Rough Draft: “Shen War”

Shen War

It was Christmas Eve, when he walked into the room, aglow with gorgeous chandelier lights in the magical city of Mahogany. He was dressed in a white tuxedo with a red bouquet of flowers in his hands, his brown hair obscuring his deep blue left eye; he had a look of determination in his eyes, one like a man with a purpose. “Kyrie for Orchestra!” the band yelled, as they began playing Szviridov’s Snowstorm Waltz, a Christmas favorite, as the young man took a girl’s hand in a dance with her. “Sebastian, you do nothing but make me smile. On Christmas, I’m always a little misty-eyed, but with you, I feel warm. I feel at home, I don’t sit beside the tree all by myself.” “Yes, Misty, I pledged to protect you from any harm in sickness and in health.” “But we aren’t married…” “Regardless, I promised you.” The hundreds of candle pyramids decorating the ballroom were spinning, casting their warm glow. Just then, as Sebastian and Misty danced together, a young man with crimson red hair, a Prussian blue uniform and overcoat with gold lining, a rapier, a monocle and a sinister look on his face glanced over at them. He was alone, and was clearly jealous of Sebastian’s success with Misty. “Hello, Sebastian…” the man hissed. “Shen? Please stop. I don’t want to have to beat you senseless.” “Do you know why I do what I do?” “Because you’re a complete psychopath, and one that I would certainly like to kill, but since it is Christmas Eve, I have made a voluntary truce with you.” “Hahahaha…you think of yourself as so righteous, but in reality, the truth is far different. This world is broken…it must come as blatantly obvious to all of you that the bureaucrats have reduced the world to their own personal playground, one where freedom dies and the lies of the bourgeoisie stuff corpses into the mouths of youth. I am the Autarch. So what? Are you going to stop me now? Ha! Your policies invited me in. Listen to my words, and listen carefully. I am the Morning and the Evening Star, the Guiding Light of the Sunset Klan, the proud group responsible for becoming the peace shield for Rodinia and sparking a new wave of Manifest Destiny. I am the world’s only hope. To think you would kill me for your own personal benefit, you are nothing more than bourgeois imperialists acting in your own self-interest. Your enslavement to your ideology of capitalism and imperialism, here and in places like Laurentia and Mona makes me want to vomit. So, killing me in YOUR mind is the right thing to do, but is it really in the best interest of the Rodinian citizens? Killing me would be just the right thing to do in the past, but now it’s wrong. There is no “good” and “evil.” Only points of view; and points of view change. The views here in the Klan territory that my people believe in universal rights to happiness and prosperity, but like a wavering flame, those rights are easily extinguished. There are still rotten people, clergy, bankers, CEOs, police, and other ‘authorities,’ and they must be dealt with. This suffering and slavery under bureaucracy is inevitable as long as bureaucracy exists. From the moment I seized power, this world was a hole, a great dark pit, filled with people who were filled with corruption and bellicosity that would not go unpunished. Now, more than 80% of those people in the Klan-controlled parts of Rodinia who either reside in the top tax bracket or are Christians or Muslims are dead, class strife is a thing of the past and dangerous traitors are in jail for life. It all boils down to the same old thing, the two types of people, those who lead, and those who follow. This never changes, corruption breeds more corruption, hate breeds more hate. Antitheists and atheists like me know this well, and the critical juncture of atheism reaches here. I don’t kill because I hate Christians. I kill Christians because they hate atheists. I do not hate Christians. I wish them the happiest life imaginable, but they choose under their own power to interfere with the atheistic lives of others who do not share their views. We are the victims; they brought this ruin upon themselves. Atheism only wishes for peace, but is acting only in self-defense in attacking Christians and Muslims, as they attack nonbelievers. Atheism and Marxism only desire for equality and prosperity for all, good without God, life without toil. It is the Christians that are the true villains here. They say WE are spineless? They need to look in a mirror. In this new world, I will be the Autarch, the Supreme Leader. My followers, following the path of the New Enlightenment, will be my Council. Welcome to the New Order…Alas, to the youthful student, you find yourself in a position of utter enslavement; enslavement to popularity, enslavement to family, enslavement to the State, and enslavement to the university or school system. The modern student is a lifeless corpse. He or she claims to know the true meaning of freedom, but in fact, the richer one becomes, the more popularity one gains, the more chains that bind him or her, and the freer he or she thinks they are. “Freedom” does not entail fancy cars, money, a girlfriend, friends, family, a big house, fame, beauty, expensive accessories and other material possessions, those who believe this are what James Joyce referred to as “The Walking Dead.” True freedom can only be achieved through breaking through the lies of society, and transcending into an intellectual nirvana, a state of New Enlightenment. A person who achieved the New Enlightenment will worship intellect and that alone, and reject ALL popularity, he will wear whatever he wants. He will say whatever he wants. He will do whatever he wants, and he will not care about the idiotic whims of other sheep who still suffer under the mega-corporate bureaucracy shoving “Gucci,” “Juicy Couture” and other designer clothes, pointless television shows and the oppressive yoke of celebrities and famous people, these are the most disgusting people on the face of the Earth. They seek only to hog wealth and make a profit in a purely frivolous entertainment business, which is part of the capitalist murder machine. A New Enlightenment follower will strike back, both forcefully and passively, against such abuses to show the rest of the world the true path. The New Enlightenment movement will seek to end these trends, by any means necessary, any at