Rough Draft: “Sangre Femme”

Sangre Femme

The last kiss…Few words can capture such an evocative image, as two lovers part in the darkness of time and space, never to return to each other’s arms, but…that is the way of things…everything is temporary. People seek money. People seek power, they seek fame, and they seek happiness. Who, then, are our enemies to deny people their rights to happiness? It says right in the U.S. Constitution that no citizen is to be deprived of life, liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness! Right there! In a sense, all government does is keep people shackled to its own ideology. “Democracy” is just as much of a lie as a “dictatorship.” The only hope people have in this crazy world is to follow their own dreams, regardless of what government tells them to do. That’s why, tonight, we toast to us, our friends, families and all who care if we live or die. We’ve only got one life to live, so live to the fullest, and make it count!!”

Nicholas Eisner

Sick…Sick dog…that’s what they all called me…I certainly showed them. I, as well as my comrades in arms, have killed their way through hundreds of schools across the United States. No one is safe; we are the hunters of the young women who reject us. The mythos of society is a lie. My people were the original Ka-ba sword masters, cast to the Seraphim Realm by the selfish individuals who whored themselves to the juvenile, society-forced ideologies of “good” and “evil.” We alone have the courageous spirit of self-sacrifice needed to transcend both the Seraphim and Living Realms in pursuit of pure, arcane power. We are labeled as “evil” and “murderers” by the worthless little lambs that criticize us because we shed man-made “moral” codes and do not see death in either the Seraphim or Living Realm as an obstacle. The Path of the White Wolves goes beyond the physical and into pure will and power. To achieve superiority, we must conquer the inferiors and all who defame us. In that case, we target young, gorgeous women. One person saying something negative about us is ALL of them saying something negative about us. Therefore, they ALL must die. We are the White Wolves, the 40 Elite Sword Masters of the Seraphim Realm, and this is our story…”

James Hardwicke

  1. Prologue- Der Alte Landser-No Remorse: Hitler Was Right

Why are you staring at me?” a young woman, of Polish descent, asked James Hardwicke, a handsome young man with brown hair, a red uniform and a black cape. “I don’t know…” he said, rather sinisterly. “Well, you are, and in case you were never taught this lesson, it’s really rude. Fuck off.” This was James’ cue. Leaping to his feet, faster than she could react, he pulled a dagger out of his coat pocket and put it to her throat! “You’re coming with me…” Hardwicke said, instantly vanishing and taking her with him.

Reappearing in an old hunting compound somewhere in the Appalachian Mountains, Hardwicke injected his struggling captive with TTX, a poison extracted from the Blue-Ringed Octopus; this toxin paralyzed the woman, but did nothing to dull the pain of what was about to happen to her. James sat her limp, paralyzed body in a chair, tied her to it and doused her in a sweet-smelling liquid. “It’s hornet attack pheromone. Hornets use this pheromone to paint hostile targets, they smell it, they attack it until it’s dead.” James hissed. Unable to respond, the woman sat in the chair, defenseless, as James released a colossal swarm of yellowjackets into the room from concealed crates in the walls. The young woman, Anna Berkowitz, was utterly powerless to stop the hornets from stinging her to death. “Filthy, worthless Jew…” James cackled. In order to conceal his crime, James set fire to the building, igniting the wooden planks with pyrokinesis; he could start fires just by focusing his gaze on a flammable object. “No remorse…Hitler was right…Death to the Jews, and Long Live the White Race and its blade, my Order of the White Wolves. Time for vengeance. If a woman ever tries to fucking reject me again, I’ll douse her in gasoline and burn her alive, Jewish or not.” James vanished into nothing. The world didn’t know it yet, but it was on the verge of utter and complete terror, a force unseen since Adolph Hitler was about to strike.

At the same time, another White Wolf waited in a tree near the Sea of Galilee in Israel, despised by the White Wolves for its catering to the Jewish Race. This Wolf, named Nicholas Eisner, had activated his cloaking powers, making him completely invisible, even his weapon, called the Corona Bow, was cloaked. Eisner waited patiently, like a hunter stalking a wild deer, for his target to arrive, a young Jewish woman from the United States named Elizabeth Memellie. A lifelong resident of the Manhattan luxury lifestyle, she was about as spoiled as they came and perhaps the most high-maintenance girl ever. She had graduated Stuyvesant High School and was currently attending Harvard and was on a summer trip to Israel, but Eisner had secretly tracked her all the way to the Sea of Galilee, hiding in the very same grove of trees under which Jesus supposedly healed the blind and cured the sick. As Eisner waited, he saw his target approaching; dressed in a flower patterned sun dress, Elizabeth looked out over the Sacred Sea, and took a deep breath…it was the last one she’d ever get. “Thus, I banish thee into the fiery pit…” Eisner said, firing a Thunderous Arrow from his bow. The impact was so powerful that it sent Elizabeth flying more than 300 yards, splashing dead into the Sea of Galilee. Her friend screamed at the top of her lungs; Eisner shot her too, ripping her clean in half with the force of the arrow. The crowd of sightseers flew into a panic; there was a sniper in the Sacred Grove. As the Israeli Police were called, SWAT teams stormed over to the trees with infrared goggles, as the sniper seemed to be invisible. They found nothing on infrared. Same with ultraviolet. As these stories began to unfold, the world began to ask…”What’s going on?”

