A New Ten Commandments for the 21st Century

1. Keep Earth’s population at around 500,000,000, to ensure perfect harmony with nature

2. Develop technologies that will allow humanity to move freely into space

3. Create a New Era of Global Cooperation and Intellectual, Sustainable Commerce

4. Worship not a god, but the human race and all it is capable of

5. Value oneself above others, and strive for individual self-sufficiency

6. Acknowledge that the Earth has limits, and those limits must be protected and respected.

7. Let a culture of reason, not superstition, prevail over the world.

8. Make the scientist and the educated man, not the priest or Church, the source of enlightenment and absolute truth.

9. Work as a society to banish ignorance and despair to the wastebasket of history, and reverse the “Original Sin”

10. Believe that anything is possible, if we set our minds to it.


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