Young Hariya: A Short Story

“As I I sit alone in this empty house, that doesn’t bother me, for I think best when I’m alone. I sit here with my computer, creating a world for myself. I listen to the rain patter the roof, the steady, soothing sounds of spring outside, I’m taken to another world. A world of ancient calmness, trapped within a lover’s dream, and that dream is Hariya. She stands alone in the rain, under an umbrella, unsure of herself, all she sees around her are signs, signals and voices, directing her in a million different directions at once. Young Hariya does not know what signs to take, which buttons to push, or what path she desires, but she wants happiness. She wants love and compassion, and she wants to be treated like a human being. Suddenly, like an irresistible thunderbolt, it strikes her, dead center. She wants nothing to do with these signs, signals, voices, slogans, creeds. She utterly rejects them, stomps her feed on the ground, and makes her voice loud and clear, that she will not be controlled by any force, human or otherwise, and will forge her own destiny, a pure, enlightened path! For that is the only way humans can truly be free. Let us follow Young Hariya into the roar of time and space, letting whatever happens as it may, for only the tribulations of youth and adolescence can make a man or woman out of a girl or boy…”

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