  1. Lone Pine Peak

“Welcome back, Lords Eisner and Hardwicke. Were your assassination forays successful?” “Confirmed. Subjects terminated.” “Likewise.” “Excellent.” The first blows have been struck in our new Holocaust.” Master Agustin von Richtofen, leader of the White Wolf Fraternity, the bloodiest, most brutal and most vicious anti-Semite group in the Seraphim Realm, the Dimension of the Supernatural, said as he congratulated his minions. Master Agustin and his 40 Disciples stood on the baseball field at Lone Pine Peak High School that night, dressed in rather excessive outfits, with epaulets, sashes, swords, guns, daggers, and capes, all with the White Wolf emblem on their armbands, similar to the Nazi swastika. “My Disciples, the White Race is in a beleaguered state. Anyone can see that the multiculturalism, tolerance of lesser races, and the Jewish Nation’s filthy hands fondling the world’s wealth, power and money have reduced the Master Race to nearly subhuman status! Whatever happened to the days of white dominance?! White pride?! White nationalism?! We see inferior races, such as the Black Race and other Negroid hybrids, taking the money, benefits, food and the future off the White Man’s plate. The white bride, with blond hair and blue eyes, cries for her Aryan blood, tainted by the blood of the Untermenschen! Will we allow this?!” “NO!” “No longer will we let these Jewish schizos, dark-skinned savages and all other multiracial and socialist hooligans stop our revolution. We pledge our allegiance to the sovereign revolutionary of our race, Adolph Hitler! SEIG HEIL!!! SEIG HEIL!!!” Master Agustin yelled, as his Disciples did the same. The White Wolves were not just elite with their weapons; they were powerful sorcerers as well. They could teleport, run at super speeds, turn invisible, conjure elemental spells and more. They would be impossible to catch for Human Realm law-enforcement officials, and their goal was eminently attainable, given their power: A second Holocaust. “Disciples, do you have any idea what’s happening next month?” Master Agustin’s disciples all smirked and chuckled. “The annual Miss America Pageant is being held in Las Vegas…we should all give them a warm welcome…but for now, we have a greater purpose to accomplish. That purpose is to send a message to America…and the world, that we mean business, and that we’ll kill our way across this entire planet if we have to, one town at a time. This town, Lone Pine Peak, is ours!” All 40 White Wolves cheered loudly, after standing on the baseball field for nearly a half hour. The place was deserted at night, and except for a few security guards for the school, little happened on school grounds after hours. Just then, however, Master Agustin spotted a security guard approaching the ball field. “Hey! What are you up to? This is trespassing!” the guard said, threatening to call the police if they didn’t leave at once. Lord Eisner was having none of that, however; drawing his Corona Bow, he fired a Thunderous Arrow directly at the security guard’s head, shooting it clean off of his shoulders and sending his body flying 30 yards. “Now, that’s our cue to leave, before more of these rent-a-cops show up.” Master Agustin said, rather frustrated by society, as usual. The White Wolves believed themselves to be their own society, they were separate from the mainstream world, and therefore didn’t have to obey its laws and rules. They thought nothing of crime, if Master Agustin said it was legal, it was legal. They thought nothing of social interaction, they ignored social cues, never took “no” for an answer and didn’t care if their actions offended, frightened or harassed anyone, if they protested, the White Wolves would kill them. They completely disregarded social boundaries too, often purposely flirting with another guy’s girlfriend to provoke the guy into attacking them, only to utterly brutalize them right in front of their girlfriends as a form of terror, and then killing the girls too as they watched, begged, pleaded and cried for mercy. The police had no power over them, at least in their eyes. They did whatever they wanted when they wanted it done, and if it benefitted the Fraternity, it would be done. Brothers all. Agustin ordered his Disciples into action. There was no going back. They all scattered across the town, teleporting and taking up positions in pre-determined locations, their target was a party in one of the huge houses that characterized the Lone Pine Peak neighborhood. A young woman there, named Lindsey Wright, was the daughter of one of the best attorneys in America, Bob Wright, and killing her would bring the White Wolves to the front page of the New York Times. Lone Pine Peak was a town near the Hamptons on Long Island, and, as such, was home to extremely rich, affluent families. The only place with more mansions in New York other than the Hamptons was South Nyack, with colossal, old “Gilded Age” mansions built in the late 19th century by trusts such as Carnegie Steel, Standard Oil and Vanderbilt Railroads for their wealthiest executives and barons, as well as such organizations as Tammany Hall. One mansion, the “Red Brick Manor,” was 66,000 sq. feet. Those too were on the White Wolves’ radar, but not for now. Their secondary mission was to stop a feud from escalating into an open conflict-by solving it themselves. In Lone Pine Peak, two families, the Pierce family and the Humber family, were involved in a tightly-contested legal battle over a long-standing rivalry between the Pierce oldest daughter, Regina, and her ex-boyfriend, Lance Humber. Both families were extremely rich, and the real tragedy about all this was that the two of them used to be inseparable. Three years ago, one would never expect that the two of them would ever be enemies. Regina Pierce and Lance Humber were the quintessential “happy couple,” they were the American Dream. Regina was 6 feet tall, had long, black hair, blue eyes, pale, fair skin and very pretty outfits; she dressed rather provocatively sometimes, but in formal situations, she was almost unreal in her appearance. People who knew Lance Humber had never seen anyone so in love with another person. Forget chocolates and flower. This was the rarified world of excess and wealth, and Lance bought Regina jewelry on her birthday and Christmas that cost up to $10,000, like her diamond-studded Rolex watch, expensive vacations and ever a $90,000 Mercedes car. It seemed like a match made in Heaven…

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