Summer Days, Empty Nights: A Short Story

“Oh, sweet summer, here at last…so goes the old poem. There was nothing cheerful about that summer, as I was coping with a terrible loss. My girlfriend, to whom I was engaged, had died in a horrific car accident a few weeks before the Summer’s Beginning Festival, and this was my first festival season without her in my life, because we had been lifelong friends before she died. I remember everything about that horrid day in May, the phone call from the fire department saying that Amane had been in an accident, the call from the hospital saying that she was dead on arrival, so horrifically disfigured by the accident that her family wasn’t even permitted to see the remains, and the funeral…I think about her now and how I never really wept at her wake…I guess it was just too much to take in at the moment. Now, as I walk past the lanterns, hanging on this perfect summer’s night, it is a time of celebration, a time of love renewed, a time of sexual desire, a time to be alive…summer will come, but not for me, for I am lost without you. Your death was my epiphany, when I knew that my life was meaningless, for when you took your last breath, so did I. Now, I walk this path alone, a somber, dreary way, walking in an eternal realm between the living and the dead.”

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