Kim Jong-un’s Motivations Explained

After studying dictators and totalitarian states for more than 6 years during my undergraduate work in history, Kim Jong-un is pretty pathetic as far as dictators go. He doesn’t have the dark charisma that made Hitler such an effective leader of his regime, nor does he have the iron will and indomitable spirit that Stalin or even his grandfather had. He is nothing more than a shadow of his family and he desperately wants to prove to the world and his peers in government that he can stand up to Western ‘imperialism’ just as well as his father, grandfather and other leaders such as Joseph Stalin did. Personalitywise, he is little more than a high school bully that just happened to be born into a position of supreme power, he’s always trying to put others down to prove how strong he is, even having members of his own family executed, simply because he feels he doesn’t need them. This, I guarantee, is not helping him in any way, and only serving to alienate more members of the Party. He is neither a competent politician nor a good leader, and is about as charismatic as a 400-pound hillbilly chewing tobacco and eating McDonalds all day. Americans, please don’t worry about this guy. He’s all talk, and nothing but a fat Asian douchebag on a power trip. I’ve met plenty of Asian guys just like him that aren’t in positions of supreme authority and they STILL act as if the world revolves around them. Please, Kim. You’re no Stalin. You aren’t even your grandfather. I hope Anonymous hacks your government’s computer networks and fills them up with Japanese hentai porn, you overweight sack of shit.

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