Rough Draft: “Rot Ernte”

Rot Ernte

Beautiful girls are like roses…beware of their thorns…

ALL HAIL THE ENTRANCE OF QUEEN MARY III, RULER OF ALL WOLFE!!” Minister of Propaganda Lucy Wellington screamed to the assembled crowd in Trafalgar Square on Christmas Eve, 2199. The Imperial Pinnacle, built to commemorate the ascension of the Wolfe Empire, stood proudly over London, now an enormous “mega city” of 25 million people. Queen Mary III of Cornwall and Empress of India, Sovereign of North America and Emperor of all Colonies, with her black hair and Imperial regalia, stepped out onto the podium with her hands in the air, while all who stood below her gave the Roman salute, while chanting “GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!! GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!!!” with utmost pride. The thousands of people waved Wolfe flags, cheered and paraded around the Square, along with hundreds of soldiers, tanks and VTOL gunships, just in case of an attempt on Queen Mary’s life. Queen Mary was preparing her annual Christmas Eve Address to the vast Wolfe, formerly British, Empire, which controlled not only every territory it held in 1920, but ALL of North America, not just Canada. On every broadcast channel in all corners of the Empire, the Queen’s will was to be projected to every one of the Empire’s two billion subjects, a message of peace, prosperity and hope for all Wolfen people. Queen Thomas stepped up to the podium in front of the microphones and prepared her speech:

My fellow Wolfen! Today, exactly 5 years ago, our beloved Empire silenced the former United States, the so-called “Leader of the Free World;” we destroyed it so completely, that their last desperate pleas to our government for medical supplies came in the form of thousands of tons of worthless products, and how did we respond? We paid them back for that little Tea Party they threw for us during their bloody Revolution by dumping their goods into Portsmouth Harbor!! We then annexed not only the United States and our Old Dominion of Canada, but those filthy spics in Mexico as well! We are Wolfen, and we are the rulers of the Earth, only God himself has more power than we do! Alone, we are weak, vulnerable to the likes of communism, liberalism, multiculturalism and bankrupt ideals such as democracy and racial tolerance! Together, however, we are white, God-fearing Wolfen people and bloody proud of it!! Together, we will smash the hammer and sickle of Communism, stomp out the excessive oppression of liberalism, defeat the weak, pushover ideals of multiculturalism and racial tolerance; we promote White Pride, Worldwide!!! Democracy and the pathetic ideals of Locke, Voltaire, Rousseau and the Founding Traitors of the now-defunct United States are worthless; in the words of Mussolini, there is a time when men grow tired of liberty, and that putting faith in one wise leader above all others is a far more efficient government that the bickering, petty issues of democratic governments. Autarchy, Faith and National Character are the bywords of success now! This is a new era that all subjects will bow to, from the Hindoos in India, to the Jews in the Levant and America, to the Chinks in Hong Kong and the Spics in Mexico, we, the supreme white race, will dominate Heaven, Earth and Hell. Follow me, and you’ll never perish, but be granted eternal life!!! Happy Christmas, and Happy New Year!!”

The flagrantly racist speech by Queen Mary III was met with thunderous applause, and chants of “HAIL EMPRESS!! HAIL EMPRESS!!!” The awesome power of the Wolfe Empire was absolute. The Parliament and the Queen were the supreme authorities over a quarter of the world’s people, and this was enforced by Wolfe’s all-powerful Royal Navy. Just the appearance of a Royal Navy warship on hostile shores was enough to illicit a surrender without the Royal Navy even firing one shot. The main strength of Wolfe was its Navy’s ability to inspire fear, and that it did very well. Its enormous fleet carriers, missile cruisers, and submarines ruled the seas. However, Mary didn’t need to be reminded of the scope of her power; she knew very well that she was the most powerful woman in the world by far. The Queen’s Minister of Propaganda, Lucy Wellington, and the Lord High Chancellor of Parliament, Karen Cowell, saluted as the queen walked back into the Imperial Pinnacle building, overlooking the Thames and the rest of London’s vast megalopolis. “My Lady, there is something you must be made aware of.” Chancellor Cowell told the queen, holding a data ROM in her hand. “This had better be important.” “Oh, I assure you, this is an immediate concern. Let me play the message.” “Go ahead…” Queen Mary sighed as the data ROM played:

