Volga Sunset Atheist Empire

Composes: Russia and the former Soviet and Eastern Bloc States, from the border with Germany to the Pacific, Manchuria and Mongolia, as well as sphere of influence pushing deep into Iran and Afghanistan. Leader-Oleg Molotov, a young computer genius, that by using a special computer virus to hack the entire Internet, is able to wreak […]

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-Size-6 million square miles -Population-290 million -Government type-Fascist State -Ruling party- FAS-SOC Party -Leader-Chancellor Fredrick III “The Mighty” -Currency-Reichsmark -Military-one of the largest in the world, with colossal tank armies (ACHTUNG! TIGER!), a huge Air Force, and a massive Navy, also operated a huge fleet of luxury airships -Anthem-“Strong and Mighty Baronia!” -Ideology-Totalitarian terror state, […]

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Memelland Union of Voivodships

Capital-Memell Size-12 million square miles Economy-Free-Market Capitalism, liberal democracy Population-700 million Industrial output-1st Competetiveness-1st Divisions-135 Voivodships, 12 military districts Leaders-President Ruslan Abramoff -Bi-cameral, 3 branch government, (Judicial, Executive and Legislative)-checks and balances, Constitution is the highest law in the Realm. -Fully industrialized, with unemployment at 2%, jobs are everywhere, the Memelland Union is undergoing a […]

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Expensive historical objects

Continental Army Coin-$4,500,000                                                                  Error Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon-$500,000                                                                      Truffle-$70,000                                                                             Stradivarius Violin-$2,000,000 (1745)                                                                      Orignal Violin-(1590)                                                           German Beer-$50,000 per bottle                                                                      Mercedes-$1.7 million                                                                      Space Plane-$40 billion                                                                    Katarina Velikii Ruby (1755) $9.1 million                                                                             Diamond Glory Pen-$4 million                                                                            1926 Royal Scotch-$150,000 per bottle                                                        Catherine Zeta-Jones dress-$5.0 million                                                              Royal Dress of […]

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Fictional comic (original work)

Characters -Fredrick III “The Radiant” Prussian Confederation King, ace Gaia-Kami tamer -Sabrina Selene-Model with psychic powers, the Prussian King is chasing her to operate on her brain, in an attempt to find out why she’s telekinetic. She’s usually wearing a  provocative dress, a different one every issue, except for the beach episode in France, where […]

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Prussian Colonial Empire

Capital-Berlin Type-Colonial Empire Size-13,000,000 square miles Government type-Constitutional monarchy Population-660 million The Cold War opponent of the Memelland Union of Voivodships, this German Empireis not contiguous, butcontrols 119 overseascolonies, built by centuriesof exploration and conquest.The Empire values its heritagewith the best education systemin the world, more than 95%have a degree of some sort.The Empire supports […]

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