Rough Draft: “On the Winds of Time”

Outline: “On The Winds of Time”

Date written: 1121 A.D., Japan

Author Unknown

Found alongside a legendary blue-diamond necklace worth an estimated $155 million and a beautiful watercolor painting, showing a young woman laying naked on a bed, with her entire body painted chalk-white, wearing the necklace around her neck. The salvager who found it was originally planning to sell it to Russian billionaire and owner of the Brooklyn Nets, but the Japanese Historical Society convinced him to rescind his offer to sell it, he instead donated it to the National Museum in Tokyo. It was stolen from the Japanese art museum in Tokyo on February 8, 2014, and turned up on a Russian cargo ship trying to enter New York Harbor on February 28, 2014 using an invalid ID signature. The crew consisted of Russian Mafia members, and were arrested on grand theft and international smuggling charges. Bizarrely, three days later, all 15 crew members were found dead in their prison cells, with looks of sheer terror frozen onto their faces. The necklace, painting and note are now being returned to Japan.

On this beautiful, rainy summer night, I write this requiem for myself…All of our conversations, all of our kisses, our embraces and our time has run out. I feel as if my heart has been wrenched from its socket and contorted into a hideous, inhuman form, and without it I cannot continue, for I am just a simple woman, one with the same dreams of happiness and family that all others around me have. Wealthy as I may be, no amount of money, prayer, blessing or sorcery can bring you back. Every day, I wake at dawn and see the same broken heart staring back at me in the reflecting pool. Misplaced trust in eternity, we never counted any regrets, by the grace of the spring breeze, I hardly sleep at all. And in the fall, when the leaves change, the last excuse that I’ll claim is that I never loved you enough. I am completely lost without you. I loved you, cared for you in sickness and in health, as you did me, and like an ancient rain of calmness, trapped within two lovers’ dreams, locked together in a deathly embrace; for that moment, they realize that they are the only objects on the green Earth that matter to each other, and when that feeling of love resides, only true love remains. A true love story never ends, it continues for as long as its author desires it to…and I choose to end mine tonight, with the necklace you gave me around my neck. I will see you very soon, my shining prince, for when the sun rises tomorrow in the Eastern sky, I will be right by your side, for you are my Heaven, and I am your bride. We are two leaves, adrift on the summer breeze, come to rest on the forest floor, together now, in eternity forevermore.”

Another description was found written on the back of the painting, and as is follows:

Your cruel device, your blood like a burning fire, your touch, so soft, one look could kill, my pain, your pleasure and vice. I want to kiss you, but you ooze venom from every pore of your body, yet it is a fever I cannot sweat out. I want to hold you but my senses scream for me to stop, I want to love you forever, but I want it too much, I want a taste of your flesh, but it is laced with an evil, an evil that I am helplessly drawn to, like a dying, stupid, innocent moth to a flame. Why I do this for you I cannot explain, but I want it to last forever, you with me, in our natural state, all day and all night. I lose all rhyme, reason and inhibition when you speak to me, your voice my temple, your body is my shrine. I am forever yours.”

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