This is Wolf Pack Division VII, and we have some serious dirt on several individuals in south London. It appears that there are German spies within our home territory, we got a few of them to cough up who hired them, but she and her brother live in Berlin. This is an illegal act, and the implications of this are vast. We believe that the Germans swiped the plans for our new power source, and we have reason to believe that they have already arrived in the Reichstag as well. Both Germany and Wolfe are going to claim that the international laws have legalized their respective actions, but we’ll see what the bloody Baroness does when we shove a loaded Stoner-78 LMG up her worm-ridden ass!”

Queen Mary shuddered, not with fear, but with anger. The Germans were a constant headache for Wolfe, as their territory, known formally as the Deutschen Geschichte-Verwaltungsgliederung, controlled the entirety of their territory in 1944, with everything from the Rhineland to the border with the Slavic Lands under its control. This, however, was a grievous overstepping of boundaries, and since the leaders of the spy ring that the Wolf Pack Government Police busted were safely in Berlin, there was very little that Wolfe, for all of its power, could do to retrieve those blueprints. Germany had a 13 million-personnel Army, the only navy capable of posing a threat to Wolfe’s naval hegemony with its U-boats and surface fleet, and the biggest Air Force in recent history. As much Mary hated to admit it, she had been beaten here. Nothing short of war would convince the Germans to relinquish their position, the only hope that Wolfe had was to somehow convince Baroness Savannah II, High Chancellor of Germany, to turn over the spies to the Wolfe Parliament with a painful concession of territory. If that failed, war between Wolfe and Germany was a distinct possibility…again. However, the Wolfe naval tactics would be identical to the ones used as far back as Napoleon; guerre de course, blockading and global, high-seas patrols; considering where the massive German High Seas Fleet, with its 6 supercarriers, had to deploy from, the Grand Fleet of the Wolfe Empire would only attack if the Germans could break the blockade; even with the massive size of the German Navy, the Wolfe Grand Fleet had a 60% advantage over the German High Seas Fleet. However, if the Germans could use their U-boats to smash through the blockades, there would be nothing stopping the massive German Reichswher, with their colossal tank armies and aircraft squadrons, from launching an invasion of the British Isles themselves, likely coming ashore on the same beach that William of Orange did in 1688: Torbay, in Devon. Germany was the only nation that could pose this type of challenge to Wolfe’s hegemony by far. If this worst-case scenario occurred, Germany could secure victory within one year: a very ugly prospect for Queen Mary and her government. If that weren’t enough, Germany’s allies, Italy and Japan, tied together by their hatred for the excesses of Queen Mary and their desire to expose Wolfe’s war crimes against humanity, such as the massacre at Hinata Bay in Southern Japan over trade rights; Japan would never forgive Wolfe for those 5,000 lives lost. However, despite the power of Germany, Italy and Japan, Wolfe still outclassed them with its massive industrial capacity from its North American dominions, Another ally was needed, and that ally was likely going to be in Eurasia, however, that region was in a transition period; Eurasia in general was in political chaos after the total collapse of the Russian state; everything from the Ukraine to the Pacific was cracking open, fragmenting to such an extent that borders between countries such as Belarus and Ukraine were rendered meaningless. Decades of economic mismanagement after the Great Plague that killed 80% of the world’s men had cracked the vast Eurasian landmass to splinters. To quell the rioting, unrest, civil wars, and possible war crimes going on within Eurasia, Savannah II had considering sending troops into the various cities, such as St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev, Kursk and Volgograd, but it was so brutal, violent and horrendously murderous that these formerly world-class cities were too dangerous for even the German troops to enter without taking too many casualties, that is, unless Wolfe decided to send the Royal Navy’s North Sea Squadron into the Baltic, keeping Germany on the defensive. As Mary pondered her options should the negotiations with Germany fall through, he stared intently at Lord High Chancellor Cowell. “Agreed. Action must be taken against the jackboots in Germany, lest the Wolfe Empire suffer. In the event that the negotiations fall through, the Royal Navy shall attempt to negotiate a deal with Norway to stabilize St. Petersburg. Hopefully, the Norwegians, ever-hateful of the Germans and extraordinarily wealthy, will agree to this, luring the Germans into a trap, where we can sink their Navy like shooting fish in a barrel. Baroness Savannah is a young, naïve egomaniac. She’s itching to send her Navy into action…I say we grant her wish. Send a detachment of the Grand Fleet into Vyborg Bay, and anchor the ships. Just the sight of our fleet’s numbers will demoralize the Germans. Make the negotiations and send the ships anyway. That way, the Germans won’t suspect a thing.” “Ma’am, are you suggesting-““Yes. I know in my mind that Savannah has decided to go to war no matter what. I will respond in kind. However, it will be our navy that fires the opening shots. If we cripple their Navy right from the off, we will destroy them. This war will be over by spring. Give the order to the First Sea Lord, High Chancellor.” “Yes my Lady.” The Lord High Chancellor walked out of the room, leaving Queen Mary to ponder the implications of what she was about to do. This plan was a huge gamble, if Germany committed its entire military to the war effort, which it was bound to do, this war could be another cataclysm on the scale of WWII. If the plan succeeded, the war would be over within a few months. If it failed, it would drag on for years. However, the first and primary goal for the Wolfe Empire was the retrieval of the power source blueprints. If all went well, it would be a very happy Christmas morning.