all. This is the purpose of Sunset Klan, a planned organization that I will be the Grand Master of. Unlike anything ever seen before, we will engage in acts of social deviance and demonstrations against celebrities, wealthy, arrogant, popular and snobbish bureaucracy of any and all kinds. For example, at University of Midnight Sun, on September 28, this year, two students were arrested for the “crime” of writing their names in wet cement, because of a 78-year old janitor’s request. That 78-year old janitor is a Fascist pig, one who’s lies and his spawn’s lies have placed two students expressing themselves in jail for no reason. The Sunset Klan will hunt this geriatric tyrant down in the middle of the night, force him to quit his job, burn his house down and terrorize his family to the point where they have to move, and can never show their sorry faces in the city of Lex again. The Sunset Klan will beat the designer clothes-wearing, rich, snobbish, self-entitled, self-righteous rakes and jocks to death in the streets. They will bomb celebrities’ houses, attack big-bank headquarters in Manhattan, storm the barricades on Wall Street, storm into the stock floor and smash the computers with sledgehammers. This is a manifesto of social terror against the concentration camp we call Christian, capitalist society. To the lantern with the bureaucrats! The bureaucrats, we’ll hang them!! Marxism, antitheism and atheism forever!” Shen lectured, as Sebastian and Misty looked on, baffled. “Shen, your brain is full of cats. I’ve never met anyone as insane as you in my entire life.” “Very well, if that’s how you put it…I’ll see you in Lex, and I swear on my life, we will clash blades one day, and one of us will die. Merry Christmas and farewell.” Shen quickly left the building. “That guy has got some serious problems. I don’t know what he resents about our relationship so much, we’re happy together.” Misty said, her short, shoulder-length red hair, pretty blue eyes and gorgeous, deep blue dress with snowflake patterns on it made her look like a perfectly hand-painted Christmas angel. “Sebastian…this is for you.” Misty handed Sebastian a beautiful old music box, made of emerald and encrusted with diamonds. “This was my great grandfather’s, he always told me to give it to someone special, someone who I truly, deeply…loved.” Misty kissed Sebastian sweetly; Sebastian was rather shocked at this, given that her great grandfather had been a Baronia-Felix General during the Ilex Wars, which were fought between Baronia-Felix, Reikki, Apollo-Felix, Wolfe, Burgundy, Mona and Venetio, and cost the continent of Rodinia one out of every 5 people under the age of 30. A famous song written in Mona, “So long my youthful love,” was written about this horror. The Baronia-Felix commanders were among the most brilliant commanders in history, second only to the Apollo-Felix Inheritors, 7 ranks higher than even 5-Star General. Imperial borders were drawn to their current borders, with Baronia-Felix dominating the main body of the continent, and a major war hadn’t occurred since. Mahogany was the largest city in the southernmost of Baronia-Felix’s 28 provinces, a nation famous for its Ilex War-era Zeppelins and its huge Luftstreitkräfte, then consisting of 2,709 airplanes, 56 huge, 889-foot Zeppelins, 186 balloons and 4500 pilots, its Imperial Navy, and its 900,000-man Army, some of the best soldiers in the world, along with some of the best pilots ever, including Lord Light von Dark, a sinister young pilot who wore a black uniform with a red hat, referred to as “The Rake,” he flew a triplane fighter during the Ilex Wars, and died at the ripe old age of 104, with a funeral fit for the Kaiser himself. He flew with almost supernatural aptitude, performing strafing runs that took out entire infantry platoons and shooting down enemy planes with impunity. His plane had the huge picture of a hideous demonic entity painted on the side of it, to scare the hell out of his enemies; the demon was a character from Baronian pagan mythology. By this point, Baronian planes now flew with ultra-high altitude jet engines and super-advanced computer systems, along with huge, 500-meter long super-dreadnaught Zeppelins powered by jet engines, but the Imperial Baronian tradition of air aces continued, even in the age of robotic fighters and computers. The last wars that any of the Great Powers had fought were the Ilex Wars, so warfare was relatively foreign to any inhabitants of these Empires. Sebastian closed his eyes and said three words: “Ehre, Freiheit, Vaterland.” The music box opened, and played a sweet little tune called O Alte Burschenherrlichkeit, a song of love and loyalty in High Baronian. Misty smiled sweetly. “Those three words, I pledge my loyalty to you. You will never be alone again.” Just then, Sebastian felt a gentle hand on his shoulder. He turned around and saw another young woman standing there, but she was much different. She was beautiful, yes, but her hair was coal-black and extended down her lower back, her skin was marble-pale, she had big, pretty green eyes and a very seductive, devious look to her face, priceless diamond earrings and an enormous sapphire necklace, a short, tight-fitting black dress, a belt around her midsection and black high heels. “Sebastian! This woman is a pirate!!” “Aren’t you a little underdressed, Samantha?” “Isn’t my body good enough for you, though? I think I can get away with it. I came to see you, sweetie and…who the hell is this?!” “This is Misty Mannheim, my new girlfriend after you became a pirate and a dangerous criminal.” “So?! I have more money that anything she could possibly give you, I have mansions, jewels, indentured servants, expensive liquor and money, and I’d offer it all to you if you’d just come back to me…” “Sorry, I don’t need those things. And besides, that’s all illegally obtained money.” Sam walked over to Misty and grabbed the music box out of her hand, and cruelly smashed it on the floor. “That was my great-grandfather’s!!” “Now it’s a piece of junk, and if you ever come near Sebastian again, that’ll be your head, you creature!!” Sam yelled, pointing at the music box. Now, I need to go, but I’ll see you later, Sebastian.” Sam said, walking calmly out the door. Misty sat on the floor crying. “She needs to die.” Misty said, softly.


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