Rough Draft: “The Long Sorrow”

Panzerwitch: Book 1: Aima Kai Timh Steven Gamella This book is a work of fiction. All representations and depictions in this book are entirely fictional and do not represent the views or beliefs of Japan or any Japanese people. I am not a Nazi. Prologue: Evil Rising “It takes the force of many to build […]

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To the Feminist that Invented the #HangStevenGamella hashtag, I offer you my humble thanks.

You were kind enough to produce a hashtag for me to commandeer and start using to draw attention to my writing. So don’t mind if I do. #HangStevenGamella, hang him high…for the entire world to see, so that he may one day provide a retirement plan for his mother. #HangStevenGamella so that his sister doesn’t […]

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Rough Draft: “Endless Tears”

Endless Tears “And Death asked Life, ‘Why do people hate me, but love you?’ And Life responded: ‘I am a beautiful lie…you are an ugly truth…” From the Compendium of Knowledge, in the Yaoguai City of Shi-ki, Mona Continent, Haze. “My love for you transcends the bounds of life and death…for we were meant to […]

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A realization

I realize that even though my two series “Sojourn” and “Precursor” will probably make me a lot of money, I don’t believe that I will ever be a popular person for writing them. People will buy the books because they are good, well-written books, they’ll just hate me as a person and never want anything […]

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After the Flood: Chronicles Of The Future Empire Book I: AVE ROSARIVS THELIMA Steven Gamella This series is the product of more than 8 years spent taking 17,285 “selfies” from more than 16,000 women off the Internet, from their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts to create the female characters in this story. What I did […]