“Baroness Savannah, we have the plans for the Wolfe power source, although many of our spies died and some of them were captured to bring us this information. They probably know where Erika and her younger brother are now, but here in Berlin, they’re relatively safe. Any Wolfen assassins will be caught and put to death as spies by the Night Hammer Police.” “Well, at least that’s some good news. Are the plans to push eastward finalized, Grand Marshal?” “Yes, we have a half-million troops re-organizing the Balkans into German protectorates, and more than half of those are on the border of the Ukraine. Also, an additional 300,000 Hungarian, Bosnian, Serbian, Albanian and Rumanian regulars have been added to our forces; they were quite eager to strike at the Slavic Lands on the basis of deep historical mistrust. In addition to the infantry, we have 20 Panzer divisions, 5000 tracked transport vehicles, 1700 SPHA tanks, 13 bomber squadrons and 35 VTOL gunship squadrons, plus 700 hypersonic drones and UCAVs. Rumania will be the launch point, as will Greece, into Turkey and the Levant, the latter a Wolfen territory. Our African tank brigades will sweep the Wolfen out of Egypt and the Suez Canal and after seizing that territory, we will capture the oil fields while our main force will push as deep into the Slavic Lands as possible, all the way up to the Urals if need be; with the Middle East under our control, Central Asia would be next, and the Japanese would take Pacific Russia. Germany and Japan would rule Eurasia, which would give us the resources we need to challenge Wolfe’s North American dominions in space and at sea. Our satellites will rain death upon the British Isles, and our forces will crush Wolfe and make the Queen beg for mercy.” “That sounds excellent. In which case, this had better happen quickly. I feel that Wolfe is trying to cut us to the quick, strike us before we are ready. We’d better do the same. Send Admiral Stefan into the Baltic to pursue any Wolfe-Norway alliance, as they are natural allies against us.” “Yes, my Lady.” “Also, ready the U-Boat Corps, they will be instrumental in our navy strategy. Our EMP satellite package will knock out the British Isles’ electrical grid for about 12 hours, crippling their ability to track our movements. Those tyrants won’t know what hit them. It’s all thanks Erika and the rest of her pretty little pack of musical girls, they know how to lie, that’s for sure.” “It astounds me, Lady Savannah, that a group of University-aged choir singers could possibly understand the complexities required to spy on the largest Empire in the world…and succeed. Either they’re the luckiest girls in the world or the best liars ever. Maybe gossiping does have its uses.” “So it would seem.” Baroness Savannah said. “Well, the military’s in place and our strategy is clear. The Drag Nacht Osten will return, and this time, there can be no fall-ups.”

