Rough Draft: “Pumpkin Patch”

Pumpkin Patch September, 2016 “And so it begins…” James Hardwicke, a 17-year old high school senior, said as he stepped onto the school bus on a dreary September day. It was drizzling lightly, and the autumn nip was beginning to bite. Still, as James sat down on the school bus, he wasn’t concerned. He had […]

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Rough Draft: Savage Skies

Savage Skies The skies aren’t friendly anymore!! Imagine a snowstorm on the Northeastern U.S. so powerful it measures a 30 on the NESIS Nor’easter scale, twice as powerful as the 1993 blizzard and 3 times the strength of the 1996 blizzard, With the end of the Ice Age, the sea levels rise and weather gets […]

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Rough Draft: “Samantha”

*SAMANTHA?* Life is not always what it seems… “Hey, Prince Victor, can I take a walk with you?” the newly crowned Miss World, a gorgeous, sweet and very talented blonde-haired American girl named Charlotte Reich from South Carolina asked, in her sweet southern drawl, the mighty Prince Victor Pappalardo III from Italy, which possessed a […]

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Rough Draft: “Sakura”

Sakura Steven Gamella Message from the Author: A New Era of Slavery We live in a very horrid time. Beneath the polished exterior of our glorious Western civilization is a truth so horrid that few people would believe it even if they were told, and if anyone knew, they would think nothing of it, because […]

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