To the Feminist that Invented the #HangStevenGamella hashtag, I offer you my humble thanks.

You were kind enough to produce a hashtag for me to commandeer and start using to draw attention to my writing. So don’t mind if I do. #HangStevenGamella, hang him high…for the entire world to see, so that he may one day provide a retirement plan for his mother. #HangStevenGamella so that his sister doesn’t have to live in a squalid home anymore in New York. #HangStevenGamella so that the world can see the stories I write, and #HangStevenGamella because he deserves if for all of his hard work and putting up with incessant bullshit from the Town of Walkill police, ignorant trolls, the idiotic Town of Walkill board of directors, who are partially run by the biggest sociopath on the face of the Earth, and everyone who said he couldn’t do it. Oh, yes I did, and yes I will.


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