  1. Hug

“Todd, can you get me some milk from the store across the street?” Erika Maher asked her 16 year-old brother. She was sitting on the sofa watching a television show on a hologram television, which put her directly into the show without her leaving her couch. However, there was little excitement in what she was watching, and she could have easily stood up, stepped out of her luxurious Berlin apartment on a sunny day to buy a gallon of milk. She, however, was catered to by the German government as if she was at the Ritz-Carlton Restaurant. She, and her friends, Samantha, Julia and Lisa, were the most critical assets in the entire Greater German Federation. They were spies; and they were members of the German Night Hammer Intelligence Division (NHID.) However, no one would ever guess that these girls were members of the most elite intelligence agency in the world. They were students at Zeppelin University, members of the Women’s Select Choir and ace students, not to mention beautiful. All except for Sam, she was a Reichswehr veteran who had served for 2 years out of high school and actually saw combat, she had even been awarded the Iron Cross, First Class, but she didn’t like talking about why. She now attended Zeppelin University; as a result of her military career, she could attend any school in Germany without applying or paying tuition. She still kept her helmet and ceremonial dagger, not to mention her Iron Cross medal in her house, a testament to her devotion to the German Reich. Young men who entered her beautiful Bavarian home often asked if one of her relatives had served, but she was quick to correct them. No one ever expected someone as delicate an elegant as her to have earned an Iron Cross medal, especially when one considered the fact that she attended Fredrick der Gross Prep School, the most prestigious high school in Germany. She was used to luxury, as her dormitory at the Prep School was a whole wing of a converted mansion, which was more than 900 years old. She lived in oak-paneling, Persian rugs on the floor, spiral staircases, chandeliers and dining halls that rivaled those on the Titanic. As such, Sam was often viewed as “snobby and elitist,” and that was mostly true, to say the least, considering her father was President of the International Monetary Fund. Sam and Julia had long, pretty brown hair and blue eyes, Erika and Lisa blond hair. The school was out for the Christmas holiday, and there was snow all over the street. The temperature was zero degrees Centigrade, and Todd didn’t see the point of Erika ordering him around. “You’ve got legs! Get up from that sofa and get it yourself!” Todd snapped. “Hey, I care for you now that our parents are dead, and the government gives us all the money we need to live and then some to live like this! The least you can do get some milk!” Todd quickly grabbed some money and walked out onto the sidewalk; the corner store was right across the street. Todd was now a rare find, simply for being male. Male numbers after the plague that killed more than 80% of men all over the world had yet to rebound completely, even after 100 years. Any men were protected and rarely allowed to hold any kind of power position, as it was considered too dangerous; the virus was still around, and male extinction would doom the human race to a long, slow demise. Todd was living with his sister, and it would likely remain that way for life. Women had taken on all roles hitherto occupied by men; such was the reversal of gender roles. However it happened so fast. A woman in the black uniform of a Wolf Pack Commando, the Wolfe Empire’s secret police force, grabbed Todd in a chokehold and put a gun to his head. “Take me to your sister, or your bloody head is coming off, and I don’t care who sees it!! The people on the street were already calling for help, and the standard Berlin police officer that approached the Wolf Pack commando was shot instantly. The other cops yelled the obvious. “SHE’S WITH THE WOLFE EMPIRE!!!” The police officers pressed their emergency contact buttons, calling the Night Hammer brigades in case of a serious situation. People began to scream as the cop bled to death on the street curb. Realizing that his sister would be aware of the situation by now, with the loud gunshots outside, Todd was going to lead the Wolf Pack trooper directly into the barrel of his sister’s gun. She was an excellent shot, having never missed once for as long as she could remember. Todd walked back into the house and up the spiral staircase, with the Wolf Pack trooper in tow, only to be met with Erika holding an MP-779, the latest in assault rifle technology, pointed straight at the trooper’s head. “I don’t care if I’m wearing my nice dress…blood washes out of clothing. Let go of him now.” Erika threatened, even though she was wearing a lovely black dress, lacy arm-gloves and matching stockings. “Easy missy, you wouldn’t want to do that…” the Wolf Pack trooper said in her English accent, her voice starting to waver. “Let go of him, and the Night Hammers will shoot you. I really don’t want to get blood all over the carpet here. The butler can’t stand the sight of it.” The Wolf Pack trooper slowly released Todd, but Erika pulled the trigger anyway, splattering the trooper’s head all over the walls, near the Christmas tree and the decorations. “Are you ok?” “Yeah, I’m good…” Erika hugged Todd tightly, putting the still-loaded gun on the ground without the safety. Sure enough, the Night Hammers arrived in the house shortly after. “Oh, hell…” one of them groaned when he saw the dead Wolf Pack trooper with blood everywhere. “She grabbed my brother and tried to kill him…” Erika said, still a little distraught that the Wolfe Empire was now so determined to kill her that they would be bold enough to act in broad daylight on Christmas Eve, and shoot a German cop; there was another woman that didn’t run away when the attack occurred, either. The Night Hammers expressed their concern as well. “If Queen Mary is this determined to get rid of you, then even Berlin is too hazardous. Those women were probably sleeper agents and trust me, they always operate in groups. Now that they know who you are and where you live, they’re just going to keep coming. We are Waffen-Nachthammern, armed police. We can only protect you. We can’t fight a war for you. “Tell Baroness Savannah about this attack. I think it’s time for the German military to load up, rev up and roll out.” “I believe that the Baroness will concur. A great trial awaits our nation, and you must promise that you’ll be safe and follow our advice.” “I will.” “A declaration of hostilities against Wolfe is inevitable and imminent. I think that by Christmas morning, the Fatherland will be at war.” The Night Hammers left the house after that.

