15 wars I can name of the top of my head, many of them major. The British are really the only Navy that can challenge ours, as the Russian fleet is huge, but in a place where it’s difficult to deploy from. The Royal Navy and the German Kreigsmarine were eternal rivals to the bitter end. As well as our Navy is concerned, Britain and Germany share totally different government styles: both are Empires, but the way they are ruled differs tremendously. Germany is simple. The Kaiser rules supremely, but the Reichstag carries out his will. Therefore, it isn’t an absolute monarchy, but still a very strong, centralized state. Britain, on the other hand, is extremely complicated in the way it governs its huge population in the British Isles itself and the North American British Dominion, Australia and New Zealand. There is the Emperor, and then an Imperial Senate, an Imperial Council, a Council of Ministers and a Holy Protestant League, the religious and moral guidance system for the Empire. The Imperial Senate consisted of 662 members elected via an extremely complicated process. The membership was engineered to bias the government solely to the wealthy landowners and the aristocracy. Each province of the Empire returned a certain number of members, Electoral Colleges decided the Senate members, which in turn were appointed by the Representatives of the Imperium; they directly represented the Imperial citizens and represented the Emperor himself. The Council, another branch of the British Empire, was made up of 196 members, half appointed by the Emperor, and half elected by the same process used to elect Senate members. The Imperial Ministry was elected by the Minister President, appointed by the Emperor directly. In purpose, this government system was intended to keep a very strict social class system, the laws were usually based on standings stemming from the amount of land owned and how much of it was taxable. The rich were taxed heavily and the rich landlords and aristocrats were given huge tax sums to generate capital for the backbone of any capitalist economy: the small business; and keep the massive economy and industrial complex moving forward. However, the most critical similarity is that Britain is very liberal, and Germany is very liberal. Were it not for the Kaiser, the Marxist party would be in control of the Reichstag with a 60% majority. After all, Marx was German. Britain is very pro-reform, anti-reactionary and maintains very loose social restrictions on personal liberties. Divorce is allowed, and Protestantism is the dominant religion, much to Ireland’s chagrin. Scientific progress is completely unregulated by a “Progress Doctrine” imposed by the Emperor; atheism is allowed, and encouraged. Jews, Muslims and Catholics are not restricted in practicing their religion or exhibiting Jewish, Islamic and or Catholic “behaviors,” a complete list of said “behaviors” was found in the Book of Imperial Doctrines, required reading for all citizens of the Empire. However, all 600 million Imperial subjects are all educated to believe that their country reigns supreme over all Mankind, and traitorous heretics are to be ground to dust; showing that, however tolerant it is, the Empire is still an Empire, but power is relatively balanced, because of the taxation on the rich, people who can actually afford to pay. One in ten people live under the British Union Jack. Heresy has always been an issue for both the British and the German Empires, the German doctrine, “Reason above all else!” banishes people who support any kind of threat to human reason. Anyone who challenges the scientific views on this world’s formation or purpose is a heretic, and will be banished or liquidated. Britain’s doctrine, “Onward for Eternity” refers to a similar doctrine to the German one. However much our two empires have a rivalry, we are critical allies, whatever Germany does, and Britain usually follows suit on. However, a coalition between Britain and Germany has been stymied more than 18 times in the United Ascendancy, a successor to the old United Nations, thanks to the Ascendancy’s lack of support, as well as the underlying rivalries left over from hundreds of years of conflict and head-butting. The Ascendancy has more power than the UN ever did. All international agreements must pass an Ascendancy vote, and the decision is final; even the Emperors can’t argue it, or risk sanctions. This helps maintain peace, but our coalition, a rather harmless union to hunt down heretics, keeps getting rejected by the Ascendancy vote. However, my list of heretics includes a number of different types of people; in addition to the heretics already defined as such, ones that challenge the government’s policies, I include “Jewish princesses, designer clothes drones, and jerky athletes” under the category of “heretic.” Not everyone who wears designer clothes, plays sports or is Jewish will be included under this designation. Whereas in the course of personal experiences, I have seen hundreds of people oppressed by girls who think they own the world and guys that need to marry those girls to live in “peace” and “prosperity,” which, in effect, means “With a lot of money, and better than everyone else in my neighborhood.” Who else but the Jewish girls, with their sweet, cute, sometimes genuinely gorgeous appearance, giggly personality and apparent kindness, would think such things about hoarding money? That’s all they do; their parents are lawyers and doctors, living in huge houses and making six-figures every year, and they seek such careers for themselves in the great Jewish tradition of trying to keep the legitimate man down. They steal money. They steal jobs. They complain and whine about everything. They don’t deserve