Rough Draft: “Chronicles of Mayou”

Chronicles of Mayou

See the Hyperboreans standing tall, all for one and one for all, conquer lands and slaughter all, enemies fall at their feet, begging for their mercy…”

  1. Lolita-Doll Nazi Empire

“Where in death’s name are we?” Yuki Inata said, standing in a crowd of people, all waving a bizarre- looking black flag with three red triangles on it. “We’re at a rally in Lolita Germany; this is another dimension, where Miss Alyssa’s first memories are hidden. That fog was an interdimensional haze; this is the first place where the memories are likely to be. Look around.” Artemis Rayne, a genius inventor said; he was the only person who knew what truly happened to the young woman’s memories, Yuki was one of his students. Yuki observed his surroundings, and saw Berlin looking almost identical to Nazi Germany’s incarnate, just in place of the swastika on every flag and banner was that bizarre triad of triangles. Huge broadcast screens were everywhere, and an enormous broadcast tower soared high over the Brandenburg Gate. Just then, a gaudily, black and white-uniformed man with epaulets, a wide-brimmed hat, a telescopic monocle and a sword by his side appeared on the huge, 6-story screen in front of the Brandenburg Gate. “Der Fuhrer kommt.” The man announced the arrival of the supreme leader of Greater Lolita Germany, an ornately, somewhat comically-dressed man named Rudolph Eisenheim III. His menacing gaze appeared on screen:

All men are NOT created equal, some are faster, some are smarter, and some are more creative. Some are better equipped to survive in our world, the one in which we live and die! “Thou shalt not steal.” “Thou shalt not kill.” “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” “Thou shalt not covet,” and the 7 Deadly “sins” are all farce. “I don’t kill because I’ll be punished.” I don’t cheat on my wife because she’ll be devastated.” Pity how laws have been drawn up to protect “morality.” The one rule has always been “natural selection.” Species, and therefore people, struggle to survive, and those that win the struggle will survive to prosperity and glory, and those who lose will slip into oblivion, like species no one’s ever heard of. We have only allowed those fit to live join us in our new Empire, because of the simple principle of eugenics. It is a great way to rid the world of unnecessary worthlessness, such as my pet peeve, idiots who follow popular trends like drones, always looking at who’s wearing what, who’s sleeping with who and who’s better than others. Let us be honest, power doesn’t matter how pretty or handsome you are, what you wear or who you have sex with, but the strength of one’s mind, the strength of one’s body, and the strength of one’s emotions. Power equals intellect, and intellect equals power! We are a nation of Merit, one of iron bulwarks and strength. People like the born-again Christian vermin that worship the altar of outdated dogma, hoard weapons as if it is the Armageddon Times, and attempt to justify war through faith. The only justification for war is eliminating people like them from the face of the Earth! Their troops will crumble to our forces, and we will grind them into dust! To atheists everywhere, this is our day, and this will be our world!! We will last for thousands of years!!! ALL HEIL DEUTSCHLAND!!” “ALL HEIL DEUTSCHLAND!! ALL HEIL DEUTSCHLAND!!!” The entire crowd roared, as patriotic music blasted through Brandenburg Square. Yuki watched in awe as the enormous Panzer tanks, some of the larger ones, the Mark IX “Maus II,” were 200 tons in weight, rolled past as the largest military parade in history got underway. After the enormous armored columns rolled past, the anti-aircraft tanks, the “Hummel” tanks, rolled past, followed by the massive infantry platoons, marching in neat squares and carrying flags, there were so many troops that the ground shook. The infantry wore black armor with a combat robe over it, the robes covered in Gothic Iron Crosses and Fleur de Lis, with white, Iron Cross-decorated capes and slanted sallet helmets, the commanders wore huge black Fedora hats with red feathers in them and gilded epaulets as well, and carried MP-779 assault rifles, completely customizable and outfitted with heartbeat sensors, ACOG scopes, silencers, grenade launchers and shotgun attachments…all on one unit. These were all standard issue for German soldiers, giving them the best weapons in the world. Once the infantry marched, the black and red-uniformed German Navy, or Kriegsmarine, sailors marched past, carrying STG-88 rifles, single-shot semi-automatic guns that had the same attachments as the MP-779s, as well as bayonets. All the while, huge planes flew overhead, casting shadows on the ground. After the sailors marched past, a group of young women wearing long, exquisite Gothic-Lolita dresses and diamond necklaces, with long, silky, Germanic-blonde hair and pigtails, the uniform of the Order of Rhine Maidens, gracefully stepped in line, trying not to get their dresses dirty on the ground, which was rather difficult. One of them saw Yuki and waved at him sweetly. He smiled back, only to have his teacher scold him. “Sorry, Rayne-sensei.” Yuki apologized. “We mustn’t get distracted. We have a mission to accomplish.” “Where do we start looking? According to this map, The Greater Lolita Reich controls the German Reich itself, France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Bohemia, Moravia, Alsace-Lorraine, Eupine-Malemdy, Memel, Lower Styria, Upper Carniola, Southern Carinthia, the Carpathian-Rusyn region, Poland, the Netherlands, the Flemish part of Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Finland and the German-speaking parts of Switzerland and Lichtenstein, as well as the Caucasus and most of European Russia, and who knows what else the Lolita Germans have planned?” “How did they take control of so much territory in the first place?” “Just look around!” Rayne responded. A huge war memorial stood high in Berlin, stating “The Great Victory-7 Years of Thunder, and an Eternity of Paradise.” “You need to learn to observe your surroundings better. Europe fell to the Lolita Reich in a titanic war which lasted for 7 years, lasting from 2007-2014, destroying churches, synagogues and mosques everywhere the German Army went. According to my knowledge of this particular version of the world, the Germans have even bigger plans for those they conquered, such as establishing colonies in East Africa, West Africa, North Africa, Central Africa, Japan, China, India and other ports East. They were, bizarrely, dolls trapped in a manga comic, and called “Lolita Reich.” The book series was published in Japan in 2007; it was about a little girl who collected Lolita dolls during the era of the Third Reich, with simple instructions to never get Volume 12, the character omnibus, wet. Well, some drunken University student spilled his beer on his roommate’s Volume 12, and…the dolls came out of the book as real people, re-formed the Nazi Party and took over Germany and built a Fourth Reich…this is a vast Empire ruled by a demented manga character brought to life. We are standing at the very heart of a unified Germanic-Nordic state, and one that has deep ties to all of its territories through 15-lane autobahns, “hyperwarp” maglev trains that travel in huge vacuum tunnels at 750 miles per hour, and a highly structured political system of commissars and massive infrastructure projects, to bring the Lolita Reich to standard with the United States, Brazil, India and China; the five Great Powers of the 21st Century. There is a huge city of 300,000 inhabitants called Nordsterne with the largest naval base in Europe, along with places like the Channel Islands near Britain, which is now fully allied with the Reich, though not directly controlled by it, and the aforementioned islands and Bermuda are now Strength through Joy resorts, complete with luxurious, 21st-century amenities, massive hotel complexes such as Starlight Haven, Summer Solstice, and the cream of the crop Moonlight Sunbeam yacht club. With the fall of Russia and Scandinavia to the Lolita Reich, Cuba has become a German paradise…and that’s got the citizens of Miami very worried. With no allies to assist America, what’s to stop the Reich from invading Florida? Either way, I’ve got a very bad feeling about this…” “Well, as a professor, you would know these things, and you built the machine to get your daughter’s memories back from other realities.” “Well, Yuki, it appears that you are learning to observe and come to your own conclusions. Well done. Yes, I am, and I have studied theoretical physics for years…we just have to play with the hands that we’re dealt.”

“Coming!” Toni Vercetti said, opening the door to her huge house in Loudon County, Maryland. Toni was a 26-year old entrepreneur and a very successful one at that; she earned about $523,000 per year selling her custom Italian recipes to restaurants and had opened her own, called “Midnight Heaven,” in Leesburg. She was not only very successful, but she was also stunningly gorgeous, with long brown hair, blue eyes and pale skin; she spoke fluent Italian and had been to Europe many times, and she was only 3 years out of college. She had attended Georgetown, receiving a degree in art, and often spent her leisure time painting pictures in her huge kitchen. Interestingly enough, she was single, but that was probably more along the lines of her being extremely competitive and snobby, she had plenty of guys trying to meet her, but she refused to even speak with many of them. Standing in front of her was another young woman, this one with long, pretty black hair, pale skin, green eyes and a black dress, long fur coat, a Caucasus-style hat that came to a point on top, and a fur scarf. She was very dressed up, to say the least, and looked like a Russian aristocrat. “You just roll in from Siberia, or something?” Toni said, arrogantly. “No, I just came to admire your house, tell me, how many people did you make ill today with those recipes? the woman said, with a French accent.” “Ok, this is my house, don’t insult me here. Leave or I’m calling the police.” “Ok…” The woman walked away, right across the cul-de-sac to the formerly vacant home, and turned on the lights. “No…” Toni gasped. Her college art class rival, Samantha St. Jean, had just moved in across the street. “Just ignore her, Toni, everything will be fine, she’s probably still an idiot…” Toni told herself; just then, the T.V. broadcast an advertisement that made Toni cringe:

Ever wonder where you can get the best food in the county, better than anyone else’s? Tired of those boring, cheesy Italian restaurants that do nothing except create the aura of a funeral? Then come to Chateau Serene, we have a 5-star rating and serve the best French food. Chateau Serene: It’s not Italian, it’s French!”

“Just when I thought she couldn’t go any lower…” Toni groaned. She sat at her computer and typed “Chateau Serene” into the search box…sure enough; it did have a 5-star rating and was getting rave reviews, even though it had only been opened for just 3 weeks! It was understandable, as French food was relatively rare now, thanks to the Reich’s conquest of Europe, so any French restaurant was going to get a lot of attention…especially from someone from Paris itself. Samantha St. Jean had an amazing story; how she fled Paris just hours before the Lolita German Panzer armies rolled into the city, sneaking aboard a train into neutral territory and climbing aboard a refugee boat to America, where she worked her way up to the top of the heap, living in the most expensive county in the country…impressive as that may have been, she was still extremely rude and nasty towards most Americans, as most French people were. Just because most of France was now occupied by Germany or under a German Lolita puppet government didn’t mean the French didn’t have a huge sense of national pride and arrogance…the occupation only increased those feelings of nationalism…and Sam took full advantage of her story, using it to gain admiration from her peers and belittling others. Toni always thought that Sam had an ulterior motive, however, when it came to everything she did. Just then, another news bulletin was broadcast over the television. “Ambassador for the Greater Germanic Reich Lisa Morgensonne has arrived at Washington Dulles Airport.” Toni looked intently at the television screen. In the Lolita Reich, there were smart people and then there was Lisa. She had, by far, the highest IQ ever recorded, at 800. She was more intelligent than some computers, and it showed in her speech patterns. She stood 6 feet tall, wore a long blue and white frilled Lolita dress, lacy white dress gloves, and a blue headband with white frills, and had pigtails in her blonde hair, a ridiculous, clownish amount of makeup, striped stockings and huge, black platform shoes. She was unmistakably German, with her piercing gaze, pale skin and carried around a scepter that looked like the ancient Nordic Tyr Cross. She often jabbed people with the pointed end of the scepter to motivate them if they were slacking off. She was often present in the Weinsper Detention Center in the East, as well as the Wotan’s Gate Extermination Camp in Norway and many other Reich-owned detention centers. She was a tyrant and everyone in America knew it, but they were utterly and completely powerless, the Reich was too vast. Even more interesting was the huge jewel she had in her necklace, which was rumored to come from a “distant era.” As Lisa walked past the lines of press and cameramen, a large group of ornately-dressed Lolita Burschenschafter guardsmen escorted her. These were Reich university students belonging to the Deutsches Reichsburschenshaftenbund, wearing the ornate garb and robes of a stylized, sinister-looking Teutonic Knight. The Bund was a Reich-wide government fraternity that had chapters on every university, who engaged in loyalty rallies, actually scarring their faces with bayonets to prove loyalty to brothers and the Reich, and engaged in many ritualized acts, usually consisting of demeaning, horridly cruel acts against young women to prove a bizarre sense of manhood, such as “All-Girl Oil Fights,” where they would trick two of the prettiest girls on campus into coming to their fraternity house, get them drunk or drug them, forcefully strip them to their underwear and have them cover themselves in olive oil, they would each be shackled to a wooden post and forced to fight to the death, if they refused, they were both shot, or tortured…and then shot, depending on the lead brother’s mood. The lead brother always wore an enormous, wide-brimmed, black Fedora hat in addition to his uniform. The survivor would be set free, but ordered, under pain of death to her entire family, that they not tell anyone what happened. Given the totalitarian nature of the Reich, it was not a threat one took lightly. These men escorted her as she opened the door to her waiting limousine, as Toni turned the television off. Toni, annoyed at Samantha St. Jean’s low-blow antics, started getting back to her painting in the kitchen, when suddenly, the sound of a car pulled up outside Toni’s house. Startled, Toni stood up and walked to the front door; when she opened the door, she froze. The limousine outside her door was a very sinister-looking, 8-wheeled limousine with two wheels in front and in back on each side of the car, with an electric motor and the German Lolita Reich triad flags on the