Nephilim, the Chaos: A Short Story

“Today I saw a man go by, upon him, was a suit and tie, but everything that I did spy, was twisted, contorted and torn asunder, which made me stand and wonder, why must this man go walking by, while wearing his suit and tie, twisting turning shearing flesh, from the hundreds of people in the City of Light? One just might, might, might, see that Light in this case is not a form of illumination but rather a sort of education, one where knowledge is the God of Gods and all others stand in darkness, but to the Light, hark, yes! We see what this man represents, his is Chaos and Repentance, destroying all that cross his path, bloody and mangled, a true bloodbath. His Chaos destroys, but our Light shines, upon every region of the Earths, for forces that destroy can also create, and likewise reverse.”

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