a happy life here, there or anywhere. Therefore any Jew fitting this description is a heretic. Next we have the designer clothes drones. They are heretics because they can’t think for themselves, which is mandated under the German Doctrine: “Reason above all else!!” They buy extremely expensive clothes just because they wish to look “cool,” “hot” or “cute,” and also corrupt our language with meaningless text messages, and stupid, sappy songs that give us all ear cancer. Finally, we come to jerky athletes. Not everyone who plays sports is a jerk, I enjoy watching football myself, however, if it gets to people’s heads, it causes a hell of a lot of problems, ones that are only rectified by eliminating the problem altogether. What society will emerge once these people are dealt with? Well, I can envision a much friendlier world, where people are intelligent, don’t use texting slang, know how valuable life is, never take it for granted, and always count their blessings, rather than being greedy. Also, those people who were oppressed by the Heretics will be free to pick up the reigns, and build a new social order. However, there is one girl that I wish dead personally, more than any other: that stupid whore that got angry at me for spilling beer on her dress. She fits all three of these categories, and therefore is not worthy of neither pity nor mercy. She shall be ground into a pulp and made into burger patties, to be feasted upon by the intelligent people. As a collective, we are strong. We will rise, as we know that the Old Social Order must die! The Heretics shall be purged, and we shall live forever more! However, who will protect this society? My answer is a new Order of the Basilisk; a grand order that will enforce the laws of both Britain and Germany, while at the same time eliminating the heretics without alerting the UA. The Basilisks shall be created to guard the Stronghold of the Intelligent Race, that is, white people with IQs of over 125. Their base shall be in London, England, as Britain is the most powerful Empire on Earth, as the power of the Basilisk Ideal must be represented by power in the government and within its own ranks. They must also be proficient with any weapon, as trainers from the British and German Armies will give them the best training that it is possible to get. Their uniforms battle uniforms shall be of red, black and white, although the complexity and elaborateness of their uniforms increases with rank, which starts as “Soldier” and moves up to “Imperial Wizard.” They will vary their uniforms for various mission scenarios, but they will always wear a hood as well as a huge wide-brimmed hat, at higher ranks, this moved up to a headdress. When not in combat, they wear relatively modest, yet still unusual outfits, distinguishing them from the common hoard as superior. Their tactics will be supreme, as they are trained in a series of hidden training facilities that no one will ever see, and they shall strike-on horseback-like the Knights that preceded them, under the cover of night. Most importantly, they shall fear no one or no fate. They use their negative energy as a weapon, cycling it through their body and projecting the desired outcome onto the scenario, keeping them in a constant state of adrenaline rush as they fight on. They will herald their arrival with fifes, drums and cymbals, except during covert operations…yes…the New Order will take shape soon…at the Imperial Congress tomorrow, I will attempt to make a deal with Emperor Thomas III on behalf of Kaiser Rudolph IV, on the matter of creating the Basilisk Order. My name is Hans Liebentot, and I am a Lord of a new world. Look out, Angelina Sitka. I’m watching you.

  1. Pain

Vienna, Austria, Province of the German Iron Kingdom

The Congress was as splendid as Glory itself. It was in the Kaiserplatz of one of the most famous cities in the world, Vienna, home of the Natural History Museum, founded by Karl von Linnaeus, the looming façade of the Vienna Cathedral, the Art School, and the newly constructed Imperial Pinnacle, an enormous, 3500-foot tall centerpiece to the city center, along with an enormous block of skyscrapers surrounding it, none as tall as the Pinnacle, but some over 1100 feet tall. In all direction surrounding the city, there were enormous residential districts so vast and wealthy that they stretched for miles in all directions, with roads and highly developed infrastructure, even more advanced then Britain’s. Vienna was the jewel of the Reich; the only other cities that rivaled it were Berlin and London, Berlin being very similar to Vienna, just more industrialized and with more business, rather than residential zones. It had the massive Reichstag building. London, however, was not a very amazing city; it had plenty of skyscrapers, but none too tall. The swampy terrain made it difficult to build large buildings, but the biggest aspect of London was the enormous navy base they put in place, after dredging the Thames for more than 40 years and building massive dockyards in addition to the enormous city in general. London was an invulnerable stronghold of Royal Navy power, the entire Home Fleet was now based in London AND Portsmouth, with the London Stock Exchange building looming and huge financial, business and industrial district skyscrapers over the huge lines of ships and submarines. Huge defense grids were active all over the city to protect London from a repeat of the Blitz from WWII. Then, of course, was Buckingham Palace, the Emperor’s residence. It wasn’t exactly a pretty city, but it was certainly an iron bulwark of world power. However, stepping out of the limousine, I looked on in amazement of Vienna’s majesty. Every major leader was going to be there; including