Rough Draft: “Children of the Night”

Children of the Night

October, 2011

Life…the great miracle, and the great mystery. Evolution…the driving force behind all biological development… For all we accomplish in the lab or the hall of stately court, we honor her flawlessness and purity. The experiments we conduct here will allow us to control the human race’s thoughts, brains, bodies, organs, blood and bone, and slowly create a perfect empire, populated by the scientifically-resurrected super-beings of Atlantis; as told in Aristotle’s legends. Samantha Medici, the head of our project and funder of its primary goal, is obsessed with attaining immortality, eternal youth and eternal beauty, and being that she’s supposedly 500 years old, a living representative of the Medici Family of 15th and 16th-century Florence and looks like a 23-year old supermodel, it seemed that her projects were working well. In our continued quest to prove that immortality is attainable, we have travelled to more than 200 locations worldwide, from the jungles of Borneo to the deepest recesses of the African rainforest, collecting specimens of more than 10,000 different organisms with the hope of creating a system that allows us to build a complete picture of life on Earth…but such research has not been without cost. We’ve lost men to hostile native populations, nightmarish viruses and shrieking nocturnal predators in the name of biology and science, searching to attain our organization’s ultimate goal: to be able to manufacture our own, completely new species and enhance currently existing ones to the point where they’re smarter than human beings. The main advantage of doing this would be to push the absolute biological limits of what a brain can process, and once we do that, our organization, its creations and its research will be able to create an explosion of life to match that of the Cambrian Age, and rebuild this broken, decimated planet to its former biodiversity levels, and rule immortal over the New World through American hegemony. Unfortunately, the modern, industrialized world does not see eye to eye with us…

