The Eternal Dark Soul of Aryan Brotherhood: Empress Gwenlynn Stormweaver, from “Precursor”

“Everyone walks the same path, except those of the Hyperborean Race. We walk a new path, one of both everlasting light and eternal darkness. As my companion Ai Takada has so openly embraced, darkness consumes our every action, but this darkness is itself a blessing upon us all. Some would say that what we believe in is evil, but evil is a point of view, nothing more. The ideology we follow is a form of ultimate liberation, liberation from the meaningless opinions of the filthy, inferior races of Mankind, so unworthy as being unfit to even stand in our presence. Is that really so evil? Like the nigger-Untermensch Dr. Martin Luther King, we ALSO have a dream, a dream of a perfect, racially-pure utopia, where every man, woman and child is intelligent, self-reliant, and guided by the almighty hand of the State to perform miracles of science and engineering. I scarcely see anything wrong with that.”


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