  1. Blast

December 25, 2199

“Happy Christmas, rise and shine, sailors!” Admiral Anna Stefan yelled over the intercom system on the SMS Erwin Rommel, a huge aircraft carrier preparing to depart from Cuxhaven, Germany. “There’s no Christmas celebration today, however. Just 3 hours ago, Baroness Savannah II declared war on Wolfe. The Heer and Luftwaffe are already on the move into the Slavic Lands, and our forces are also heavily engaged with French forces along the Rhine, but the British Isles’ electrical grid is crippled by an EMP blast for a 12 hour period. So far, our advances into France have been devastating, and the invasion into the snow fields of Belarus, Ukraine and Russia have been met with little resistance, even the guerillas that we expected are fleeing. This is not a drill. Our job is to break the back of the Wolfe Grand Fleet in Vyborg Bay, along with the Norwegian fleets assisting it. With their electronics down, we will have the element of surprise. Our U-boats have already gone active, according to reports; our SSN submarines have already sunk 3 Wolfe destroyers. We have 22 ships, including this carrier, to complete our mission with. This is where we separate the weak from the strong. All who love the Fatherland and wish to see these tyrants pay for their crimes carry the fight this day! Gott Mit Uns!!” The crew of the ship cheered at the conclusion of Admiral Stefan’s speech. Everyone knew it was coming; Germany and Wolfe had been in a state of aggression and tension for more than 30 years at this point, when war finally broke out, as it had done in the wee hours of Christmas morning, it almost came as a relief. Almost. The Japanese and Italians had declared war on Wolfe, but the sudden attack by Germany into neutral France kept Wolfe on the defensive, and Italy’s powerful fleet in the Mediterranean offered naval support on the French Riviera, transformed from a paradise into Hell. Japan’s Navy, third in size behind Wolfe and Germany, was pounding the Wolfen colonies in the Western Pacific, as well. The speed of the German Coalition’s attack was astonishing, the blitzkrieg once again roared across the plains of Europe. The good news was that if the Germans accomplished their objectives, the Coalition would likely be able to bring the belligerents to the negotiation table after a few months, if not weeks. Unlike in WWI, the biggest military train wreck in history, the Germans had learned from their mistakes. The primary shipbuilding effort for Germany now centered on the U-boat. The German U-boat fleet, consisting of nearly 162 subs of all types, from SSKs to SSBNs was the largest in the world, and more than 3 times the Wolfe total, they relied primarily on aircraft carriers and huge surface warships, thinking that the carrier aircraft groups would be enough to spot submarines from the air and destroy them without much of a problem. Once the Grand Fleet was dealt with in Vyborg Bay, the High Seas Fleet would break out into the Atlantic, and begin sinking supply ships from the American dominions while the Japanese and the Italians kept Wolfe’s colonial forces busy, and the German Army advanced eastward and later into the Middle East. Needless to say, the U-boat force was still growing. 