Dante Klemm, SIC Medical Chief

  1. Awakening

“My mistress, Test Subject See-Two is ready to be activated.” “That’s excellent, but where are Ludic and Vaclav?” “They’re already in the growing chamber, preparing to activate the birthing tube.” The door to the silent Growing Chamber E-7 opened as Sam Medici walked into the room, flanked by two guards. “Doctor, look, its, thoughts, they’re surging!” “Reaching critical mass! Someone get the sedatives! It’s going to break free from the…GYAAAAAAHHHHH!!!” Even Sam was stunned as the bizarre creature; a new, human-invented species shattered the growing vat’s glass with extremely potent telekinetic powers. “Shoot it!!” “NO!” Sam yelled. “Welcome, savage one. This is your first day. Your designation will be C-244/1129, dubbed ‘See-Two.’ The creature looked at Sam and her armed guards. “Where…am I? Was everything before just a dream of paradise? Why…?” “You are in Galveston, Texas, at the Lone Star Biolabs; that ‘paradise’ you experienced was simply a growth hormone-induced dream to keep you healthy as you developed in this artificial womb. Now, however, it appears that you no longer need this care. Welcome to the world; you are very important to us; as the first successful man-made species, you will prove to the world and the rest of the Scientific Intrigue Consortium that my dream of rebuilding the Earth’s biosphere is possible.” See-Two looked around the room at the cheering scientists, shaking hands and popping champagne, their project had finally worked. The culmination of 5 years, travelling the globe, researching DNA, collecting specimens and splicing genes and the loss of nearly 500 men to an Ebola outbreak in Central Africa, among other causes of death, had finally paid off. Looking at the portraits of the 6 men with the highest IQ scores in history, Leonardo da Vinci, Goethe, Einstein, Newton, Stephen Hawking and Adolph Hitler, Sam felt vindicated that she would one day be on that list. Just as quickly as Sam greeted the newly-born creature; which looked like a gigantic, bipedal, flightless crow with a huge, ripping beak and cat-like eyes that stood more than 15 feet tall, she ordered it placed in a stasis field for storage, with no regard for its “extreme sentience;” See-Two had an IQ of close to 700, much higher than that of a human being, and if it ever found that out, it could hypothetically attempt to destroy the lab and kill everyone there, ruining the SIC’s project. Sam couldn’t allow this to happen, as her last 500 years of preparing for this moment would be wasted. Sam had travelled to nearly every country and Empire that had ever existed in the past 500 years, from secret meetings with Heinrich Himmler and his occult Ancestral Heritage Organization to a demonstration of immortality to King Louis XIV, and his vast French Empire in Europe, Asia and North America, William III of Orange and his Anglo-Dutch superpower, the Great Elector Fredrick William I of Brandenburg-Prussia, Charles III of Spain and Peter I of Russia; so impressed were they by Sam’s apparent invulnerability that they all offered her a place on their respective Courts. She refused, much to the consternation of Peter I and King Louis XIV, who never took “no” for an answer, as well as meeting with Darwin and his compatriot Huxley. Living in Germany and Russia for most of her 500 years, Sam saw the Napoleonic Wars, the rise of nationalism in Germany and Italy leading to their unification and both World Wars, now she was looking ahead to a globalized world of the U.S., the OECD minus U.S., China and the BRISE nations, where Sam saw more business than ever to be conducted in the realm of science. China and the U.S. would buy huge amounts of technology invented in the OECD minus U.S., essentially Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Japan, while the BRISE, Brazil, Russia, India, South Africa and the 10 other major emerging nations grew rapidly in power, while the rest of the world languished in abject poverty…all the more reason to keep up this type of genetic research. Sam looked more like a porcelain doll, with the amount of makeup she wore, as well as her burgundy dress. She was perhaps the most brilliant scientist that no one had ever heard of, and for good reason. She was considered a criminal by the U.S., for her organization’s illegal black-market dealing of pharmaceutical drugs and its militia, which was usually a band of locals in a far-flung location that was receiving income from the SIC. If the operations were disturbed, the local militia would launch a violent counterattack on whoever disturbed them, and occasionally even military action was needed, the British dispatched a squadron of helicopters into Sierra Leone after a group of African militia loyal to the SIC massacred three villages near the coast. The British still failed to suppress the rebellion, and part of that reason was the SIC Chief Science Admin., Dante Klemm; who, upon the ultimate victory, would become the Viceroy of the New America. A passionate science writer and vicious atheist, he was fully dedicated to the global biological repopulation and the creation of the global paradise; leading the expeditions all over the world to collect DNA specimens for manipulation and cloning efforts, he completely ignored social customs wherever he went, because he did whatever he damn-well wanted to as long as it benefited him and the SIC. In the United States, Dante kept his true allegiance secret, projecting himself as an author and nothing more, though the extremely conservative Texas and Louisiana state governments viewed him and every other scientist as a “sinful man, trying to explain the world godlessly and believing himself to be immune to God’s judgment.” If only they knew what he was really doing, the Born-Again Christians would likely start a riot. In response to Dante’s writing, which vilified Christians as “Fascist,” the governors of both Texas and Louisiana issued state-funded vouchers to make it easier for children to attend ultra-religious private schools, using the colloquially-abbreviated Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum textbooks that taught that the Loch Ness Monster, which had never been demonstrated to even exist, disproved evolution, that communists were responsible for illiteracy in Africa, and that all of science was a product of socialism and anarchy masterminded by the Jews to undermine American nationalism. For this imminent program approval, Dante wasn’t on hand to watch See-Two’s birth…he was in Florida.

“And so, my manuscript is complete. I am a genius…haha!” Dante laughed. Living in a lavish beachside mansion called Château Abyss near Miami, Dante sat in his chair overlooking the crystal-clear waters of the subtropical Atlantic. The completion of the novel was only a bonus to the planned event for that day. At a public school in Louisiana, the governor Bobby Jindal was to speak about teaching the “controversy” behind Darwinism to students and teachers in the auditorium…not on Dante’s watch. He had been to nearly 200 locations in 130 countries in the name of science, and he was about to forcibly stop the governor from expressing his faith-based opinions in a science class. One of Dante’s Infiltrators, the SIC’s elite atheist super-soldiers, was already in position. All he needed to do was wait.