the Holy Iron Emperor, Kaiser Rudolph IV, the Emperor of the Roman Ascendancy, Caesar Victor Alighieri, the Empire of the Angel-Faces’ Empress Miku Ansiwa, King Cornelius Vandervoort of the Oost Empire, Emperor of France Jean-Bart Robespierre, the Czar of Russia, Nikolai III, and most importantly Emperor Thomas III of Britain. However, the extremely snobby Empire of Utopia wasn’t invited. As they were a nation of exactly the kinds of people I hate, and they have the nerve to call their country “Utopia?!” It makes no sense! They all need to die; however, they have a truly enormous Navy and Army, and they control almost the entire Pacific Ocean, save the British and Angel-Face territory. Needless to say, the Drama-Queen leaders’ council was in a real tizzy right now over not being invited to the Congress, as was the Imperial Supreme Council, made up of sweater-vest wearing, popular men and women who did nothing but bully other countries around all day. In addition to the major leaders, some of the finest statesmen were there, such as Baron von Christmas; it was pronounced “KREEST-MOSS,” and anyone who made fun of it was usually beaten or shot by his guards. He was a hero of the German Army in his youth. As I stepped out of the limousine, I saw hundreds of guards, gunships, snipers and defense agents. There entire city was essentially shut down for the Congress. There were hundreds of press agents there, their cameras flashing incessantly. As we all filed into the Grand Hall, it was truly splendid. It had the elaborate baroque architecture of the 17th century, with huge murals and statues everywhere; and a main ballroom floor where dances were held, however, there would be no dance floor here. This was a political convention on how to deal with world issues. As everyone, the delegates, statesmen and leaders took their seats, and the conversations began. I, invited here to speak on behalf of the Kaiser, walked over the Emperor Thomas III. “Greetings, Mr. Liebentot, I’ve been expecting you.” I wondered how he knew, but he was Emperor, after all. “I assume you’re here to discuss the matter of how to assess the treaty involving the Coalition to destroy the heretics, and I’m also aware of your opposition to, quote “Jewish princesses, jerky athletes and designer clothes drones.” Well, I’m way ahead of you on that solution. Long ago, a man named Karl Marx wrote a paper on “the Jewish Question,” claiming that Jews were a threat to the Marxist…and Imperial regimes, as they do nothing but steal, poison and dumb-down our society. A man named Adolph Hitler placed these policies into effect, but sadly, he failed in his goal. I understand you also want to create a sort of paramilitary force to enforce our will and evade the UA’s watchful eye. Am I correct?” I was stunned. It was if the Emperor could read my mind. However, he was right. “I’ve already created an anti-Jewish princess paramilitary group called the Noblemen of Reason, intent on wiping out anyone who fits those descriptions, but only the annoying ones. Your Order of the Basilisk seems identical to my idea.” “Great minds think alike, I guess.” I said, ominously. “Well, my Noblemen are already in operation, led by a maniac known as “Jack the Raper,” he’s been in and out of psychiatric hospitals for his sick methods of raping young women before torturing and killing them. I pardoned him from all crimes committed; now he’s the genius, psychopathic leader of these Noblemen, and they’ve struck several times in London and the North American Territory; in Schenectady, New York, at a particular university, the Noblemen arrested more than 300 students and held the entire city under an iron grip for 15 hours. They are trained to fear nothing and they fight better than the Royal Marines. The common people of the Empire think this is just a rogue paramilitary force…they don’t know I’m giving them orders. Their goose-step marches down conquered towns and nighttime raids, ever so silent; terrorize enemies of the Intellectual Race. Those that resist will be brought before the British and German Inquisitors, and eventually to the Lord High Executioners of our respective nations. Heresy will not be tolerated. The march of progress must not be restricted by morality or social order and code. No longer will the “popular” students rule in our children’s schools, creating a happier place for learning and education.” However, there is one condition. When, not if, this is found out, there will almost certainly be war. Therefore, these “undesirables” are best used for practical purposes. I will use my Noblemen as press gangs, arresting able-bodied men accused of being undesirable and forcefully placing them in the Marines, Army, Air Force or Navy. The Senior Service could certainly use a boost. Women will be forced into factory labor, where both of these groups will be paid, but only pennies a day, and the fruits of their labor and valiance will be apparent, at their expense, as the men will be forced into “torment” battalions, given the most dangerous missions, but the most intense training, as the objective is, of course, to complete the mission. They will only be allowed 2 hours of sleep, and they will fight until they die. No retreat. I suggest you folks in Germany do the same thing. We have a deal, Mr. Liebentot.” the Emperor said to me. I smirked. I was going to report this to the Kaiser, and the strategy: Arrest and draft every single undesirable individual and force them into labor or battle, any resistors will be brought before the Inquisitors and executed. Punishment will be swift for any dissidence. Only after the war will we begin purging, as to not compromise our fighting force. Even


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