Russian Wars with the Native Peoples of East Siberia and the Zaporozhe/White Russians

In the name of Mother Russia, in this year of Our Lord 1795, we have defeated the Cossack insurgency and the White Russians, giving our Empire access to the European frontier, as well as absorbed the last vestiges of the Commonwealth. Now living in a gilded era, we have noticed the vast natural wealth of the new areas […]

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Random Knowledge 8

ruling over 30% of the planet’s surface, has taken place in a 10,000-year Holocene warm period. Normally, the glacial cycle would revert back to cold very quickly at the end of a warm period, however, we are changing the cycle; however, this is viewed as so negative because humans have never lived with sea levels […]

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The second clique I mention, the one compared to the Macedonian Empire under Alexander the Great, is similar to the “terror clique” mentioned earlier, but it differs in fundamental ways. All clique politics revolve around four critical aims: Keep order, make allies, promote the leader and crush rivals. This clique, which I will dub “aggressive […]

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RK 15

-Giant Hutia -Giant Polar Bear-One of the largest bears known -Giant Short-Faced Bear -South American Giant Bear -Glyptotherium – Hagerman’s Horse -Harlan’s Ground Sloth -Harlan’s Musk Ox -Harrington’s Mountain Goat -Ice Age Bison -Imperial Mammoth -Jefferson’s Ground Sloth -Large-Headed Llama -LeConte’s Peccary -Long-nosed Peccary -Mountain Deer -Mexican Horse -North American Capybara -Northern Pampathere -Panamerican Ground […]

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RK 19

case, would one day become Estonia, Finland and Northwestern Russia, Slovenia, a culture of fishermen and farmers working the areas around Lake Ilman and the surrounding river valleys of the great, dark forests of the primeval Russian frontier, the Merya, a pagan society that placed considerable importance on fishing and hunting as well, as they […]

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