Rough Draft: “Lovepocalypse”

Lovepocalypse BOOK 1-Rivalry Festival “Rasse Rah! Rasse Rah!!” the massive crowd cheered as the huge parade marched past; Silver Haruna, a 19-year-old college student at Todai, or Tokyo University, was watching as the extremely elaborate floats paraded by. He had come to drink, party and experience nebuta, which means “drowsiness.” The festival celebrated the end […]

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Rough Draft: “Grand World”

GRAND WORLD Introduction-AN AGE OF DEATH The world is a much-impoverished place. Not for human habitation, but for the wild one. In the past 100,000 years, humanity has obliterated more than 30% of the world’s biota, creating the greatest mass extinction since the age of the dinosaurs. Australia was the first to feel the brunt […]

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Rough Draft: “Into the Wolf’s Lair: An Alternate History”

Into The Wolf’s Lair-An alternate history July 29, 1932-June 1935 Chance “Weather Report: Foggy, rain and misty conditions prevail over the North Sea region; fishing reports indicate productivity near Skagerrak and Jutland, with cod, halibut and conger coming up regularly.” The radio message came through aboard the SS Glasgow, a cod boat working out in […]

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Rough Draft: “God Machine”

God Machine OP: Rock version of “Phantom of the Opera” theme music with dark, elegant images of Helena and Alexander in the place of the Phantom and his mistress, recreating scenes from the famous play, along with a scene of Helena, dressed in her black, pagan, rune-covered EGA dress punching a Japanese girl wearing a […]

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Rough Draft: “Hotel Siren”

HOTEL SIREN Ephemera’s Speeches Message to Humanity “Hello citizens of the world…I am Ephemera. To all humanity, now is the time to open your eyes…in a move that has Europeans and civil libertarians everywhere stuttering in disbelief, the European Parliament has passed legislation effectively ending the ideas of liberty, equality and fraternity set down in […]

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Rough Draft: “Victorious”

Victorious- “The Knower” universe June, 5,000, Haze Year, Haze Realm Prologue “My Leader, all preparations had been made.” High Inquisitor Lek Korvash told Grand Leader Eisner Serpentis, as they walked through Pyros Palace’s Grand Hall, surrounded by uniformed Herrugah Army generals, the commanders of the greatest Army the galaxy had ever seen. The Generals’ uniforms […]

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