The governor stepped out of the limousine on schedule, right into the crosshairs of “Night Wraith” and his sniper rifle… As he was greeted by the principal and shown to the auditorium where the entire student body was gathered, the governor turned his back to Night Wraith. “Both eyes open…” he said to himself, pulling the trigger. The silence rifle coughed as the governor fell into a pool of blood. “Scratch one, lousy creationist…” The police officers and the principal stood in horror as the Louisiana governor breathed his last…and for good reason, too. Jindal was a hardliner conservative and didn’t bother with science or even the pseudo-religious fictional explanation known as “Intelligent Design.” Jindal wanted the most literal interpretation of the Bible taught to every schoolchild in his state: the “young-earth” creationism that stated that the world was 6,000 years old and not a second older, and that everything was created in its present form unchanged in 6 days. His recommended curriculum, the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE,) taught that the Loch Ness Monster, which had never been demonstrated to even exist, was followed by sonar scans and disproved Darwinism; that a Japanese whaling ship caught a dinosaur; that children in Africa couldn’t read because communists were shutting down Christian mission schools, and even going so far to say that the KKK was 100% correct in its racist, brutal practices, that all of science was the product of a global Jewish conspiracy to undermine American nationalism, and that the Great Depression was the result of anarchists, socialists, Jews and propagandists fabricating false pretenses and conspiring with minority races to steal money from the good, hard-working Americans. This was being taught to kids as young as first grade, and other, likeminded politicians such as Newt Gingrich, supported overturning child labor laws to boost the U.S. employment rate, and forcing newly-graduated high school and college students into jobs that best benefitted society, rather than allowing them to pursue the career they earned their degree to get. Interestingly enough, the militantly conservative interest group known as the “Tea Party” was now mutating into something far more sinister; backed by pundits such as Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Bill O’ Reilly and Michael Savage and funded by huge corporations that profited from Republican politics, a small branch of the Tea Party, called the “Liberation Front,” had broken off and become its own entity. Led by a man named Lewis Avery, the Liberation Front’s party platform was very clear: Zero tolerance of illegal immigration, a freeze on legal immigration from Africa, Asia and Latin America, increased tariffs on all imports, a ban on American companies moving operations abroad or outsourcing, a prohibition on foreign “sovereign wealth funds” from investing in the U.S. America will withdraw from the U.N, WTO and World Bank; end all involvement in foreign countries, refuse to pay any more interest on the debt to China, essentially defaulting on it and refusing to trade with China unless it freely floats its currency. Profitable companies will be forbidden from laying off workers or cutting payrolls. The federal budget will always be balanced. The Federal Reserve will be completely abolished. Banks can only take deposits and make loans; investment banking will be prohibited, and anyone found guilty of “insider trading” will face imprisonment for 10 years at minimum. In order to balance the budget, maintain the military, protect borders and pay off the deficit, absolute salary caps, the most anyone can make, will be implemented. Any income over $500,000 will be taxed at 100%. Incomes above $250,000 dollars are to be taxed at 80%. The capital gains rate will pay off the deficit in less than 6 months. All net worth over $100,000 will be taxed at 2%. Corporations will be nationalized. As far as social policies went, almost total Internet censorship would become a priority, T.V. would be highly regulated, students would have to pass “loyalty exams” at the start of every school year or be thrown in prison for “sedition,” even children could be legally executed for such a crime; the LF didn’t care if the offender was 5 or 105. Minorities such as Jews, Muslims and other “invalids” would be stripped of their rights and citizenship by a proposed “Minority Code.” Military power would be boosted to unfathomable heights. Lewis Avery’s grand vision for America…and the world, was mutual respect, unity and peace between brothers, sisters and families, not separation and hatred caused by the lesser human beings who wanted to destroy every value and sink the world into degeneration. Wars would not exist if everyone knew their place and were happy about it. Avery thought that if you, for example, were born in Mexico or any other country, just stay there and be happy…and don’t be jealous of your natural superiors and try to divide and destroy them. In other words, immigrants, stay out! To increase the numerical size of representatives and senators in government, the United States would be divided and reorganized into 125 states, each one controlled by a governor and a Commissar; the latter would be similar to the sheriffs of medieval England; the representatives of the Chancellor in Washington D.C., they would have immense power over the police forces and law enforcement in their respective state. Even though a vote would remain, keeping some semblance of democracy, the Congress, still bicameral, would be set up similar to the Czar’s Imperial Council; the American High Council, formerly the House of Representatives, would consist of 196 members, of whom 98 appointed by the Chancellor and 98 elected by other members of the Liberation Front, The Ministers, also appointed, were ex officio members. The elected members consisted of 3 religious leaders, 3 atheist leaders, 18 elected by the massive corporations, 6 by the Academy of Sciences and the most prestigious American universities, 6 by the Ordo Sororitas, 6 by the heavy industrial councils, 34 leftist reformers, 16 conservative representatives, and 6 overseas territory representatives. The Senate, however, consisted of 442 members, elected through an exceeding complex process. The elections were hardly what one would consider fair, the elections were rigged to secure an overwhelming elite-class, superrich majority, especially landowners and corporate barons.

