Rough Draft: “Models, Inc.”

Models, Inc.

“Lawrence! You’re going to be late for your flight to New York! You don’t want to let your tennis team down, would you?” Lawrence Falloch’s professor yelled to him as he got walked over to the van that would take him to plane to the Harvard Tennis Conference, where he was to play several matches with his team from college. Lawrence’s team was perhaps the best in the conference, and his teammates were all masters as well. They were straight-A students, dated the prettiest girls in school and were involved in everything; naturally, they had a lot of people yelling at them like idiots, but that was only because the idiots in question were jealous of who Lawrence and his 4 other teammates, Peter Williamson, the heir to the billion-dollar franchise of Williamson Manufacturing, their biggest products were, bizarrely, salt shakers, Samuel Piddingworth, who was smart enough to be on any trivia game show and win a million dollars, Carl Vanderwall, possibly the most talented chess player on the team, and lastly, Robert Corinth, a very wise young man, beyond his years for sure. The five of them were thrilled to be playing in this tournament, and they were taking a van to the airport; Samuel had a few things to say as Lawrence walked towards him, loading the tennis equipment into the van. “What happened? Did the professor yell at you or something?” “Nah, he just wanted to discuss a test with me, I didn’t fail it, he was just curious as to how I got all the easy questions wrong but the difficult ones right.” “That’s because your brain doesn’t make sense.” Carl said in his southern accent. “Shut up, you’re an ass.” Lawrence joked. “Alright, forget I said anything!” Carl groaned. “Lawrence, make yourself useful and take your equipment into the trunk.” Robert said, rather monotone. Lawrence picked up his gear and slid it into the trunk of the van; it was the spring of 1999, and the five tennis players were graduating in a month; the world was theirs. As a result of FDR’s negotiations with Stalin at the end of WWII, a standoff between the U.S. and Soviet Union was averted, and both massive powers were able to coexist. Germany was never divided, and had since returned to military power, having been rebuilt by the U.S.A, it now covered the same territory that the WWI German Empire and Austria-Hungary did combined; Germany now had deep, democratic roots, and the massive German Federated Republic was a peace-shield of Europe. The U.S.A. controlled more than 80% of all Pacific Island territory, Britain controlled all of Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand, all South American nations had unified into a huge power called the United South American States (USAS) the USSR controlled most of the Middle East and Mongolia, save the Saudi Alliance, Africa was united into the United African States (UAS) and India and Japan remained independent, as did China. Such was the world after the “peace at all costs” rather than “containment” policy was introduced by the U.S.A. However, Lawrence and his friends would no longer have to endure another lecture on this subject again after graduation, so global politics was the last thing on these young mens’ minds.


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