hood. Stepping out of the car was Lisa Morgensonne and her guards, her bizarre, clownish Lolita style causing everyone in the neighborhood to stop and stare, some worried, others very curious. Any curiosity turned to fear as Lisa was handed her Tyr Cross scepter…especially Toni, who watched as Lisa walked up her staircase. “Hello. Are you Toni Vercetti?” “Yes, miss, I am.” Toni said, hesitantly. “Do you want me to get you anything?” Toni offered. “No, that will not be necessary. I do not appreciate pleasantries, though I do hear your restaurant is very high quality. Speaking of which, do you know this woman here?” Lisa pulled a hologram out of her pocket, which projected an image of Samantha St. Jean. Toni didn’t know what to say. Suddenly, she was in the most heartbreaking scenario ever. Sam was annoying and snobby, for sure, but if Toni told Lisa that Sam was living across the street, she would be arrested and killed as a defector, and Toni would feel guilty forever, but if she didn’t tell the truth, she knew that she would probably be tortured and then killed, and Sam would eventually meet the same fate. Either way, one of them wasn’t going to survive. Toni gulped and hesitated. “Wait, is that a Monet?” Lisa said, looking behind Toni. “Let me into the house, I want to see that…” Confused, Toni let Lisa and her guards into the house. “That is an amazing painting…Dare may I ask, where did you obtain this?” “A person from college, Georgetown University.” “Interesting, where did they obtain this?” “I don’t know, this was a gift.” “Curious, it appears that the painting has the signature of the Louvre on it…according to my databases, this painting was stolen from the Louvre 3 years ago, in advance of the Reich’s army destroying the French capital. Just before the invasion, several paintings were looted in direct defiance of the Lolita Reich’s confiscation of any art relics and French treasures. Someone you know stole this painting. Who is it? And please no lies, I have ways of getting liars to speak the truth.” This was an offer that Toni couldn’t refuse. “Samantha St. Jean…she stole these paintings and fled here after the war, she always liked to gloat about how she pulled the wool over the Reich’s eyes…She left them with me for really no reason at all…” Toni started sobbing. “Oh, don’t be sad, dear…” Lisa smirked. “Let me let you in on the details…The reason Samantha St. Jean gave you those paintings was to frame you for stealing them, because the day she gave them to you was the day that the Reich found out that she was the thief and the defector. Fortunately for you, you told the truth and her diabolical strategy failed; now she is the only one that will suffer the consequences. Besides, why do you care if you hated her so much? I’d love to spend some time with you, but I’m a very busy woman and I have some unfinished business to attend to. Farewell, Toni, and the Reich thanks you for your assistance.” Lisa snapped her gloved fingers, which also rustled the jingle bells on her huge, blue frilly sleeves as the signal to her assault rifle-armed guards. “Brüder auf! Ehrebt die Klingen!!” Lisa barked in her thick German accent, her bizarre Lolita style, blonde pigtails and blue-and-white clown-like face paint makeup seemingly out of place, they did not match the intensity of her voice, but that was typical of the German language. The ornate guards stormed out of the house with Lisa following close behind and ran across the street to Samantha St. Jean’s house, with the lead brother of the particular division, a young man named Theodor Körner, dressed in the black cape, white robes and black Fedora hat of the Lolita Reich’s Marburger Burschenschafterherrlichkeit, the oldest fraternity in Germany proper and the most prestigious one in the entire Reich, which now spanned most of continental Europe, running with his comrades across the street, up the stairs to Samantha St. Jean’s house as horrified neighbors looked on. Theodor didn’t bother to use doors; he kicked the door down with his boot, drew his rifle and stormed into the house. This was not a police raid. This was, under international law, considered an invasion by a hostile country, but Lisa Morgensonne did not care. She knew that the U.S. and the Reich were so evenly matched that any war would bring mutually assured destruction, so, in reality; the law was meaningless given the lack of effort or desire to enforce it, as everyone knew the consequences. This, combined with Lisa’s diplomatic immunity, made the U.S. utterly and completely powerless, and Lisa had engineered this situation on her own. The Lolita shock troops kicked the doors down, much as they had done in their comic book before that night in August of 2007, stormed in, assault rifles drawn, and pointed them at a defiant Samantha St. Jean. “Gott Mit Uns…” Theodor said, pulling the trigger on his gun. She died there, on the floor of her home, riddled with bloody bullet holes…just as Lisa Morgensonne walked in.

