Update: Banned from UAlbany campus for my writings.

I figured out what story likely triggered this little uproar going on up at UAlbany. This one rough draft of “Precursor,” which I have titled “After the Flood,” contains content so disturbing to the student body that it was “utterly intolerable” to them and I had no business being on campus ever again. Apparently, my imagination is just too twisted for the folks at UAlbany, and my uncle, who happens to be a psychotherapist, by the way, has said that this incident is just part of a larger epidemic of emotional deficiency and immaturity amongst the current generation, in this day and age, making someone feel  “uncomfortable” is akin to a capital crime, and therefore, I am being excommunicated from society for being so “mean,” as if writing a book that makes everyone feel uncomfortable makes me the most evil person on the face of the Earth. Well, in that case, screw them all. I’m good at what I do and I’m proud of it, and if my University is not going to accept me for who I am and what I plan to do for a living, then I don’t need to ever go back there. I have better things to do than get hung up on the past.


One thought on “Update: Banned from UAlbany campus for my writings.

  1. Sorry to hear about the struggles you’re having with your writing. That’s outstanding observation. People have come to feel an invasion of their comfort zones is akin to an invasion of their homes

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