Of course, this was all a secret, a secret to everyone except the Scientific Inquiry Consortium. Killing Governor Jindal was a good first step in stopping the Liberation Front for now, but the SIC feared that this would only make Jindal look like a martyr, further empowering the LF, even though it consisted of only 13 members and wasn’t even a political party. Sam, however, knew that a similar party once emerged from a nationalist movement: the NSDAP in Germany, better known and the infamous Nazi Party. If anything like that were to rise, it appeared that Sam’s plan would be utterly doomed…to anyone else except her, however. Sam had more than 500 years’ experience dealing with world leaders, and the LF leader, Lewis Avery, was young, naïve and easily manipulated. He attempted to appeal to his entire electorate, and this blind allegiance to a dictator worked both ways. The dictator was also tied to his people in the fact that he had to force total obedience upon his subjects, and maintain the military’s favor. If not, he became powerless. Sam, by impressing Lewis enough through her apparent immortality and her bizarre powers would convince him that she was a worthwhile ally. In that case, Sam would have the LF in her pocket, and control the entire world events like a puppet master from behind the scenes once the LF took power, all according to her design. She would control the global events every step of the way, for she was immortal, and she did have magic…she was a witch, and a very, very powerful one at that. Sam was of the Dark Sage class, the strongest type of spellcaster, and the last of her kind only because she took the immortality potion 500 years before, after the Inquisition located the ancient Sage’s Temple, deep underground in Paris. She was the last remaining Sage Councilor, the others were as follows:

-Master Johann Guggenberger the Blind-Sage

-Master Veek the Cruel-Sage

-Master Nicholas Eisner the Mad,-Sage

-Master Cervantes Del Inferno,-Sage

-Master Mehmet III the Sly, Sage

-Master Roderich Konrad the Bizarre, Sage

-Master Radu the Bloody, Sage

-Master Isaac Stuyvesant the Rich-Sage

-Master Hosni bin Abdullah the Robed-Sage

-Master Oliver Knowles the Wise-Sage

-Master Daisuke Morimoto the Slanted-Eye,-Sage

-Master Santiago Espinoza the Wiry-Haired-Sage

-Master James “Mathematician” Sloane the Genius-Sage

-Master Lena the Brutal- Sage

-Master Hecate von Wolzenhogen the Unexpected-Sage

-Master Jan Rothbart the Murderous

Part of the reason for Sam’s science research was not just in the name of biodiversity restoration, but to resurrect the long-dead former Sages; through magic and cold, hard science, this was possible. Once Sam’s plan was fulfilled, the world would belong to the Sages, and they would have their global utopia. Sam was just getting started. Her ancient sorcery was, according to Sage legend, the power vested in the Sage Council by Odin, the supreme god of Norse mythology, and as such, the Sages conducted arcane, occult practices from Norse, Germanic and Anglo-Saxon paganism; Sam was particularly interested in using modern science to resurrect the mythical super-beings of Atlantis, the location of which she had confirmed to be found somewhere in an ancient text located during WWII by the Third Reich, but hidden somewhere in a library near Munich. The text, called the Seraphim Journal, is what Sam had tried to obtain from Himmler in WWII, but to no avail, as Himmler knew what she was pondering…she wanted the power of Atlantis to herself, and with the Black Sun roundel hanging on lab wall back in Texas, a symbol of Germanic wizardry and paganism, Sam considered herself to be Himmler’s rival back in the 1940s, with Himmler referring to her as the Nachtengel, or “Night Angel” in several of his notes. Not having the resources to challenge the Nazi government during the height of its power, Sam waited until the present day; her coming revolution would be the culmination of 500 years of preparations, manipulation and research, not to mention murder and human loss. Night Wraith was a loyal minion of the SIC and its eerie, dark purposes that went far beyond science and research, and the LF was playing directly into Sam and the SICs hands. As Night Wraith fled the scene, he radioed via encrypted satellite channel to Dante in Florida: “Game, set, match.”

