Empress Ai Takada: Aqua Vitae-Blood Tears

“When it comes to self-indulgence, there is little I will say no to. However, there is one vice that I cherish above all else, even life itself…the eternal passion of lust in another’s blood and tears. It is no small catharsis of mine to see a young woman or man locked in death’s embrace, just waiting to be bled like a stuck pig, squealing for more and more punishment. They cannot tell the difference between pleasure and pain, so harvesting the blood of these individuals is relatively easy. It is used for a variety of things in the Fourteenth Age, including the isolation of a certain protein, used in creating a serum which keeps us eternally young and energetic. The Hyperborean Race ages much, much slower than a Tier-6 human, but we have found the key to immortality…through the ritual execution of thousands of Untermensch swine…that is the purpose of our Black Order, and the mission of the Empire of the Egoist Crown: eternal life and peace, in a world of pristine purity. What more could I ever want?”


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