Empress Ai Takada: Sakralkatharsis

“What can men do against me, and all the hatred and passion I harbor? What can women do to resist falling under my spell, becoming loyal subservients of the Black Order’s will? I cannot contain the dark passions which consume my every thought, insomuch as the fact that I cannot deny the fact that I am human. I do not seek to deny the carnal, animal-like passions that drive my philosophy, but I am refined, toned around the edges, and wrapped in a perfectly poised package. The rituals the Order conducts in pursuit of eternal life, here in the Fourteenth Age of Mankind are esoteric in nature, but culminate with the most vicious catharsis ever witnessed, with rape and human sacrifice of hundreds of Untermensch, their blood and tears used to manufacture a serum which keeps me alive forever. Such are the necessities of my life…and so will they always be.”


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