“Miss, the governor is dead; I was just informed by my assassin.” Dante told Sam over the coded channel, to avoid police eavesdropping. “Good. I’m headed off to New York City. The LF will be all over this one.” Sam responded, with her considerable Italian accent. Sam hung up; she was notoriously brief, saying only what she needed to say and nothing more. The date was October 30, and Sam, being an immortal witch, liked to enjoy Halloween, though she celebrated All-Hallows Eve on its original date, October 30. She was a master of disguise and deception; an amorphous Sage, she was capable of transforming into any object, living or nonliving, possessing inanimate objects, travelling through phone lines, cyberspace and even e-mail, and haunting video game cartridges or online games. She had no true form; she could become anything that she looked at, even a fictional character or something that wasn’t physically tangible or real. Her “true” identity was a malicious energy force, one that could assume any shape or form. As the sun set near Texas, Sam left the laboratory for a bit of mischief of her own, on the night before Halloween, transforming into a T.V. signal and travelling at the speed of light towards a certain address in Manhattan.

  1. Hex

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy…” The message just repeated in the eerie, haunting scene as Lucian Muller watched Stephen King’s classic film “The Shining.” It was the night before Halloween and since he had nothing to do, he sat in his multimillion-dollar apartment; he had won the lottery a few years ago, and had set himself up in the highest echelons of society quite well. Just then, suddenly, the power inexplicably went out. “Huh?” Lucian thought, as eerie thoughts began to run through his mind. Maybe it was Halloween, maybe it was the movie he had been watching, but something didn’t feel quite right; he felt as if there was an evil presence in the room, one with its gaze fixed squarely on him; he just didn’t know where it was coming from. The horror of being attacked in your own home, in the dark and completely helpless, permeated Lucian’s thoughts; he tried to tell himself it was going to be fine, but just then, what sounded like a shrill, static, metallic buzz came from the television…and the power hadn’t come back on. The buzzing was getting louder every second, yet the sound had a hypnotic effect on him, it was as if it had some kind of hidden meaning. Lucian could only hear the beating of his heart. It was the dark, it plays tricks on people, and it was all in his head, right? Just then, he heard the door, to the other room, which was locked, open by itself. “Who are you?! Who are you?!” Lucian yelled, panicking. “You’re sitting…in the dark…but don’t worry, I mean you no harm…” Lucian, now genuinely terrified, stood up and attempted to flee the living room, but then, all doors leading into and out of the living room slammed shut by themselves and locked as well. Pinned up against the door, trapped like a rat, Lucian thought he was about to literally meet the Grim Reaper. Screaming loudly, he saw a huge shadow emerge from the TV screen, pool on the floor like a puddle, and slowly but surely, a ghostly figure began to rise from the shadow; it was a woman, but just a shadow, a malicious shadow with red, glowing eyes shining like embers, that reached its full height surrounded by a bizarre moaning sound. As the shadow towered over Lucian, it took a physical form, and suddenly, Sam stood right in front of him. “Trick or treat…” she joked. “Are…are…you a ghost?!” Lucian stammered. “That’s a rhetorical question. I am an amorphous shadow witch, one that can take absolutely any form imaginable, and I have a favor to ask of you. I’m looking for a book, and I know it’s in Munich, Germany. I would get it myself, but I have other business to attend to. I need you to retrieve the book for me and bring it back here by the next full moon, which is in exactly one month. You, being a wealthy man, have a good way of getting there, do you not?” Lucian nodded yes. “Good, I knew you would be worth it. You will retrieve this book, and bring it to Galveston, Texas. The book is called the Seraphim Journal. Keep it safe, make sure it isn’t damaged, and whatever you do, don’t read from it.” Sam emphasized, her pupils suddenly becoming tiny dots. “If you can manage these tasks, you will be rewarded handsomely. Do we have a deal?” Lucian had no choice, he didn’t dare argue with this “Shadow Witch.” Sam offered Lucian her lacy, gloved hand, and the moment Lucian touched it, he screamed as a huge orange ball of energy was leeched from his body, held in Sam’s hands, and extinguished with a wave of her hand. “That was your mind, your ability to think freely, leaving your body, and now it belongs to me. If you bring me the book on time, you will get it back. If not, it belongs to me forever, and you will gradually devolve into a subhuman creature with no sentience whatsoever. Unless you want to spend the rest of your life in Mid-Hudson Psychiatric Center, do this right!!” With Lucian unable to move and effectively transformed into a zombie, Sam’s work was done. She vanished in a huge cloud of lightning, and then, the power came back on, with the movie just coming to an end… “Happy Halloween…” she hissed, flying out the window as a shadow in the sky. Flying towards Yankee Stadium; she had a World Series to crash…