“Well…the thief has learned the lesson every criminal learns eventually…be careful who you trust, and never underestimate the law’s ability to find you. If you betray the Reich, even this cesspool of American death-worshippers cannot save you.” Lisa taunted, and then kicked Samantha’s bloody corpse with her shoe. Lisa turned and faced Theodor, and ordered him to record her for propaganda film purposes. Lisa then went on to give a very detailed speech as Theodor’s combat computer recorded the film.

Citizens of the Lolita Reich and the 5 Great Powers…I bring to you another lesson. I stand here in the house of a criminal, apprehended for treason, and dispatched for the same reason. She had an idea, and tried to carry it out, but failed. Do you know why she failed? She put her faith in an outdated, backward, meaningless promise, for those less enlightened; it means she trusted the wrong person. Like so many of you living in countries like the United States, Canada, India, Brazil, South Korea and Japan, believers in democracy, and those living in North Korea, China, and Vietnam, believers in Marxist ideology, and all those nations who are too weak to choose a side, you believe in a very strict moral dichotomy, depending on what country you pledge allegiance to. North Koreans see Americans as evil and their own government as good, and Americans, Japanese and South Koreans vice-versa. Pitiful! Pitiful, blind, arrogant fools!! You see morality, and something as vast as the human experience and the human condition as black and white, as if there is an ultimate good and an ultimate evil. Purge the thought!! There is no ‘good’ and ‘evil.’ There is no God awaiting the just, no Devil awaiting the sinners. There is only Man, and Mankind is the greatest of all forces alive on this planet. He can build a city, Nature can tear it down, but Man can re-build an even greater city in its place! Whatever our planet or our Universe can throw at us, Mankind, if we unite behind a common ideal and purpose, can accomplish the impossible! It has been said that the ‘impossible’ will take a while, no, not a while, it will take a collective focus of mankind’s energies, ideologies, talents and gifts to achieve the immortality that our society deserves, and the ideology I choose is that of Jung, Nietzsche and the Volkisch prophets, Fidus and the Wotankult …and look at us. We command an Empire of 350 million souls, unifying Europe to an extent unseen since the Roman Caesars. The disunity and decay of democracy no longer stains Mother Europa’s flesh! The blemishes of communism and socialism that once infected the European Union like a pox are cured! There is no God, there is no Devil, there is only Man, Woman and Child, and look what we have done, with the forces of secularism and human unity. Poxes are cured, stains of humanity are cleansed, and the pride of a people, the most grandiose of races, the European Race, is fully restored. The Time of Iron, the time that we, as Europeans, take our rightful place as the unquestioned leaders of the human race for now and ad infinitum will soon be here!! Eighty years ago, a man named Adolph Hitler had a dream, a vision of a unified Europe under German guidance. Years from now, we will tell our children of this day, the day when the Greater Lolita Reich showed the world what humanity can do when it is united behind a common ideal with a strong, iron-handed leader! The day when Hitler’s vision BECAME OUR REALITY!!!!” “HEIL!!!” “HEIL!!!” “HEIL!!!!” Theodor saluted to his leader as the camera stopped rolling, towards the end of the speech, the whole time, Lisa had her huge Lolita-platform shoe pressed against Sam’s bloody, dead head. By that time, however, a group of police and onlookers were standing outside, listening to the speech inside the house, awestruck and terrified at the same time…Europe was not enough…these freakish Gothic Lolita Nazis, spawned from a manga volume, wanted the whole world…and this had all started because some drunken college student in Japan spilled his beer on the book by total accident 15 years before. Lisa Morgensonne stepped out of the house, followed by her guards, and claimed to the horrified police officers that she had diplomatic immunity. As her limousine pulled up in front of her, she gave an ominous warning. “You have no reason to fear us as long as you cooperate.” Lisa and her motorcade drove away, back to the Lolita Reich Embassy in Washington, about 30 minutes away, leaving the police, powerless to do anything, to remove Sam’s corpse. “We just did a background check on Sam…she was living the American Dream. She was suspected of theft in the Reich, however, fleeing France with the loot…defected, settled here with nothing, and in 5 years, she had American citizenship and had achieved a degree at Georgetown…wow…this means that our darkest fears about the Reich are confirmed. We must act quickly if the United States is to survive.” One of the police officers looked ominously at the police coroners, carrying the body bag out of the house. “You are right. Americans aren’t even safe in their own country anymore, as long as those demented freaks are in power in Europe. No one is safe. Russia could not withstand the Reich’s onslaught during the war, and now that they have all of Europe, who knows what’s next? India? China? Japan? Here?! Apparently, international sovereignty laws are no barrier to the Greater Lolita Reich, as we have just seen, they’ll come 8,000 miles to your front door, violate every law in the U.N.’s book and shoot you in your own home if they feel like it. The news networks are reporting that the Greater Lolita Reich are looking to turn the Ryukyu Islands in Japan into more Strength through Joy resorts, but Japan is confident that the U.S. will protect it…I hope they’re right.”

