Countess Toni Medici-Fecchiera on Valentine’s Day: Procurator of Mithraic Justice for the Empire of the Egoist Crown

“Everyone always makes such a fuss about love or lack thereof, when in fact, love is NOT what matters. Like my mentor, Empress Ai Takada, I have embraced the darker more esoteric passions that transcend the mortal world, whereas love dies, what we do lasts for an eternity. There are forces in this world, dark, old forces long since forgotten in the Fourteenth Age of humanity, but ones the Black Order has since revived at the highest levels of government. Many would say that these forces are evil and full of hate, but I fail to see their point in making that argument. The destruction of the lesser races is a law of nature, the strong will dominate and consume the weak. So must it also be in relationships between beings, master and servant, ruler to subject, Master Race to Untermensch. We are only fighting to establish a lasting, immortal society. One free of decadence and waste, both human and otherwise. To us, love is only an afterthought. So I ask, why is it that the Tier-6 human beings celebrate St. Valentine’s ultimate sacrifice, when what he died for is the biggest lie in the history of the human species? There is no life after death. There is no life for those unfit to live. There is no love, only lust, power and hate. Those three truths empower us to do the impossible.”


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