Empress Ai Takada on the Prophet Mohammed and his Wives

“If you have studied the religion of Islam in any way, shape or form, you know that the Prophet had multiple wives…that dirty man-whore. Using all the technology the Fourteenth Age of Mankind has provided me with, I plan to go back in time and live out one of my darkest fantasies…long have I fantasized about appearing in the Arabian courtyard under the cover of night, my Nano-Sword drawn, as I sneak, as silently as a shadow, into the chambers of Mohammed’s sleeping wives…where I slit their throats, one by one, and drink the blood that pours from their wounds…then, I walk into Mohammed’s chamber and ravage him to the bone, placing him into the restraints of passion and love, and thus liberating him from his earthly constraints for all time…however, knowing very well that altering the past would irreversibly change the present, this will forever remain a dark fantasy of mine…”


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