Why in the nine hells do you insipid flesh bags continue to exist? It baffles me why the forces of nature allow such filthy inferior creations to wander the world. It makes me want to spew acrid bile profusely every time one of you open the grotesque split betwixt your lips!!!” Lolita Reich Fuhrer Rudolph Eisenheim III roared, with four of his top deputies standing behind him. “I will never tell…ever…” Amane Marunae, a gorgeous, black-haired Japanese woman, sputtered as Der Fuhrer and his four top deputies electrocuted her repeatedly by attaching jumper-cable clamps to her bare breasts. The four deputies, Baron Alexander Himmel, Countess Helena Himmel, Baron Adolph Eisner and Regina Eisner, stood on and watched stoically as Amane screamed in mortal agony, 3,000 volts of electricity was jolting through her body, being powered by an electric car battery and a generator. “I grow very weary of asking this, so this will be the last time I do so. Where are your four friends concealing the plans for the invasion of Okinawa?” Amane, on the brink of death, mustered up her courage and spit in Der Fuhrer’s face. “Himmel! Burn her mongrel hide! Sear the flesh from her bones, so that none remains even for maggots and crows!!” Baron Alexander grabbed a bucket of water, splashed it on top of her, and placed the bucket over her head. He turned up the voltage to 15,000 volts, more than 3 times the voltage in an electric chair, and let the current surge through Amane’s broken body, she screamed for five seconds in mortal agony, the bucket amplifying the sound of her screams just so that her executioners could laugh at it as she was dying, and then died by spontaneously exploding into flames. The sickening stench of barbecued human flesh permeated the interrogation cell in Berlin. Amane had little fat on her, so her body didn’t burn for long, and soon, there was nothing but a charred, blackened skeleton left. “Blast…I was expecting something more than that…” Alexander hissed. “That woman was nauseatingly thin; muscle doesn’t burn as well as fat. That’s why she was roasted so quickly.” Helena responded. “The truth stands, however, that we did not extract the information that we require. She was quite resilient for an untermensch, so we must proceed with Operation Halcyon. I have assembled a meeting for the General Staff in the Wolf’s Lair in twenty minutes. As soon as Lisa Morgensonne reports on the situation in America, the meeting…and the culmination of our Imperial ambitions will begin. Blood drips down the walls, curdling screams fill the halls…the innocent are torn asunder, a tragedy caused by those seeking justices blunder…devils grin with crimson teeth, a severed arm twitches fresh at their feet beneath…and soon you two will join their feast, sacrificing greatest with the least…ripping rending beyond mending, your soul to another land they be sending…and so with empty eyes you stare forever more, as your corpse joins those resting on the floor…………….Be it a stein of beer, a dash of blood, The Coming of Heaven or Hell, pain is a fact of life, Love, but it feels so well…HEIL DEUTSCHLAND!!!” “All Heil…” The four deputies saluted and smirked to Der Fuhrer’s macabre bit of poetry, something he was very famous for, even before Emergence Night, when he crept from the comic book set in that dorm room, at 3:00 A.M., as everyone slept. His four deputies followed, as did Lisa Morgensonne. They stood in the room, all united under one ideal and one goal, just like Lisa had spoken about earlier half a world away, and conquered Europe to an extent unseen since Ancient Rome. Like it or not, Eisenheim was a genius, anyone who met him or heard him speak immediately fell under his spell…it had to be seen and heard to be believed. His plans were spontaneous, his dialogue often esoteric and commonly rather insane, but they always made sense; even if the sense of the plot failed to reveal itself initially…and once the plan was understood, he commanded his Reich with the force of God himself. He played a violin and enjoyed brandy, beer and cigars, and kept German shepherd dogs as pets, and collected all the most famous works of art from the museums in Paris and Rome; Italy was not part of the Reich, but fully dependent on the Reich economically and ruled by its own Fascist party, a puppet of the Reich, and separated by the “Gothic Wall,” a Berlin Wall-esque dividing wall to keep Italian and Reich citizens within their own countries, to prevent any challenges to the Reich or criminals from entering, located just north or the Tiber River. Fuhrer Eisenheim smirked, his blonde hair stylishly combed in front of his monocle, beneath his wide-brimmed Fedora hat. Suddenly, his satellite phone beeped, as Lisa Morgensonne called in about the situation in America. “Mein Fuhrer, the Americans continue to be oblivious to our plans for the Far East. They are confident that their military strength will be enough of a deterrent to prevent us from invading the Ryukyu Islands, and eventually mainland Asia and Africa. Confidence born of ignorance…this classic American cycle of decadence cannot be broken…only extinguished. When the time is right, we shall strike at the heart of decadence and democracy, and end this age of decay that has plagued the world since July 4, 1776…but that is for another day. For now, the Greater Lolita Reich will focus its guns on Asia, as we prepare for our ultimate goal: Die Untergang von Amerika.” Precisely. This assault will be just another facet in the grand plan for global Lebensraum, a world free from the Age of Decay and Democracy, where the State acts as a guardian of the millennial future, a world where the selfish needs of the individual appear as nothing. The world will soon be subject to the New Order…a New Order with a white, Aryan face, blonde hair and blue eyes…our reach is already global. It will soon be universal, from the lofty skyscrapers of Manhattan, to the dark, savage jungles of the Kongo territory…all will soon realize that the Lolita Reich is the only law. Prepare the Panzers for deployment. The amphibious detachment leaves from New Guinea at once. Go forth, and slaughter all who stand before you. To the Greater Lolita Reich, and to Germany, you give your hand.” And thus, the die was cast upon Asia and the Pacific. The Lolita Reich had grown restless with its domination of Europe, its colossal infrastructure, massive cities such as Nordsterne in Norway, Berlin and Munich in Germany, Geneva in Switzerland, Vienna in Austria and Hyperborea in the Eastern Lands, its economy, far larger than that of the U.S., Its military, 10 million men strong, its technological achievements in spaceflight, weapons, energy and science, these were no longer enough, and was now searching for more. Its next target was Asia, and the vast resources and manpower it held for the still-growing Empire. What began as a Japanese comic book had become the most destructive Empire in the history of Mankind, and it wasn’t finished causing havoc. Not even close. The world braced itself for what would come, and simply hoped that Eisenheim wouldn’t go completely insane and start using nuclear weapons…or worse, North Korea. There was a real possibility that Kim Jung-un, the young leader of North Korea, would see the Lolita Reich invasion of Asia as a declaration of war against North Korea, and order the use of North Korea’s nuclear arsenal as a result. For those caught in the crossfire, this was a scenario that everyone in Asia dreaded, with every cell in their body. All they could do was hope for the best.

                    1. The Journey Begins

Yuki and his Professor, Dr. Rayne, walked through the cavernous, ultramodern megalopolis of Berlin; gawking at the massive, neo-Romanesque, Germanic architecture that had become the true envy of the world, a true symbol of Europe’s resurgence under Germanic rule. Everywhere one looked, one was awestruck by the majesty of the New Order, and the utter discipline which the State enforced. This was a world where the selfish needs of the individual appeared as nothing, and everyone knew exactly what role they played in society, the Reich demanded nothing less that total obedience and conformity to maintain this extraordinarily high standard of living. LED broadcast screens proudly displayed the unemployment rate at less than 1%, everyone was put to work, and everyone earned a fixed income, this could never increase or decrease for any reason, ensuring that EVERYONE had enough money to live peacefully and obediently to Eisenheim and the Lolita Reich’s will. “Preofessor, how are we to locate Miss Alyssa’s memories in such an enormous Empire? This Reich spans the whole of Europe, the object we seek could be anywhere in any of these cities.” Yuki asked, daunted by the sheer scale of the Reich and Eisenheim’s penchant for spectacle and grandiose architecture, glorifying his Imperial Europe.


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