Game 7 of the World Series was well underway in Yankee Stadium, a total sellout; the Yanks were headed for a 4-games sweep of the Series, and the game was almost over; the Yanks had a 7-6 lead over the Philadelphia Phillies, and it was the top of the 9th inning. As the Yanks’ closing pitcher took the mound, the crowd roared in applause. The New York Yankees had built one of the best teams ever, with a .667 winning percentage over every month of the baseball season, with a .728 in September; the Yanks won 116 games, and the team was even compared to the 1927 Yankees. A new World Series Dynasty win in was almost assured. Just as commentator John Sterling announced the first pitch as a strike, the and broadcast system in Yankee Stadium began to experience static and noise. The players, too focused on their game, didn’t even notice the problem…until the shadows began to fall. Over the field, eerie, demonic shadows, with smirking faces, appeared all over the field, and then, her ghostly face appeared on the Moon. Everyone looked up in horror as Sam spoke:

“Dear insolent Yankees Fans, you are a disgrace to the baseball world, while you line your pockets with money, buying out this presumed World Series championship…You claim that the Red Sox are an evil empire, but you act in a far more barbaric, degenerate and uncivilized than any Sox fan. I hereby levy a Death Curse upon this Stadium! God have mercy on you, you will pay for your sins or you will BURN!!”

After that, a huge procession of red-robed, faceless Inquisitors appeared on each side of the field, and they began chanting in Latin; the fans and players couldn’t believe what they were seeing, surely this was a joke, but it wasn’t. They were witnessing a paranormal attack on the Stadium! More shadows, some carrying inverted crosses, zoomed across the field as the Inquisitors continued to chant their evil spell, the fans began to panic, some stampeding into the grandstands, and just like that, everything vanished. The curse was complete, however. The Yankees fans would soon feel the effects of the New Curse; they would win the World Series, but everyone in Yankee Stadium, both Phillies players and Yankees players, as well as every fan in the Stadium, would slowly die of a malicious, untreatable plague, called “Wasting Insanity Disorder.”

The Yankees went on to with the Series, but the curse served a dark purpose, far beyond punishing the Yankees for their arrogance, but one of the Liberation Front’s enemies, a man named Alexander Denton, was in the audience. After the Curse was levied, the secret was out…the SIC had revealed its presence. The following morning, New York would be searching for answers…little did they know what was to come. Sam’s work was done; she transformed back into a shadow, and zoomed back off into the night…mission complete. The curse wouldn’t take effect until just the right time, however. Sam knew she had done a flawless job. All she needed now was the Seraphim Journal, and she’d be set. Now, however, she needed to start one more plot in motion, and then, victory was assured.

  1. Loss of Liberty

Sitting in his office, surrounded by his Tea Party banners, conservative propaganda and outright racist comments and stickers, Lewis Avery met with the other 12 members of his Liberation Front, and with the death of Jindal, the group would finally have an excuse to march and reveal its existence.


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