12 U-boats accompanied the Erwin Rommel’s battle-group. The battle-group was already underway into the North Sea, making double-time to the Baltic. As the rest of the crew got dressed and stepped out onto the carrier’s flight deck, they saw the full power of the German military. There were huge lines of unmanned hypersonic aircraft zooming overhead, as well as enormous bombers, crewed by elite Luftwaffe crews, flying overhead, as well as the VTOL gunships; these were land-based aircraft, ones not launched from the battle-group. The Great Crusade had begun. The freezing winds and huge waves of the North Sea on that Christmas was typical for December: and this was a good weather day. It was a sunny morning, which made the -10o wind chill bearable, but icy spray was forming on the flight deck, so the de-icing systems were on full blast. Already, the missile frigates, UCAVs and robotic attack helicopters were preparing for a possible surprise attack from Wolfe Royal Air Force planes, but with the disabled radars and satellite scanners, the German warships were relatively safe, however, any hypersonic aircraft patrols could hit a surface warship hard, to say the least. The air-defense destroyers had their interceptor lasers and AA missiles ready, just in case the radar alarms shrieked. However, the German sailors were so confident in their prowess under the veteran Admiral Stefan, who had commanded the fleet that destroyed the pirate strongholds in Indonesia by routing the Jakarta shipyards at Banda Aceh, which had been transformed into a pirate stronghold on the scale of the Caribbean in the 18th century; with the growth in Indonesia’s wealth, crime and piracy exploded, and they were threatening and regularly raiding German ships in their Pacific, Atlantic and East African territories of German East Africa, Kamerun, and Savannah’s Land, formerly called Kaiser Wilhelm’s Land during the 19th and early 20th centuries, in Indonesia. The arrest and prosecution of such notorious pirates as Caleb Al-Bashir made the Islamic pirates obsolete, but the most dreaded pirate of the Indian Ocean region, a Polish man named Sigismund Mellerm, remained at large, although he hadn’t robbed a freighter in a while, but with the war, he might become active again. He was from Warsaw, which had been a German territory ever since the Eastern European collapse that resulted from the Great Plague of 2100, which launched Wolfe and Germany as the premier world powers, and had served in the German High Seas Fleet before going rogue and preying on German and Wolfe shipping worldwide. However, pirates were the last thing that the German fleet needed to worry about. They were sailing directly for Vyborg Bay, where they hoped they would be able to smash the Wolfe Grand Fleet before it could do any damage. As such, the women aboard the ships made sure all systems were working properly. Satellite scans showed that Italy, under Duchess Giana Villiatoro, was hammering the French Mediterranean coast with missiles from Comte de Cavour-class heavy guided-missile cruisers and UAV carriers, the only such ships in existence in any Navy’s arsenal. Most naval brass doubted the validity and efficacy of an aircraft carrier that operated no piloted aircraft at all, but the Italian ships were quickly dispelling any notion of liability. The 3 carriers’ complement of UAV helicopters, unmanned hypersonic aircraft, hunter-killer drones and UAVs with global range were proving to be lethal to the French Army, which was also under siege by the German Army from the east, along the Rhine. Japan’s navy was currently expanding into the Pacific, attacking its historic enemy, Korea, first.


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