Rough Draft: “Imperium”

Imperia Irriligia

The Year 2030: Russia, now the world’s leading supplier of oil and natural gas, spends billions on the biggest arms buildup since the Cold War, making it a true superpower on the world stage, far greater than the USSR ever was…China, once thought to be the future of world growth, met the same fate as Japan once did, its economy imploding, turned inward and began to fragment along party lines. The European Union, now up to 30 members strong after including Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro, unifies its banking system and its military under German control, making the European Union essentially a “United States of Europe,” in much the same way the Otto von Bismarck laid the foundation for German unification in 1871, Chancellor Angela Merkel laid the foundation for a united Europe in 2010. This “European Conglomerate” promised to be a major superpower of the 21st century. Korea unified into the United Korean Republic, under Seoul’s control as the most technologically advanced country on Earth, and the strongest military in Asia, the only other country besides the Russian Federation, the European Conglomerate, and the United States to operate supercarriers, huge aircraft carriers displacing more than 95,000 tons, the UKR had, by sheer manpower, the largest military on Earth, and the most technologically advanced, armed with nuclear weapons as well. The United States had become a truly transcendent power, the world leader in renewable energy resources and completely energy independent, thanks to domestic oil mining and hydraulic fracturing, massive wind farms and huge solar, tidal and hydroelectric projects. Its military and culture were global, as always, and its space program was fully revitalized. A new branch of the military was created as well, the United States Space Corps, with “Star Wraith” commandos as the new elite of the elite U.S. Soldiers. The three superpowers, Russia, Europe and the United States all checked each other, and the problems of the early 21st century, in the Middle East and North Africa, were starting to balance themselves out, namely with the return of Russian Navy might in the Black and Caspian Seas, and the huge European Navy ports on the Mediterranean. Turkey had also become a considerable force in its own right, and became the regional hegemony, often working with the European Conglomerate to keep peace between the Sunni and Shiite radical sects that still existed throughout the Middle East. Piracy was not as much of a problem anymore as it was in the early 21st century, as the massive increase in Russian Navy presence, with the refurbished Typhoon submarines and Slava, Kirov and new Gorshkov-class missile cruisers being the major deterrents to piracy, as well as the brand-new Borei-class SSBNs and huge new Tsar-class supercarriers, just as large as the U.S. Ford-class and Nimitz-class. There was a new, one of a kind Russian “freak ship,” as the European and United States Navies called it, the VMF Countess Bathorý, a 102,000-ton armored, nuclear-powered ice-breaker missile cruiser that looked more like a spaceship, it was designed for warfare in the Arctic and Antarctic, even during the dead of winter. It could launch nuclear missiles as well as conventional anti-ship and anti-aircraft missiles, as well as maintaining 10-inch guns. This ship was just the first one of five in the class, and marked an ominous innovation in Russian navy technology. The Korean Navy, all too aware that Russia had huge ambitions, was very wary of its colossal neighbor to the North, and worked with the U.S and European militaries to stop Russia from seizing Manchuria or Mongolia. Other than a few minor issues, the world, for the first time in a while, appeared to be at peace. Perhaps the affects of what followed would have been lessened, if Sun Tzu’s Art of War were followed better…

                    1. Crisis in The South

Listen, I don’t know how they did it, but they got in. A group of unknown terrorists broke into the hot spring resort on Sakura-jima and took the Ambassador’s daughter hostage, they’ve got the whole island under their control and are not allowing anyone in or out until their demands are met.”


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