A Bitter End to Christmas

Originally posted on Captain's Log:
“Shhh,” Tinsel mouthed to Mercutious, as he deftly and silently approached his target. Mercutious sat opposite the campfire from Jupton. He couldn’t watch, but neither could he look away as Tinsel, the leader of the Elven resistance, lined up his first officer’s pointy ear for a playful–though painful–flick. “Ahh!” Jupton…

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Rough Draft: “Serenade”

Serenade “Hey! I’m practicing my singing voice…AT NIGHT!! Night, night, night, night, night….NIGHT!!!” “Lucian, will you shut the hell up!! It’s 11:00 P.M., I’m exhausted!” “Relax, Elizabeth, don’t get your shorts in a knot!” “Does it look like I’m wearing shorts, you creep!?” Elizabeth groaned. She was wearing skin-tight blue jeans and a black, midriff-revealing […]

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Rough Draft: “Haze Realm”

HAZE REALM “And Death asked Life, ‘Why do people hate me, but love you?’ And Life responded: ‘I am a beautiful lie…you are an ugly truth…” From the Compendium of Knowledge, in the Yaoguai City of Shi-ki, Mona Continent, Haze Realm. Fate In the week before their departure for Wolfe, the House of Li was […]

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Rough Draft: “Fool’s Paradise”

Fool’s Paradise Steven Gamella “Hahahaha…looking back on it now, it’s almost like a dream come true. I published my first book at the age of 24, a dark, existential sci-fi/fantasy series, titled “Imperium,” and immediately made a name for myself as one of the premier authors in the genre…but that was only the beginning. You […]

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Rough Draft: “Type-III”

TYPE-III “Some said that the corporations, when they took over, were evil…some said our freedom was in jeopardy, and that progress was not worth the cost…little did we know…they were right. The corporations had roots that went far deeper than anyone could have imagined, EuroCorp was actually the public face of the Teutonic Knights, which […]

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